Gloryhole with Jo part 3


Gloryhole with Jo part 3………………………….. I leant forward and started sucking it, it was already rock hard, from I imagine the excitement of finger fucking the dirty girl behind the wall to orgasm. As sucked on his cock I thought with all this cock sucking and wanking I could do with a cock in my aching pussy.I let the cocks in my hands go and grabbed handy with my left hand and stopped sucking him, I stood up pulled my panties off with my right hand, turned round so my back was to the wall and stuck my bum out reversed back so I could feel the tip of his cock against my pussy lips I moved my hips up and down so his cock was sliding along my pussy then I opened my very very wet lips with my fingers and slid backwards down his hard shaft, oh yes it felt fantastic and I heard him groan from the other side of the wall, I slowly started moving back and forth on his cock taking all I could until my bum hit the wall then as far out so just the tip was still in my pussy, it felt great fucking this cock of a stranger with him not knowing who he was fucking, I suddenly remembered I wasn’t alone and looked over at Jo who was looking at me with her mouth slightly open and a look of amazement on her face as she tugged on a couple of cocks, I smiled lifted my arms in gesture of I couldn’t help myself, I carried on as Jo continued to watch wanking the cocks in her hands faster, on a forward movement his cock came out completely, I reached behind me to grab it and guide it back in but as I grabbed it I realized he had pulled back slightly an it was twitching ready to explode, I quickly turned slightly bent over and took it in my mouth and with a couple of helping pulls and sucks he emptied his load in my mouth and what a load it was I couldn’t keep it in I had to open my mouth and let some escape, as he pumped the last bits of cum into my mouth I felt a hand on my leg, glancing round an arm was through the hole behind me.The hand on my leg moved swiftly up my thigh and to my bum squeezing a cheek, it fumbled around my bum and on the outside oh my hip then I heard another voice I thought I knew but wasn’t sure who it was say bloody hell she’s naked behind here, which was met with a few cheers and whoops, then his hand was at my pussy, oh my god it’s got to be the wettest fucking pussy I’ve ever felt as he slid two fingers inside me, My heart jumped when I heard a voice I definitely recognised, lets have a feel it said, it was my husbands voice, I froze as the fingers slid from my pussy, another hand was quickly on my leg, oh my god was this my husbands hand making its way up my leg to my wet and just fucked pussy, it reached the top of my inner thigh I was holding my breath as it slid over to my pussy, his fingers slid along and then into my pussy, bloody hell my husband said it certainly is wet think she is enjoying herself behind there. Another voice said don’t hog it boy lets have a feel, hubby removed his hand to be replaced by another fumbling along the outside of my leg and up to my bum for a squeezing before moving down to have a feel and comment on how wet my pussy was and I’m sure getting wetter by the minute with now a fourth man fingering it and a cock having fucked it, he fingered my pussy for a bit then slipped a finger up to my clit which was now very sensitive and I jumped as he touched it, the hand moved away and I was about to change my position bahis siteleri when another hand grabbed my leg, god not another one I thought, his hand slid up my leg as had the others until it reached my pussy I heard him say oh yes very nice as he slipped his fingers between my lips, he had to fingers in me and his thumb was rubbing my butt hole it felt quite nice he was very gentle, then all of a sudden he pushed his thumb in my bum, it made me catch my breath and grabbed his hand and pulled it away and moved away from the wall.I sat down and poured some wine as I watched the hands poke through the holes in search of me and presumably my wet pussy, I looked over to Jo and she had seen me sitting there and was getting off her knees and coming over to me she sat down next to me put her hand on my thigh and leant over and whispered in my ear, who’s a dirty little girl then and from what I hear with the wettest pussy they have ever felt, to that she slid her hand along my thigh to my pussy, oh yes very wet dear, I whispered back I don’t know what came over me I got carried away and just needed a cock inside me sorry, and for the wet pussy I’ve had five lots of fingers testing it, this was now six as Jo had inserted a couple inside me too, I leant back in the chair and shut my eyes as Jo fingered my pussy and gently rubbed my clit with her thumb, leant my head against her shoulder as my breathing got faster and whispered and one cheeky bastard shoved his thumb in my ass, she giggled, I grabbed her hand, you will make me cum if you keep doing that hun, she moved my hand away and carried on I looked up at her and she was smiling looking down on me, she moved her face to mine and we started kissing very passionately as my body shuddered through to orgasm, I dropped back into the chair and let out a satisfied shy. I heard John say to the blokes they are probably having a break Jo’s phone vibrated on the table next to us, It was a text from John asking if everything was ok and whether we had had enough, Jo showed it me and said what do you think, erm well I started, but she interrupted me by saying I’m certainly not finished but we can call it a day if you want, I shock my head and smiled, thought as much she said giggling, she text him back, they haven’t finished yet they are just having a breather.We started to chat in whispers so we couldn’t be heard, are you enjoying your night hun she asked, haha I said what do you think are you, yes I am too, I know I got carried away I’m sorry haven’t you let any of them fuck you through the wall, no she replied, I thought bloody hell I must be a dirty little girl like she said, it had crossed my mind but both times didn’t last that long once they had all cum that was it with there only being a couple of them, so are you going to try it now I enquired she looked at me and smiled I think I might just do that, I smiled back at her and thought she must be a dirty little girl too, well we better get that skirt and knickers off hadn’t we, she stood up and undid her skirt and pulled her knickers down, sat back down and picked her wine up, I put my hand on her shaven pussy and said lets see how wet you are, I pushed my finger between her lips, very wet I would say smiling at her she smiled back, well lets see if we can get you warmed up for the boys shall we, I slipped my finger inside her pushed her lips apart canlı bahis with my thumb to find her clit and give her the same treatment as she had given me, I started to work her clit with my thumb her eyes closed and a contented look came over her face, not long before she started to breath harder and grab my hand, I pushed it away and carried on until she opened her eyes and stared hard at me I leant over and we kissed again her tongue darting around in my mouth her body stiffened and then relaxed we carried on kissing for a moment and she slumped back and opened her eyes and smiled at me thanks hun she said, I passed her her wine and we both sat for a moment drinking, I looked over to the holes and they were all empty apart from one, is he the look out I joked to Jo, well shall we see she replied.We both got up and went over to the lone cock, kneeling down either side of it together we both touched it with our tongues, he jumped and went ooh, are they back a voice said, no no I will let you know when they are don’t worry, his cock was growing as we both licked it and he didn’t want to share, are you having us on are they back or not another voice said, then a hand was on my bum giving it a squeeze then sliding down to pussy, they are back and I’ve got the wettest pussy in the world girl on the end of my fingers as he slid two fingers inside me, I thought is this the six bloke to finger my pussy tonight or some one having a second feel, are you sure another voice said because I’ve got a couple of fingers in a really wet pussy too, I looked at Jo and she was smiling back as we carried on licking the lucky cock between us, well if you two have both got a wet pussy that must mean this lucky fucker has two birds licking his cock, suddenly his cock was gone presumably pulled away by some jealous bloke, another cock appeared and we both licked it and that same voice said he was the lucky sod. We both moved from the positions we were in leaving his cock half excited and two hands waving around trying to find our pussies.John then spoke I presume the girls are back then and ready for more, as the holes filled up I think the boys had been planning what they were going to do while we had taken a break, there was a cock, a hand, a cock, a cock, a hand and then a cock, meaning we could have a cock in each hand while the hand could explored our bodies. I looked at Jo and said cheeky sods they’ve worked it out between themselves the best way to get at us, Jo got up walked over to the wall so her pussy was against the one hand and took a cock in each hand and beckoned me to do the same, so I did and stood the same as she was and the hand was soon on my pussy as I wanked the two cocks in my hands I looked over to Jo, she let go of the two cocks and stepped back and nodded for me to do the same which I did leaving the two hands grasping for something, she gestured for us to swap over, we swapped places and grabbed the cocks as the hands searched, I felt the hand brush against my leg and stop feel round a bit until it found my inner thigh and then slide up towards my pussy a voice said I think the girls are playing games boys, I felt a finger slide into me and the owner from the other side of the wall said they are they have swapped, Jo looked at me and smiled and gestured to move away again and we both stepped away.Jo got on her knees in front of the cock güvenilir bahis at one end of the wall and started sucking it so I did the same to the one the other end. We both sucked hard looking at each other as we did the arms were waving around franticly trying to find us, she stopped and stood up and I did the same, we walked towards each other I waited to see what she did she stopped at the hand and lent forward so her tits touched it, and I did the same so the other hand could feel my tits she leaned towards me and took one of the middle cocks in her mouth and I did the same our heads nearly touching as we sucked. She again stood back and I joined her she was loving teasing them, she winked at me and grabbed the cock I had been sucking turned round and stuck her bum out and moved backwards onto it sliding it into her pussy, a big grin on her face she nodded to the other cock I grabbed it and reversed in it was a bit difficult the holes were close together but I managed to slide his cock into my willing pussy, fucking hell my cock’s in the dirty sluts cunt the voice behind the wall said and we both jumped forward, another voice said you idiot Jimmy mine was too but it bloody isn’t anymore you prat, I hope you haven’t buggered it up for us all now, added another voice, then I heard my hubby say told you Pete we shouldn’t have brought him if he’s spoilt it all for everyone now, bloody hell I thought no wonder I recognised the voice of the first bloke to finger my pussy it was my husbands brother Pete, bet he never thought he’d be fingering his sister-in-law and I might have wanked his cock and even sucked it too, there was a lot of arguing coming from the other side of the wall, I could hear Pete trying to calm it down and stick up for Jimmy, then it dawned on me Jimmy was Pete’s nineteen year old stepson, bloody hell my heart was racing again with panic this time, I had just had a nineteen year olds cock in my pussy for the first time for probably fifteen years but it was my brother-in-laws stepson and he had called me a dirty slut, he didn’t say that when I cooked him Sunday lunch the other week, then another realization came over me they all went to the football together with my father-in-law and his friend, oh my god was it their dad who said stop hogging it boy, referring to his son, my husband, lets have a feel, and then fingered my pussy and rub my clit, oh god had I wanked and sucked his cock, I was feeling a bit sick with the panic now.I must have had a worried look on my face because Jo said what’s wrong, I told her about Paul (my husband) Pete and who Jimmy was and possibly my father-in-law too, she laughed and said don’t worry hun they don’t know who we are there’s only John knows its me and you behind here and he won’t tell anyone I promise you he is very discreet, she carried oh my god do you reckon it was his first time, I doubt it he’s had a girlfriend for years, she looked disappointed at this, I bet it’s the oldest slut’s pussy he’s had his cock in though she added and the oldest slut sucking his cock, and I bet your father-in-law has dreamed about fingering his sons wife for years, I started to giggle, she was right there was no way they would know and I calmed down a bit, it had calmed down the other side of the wall and John spoke we would like to apologise ladies for the actions of one of us and he would like to apologise himself, Jimmy started to say something but we could hardly hear him, Jo picked up her phone and text John to get him to come up to the wall so we could hear him and to put his cock through for punishment………………………….

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