Good Friends Make Great Lovers


I’m back after a Hiatus. Life gets in the way. This story is inspired both by real events with one lover and a particularly vivid dream about a co-worker. Names have been changed… blah blah… Enjoy, and please, take a second to let me know what you think. -Martin


The door opened to reveal a beautiful, well dressed brunette, wrapped in a tailored dress and blouse that looked like it was hand crafted just for her. Piercing blue eyes, softened by a wide smile, greeted me and made my breath catch a little. She gestured into her Condo and I walked in.

“Did you have any trouble finding the place?” She asked with a smile in her voice, glass of red wine in hand.

I smiled back as she shut the door. “Not really. Google got me here pretty easy, but was absolutely no help finding me a place to park.” We both laughed at that.

I followed her into the living room, noticing as I went how nice her condo actually was. I guess I expected all condos to be nice, but hers was elegant. This really shouldn’t have surprised me, I guess, because Sasha was one of the more elegant people I knew. She could drink like a college student and cuss like a sailor, but still, she spent an inordinate amount of time hand making much of her dress clothing.

Sasha had been a fashion designer before finding her job at the Newspaper. Ultimately, she hated being forced to make money from her hobby, and reporting on it was so much more fun. Libby and I had met her at a work function where she was a friend’s +1. We found out that we had many similar interests and we’d hit it off ever since.

“You know, I gotta say,” she began, handing me my own glass from the coffee table. The wine it held was fruity, smooth, and just a little bit peppery. I smiled after my sip. She continued, “At Dale’s party last week, when everyone was talking about that couple in the paper who said the secret to keeping their marriage together for the last 30 years was having an open arrangement, you made that joke, ‘What’s that saying? Marriages are like a fine wine…’ and someone said, ‘they get better with time?’ And you said, ‘No, no, the other one. They should be opened and shared with others.’ Everyone thought you were talking about that guy and busted up laughing.”

I smiled at the memory. Admittedly, I run toward being the funny guy if I’m in a group of people, and sometimes I just can’t help but skate the line too close. “Yeah,” I said with a coy smile and took another sip of Malbec.

“Well, I was talking to Monica the other day, and she let slip that you and Libby showed her a great time a few weekends ago, and then Libby by her self a couple times after that.” She clutched her wine glass nervously with both hands, likely uncomfortable at the thought of being so forward.

I grimaced. “Libby can have a bit of an appetite.”

She took a longer drink. To get her courage up? Maybe she just liked the wine. “Well, just to see… that’s why I started texting you and flirting. I guess I just… I either didn’t think it was real, and Monica was being a weirdo, or…” Her voice trailed off.

“You didn’t think I was interested.” I smiled and brushed some hair back over her ear. “Babe, we don’t prey on our friends,” I said with a smile. She smiled back, looked to the floor, then back up to me. I was used to be being more similar in height, but I noticed she was in stockings instead of her usual heels.

“Monica got shit faced drunk and made out with Libby one night when she came over to watch Football. I came back from the kitchen with a plate of Nachos and found her with a hand up Libby’s jersey and their tongues in each other’s mouth.” I stepped closer. “I’ve been interested in you since day one, but at the time, you were all into that band jerk, and seemed happy, so I was hands off.”

I wrapped my left arm around her waist, pulling her closer. I could feel her warmth through my shirt. Her soft breasts pressed against my chest, and I’d moved so that her leg was between mine. I know she could feel my growing hardness. I leaned in to that my lips were just centimeters from her ear.

“He’s gone, and now I’m here… and would love to put my hands on…” I paused, my words quiet and breathy, my empty hand, glided up and down her back, stopping just at the curve of her ass, then back up to the base of her neck. “Would you like that?” I asked in a whisper.

“Oh fuck yes,” she replied, also in a whisper. Her arms were around me, but tentatively, like she didn’t believe this was happening. Like one squeeze too much and the bubble would pop, leaving her in the living room alone. But I wasn’t going anywhere. I stepped back and took the wine from her hand and placed both glasses down on the table.

Two strong hands gripped her hips. She put her arms around my neck and I leaned in for a soft yet passionate kiss. Her lips were eager and full, her perfume exotic yet familiar. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths and our lips nipped and played with each other. I gripped a little firmer with my hands and guided fixbet her back past the couch and against the wall. Our faces never left each others, and as I felt the wall stop our progress, I released her hips. My left hand buried it’s self into her hair at the base of her skull, it’s strong fingers softly kneading the warm skin there. The right hand explored this woman’s body as much as it could. It curled down and firmly traced arc of her ass cheek, kneading and caressing the firm flesh there.

She moaned in my mouth the more I grabbed at her ass. My hand left her hair and found it’s own ass to squeeze. I leaned into her, and licked and kissed her neck from her clavicle to her ear. There was a subtle tang of perfume that competed for my attention with the taste of clean, salty skin. “What a wonderful taste,” I said between kisses. She let out a short giggle in response.

I moved my mouth back up to her ear. “Can I be in charge?” I asked in a husky whisper. “I remember you saying you liked that.”

A smile struck across her brightly painted red lips. “Yes, please. You’re in charge,” she said, her voice barely audible.

“Good girl,” I said. I couldn’t see her wide nervous smile.

My hands moved from her ass to her wrists. Gently I raised them above her head and held them there, the backs of her hands held strong against the cold wall. “Don’t move them, ok?” I said firmly. She nodded.

I stepped back and admired her body. Sasha was thin and curvy like a woman should be. She had great legs wrapped in black stockings. I was always a sucker for stockings, and I’d noticed that these had the seam down the back and everything. It was the prefect example of why it was fun to have more than one woman. I loved Libby with all my soul. Sadly, she hated stockings, and yet here I was, getting to play with some great legs wrapped in stockings.

Sasha’s skirt was elegant, topped with a thin belt. Her white blouse showed just enough curve. She was convinced her breasts weren’t very impressive, but I’m a woman man. I’m into the whole package. Again, when I want breasts, Libby has all that I’ll ever need.

I knelt and slowly reached for her left ankle. I encircled it with my hands and gently moved upwards, my hands following the curve and flow of her muscular legs. The stockings were silky smooth to the touch and I caressed and kneaded her legs as I moved upward. I moved at a slow and steady pace, finally exploring under her dress. Unconsciously she parted her legs for me.

I smiled inwardly. I wasn’t ready to play just yet.

My left hand traced her inner thigh all the way up to where her leg hooked on. The back of my hand found no panties on her hairless mound as it then moved past to find her ass cheek from the front, and my right hand found the complicated straps of the garter belt. I made a special effort to avoid her center, instead enjoying the hot skin of her mound, ass cheek, and the curve of her thigh.

A little faster than I went up, I traced her skin back down. I repeated the same on her right leg, savoring the feel and view as I looked up at her glamorous form, stretched up for me to play with, eyes closed and face cast toward the ceiling. This time, when my right hand found her leg crease, I could feel some wetness there, and gently rubbed it with the back of my hand. She reached her hands down to my head, and I stopped. “Hands back up, please,” I said firmly but softly. I watched her smile and do as she was asked. When her arms were back up to full height, I resumed the gentle teasing with my knuckles and the back of my hand.

“Mmmmm…” she cooed. She shifted her hips gently toward me, trying for more simulation.

Gently, I removed my hands from her and stood. Looking her directly in the eye, I made a show of giving the back of my right hand a long lick. She was delicious. Sweet and tangy. I closed my eyes for a second to enjoy the moment. “So fucking sexy,” I said with approval.

She stood, looking at me, the fire of lust behind her eyes, pupils dilated and cheeks flushed. Her wide smile was not just a little mischievous looking, hungry.

I tugged her blouse from her skirt. “You really are a beautiful woman. I’m really looking forward to you,” I said with a grin.

Slowly I began to unbutton her blouse from the bottom. When I could get two hands in, I stopped and ran my hands around her midsection to her back and then to her belly, going back and forth between the two areas. I knew from past conversations that this was a point of nervousness for her, and I made a point to luxuriate in the feeling of her soft skin. My smile widened. “You have great skin. I love feeling you,” I said. “I think you could feel how hard you made me.” With an embarrassed smile, she nodded and looked away for a moment before again meeting my gaze.

I resumed my unbuttoning and at the top, opened her shirt with a flourish. “My god,” I said. She really was lovely. Her bra was a sexy black lacy number that looked like it cost more than some of my suits. fixbet giriş Much to my delight it hooked in the front.

Without much fanfare, I unhooked it, and swept shirt and bra to the sides, framing her small pert breasts in black and white cloth. Arms up, they stood out and proud, demanding my attention. My god, she had great nipples, and I leaned in and took one in my mouth. I couldn’t help it. I have a pretty bad nipple problem. This pulled a long low moan from her sweet lips. I ran my tongue around her nipple for a few seconds, suckling and taking as much of her breast as I could into my mouth before reluctantly releasing it and leaning away to look at my handiwork.

Her nipple stood hard as a stone, firm and proud, surrounded by rough areolar flesh. Fuck I love that. There’s just something undeniably feminine about that, and I loved it so much and hers were wonderful. The contrast between one painfully hard nipple, and one slowly hardening in the cool air was fascinating, and it was all I could do to tear my attention from them and her breasts. I reached my hands out and cupped her breasts.

On several occasions she’d commented on ‘one day’ getting implants, but at that point I hadn’t seen them in their glory. At the time, I had said, “I’m not sure I’d worry about it. There’s so much more to a woman than that…” or something like that. It was really my canned answer, because, in my experience, if I’m naked with a woman I’m devouring all her amazing qualities rather than cataloging her short comings. Now, seeing her in the flesh, they just fit her body so damn well. I told her so.

“I’m glad you haven’t messed with these,” I said, reaching out and cupping a breast in each hand. “They fit you perfectly.” I ran my thumbs over her nipples in circles, making sure they stayed hard as I stared at them. “They fit my hands perfectly.”

“Maybe you have small hands,” she said, clearly not used to my level of breast worship.

I rolled her sensitive nipples between fingers and thumb, and fixed her gaze with mine. “No negative self talk please. I love what I see, and negative comments could be construed to mean that I have bad taste. I can very much guarantee that I do not.” Her eyes closed at the teasing.

My right hand left her breast while she still had her eyes closed and I reached down under her dress, lifting the hem and dragging middle finger through her wet folds gently in one motion. Her breath caught from the sudden unexpected stimulation. I traced my finger up and down, slowly, careful to avoid the firm button of flesh at the top. Her legs parted even more and I continued my back and forth motions. Eventually, I leaned down a little and slid just the first joint into her, curling it back, and just barely hinting to her G-spot that I knew where it hid.

I stood back up, tracing my finger up as well, and letting it finally graze her nub. This was like a tiny electric shock to Sasha’s body and she jerked a little at the sudden intensity. I put my mouth on hers and she all but attacked me with her mouth. My hand on her breast let go and traced her arm up and grabbed both wrists, stretching her hands further up.

We kissed like that for a few more seconds before I pulled away and used my hand to turn her around by her arms. I grabbed an arm with either hand and brought them down. Gently, I pulled bra and blouse from her and tossed it aside before placing her hands on the wall. I adjusted her angle so that it looked like she was being arrested. Hands out, head down, and ass out.

The work she’d been doing in the gym had been paying off. She’d essentially gone through a full body makeover after the last guy, and had made quite a lot of progress in the gym. She had some pretty good definition in her back and shoulders, and I ran my hands over her body in approval.

“Very nice, beautiful,” I said. “I’ve wanted to look at your body even before you went all gym rat.” She laughed. “I love that I get the chance now.”

I kept running my hands over her, feeling each muscle and curve, letting her know I approved with small sounds of appreciation. I stopped after a few moments and turned to the stereo system I noticed when I walked in. It was easy to work, and I put some Jazz on, letting Dave Brubeck set the tone. I should have put on some 90’s sexy hip hop like D’Angelo or Babyface or something since a couple of Gen-Xers were about to fuck, but this really matched my mood better.

I walked back over to her and ran my hands over her skin some more again as the first notes of Take five played. I stepped behind her and reached under her dress, way forward and pulled back, running my hand over her. I cupped her sex with my hand, possessively and moved it back and forth a little. I enjoyed how her wet flesh felt in my hand and how she thrust her ass towards me, hungrily. I knelt to give my back a break, and toyed more with my fingers, letting them dance in her folds. I traced every piece of skin I could find, and eventually made a few small circles of her clit, feather soft, with my index finger.

I could hear her breathing change a little, so I continued with those feather light touches for a second before gently pushing my way inside. “MMMmmm Oh.. yess..” she hissed. I turned my palm down and sought out her G-spot.

It was ever so subtle, but after a few seconds, I teased it back and forth with firm gentle pressure. Her hips pushed back rhythmically. The sight of her half naked body, my hand up her skirt and her pushing her ass to me was a little much for me to handle, so I withdrew my finger slowly and stood. I walked to the stereo quietly unbuttoning my shirt as I went and turned it up. Silently, I removed the rest of my clothes and walked back to her.

My erection bounced lewdly between my legs as I approached her ass. Unceremoniously I lifted her dress to rest on her back, exposing a very fine ass, thrust back at a sexy angle. I stood behind her and grabbed at my cock. I stepped in a little and bounced the head up and tapped it against her sex, she jerked, then moaned a little as she realized what I held, my hot flesh against her skin for a second until I tapped again. She arched her back down a little, and parted her thighs. Such a welcoming maneuver couldn’t go ignored. I stepped back a second and coated the head of myself with a gob of spit then placed my hard glans against her opening.

With aching slowness, and aided by her wetness and mine, I slid in in one smooth motion. Somewhere a saxophone was playing, but all I could hear was my heart pounding and her long slow soft moan. Finally she let out a tender sounding “Yesss,” as my hips rested against her ass. I might not have bottomed out, but I think I was close.

“I have only one rule, sweet girl,” I said. I pulled out a little and thrust back in just as slow as last time.

“Mmm… What’s that?” She asked, the smile in her voice obvious.

“Please don’t cum until I say.” I slid in and out a few more times, a little faster and a little harder. I loved going slow like this as I got to feel every new texture and feeling of the inside of a new partner. “When.. you get close…” I said between strokes. “Just say, stop.” I stopped too.

“Aww…” she cooed.

“Poor baby,” I said. I paused a second before puling most of the way out and slamming home hard, this pulled a little yelp from her mouth but then I continued, hard and fast for a second.

“I…promise…I’ll…finish…you…off… just… on… my…schedule…” I said every word as I bottomed out, then stayed buried at the last word. I could tell her legs were a little weak, but she’d pushed back against my thrusts. I’d teased even myself, but tonight was for playing, so slowly I pulled out and pulled her into a standing position, turning her around at the same time.

I pulled at her skirt and belt, dropping it to the floor, then pulled her close to me. Our mouths met in the kiss of hungry lovers. I picked her up and walked towards the bedroom hallway. Our mouths were intertwined the whole walk to the room.

She pulled her mouth away for a second to say a breathy, “This…one,’ and opened the door with a free hand, the other hand on my bare head, pulling my head into her neck.

I placed her down on the bed and she pushed me down onto my back. I was in charge, yeah, but I like it so I went with it. She moved her body down mine, positioned herself over my aching hardness and plunged down. It was heaven. I held her, and ran my hands on her back as we kissed. Somehow she remembered that I was inside, and so she began to ride me with her hips in a slow gentle rocking motion.

She was so wet and tight, I loved every motion. Suddenly she stopped. “Oh fuck,” she said. “that was… too close.”

“Mmmm,” I said. “Good girl.” I held her tight as she lay against me.

I reached down and grabbed her hips and held them tight to me, and began to fuck up into her, hard and rapidly.

“Oh… Holy… Ohh…” she said in whimpers.

“Don’t you fucking cum,” I said in a growl. Still pounding away.

“”Oh fuck.. then stop… plea…” I didn’t let her finish her ‘please’ before I obeyed.

She lay on top of me, her full weight on my chest, breaths coming in pants, a fine sheen of sweat on her back. In a word, Sexy.

I moved my hands under her ass cheeks and pulled up a little, scooting myself down until I was looking up at her sex, her kneeling over me.

I lapped and licked at her, savoring in the flavor of sweat and sex that exuded from her. Reflexively, she moved as my tongue did, trying to keep or improve the contact I was making. My hands kneaded at her strong ass as I dined on her. I licked and tasted for a while before I pulled her over onto her back on the massive king sized bed.

Two fingers slid in easily and I began again to lick and flick at her clit with my tongue. They began a slow cadence in and out, firm pressure up to her G-spot. I could feel the bands of muscle in her tighten as she enjoyed the stimulation, squeezing my fingers together. More and more wetness was expressed from her and I took it all in, lapping it up like it was all I ever drank. Her hips were beginning to buck up and down, and her breathing had changed a little.

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