Gloryhole Sister


In the fast paced world of investment banking, it was only natural that hard working analysts, associates, and managers would need an outlet to relax. It was somewhat of an open secret for those ‘in-the-know’ that such an outlet existed.

Emily knew about the office Gloryhole, but she never participated. It didn’t excite her, but it didn’t repulse her either. As a woman with a tremendous amount of responsibilities, she understood how hard everyone in the company worked and the need for stress release.

Everything reached its boiling point during the year-end office holiday party which took place at night. The mood was celebratory and energetic. Bonuses were being handed out and drinks were going around too.

For those ‘in-the-know,’ there were other benefits as well. Word had spread that the infamous gloryhole would be open at exactly 9 pm. There were mischievous smiles on people’s faces.

The gloryhole gave people a chance to have a naughty and anonymous sexual encounter that was guilt-free. She’d sometimes overhear men wishing (or praying) that they’d get a blowjob from a particular lady. For women, it was relishing in the idea of doing something so dirty at work without being judged for it.

After mingling around for a solid hour, Emily ran into the hard-nosed new Director of the company.

“They’re at it again with that freaking gloryhole,” Ms. Gonzales said with obvious disdain. “Do you know about this?”

Emily gulped. “I’ve heard about it vaguely. I’ve never, ever participated though. I think it’s gross.”

“Gross? It’s vile. Absolutely vile. Something like that has no place in this prestigious institution.”

“At least it’s the holidays, right?”

“Is that an excuse?” Ms. Gonzales asked with a cold fury and a deadly gaze to match.

“No, not at all.” Emily shook her head sheepishly.

The boss showed an evil gaze and wry smile. “I think I’ll have a peek later. I’d like to see who shows up. That should be interesting.”

Emily wondered if the boss was going to reprimand someone over this, which was certainly doable given the strict employment contracts. And as an employee here for the past several years, Emily was deeply fond of all her colleagues. The last thing she wanted was to see any of them get into trouble over a worthless sex act.

“That’ll be funny,” Emily said, laughing it off, but secretly prying into her boss’s endeavors.

Ms. Gonzales sneered. “I’ll probably make a note of it. But if I catch any entry level analysts there, I’ll probably fire them. This is a prestigious institution, not a place for horny young men to get blowjobs.”

The boss stepped away and Emily found herself in a moral bind. She didn’t want to see anyone get reprimanded. She didn’t want to see anyone getting fired.

More importantly, she had pulled some strings to get her younger brother a job here as a newly hired analyst. Nick was a good person and quickly made friends with some of the guys. Guys that frequented the infamous gloryhole every year.

Would they drag her younger brother into this?

It seemed plausible. Nick was a young man who worked hard. Of course he would succumb to temptation.

Or maybe Emily was just being an overly cautious older sister? She wondered. In the end, she couldn’t risk her brother getting fired. What would they tell their parents? It would also look horrible on Nick’s employment record.

Swiftly, she decided on a plan. She’d bluntly warn her brother. If the boss was serious about the reprimands, then she’d have to warn the others too.

It was all in the name of being a good sister and loyal colleague.

She made her way to the other side of the floor, stopping to mingle whenever necessary. While smiling and engaging in small talk with her cohorts, all she could think about was how her brother’s dick could lead to a huge fiasco.

Finally, Emily eyed her brother from across the room, socializing with a group of men. They shared laughs and had drinks. She was almost certain that her brother had been coaxed into giving the gloryhole a try.

Last year, she had heard of three new male analysts who had joined the gloryhole club after persuasion from the experienced men. Emily shook her head, wondering why on earth men would do this to each other.

She surveyed the area and saw Ms. Gonzales down the hall speaking with the VP. The stars were aligning for a chaotic storm and she was flabbergasted at how an innocent party turned into a secret mission. But that’s the price of being an older sister, she thought.

She went over to warn her brother, and after a few Betturkey steps, her friend intercepted her, making a quick conversation about random topics. Emily could hear the slight tension in her tipsy friend’s voice, along with a subtle gleam in her friend’s eyes.

“So, you’re walking down here,” the friend said softly and suggestively. “You really had a sway in each step.”

Emily giggled. “No, no. You’ve got it all wrong. There’s no way in hell I’m doing what you’re suggesting. No way. Period.”

“Oh! Sorry about that. I guess I figured, nevermind…”

Emily raised an eyebrow. “Were you?”

“Me? Not a chance,” the friend blushed. “Well, I was in the area by coincidence and I wanted to see who’d be here.”

They both knew it was doublespeak, that the friend was most likely a cocksucker that made the annual journey to the women’s side of the gloryhole.

Emily was about to calm her friend, dismissing any awkwardness, until she saw a small group of men guiding Nick towards the male side of the gloryhole.

“Hold that thought,” Emily said to her friend. “I’ll be right back.”

She rushed to intercept her brother, only it was too late. Her brother had already gone inside the office, expecting to get a hot blowjob from a woman (who she just realized was supposed to be her friend!)

Briefly, she considered pulling Nick out of the men’s side of the gloryhole, but she didn’t want to belittle her brother in front of the guys.

It was time for Plan B. Keeping her head down, she casually walked into the adjacent office towards the female end of the gloryhole as if she needed something that was work related (as opposed to wanting to suck cock). If she quickly made it out, no one would suspect anything.

She closed the door inside the office so she could talk privately with her brother. It was her first time seeing the actual hole in the wall, which was usually covered and camouflaged all year round. Now it was totally open.

She was about to warn her brother, but her brother spoke first.

“Hello,” he said softly through the hole. “I’m new at this.”

Emily was taken aback by her brother’s innocent voice and lust. There was no doubt that Nick, despite his apprehension and nervousness, really wanted his dick sucked. What guy doesn’t? She almost felt bad for him.

There were also new challenges. Would her brother think she came here during every holiday party? Would her brother think she was a secret cocksucker?

A simple strategy was formed. She’d kick her brother out. Then later, she’d explain that she’s never, ever sucked a cock here– ever. And she would make sure that her brother believed that, because it was the truth. There was no way she’d leave a stain on her impeccable reputation in the workplace.

Before she could do the right thing, the unthinkable happened.

The tip of a penis slid through the hole. It slowly made its way further and Emily saw that the penis was mostly erect.

It was her brother’s cock!

Now it was too late to give a warning. She knew that her relationship with Nick would be forever strained if they both knew that she saw his hard dick. She wanted to look away. But seeing that erection was oddly hypnotic. Seeing it was supposed to be repulsive because it was her younger brother’s, but it was also oddly enticing, too.

She sighed, wondering what to do about this. Give a warning and reveal her identity? Or just leave? Maybe the boss wouldn’t come around. Maybe she could talk the boss out of firing her brother.

Her eyes lingered on the cock while she silently contemplated.

“Hello?” he asked, with his cock growing longer. “Are you going to do it? The guys are waiting for me to come out.”

That comment made her heart fill with sympathy. So, her brother was partly motivated to fit in with the other guys. That was something she could understand. She still remembered her first week being employed here. She was able to fit in because of the welcoming nature of other women.

For men, the rules were different. For men, there was a macho thing about proving oneself. It seemed primitive, but a time honored tradition.

If her brother went back to the office party with his dick still hard, what then? Would he not be one of the guys? Would they question Nick’s fortitude as a man and as someone who works in a high stress occupation?

Out of sympathy, Emily took a few steps forward and touched her brother’s dick with her slender and soft fingers. She figured a quick handjob would suffice in getting her brother the sexual relief and office credibility he Betturkey Giriş was looking for.

Plus, as her fingers slowly stroked her brother, she could always pretend it was someone else. She did her best to imagine it was her ex-boyfriend’s cock instead. It was easy to do since their cocks were the same color, girth, and softness.

But the realization that this was her brother was inescapable. Despite the wall that separated them, Emily knew who’s cock this was, no matter how hard she tried to push those dirty thoughts out of her mind. The fact that her brother moaned a few times only made things worse for her.

She squeezed harder, making the cock jerk in her hand. It was a powerful feeling. She could feel it swelling and she saw that the head had become bulbous. Her brother was definitely loving this.

Using the tips of her fingers, she dug into the shaft and stroked. It was a feeling that worked wonders on her past lovers. And she made sure to play with the sensitive head, twirling around the head, pinching it, caressing the tip.

This seemed like a logical choice, that it was the fastest and most harmless way to make her brother cum. Once it was done, she’d leave gingerly, hoping no one would notice her. But the odds of that seemed slim. She knew there’d be a price to pay for being in the gloryhole office, but she’d have to worry about that later.

“Can you suck it?” he asked softly, and in a low voice from the sexual pleasure. “I was told that I’d be sucked off. I’ll cum faster that way.”

The whole concept of sucking off her biological brother was both repulsive and arousing at the same time. The most taboo sexual thing she had ever done in her life was be tied up by an ex-lover. That absolutely paled in comparison to potentially giving Nick a blowjob.

But time was of the essence. Her only choice was simple; suck her brother’s cock so good that he’d be dazed with a real mess to clean up, then she could make her silent escape. Nick would never know that she was in the other office because she’d be gone.

Dropping to her knees, Emily was treated to an upclose view of the throbbing dick. She put both hands on it, stroking it with her slender fingers.

Leaning forward, she put it in her mouth, right on top of her tongue. Then she closed her lips around it. Nick moaned right away, signaling the fact that her mouth felt so good. She sucked hard, sealing her lips tightly around the shaft, and her brother moaned even deeper.

Her knees were rested comfortably on the carpet and her pencil skirt was hiked up. She sucked with great authority. Unlike her previous blowjobs, this was both business and personal, and it wasn’t supposed to be for her pleasure. But she felt her panties dampen as she sucked.

As much as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried once again to pretend that this was someone else’s cock, she just couldn’t. Not while listening to her brother’s voice, panting and moaning from her skilled mouth.

She had to embrace that this was her brother. With open eyes, she spat the cock out and stared at it for a second. It was wet with saliva and swollen from her sucking. She put it back inside her mouth and sucked with even more vigor. Perhaps this renewed motivation would help make Nick cum even faster? She could only hope.

Taking things even deeper, she allowed the head of the cock to touch her throat. Was she naturally blessed with an amazing gag reflex? No. This was a result of years of discipline and exercise. She never in a million years thought she’d display her deepthroat ability for her brother, but as she had learned, men tended to cum a lot quicker with deepthroat action.

There was something psychological about a woman performing a deepthroat that struck a man’s primal desires. She let the cock inch deeper into her throat.

A perverse feeling was rapidly growing inside of her. Suddenly, the fact that this was her brother’s cock inside of her mouth and throat was an inescapable turn-on, only because her brother would never, ever know that this was her mouth.

It was so perverse and nasty that she decided to go all out, doing things she had never done with a guy before.

She pulled the cock out of her throat and used her tongue to jab at her brother’s tip. Her tongue darting inside the small opening of the cock and she tasted the pre-cum. She pushed her tongue harder and swirled around at that very spot. Her brother’s opening.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned. “You’re a real freak.”

Emily froze in horror, coming to her senses. She was a freak now? It was a jarring thought, but she had already come this far and her brother was nearing an orgasm. She shrugged off the assertion that she was a ‘freak’ and kept on working the cock, stroking it, sucking on it, and swirling her tongue around the sensitive head.

“I’m going to cum,” he moaned. “Can I cum in your mouth? I love doing that.”

Doing a pre-emptive strike, Emily bit the tip of her brother’s dick for making her swallow cum. Nick yelped and tried to pull his cock back, but she squeezed the dick tightly, not letting him get away.

She sucked the tip, the place where she bit, and licked soothingly. While keeping an airtight suction around the sensitive head, she used both hands to stroke her brother. Her hands were now covered in saliva. She stroked and stroked with rhythmic passion. For good measure, she threw in a few extra deepthroats, allowing her brother to go all in.

“Fuck, I’m cumming.”

This was it. The point of no return. If sucking her brother’s dick was crossing the line, then swallowing her brother’s fresh cum would be something that would be ingrained in her memory forever. She aimed the dick to her throat and jerked him off.

When the first spurt of cum shot into the back of her throat, she swallowed reflexively. Now she was in dangerous territory. And she embraced that. She used one hand to hold the cock into her mouth, and she used her other hand to rapidly jerk her brother’s shaft.

It was strikingly delicious as it hit her mouth, coated her inner-cheeks, and glazed her tongue, forming a naughty pool of thick white fluids. Her brother made whimpering noises throughout the heavy ejaculation. What began with a series of heavy spurts ended with a few trickles, then drops. Emily’s mouth had become a cream-filled cum donut.

The very second Nick’s cum stopped spurting into her mouth, she swallowed everything with two deep gulps, devouring it completely, and she used the back of her hand to wipe her lips clean.

She gave her brother’s softening dick a loving pat on the head, then she quickly stood up and rushed out of the office.

Before she left, she heard her brother say, ‘Thanks so much. That was the best I’ve ever had.’

She smiled with so much pride.

Luckily, no one was staring or gawking directly outside of that office. But she saw Ms. Gonzales standing at the end of the hallway, spying on whoever came out of the gloryholes.

She approached her boss, who seemed furious and disappointed. On the other side, Nick came out of the office and was greeted by his buddies.

Emily blushed, hard. She knew she had just been caught sucking off her brother in a gloryhole, and that there was no denying it.

“You?” Ms. Gonzales asked in disbelief and with fiery eyes. “With Nick? Well, as it turns out, Nick is a massive pervert and you are quite the dirty whore. I can smell your brother’s cum in your mouth. This is beyond reprehensible. Incest? How dare you.”

Seething from the inside, Emily had reached her tipping point. This was an all-out attack on her character and her family. After everything she had been through tonight, she wasn’t going to take shit from anyone, not even her boss.

“Listen, bitch. I just gave my brother the blowjob of a lifetime to save him from you. If you want to fire him, then you’ll have to fire me too. Oh, and in case you report us, I’ll tell everyone you sucked a dick last year when you got drunk. How does that sound?”

Ms. Gonzales stammered, “I… I… I wouldn’t dream of firing anyone.”

“Good. In the meantime, why don’t you step right into that office over there? You could use the relief since you always act like you have a stick up your ass. Do it, or else I’ll start talking.”

“I… no… don’t say anything.”

Emily pointed to the office. “If I had to suck my brother’s dick because of you, then you owe me. Get in there, now. Whatever comes through that hole, you better suck. Got it?”

“You’re lucky it’s the holidays,” Ms. Gonzales said after regaining her composure and confidence. “Not a word of this to anyone.”

“Only if you keep my secret safe.”

Nodding, they understood each other. Ms. Gonzales shamefully and discreetly headed towards the women’s side of the gloryhole and a slew of men lined up for the chance of a lifetime.

Emily peeked at her brother’s direction and saw Nick scoping around, wondering who gave him the blowjob. She smiled and looked away, playing coy. Some things are better off secrets. And she was certain that when she got home, her panties would come off and her fingers would plunge deep inside her wet hole.

The sight, touch, and emotional experience of giving her younger brother a blowjob would be on her mind for a while, with many masturbation orgasms to follow.

The End

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