Going Down a Slippery Slope


The late summer sun streamed in through Erin’s bedroom window. The seasons were starting to change but it was still light fairly early in the mornings. Erin stood in front of her full length mirror and frowned. The image showed a woman in her early twenties. Erin knew that she had never been described as beautiful. Her face was pleasant, occasionally even being call cute if she worked at it. Her body was fit but she looked like the athlete that she was. There was little fat on her body but given her build, the muscles that she had made her look just a little stocky. That, along with her smaller bust, meant that she never had any real curves.

She sighed. She knew that she should be satisfied but yet she wasn’t. She fought it; ate healthy foods; and did daily intense workouts. Unfortunately the quirks of her body and metabolism just led to that reinforcing how she looked. There were also some things she chose not to do. With all of her time in the gym and on the field she kept her light brown hair short in a pixie cut. It wasn’t that flattering but it was easy to take care of. And she often forgot to put on any make up as she rushed to get from one thing to another.

Before the summer, it had always been a battle between classes, her sports and her part time jobs. She rarely had time to stop and think; her life was so full. Now she had graduated and her life was turned completely upside down. She had no more classes and gone from playing two college level sports to playing in rec leagues. The only thing that had stayed the same was her job. She had worked in the financial aid office on a part-time basis in order to earn a little spending money. When she graduated with honors with a double major in economics and business, they had offered her a full time position. Although she had been a starter for two years on the soccer team, she was not at a level where there was any future in the small women’s profession league or on any national teams. The fact that she had been co-captain was a testament to her leadership skills much more than her soccer skills. Playing on the softball team had been more just for the competition. She was only a bench player there, but it has been okay with her soccer coach so she did it. It had been a lot of fun.

Given all the other adjustments she needed to make, Erin chose to accept the job for the current time until she had a better idea of what she would do. She enjoyed her co-workers and found the job challenging, though she could tell that she would get bored before too long. That was okay too. Hopefully she would have a better idea of what she wanted to do by then.

As she got dressed for work, Erin thought about her romantic life. Or more accurately, she thought about her lack of any sort of romantic life. In high school, she had been a three sport athlete as well as playing in the select soccer league. She had not had a lot of time for dating. There had been a few boys, usually fellow athletes, who had some interest in her and she had occasionally gone out. It was rare enough that occasionally she would hear about a rumor going around school that she was really a lesbian. For a long time, it had bothered her a lot. Erin felt like people were looking at her and just making a judgment based upon appearance. She didn’t look girly, and if anything she did have a slight butchy look but there was no basis for the talk. She couldn’t think of anything she had ever done that would have encouraged the talk. If anything, a least a couple of the boys she dated could have testified that she had not behaved like a lesbian. While she never went all the way, it was mostly a technicality. All of her encounters were strictly straight.

Privately, Erin admitted to herself that she didn’t have strong feelings for any of the boys who were interested in her. She could take it or leave it, and mostly just left it. Occasionally she even wondered in the locker room while dressing if maybe she was interested in other girls. She would see the other girls changing and notice how attractive some of them are, but the feelings with her were not particularly sexual. It was just confusing to Erin since the feelings were roughly the same for boys and girls.

When she went to college, nothing had really changed. School had never been difficult for her and that stayed true with spending most of her spare time with the sport of the moment. The aura of being a lesbian also followed her. In high school, no other girl ever acted upon the rumor. Life in college was different. Erin found herself hit on by women relatively frequently. At first it flustered her. She didn’t know how to react and usually ended up fleeing the situation. Over time, she became more used to dealing with it. While there was a little curiosity sometimes, the women were usually clearly lesbians themselves and they were rarely the types that had captured her mild interest in the past. Erin became very good at deflecting the come ons without offending anyone. She could honestly tell them Ankara escort that she was neither a lesbian nor interested in experimenting.

In college, Erin found it simpler with men. She never attracted a large number of admirers. When she was unattached, she usually dated around, spending her time with two or three different men. Twice she had become exclusive with someone. In many ways, it was just easier to do that. She liked both of them but knew she wasn’t in love. By the time she was with the first one, she had already lost her virginity. It had been an anticlimactic event, in all ways. Her date had taken her upstairs during a party and had managed to hold off cumming long enough to penetrate her and take her virginity. He hadn’t lasted any longer than that. Erin’s overwhelming memory of it was of the sudden pain as her entered her, and then relief that he was done so that he withdrew. Over time, sex had gotten better but the feeling wouldn’t go away that she was missing something. Her friends talked about it like it was some earthshattering experience. For Erin, it was pleasant but not really more than that.

After graduation, Erin’s most recent relationship had broken up. He was leaving the state for graduate school and while there had been an unstated invitation for her to come with him, she used the fact that it was unstated as a simple way to let it end. She knew that if he had actually asked, sheer inertia might have made her say yes. But since she wasn’t emotionally invested in him or the relationship, Erin knew that it would likely have just delayed the ending by six months or a year. And then she just would have been alone in an unfamiliar town. It was better for her this way. At least here she had a circle of friends, not that it had ever bothered her to be single.

She finished getting dressed. Erin looked at herself one last time. At least she had good taste in clothes. She had always been able to pick out the clothes that made the most of what she considered meager assets. Her skirt and blouse gave her a little bit more of the curves that she desired, and overall reinforced the image of someone who looked nice but rarely attracted attention. Erin laughed at herself. “I’m a finance person. Who is going to pay attention to me anyhow?”

Erin still lived in the university district and walked to work. It took a little bit of time but it helped her start the day off feeling good. Today as she walked, she noticed how few people were on the streets. Most of the students were still getting their days started. Erin had to be at the office early enough to help open the office at 8 AM. It was not a big deal for her. While in college, morning practices were routine. But then classes weren’t until a little later.

As she entered the office, Erin was greeted by her co-workers. She was fairly well liked by everyone. It was a habit of hers to be pleasant to everyone. She had learned long ago that pissing people off rarely was rewarding while being friendly often was.

Her boss, Judy, caught her eye as Erin came into her cube. Putting down her bag, Erin went over and stuck her head in her office.

“What’s up,” Erin asked.

Judy smiled at her. She had been quite happy that Erin was willing to stay working there. It seemed like most of the time, they would put all the training in only to lose them to graduation, and bigger and better things. “Good morning! We have a new woman starting this afternoon. She is filling one of the part-time student positions. Let’s see, where did I leave that paperwork?” She fished around on her desk a moment and pulled out a sheet of paper. “Kim Whitfield is her name. She is a junior. Since you are familiar with the job, I am going to assign you to train her, alright?”

Erin smiled and nodded. “Of course. I know how it works here. Low person on the totem pole is actually what it is, isn’t it?” she said in a joking tone.

Laughing along with her, Judy continued “She should be here at one o’clock so just wrap up your normal work before lunch and spend the rest of the day with her. Tomorrow, feel free to spend whatever time is necessary to get her oriented.”

The new assignment didn’t bother Erin. Without the student workers, they all had to do more and as the junior person, she tended to get more than the rest. It would be nice to have the help.

The morning passed quickly, almost too quickly. While she knew that Judy wouldn’t mind if she got a little behind because of the training, Erin would mind. She brought the same approach to work that she had to sports; whatever it takes. When lunch time came, she wasn’t quite done so she just continued to work through lunch. She finally finished just before one.

Erin only had enough time to run to the restroom and grab some water before the door opened and a young woman peeked her head inside. Recognizing that she was in the right place, she came into the office. After a moment, Erin strode over to her and asked, “Hello there, are you Ankara escort bayan Kim?”

The young woman turned a shy smile on Erin. She was only about 5 foot 2 and was quite petite. Her black hair was a long bob cut that curled in at the tips and framed a beautiful face. But it was her eyes that were so very striking. They were a brilliant blue, like a sapphire. That first look made Erin come up short for a second even though she couldn’t tell why.

“Yes, I am Kim,” the young woman said in a quiet voice. She offered her hand to Erin.

Erin took it more gently than she usually did. The small hand felt warm to the touch and returned the slight squeeze. “I am Erin Cooper. Judy told me to expect you. Welcome to the team.” After waiting a moment for Kim to withdraw her hand, Erin broke the contact. As her hand dropped to her side, Erin continued to feel the warmth from Kim’s touch.

She showed Kim back to where she would be working, close to her own desk. As Erin explained the job to Kim, she found her to be very quick but shy as well. For most of the afternoon, Erin found that she was doing most of the talking and needed to double-check to make sure that Kim had picked it up. In almost every instance, she had. As the afternoon wore on, Kim slowly came out of her shell. They seemed to have a natural rapport and as Kim felt more comfortable, she was talking back and forth with Erin. Often she dove down deeper into the tasks than Erin had expected. It was surprising but pleasing to Erin. She could tell that Kim was interested in doing a good job, which would make her own job easier.

Looking up, Erin noticed that it was almost five o’clock. “My, where did the time go? I guess that is everything for today. Why don’t you put your desk in order and then you can head out.” Kim nodded and proceeded to carefully organize her desk so that it would be easy to get started again the next day. When she was done, she came over to Erin’s desk.

“I’m done, Erin,” Kim told her.

Looking over at Kim’s desk, Erin smiled. “That looks good. Kim, I just want to tell you that you did really well today. I am glad that you are with us.” Erin’s praise made Kim light up. She shyly almost stammered her thanks.

“My schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays is different. I have classes in the morning and the late afternoon so Judy said I could work from 10 until 2,” Kim explained.

A little distracted with wrapping up her own things, Erin nodded. Sensing that Kim wanted something more than that, she shifted her attention back to the younger woman. “Alright, I will see you then. Have a good evening, Kim.”

After saying her own good bye, Kim turned and walked out. For a moment, Erin watched her leave. She sighed just a little in envy. Kim had the type of body for which Erin had always wished. It was lithe with just the right amounts of curves. “I bet she gets all the guys that she wants,” Erin thought to herself. Then she turned back to finishing up.

The next morning, Erin worked on her own projects until Kim arrived. After saying hello, they started on finishing up Kim’s training. Most of it involved Kim doing her job while Erin watched and gave occasionally guidance. This became less and less so that by lunchtime, Erin felt justified in declaring Kim ready to do the job on her own. She called Judy over.

“Judy, I just want to let you know how well Kim is doing. She is really getting it down. I haven’t had to help her with any of the last 10 applications. You have a great little worker here this time, Judy.”

Kim’s cheeks blushed in a very pretty way as Judy expressed her pleasure too. Once Judy left, she turned to Erin. “Thank you for what you said, but I know that without your help and patience in explaining things, I wouldn’t be doing so well.” Kim paused for a moment as if considering something, finally she continued, “Would you let me buy you lunch as a thank you, please?”

Erin found the shy way that Kim asked very sweet and although she didn’t think it was necessary for Kim to take her to lunch, there was something about it that made her reluctant to refuse the offer. “That would be very nice, Kim. Thank you.”

They had a laughing almost argument trying to decide where they would go. Each insisted that the other person pick. Finally to break the deadlock and just get something to eat, Erin suggested an option neither had brought up, a little Korean restaurant down the street. It wasn’t the most popular place around the University but it was very authentic and in Erin’s opinion, very tasty.

Outside the office, Erin found that Kim was a little bit more outgoing. By the time they were seated, anyone would have guessed that they knew each other for years. They were talking up a storm. Kim was very interested in all the things that Erin had done. Kim kept asking questions, and although Erin felt like she was doing all the talking, Kim was a good listener. They were having so much fun that they had to hustle to get back Escort Ankara to the office on time.

This became a habit for them on the days that Kim worked early. They would take turns on who was paying and who was choosing. Within a few weeks, Erin felt like Kim had become one of her closest friends. Sometimes in the evenings and on weekends when she was playing on one of her various teams, Kim would come to watch and cheer her on. Afterwards Kim would usually come along to wherever the team was going to celebrate their latest victory. It was only rarely that they had to commiserate over a loss.

One day, they started talking at lunch about getting together after work to do something. Although Kim suggested going out clubbing, Erin wasn’t particularly interested. Going dancing was something she had to do while playing for the University. It was one of those things the team did as a group and Erin strongly believed in team camaraderie. But it had never been her favorite thing to do. To some degree it was because she had never been the type of woman to whom guys were drawn. That seemed more apparent to her when out dancing with friends. They always seemed to get the attention.

Beyond that, however, there were just other things that she enjoyed more. The upcoming Saturday, the University soccer team was had a big game against one of their conference rivals. She really wanted to go to support them. Erin still had a large number of friends on it. Erin was not sure whether or not Kim would be interested, but she decided to offer it as an alternative.

To her surprise, Kim immediately agreed. “You understand,” Erin said, “that it isn’t supposed to be very nice Saturday? It is likely to be cold and kind of damp. I have blankets and stuff to bundle up with, but I just want to make sure.”

Kim nodded, “I would really like to go with you, Erin. I can wear my ski jacket. It will be fun. And with blankets, we will be able to keep warm no matter what!”

They kept talking and decided that they would meet before the game to have an early dinner. Erin was struck by how much Kim seemed to be looking forward to getting together. It felt nice to have someone appreciate being with her. It was always clear that Kim was giving Erin 100% of her attention. Her sapphire eyes rarely strayed away from Erin. It wasn’t like with other people who were often distracted with other things going on around them. It was clear that she was important to Kim, and the feeling was returned.

When Saturday came around, Erin got up early. She had a morning game of her own to play in before she got ready to meet Kim. Although Kim often tried to come to her games, she had homework and had told Erin that she wouldn’t make it. Erin was a little disappointed. Besides not seeing her friend she noticed that when Kim was there, she played just a little harder. Erin couldn’t tell if she just didn’t want to disappoint her biggest fan or if she actually wanted to impress Kim. Either way, Erin knew that her game was picked up a bit on those days. And she couldn’t achieve it without Kim being there, although she had tried.

Fortunately even without Kim being there, Erin played extremely well as did the rest of her team. They won a hard fought battle 3-2 with Erin scoring two of the goals and assisting the other. It was at a bit of a cost. The other team had been very physical and she had taken a number of kicks and trips. Her calf was sporting the beginnings of an impressive bruise. Erin was thankful that there wouldn’t be another game for a few days.

Once she got home, Erin stripped off her soccer gear and jumped into the shower. The hot shower felt good on her aching muscles. While she didn’t normally fuss before going to see a game, today she took her time in the shower. She used a nice smelling body gel to wash off all the grime and sweat. Then she did the same thing with her hair, choosing the one bottle of fancy shampoo that she owned rather than the rather utilitarian one she usually used.

After getting out and drying off, Erin carefully applied the body lotion that matched the shower gel. She smiled at herself as she thought about the care she was taking. “I’m making as much fuss as I would if I was going out on a date!” It was funny but at the same time, there was something about getting together with Kim. It was one of the only times that Erin had a chance to show Kim her feminine side.

Going to her closet, Erin looked through it with a frown. Except for her work clothes which had to be nice, Erin tended to have a lot of jeans, t-shirts and sweats. Since she spent so much of her time on the fields, they were the most practical things to wear. For going out dancing and the like, she did have some nice things but they weren’t right for going to a game. Finally she found a pair of jeans that fit her very nice, giving her a little more of a waist than most pants did. And there was a nice shirt with long sleeves that had a split v-neck that showed off a little of her breasts in a very fetching way. When she put them both on, Erin was very happy with the effect. She knew that there was no way that she would compete with Kim, but at least she wasn’t going to look like the ugly duckling next to her.

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