Gladys’s Temptation


Gladys, you are ahead of me on this day, already showered and drying off when I entered the bathroom. It was unusual, as you normally wait and shower with me. The combination of soap, hot water, and naked flesh makes you wet and me hard. Often times our first orgasms are achieved before the water is shut off. But on this day, you had changed from the normal, blissful routine. As I exit the shower, I hear the unmistakable sound of your vibrator; you had started without me. I quickly toweled off and moved quickly to join you in bedroom before you had gotten too far ahead.

As I entered the room, I found you; purposely tempting me with your ass in the air, swaying back and forth. The vibrator wet with your juices, your pussy lips red, swollen and glistening. You smile slyly at me and rub the vibrator on the outside of your honey pot, which brings my member to attention. I want to mount you and drive my cock into your wet hole, but I cannot resist tasting you first. I kneel at the edge of the bed and gently kiss and rub matadorbet the soft skin of your waving ass with my hands and face. As I rub my unshaven chin against your inner thighs, the scratchy sensation causes you to rock forward, but my kisses and licks persuade you not to go too far.

I first lightly kiss your vulva and outer lips, slowly and deliberately until you rock back into my face trying to coax me to do more. You would much rather sit on my face than be slowly tortured with the light touch I was applying to your sensitive skin. Relenting, I part your pussy lips with my darting tongue while gently stroking your thighs with my hands. Up and down upon your inner lips I wave my tongue, taking in the taste of your sweet juices as you are already wet with anticipation. Then I drive my tongue deep into your pussy while I gently rub your clit with one thumb and massage your asshole with the other thumb. Your moans of approval in response are convincing.

At this point you were expecting me to matadorbet giriş stand and mount you from behind, but I had other plans. I lick up your crack and dab my tongue on your brown hole, to which you squeal in response. Then I issue my directive, “Baby, spread your ass cheeks.” I take both your hands and put them on your butt to spread your cheeks so I can thoroughly tongue fuck your asshole and still have my hands free to finger your pussy and rub your clit. My tongue drives in and out of your asshole as I rub your pussy and clit until you are near orgasm. Your frequent moans are muffled as you are head down in the bed. I periodically return to your pussy to suck out the juice and redistribute it on your brown hole or use my tongue as a paddle to move the ample fluid to the hole of my current focus.

At this point, I am tempted to replace my tongue with my cock in your tight brown hole, but I reserve that blissful encounter for another day. Instead I stand, position myself behind you, and drive my hard cock into your dripping pussy. Because of your extreme wetness, my member slides in up to hilt with little resistance. I grab your hips and ram my dick into your hole at a moderate pace, as I know you are already close to cumming and I need to catch up. The slapping sound of my hips pounding against your ass flesh fills the room, along with my moans in response to your velvety walls squeezing my cock. Once I feel my orgasm begin to build, I reach around your leg and rub your clit with my fingertips, which generates a loud, continuous moan from your depths.

I then feel your leg muscles tighten, you arch your back, throw your head upward, shake violently, and spasms ripple through your body. Your orgasm triggers mine: I increase the pace of my cock assault on your pussy, the slapping sound fast and furious until I grind my throbbing cock into your depths and streams of hot cum fill your hole. As you finish, you collapse to a prone position on the bed, and I fall beside you, gently stroking the smooth skin of your back and lightly kissing your exposed skin. Once you regain your composure and catch your breath, you smile at me, reach down to stroke my soft cock, and whisper “Now I want you in my ass.”

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