Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 93


Annika was unquestionably the center of attention at dinner that night. She had travelled all over the world and was a gifted storyteller, with a seemingly endless supply of anecdotes both funny and harrowing. She was also an exceptionally beautiful woman in a roomful of lesbians. Jodie, in particular, hung on her every word, finding her amazingly worldly and glamorous.

She drank in the attention with relish, enjoying the feeling of all the eyes on her. The last year of her recently ended relationship had been difficult, full of tension and simmering hostility. So the easy, free-flowing feeling of this evening was a tonic for her soul.

When it came time for dessert, Annie appeared with a tray full of bowls of chocolate mousse. She was wearing a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin, and as she began to set the bowls down in front of the women at the table, Monika explained why.

“What you see before you is no ordinary mousse,” she said, and went on to explain that it was laced with hashish that a friend of hers had recently brought back from the highlands of Morocco. She also warned them that it was hard to calculate the dosages exactly, and that they should proceed with caution.

Everyone tentatively dipped their spoons into the chocolatey goo and brought them to their mouths. There was a loud round of oohs and aahs, and then they all began to dig in in earnest. It was so delicious that Monika’s warning was soon forgotten, and soon all five bowls were empty.

Miss White sat back in her chair, feeling deeply contented but also abuzz with anticipation. Something was going to happen; she didn’t know what exactly, but she was sure it was going to be fun.

* * *

Lina Santini peeked out of the kitchen at the poker game that was underway in her dining room. Her husband was at the head of the table; on one side were their houseguests, a couple of old friends from New York City; and on the other side were the Thompsons, Jim and Carol. That meant that Kristin would be home alone.

At the poker table drinks were flowing, chips were flying, and the players were loudly exchanging silly jokes and friendly trash-talk. Nicola was in the living room playing video games with their houseguests’ young son, and would be occupied for a while. Lina was sure that no one would miss her.

Had she stopped to think about what she was doing, Lina probably would have chickened out. But seeing the opportunity, she moved to seize it without hesitation. She slipped out the back door and a minute later she was in the Thompsons’ yard, walking up to the door that led to their kitchen like she had a thousand times before.

She’d been thinking about her little tete-a-tete with Kristin all day, and had a hard time concentrating on the cooking she had to do. At one point she’d completely burned a casserole and had to start over. She couldn’t have said why, exactly, she found the whole thing so exciting and memorable. Was it just that it was so naughty, so secret? Or was there something different about kocaeli escort bayan Kristin, something special?

Lina found Kristin in the kitchen, working on a piece of pie and a glass of milk. Their eyes met and each one knew what the other was thinking; nothing needed to be said. Lina took Kristin by the hand and together they made their way upstairs.

As soon as they reached Kristin’s bedroom they quickly shed their clothes and they were on each other, kissing passionately, sucking each other’s breasts, then tumbling onto the bed and curling into 69 position. They gorged on each other through several epic orgasms, heedless for the moment of anything but their mutual pleasure.

Finally Lina rolled over onto her back and lay for a minute catching her breath, feeling the most delightful spasms ripple through her womb. Then she stood up and got dressed. For a moment she sat on the edge of the bed, looking down into Kristin’s big blue eyes. Kristin started to say something, but Lina silenced her with one finger amply perfumed with Kristin’s own juices. There was nothing that needed to be said. Shrugging, Lina kissed Kristin on the forehead and turned to go.

* * *

At first Miss White wasn’t sure if the special mousse was having any effect on her. She had a general sense of well-being, but then she’d been feeling pretty damn good anyway.

Then Monika again requested her company on a trip to the wine cellar, and it seemed to take forever to get there. Time had slowed way down, and every little sensation was magnified: the yellow glow of the clock on the microwave, the combination of smells emanating from the kitchen, the sound of her own footsteps on the floor.

When they finally reached the cellar Monika threw her arms around Miss White and held her close. “Thank you so much for being here,” she said. “It’s really made a difference.”

Miss White was a little taken aback, but not in a bad way, just surprised at the sudden display of emotion. “It’s been a pleasure,” she said. “Honestly, I feel really lucky that we met you.”

Monika pulled back a little but kept ahold of Miss White’s hands. “You’re a very unique person,” she said, gazing warmly into Miss White’s eyes. “And Jodie’s a wonderful girl. I think the two of you are going to be very happy together.”

Miss White wasn’t sure what to say to that. She hadn’t been giving much thought to the future, other than a vague awareness that at some point they would have to get back to Las Vegas and then home to Bowmore. The idea that what she had with Jodie might be something lasting… it was hard to imagine, but neither could she discount it.

Suddenly Monika was kissing her — a soft, slow, sensual kiss that was less romantic than an expression of mutual affinity and affection. When it was over they smiled at each other, Monika grabbed an ancient bottle of cognac she’d been saving, and they headed back upstairs.

In the kitchen they ran into Annie and Jodie, on their way from the dining room laden izmit escort bayan with armfuls of dirty plates. As Monika began to cut into the cap of red wax covering the brandy bottle, Miss White stood watching the two young women bustle about the kitchen. Their movements looked choreographed, as if they’d been a team for years.

Suddenly Miss White had a vision of Jodie in her uniform working alongside Annie in hers. It was too bad that Jodie’s uniform was back at ABD House, as it would have made for a delightful scene. Maybe someday Monika and her entourage would come for a visit… though ABD lacked the intimacy of Monika’s home, it had a lot to offer in terms of hospitality.

When Monika had the top off the bottle, she told the two girls to grab snifters and they all walked back to the dining room. Upon arriving there they saw something that made them stop and gape.

Annika was stretched out on the surface of the table stark naked. The sixth bowl of mousse — the one that would have been Angel’s — had been left sitting on the tray; so Annika had covered her boobs, belly, and crotch with the sticky chocolate. Her eyes had been closed when they came in, but they opened now, and the invitation in them was clear.

Monika smiled. This kind of slutty behavior was a little out of character for Annika, but Monika knew that her ex-girlfriend, Bree, had been pretty controlling and kind of uptight. It had never really been clear to Monika what Annika saw in Bree, and she was happy that Annika had finally gotten herself free of that situation. Obviously she had some lost time to make up for.

The four standing women looked around at each other, silently negotiating. After a few seconds Monika and Miss White indicated with their eyes that the younger women should go first, and so Annie and Jodie took up positions on either side of Annika, and each of them began to lick mousse off a breast. Annika moaned gently, her mouth curled into a beatific smile.

Next Monika leaned over the table and began to lap softly at Annika’s navel. This left Miss White with the pièce de résistance, and she did not decline the honor. Pulling up a chair, she sat down and craned her neck until she was right over the “V” between Annika’s legs. She began by extending her tongue and starting to clean the chocolate from Annika’s soft nest of blond pubic hair. She was never going to get it all, but that was no reason not to try.

When Annika’s bush was as clean as it was going to get, Miss White parted her legs and began to work on the trickles that were running down her inner thighs. Annika’s leg muscles trembled and contracted; Miss White could feel them with her tongue, but her eyes were firmly fixed on the glistening pink prize in the middle.

Miss White held off as long as she could, but finally dove in for a creamy mouthful of combined pussy and chocolate. It was luscious beyond belief, and for a few minutes Miss White lost her mind, gobbling away at Annika’s cunt with gebze escort complete abandon.

When she finally sat back to catch her breath, it was apparent that Monika, Annie, and Jodie had long ago finished their “portions” and had been standing there sipping brandy and watching. Miss White grinned wanly; one could hardly blame her for getting carried away.

Suddenly it seemed important to Miss White that Jodie experience what she just had. There was still a little mousse left in the bowl, so Miss White smeared it onto Annika’s crotch, then stood up from her chair and and sat Jodie down into it. Taking hold of Annika’s ankles, Miss White spun her and draped her legs over Jodie’s shoulders.

Jodie hesitated for a second; it was hard for her to believe that she deserved such a special treat. But when she felt the gentle pressure of Miss White’s hand on the back of her head, she went with it, and soon she was burrowing into Annika’s pussy as if looking for buried treasure.

Monika felt now that it was time for the next step, so she pulled off her dress, shimmied out of her panties, and climbed up onto the table. She dipped two fingers into the bowl and spread a little chocolate onto her mons; then fed a little into Annika’s mouth; and then there was no difference anymore, as Annika’s face disappeared between Monika’s legs.

Miss White poured herself a snifter and sat down to watch for a bit. She felt happy and relaxed, but gradually became aware of a certain yearning in her loins, the sense of an unscratched itch. Just then Annie, who had a finely honed instinct for service, appeared in front of her.

Dropping to her knees, Annie looked up at Miss White with big, submissive eyes. She loved nothing more than to be of use, and Miss White was in a position to offer her an opportunity to do so. And so Miss White obligingly lifted her skirt, slid off her panties, and spread her legs. Annie scooted forward and began to happily minister to the older woman’s needs.

When Jodie paused to give her tongue a rest, she looked up into Monika’s eyes and saw a powerful hunger there. In a flash of insight she realized that what was between Monika and Annika was more than they were letting on; maybe even more than they themselves were aware of. They had a long history together, and maybe also a future?

Jodie wriggled out from underneath Annika and without missing a beat Monika bent down to take her place, tightly gripping Annika’s butt cheeks as they 69ed. Jodie left them to it and went over to where Miss White was sitting, snifter dangling from one hand as Annie’s head bobbed between her legs.

Miss White beckoned Jodie closer, and next thing she knew she found herself being spun and pulled down onto her mistress’s lap. Still holding the brandy in one hand, Miss White used the other to raise Jodie’s skirt and pull the crotch of her panties aside so Annie could lick her too. Which Annie did obediently and quickly.

Taking a sip from her glass, Miss White used her other fingers to part Jodie’s labia. Annie’s tongue slid deftly inside, and Jodie moaned, trembled, and leaned her weight back against Miss White. For while there, time came to a complete stop; the next thing any of them were aware of was the clock in the hallway striking midnight.

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