Good Friends: The Mutual Orgasm


It had been months since that afternoon at LeAnn’s. Neither had spoken about it and they had carried on as if nothing had ever happened. LeAnn had only been practicing her newly learned massage techniques… hadn’t she? The activities had got them both more than a little aroused. Maybe LeAnn had been a little too intimate. Maybe Laura had overreacted to the attention. Maybe.

The truth is they both knew it had happened and were disappointed. They had been accidentally interrupted by LeAnn’s husband. He had been oblivious to the situation. Surely he must have sensed Laura’s personal fragrance permeating the kitchen when he walked in; just as well Laura had adjusted her robe and both were acting as if nothing happened.

Today was the usual morning they met at the coffee shop. The discussion was going to be the usual light chat. But since ‘that afternoon’, it had been even more superficial. Laura was finishing up getting ready when she heard a knock on the door. Surprised and wondering who it might be, she scampered down the stairs and opened the door.

“Hey! What are you doing here?

It was LeAnn! Why was she at the house? We always meet at the shop.

“I thought I would come over and surprise you.”

“Well you did!”

They both stood there for a few seconds.

“May I come in?”

“Um, sure, sorry. What’s going on?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“You would have at the shop. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” LeAnn said as she closed the door behind her.

They stood there in the oversized, two-story foyer looking at each other. Their eyes never left the other’s. Laura took a step closer so they were about a foot apart. She reached out for LeAnn’s hands sensing that she was troubled. Their fingers seemed to naturally entwine and hang down between them. Fortunately, they were roughly the same height, about 5’6″. The house was so quiet… they could each other’s breathing. Laura would swear she felt LeAnn’s heart beat through holding hands.

Laura was worried about her friend. She seemed uneasy and concerned. What could be wrong? She was hoping that she help out in some way.

“Why did you stop by?”

“Not really sure. I wanted to see you.”

“Well, you have. Should we head over and get coffee? You have to get to the office soon, right?”

“Yeah, I do. We can get coffee, or we can stay here for a minute.”

With that, LeAnn leaned in a little closer. She was not sure what she was doing. She wondered if Laura could feel her nervous trembling. Laura was wondering the same thing. Their faces were just inches apart. Each could feel the other’s breathing on her lips. Their eyes hadn’t separated since they held hands. But now the full emotion was in their eyes just inches apart. Laura’s lips were quivering.

What was happening? What were they doing? Surely proper women didn’t do this sort of thing… or did they? LeAnn is so pretty. Is it wrong for me to want this? Laura was wondering, no hoping, that LeAnn wanted this too. Laura was hoping that LeAnn felt the same way and that there would be no turning back.

LeAnn slowly, painfully slowly, leaned forward. Their eyes looking longingly into each others’. Their lips met, gently and softly. Both women gasped. But their lips did not separate. They were touching ever so gently. They both felt a shudder as a spark ran through their bodies. And it was then Laura had second thoughts.

“What are you doing??” Laura managed to say into LeAnn’s mouth.

“Kissing you, silly. You should be kissing me back.”

“But, what if… we shouldn’t…” was all Laura could get out before LeAnn gently squeezed her hands and pressed her lips against Laura’s open mouth. Although that had stopped the words it did not stop the slight hesitation. Laura’s head spun. What was she doing? What were they doing? Two middle-aged mothers kissing in the foyer? But her lips were so soft… her eyes are so beautiful. And the way her lips were “being chewed” sent shivers shooting throughout Laura’s body.

(I tried to quell my hesitation. My eyes focused and saw hers. She was so beautiful. Her light blue eyes, sandy blonde hair pulled backed in a pony-tail.)

Laura had just noticed that LeAnn was wearing what Laura teasingly called her “executive suit.” A slight pin stripe on the light grey skirt and jacket with a white blouse underneath and black heels. Very executive, indeed. Laura, on the other hand, was wearing jeans, a white camisole with a loose white blouse and tennis shoes. A stark contrast in attire.

They continued to kiss for several minutes. Their lips were exploring the other’s mouths, but neither tongue had begun to explore out into the other’s mouth. It was so cute and lovely and exciting when their noses ‘bumped’ into each other. The first time it happened, they both giggled slightly. LeAnn kissed Laura’s upper lip, then her lower lip, and beginning to explore her mouth. It seemed as if their mouths were ‘discovering’ each other.

Laura Mersin Escort was certainly enjoying the attention she was receiving. She felt her body continuing to shudder and her knees shaking and her nipples actually hardening! She was surprised that kissing her best friend was having such an affect on her. But what did she expect? She thought back to the massage. LeAnn’s hands and attention to detail were amazing. She remembered her body’s reaction when LeAnn took control of it. She remembered the shared smirk when they both noticed Laura’s fragrance emanating from under her robe.

Laura ‘released’ the kiss and nestled her lips against LeAnn’s ear.

“You are a wonderful kisser.” she whispered.

Before LeAnn could respond, Laura’s tongue emerged from her mouth and dove into LeAnn’s ear! Laura heard a moan and felt LeAnn’s fingers tighten around hers. Laura’s tongue traced her ear and dove inside and wiggled. LeAnn leaned her head sideways into Laura’s mouth trying to push her tongue even further in. Now it was LeAnn’s body that was shuddering. She had never had anyone ‘kiss’ her this way before. It felt erotic and a little dirty. She had to hold Laura’s hands a little tighter so she wouldn’t stumble.

Laura felt LeAnn’s body trembling. It made her feel that she was wanted and that she was able to make her friend feel wanted as well. LeAnn’s trembling increased and she finally had to pull away or risk falling down. But her mouth went directly to Laura’s, with a more ravenous kissing. Laura smiled to herself. She was pleased that she was able to send her friend close to the edge with that type of kiss!

Both wanted to close their eyes and drift off into imaginary romance. However, both also wanted to continue to gaze into the other’s eyes. Gazing won out. Both had dreamed how wonderful this may be and each had underestimatednot only the excitement, but also the joy. Both were floating on a romantic wave right there in the foyer.

LeAnn’s ravenous kissing slowly subsided into a meticulous and gentle effort. LeAnn was using her lips to caress and explore Laura’s. LeAnn would kiss her upper lip and pull on it using her lips. Then kiss under her nose. She traced Laura’s lips with her tongue. She lightly rubbed her nose with her own nose. She kissed her high on the cheek bone; then down under the jaw line. Laura softly moaned when LeAnn spent time on her neck.

It would have appeared to an onlooker that their hands had minds of their own. Their hands would alternate between entwined fingers to soft stroking of fingers to holding them palm to palm with fingers ‘mirroring’ the others. Their hands were engaged in an intricate and sensual dance of their own; somehow connected but separate and distinct from the emotional kissing.

Laura took her turn at kissing LeAnn in a reciprocal fashion. She tried her best to imitate LeAnn’s combination of erotic and romantic kissing. She enjoyed feeling the lovely texture of her lips against hers. They were soft but firm; quite feminine while at the same time a little masculine. Laura returned to kissing (and sucking) her ear. She loved the way LeAnn’s body squirmed and moaned as she sucked her ear!

Laura moved her attention to LeAnn’s other ear. When she stuck her tongue deep into LeAnn’s ear, she groaned deeply, slightly stumbled, let go with her left hand and placed it on Laura’s waist to steady herself. Laura continued relishing her right ear; loving the way I could make her moan with pleasure. Her hand squeezed my waist. It felt lovely. Her hands felt so gentle yet so strong; so feminine and yet a tiny bit masculine. With the quickness of a cat, her hand shifted and slipped up under Laura’s blouse! It was still on her waist, but it was on my bare skin.

Her hand moved up Laura’s side, and stopped when it reached the support of her camisole. Laura stopped sucking on LeAnn’s ear and brought her face back around front. Laura was waiting to see what LeAnn would do next. The two just stood there. Their faces inches apart; their bodies still trembling from the excitement; LeAnn’s hand poised for the next move. After a minute, LeAnn’s hand moved around front and cupped Laura’s breast beneath the light fabric of the camisole.

“Oooooaaaaaa” Laura squealed without losing eye contact with LeAnn.

LeAnn pushed up slightly against Laura’s right breast. She felt Laura’s nipple grow and stiffen under her palm. It was a wonderful feeling. She had never imagined what it would be like to caress another woman’s breast; let alone feel her nipple becoming erect as a result of her touch. LeAnn took a little pride in that. Laura’s passion got the better of her. She leaned in and began kissing LeAnn again. Her little breast was on fire. LeAnn advanced on to squeezing Laura’s breast. Laura began breathing heavier into LeAnn’s mouth.

Laura’s right nipple was fully erect now. It was sticking out a half an inch; straining madly against the fabric and LeAnn’s palm. Her areola had tightened up to its usual small, Escort Mersin rigid diameter. She didn’t realize she was arching her breast into Leann’s touch and moving it ever so slightly around against her hand. Laura couldn’t believe how aroused she was from just kissing her friend!

They were still kissing. The kissing was wonderful. Definitely different than kissing their husbands. Much different. Was there more emotion? Was it more sensuous? Was it more romantic? Or was it just more secret? more dirty? morally wrong? It may have been a combination of any or all these factors that contributed to the assessment of ‘wonderful’.

They were still holding hands using LeAnn’s free hand. Their hands and fingers continuing the ‘dance’. Their eyes were still burning into each other’s. It was Laura’s breathing that was a little different. It was a little heavier. It was a little uneven. It contained a few barely audible grunts now and again.

LeAnn slowly repositioned her hand so she could take Laura’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Taking it at its base, LeAnn gently yet firmly pulled it out even more.

“Oooouuuuuggghhhh” Laura almost grunting into LeAnn’s mouth, again without losing eye contact.

“I love your nipple” LeAnn whispered into Laura’s mouth. “It’s so stiff on your little boobie.” She added in a childish tone and smiled against Laura’s mouth. Laura smiled back.

Laura was so excited, she couldn’t help herself. She released LeAnn’s hand; then slowly reached up and pulled LeAnn’s blouse out of her skirt. She wasn’t able to pull it completely out, only that side of it because LeAnn wasn’t helping. She wouldn’t let go of the “pretty, little boobie” as she called it. However, Laura was able to snake up inside and find a bit of treasure herself.

“Mmmmmhhhhhhh” LeAnn said? into Laura’s mouth.

LeAnn’s breasts were larger than Laura’s, likely C’s, compared to Laura’s oversized A’s. LeAnn was wearing a lacy bra. Laura gently cupped her treasure; it felt heavy in her hand. Laura went immediately to massaging it. She wanted LeAnn to feel the same feelings. Laura felt, and imagined, the prettiness of LeAnn’s bra. She was trying to ‘see’ it with her fingers. As she did, she felt LeAnn’s own nipple growing. It was amazing! Laura felt a thickness that took her by surprise. It didn’t take long for it to grow in size and poke through the bra.

Laura leaned back and gasped in awe at what she found. LeAnn just smiled.

“You like it?” she asked sheepishly.

“Uh, yeah.” was all Laura could manage.

Laura was really enjoying LeAnn’s breast. She began to pull and tweak and pinch her nipple and then take the entire breast, cupping and caressing it. She was still amazed how thick that nipple was. It was a little humorous that both still had fabric between their hands and the object of their attention. But it seemed exciting that way. They weren’t doing anything wrong, right? Still, fully clothed, standing up, in the foyer. How could there be anything wrong with that?

Just as Laura was thinking that this entire episode was innocent and naive. LeAnn’s free hand went to the button of her jeans. Nimbly, she unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans as efficiently as a surgeon. Laura’s eyes must have burst with surprise, maybe even a bit of concern.

“It’s alright honey.”

That’s it. That’s all she said. Her hand slipped under Laura’s shirt, palm against her belly, fingers pointing downward. Laura gasped, grunted and stumbled. She felt like a novice and so embarrassed.

“Should we stop?”

I just shook my head side to side, but we didn’t stop kissing.

“You’re a good little girl. You know that don’t you?” she queried.

I just nodded my head up and down, but we didn’t stop kissing.

LeAnn’s fingers moved downward. She pressed in slightly to ease her fingers inside my panties. Her fingers moved side to side just inside the elastic; slowly and provocatively. Her fingers felt so strong and yet so gentle. She rubbed the heel of her palm against Laura’s tummy. Her fingers continued tantalizingly downward, leaving a wake of arousal in their path. When her fingers finally reached Laura’s pubic hair, they stopped. Her fingertips slowly twirled the top reaches of her muff. Laura was shaking terribly.

“Should I keep going?” she whispered into my mouth.

A meek “Uhuh” was all Laura could manage.

As LeAnn’s fingers slid downward, her other hand confidently cupped Laura’s breast, teasing her nipple between two of fingers. She gently squeezed it between them. Her other fingers played with her pubic hair; almost like a little girl exploring something for the first time… she traced the triangular outline… she fluffed it up… she twirled it in tiny circles. Then she methodically trailed two fingers along each side of Laura’s muff right down in between her legs taking care to avoid direct contact with her clitty.

Her fingers were positioned in such a way that LeAnn did not feel the Mersin Bayan Escort moisture oozing from Laura’s lips. It usually took a good amount of stimulation for Laura to get excited enough to show any moisture from her tight lips. But Laura knew it to be there even if LeAnn didn’t.

She just held her hand there, motionless… except for pressing her palm against Laura’s mound. She continued kissing with those beautiful lips… looking with those beautiful eyes… holding with those beautiful hands. The house was so quiet. The only sounds were the breeze and birds outside and our heavy breathing inside. Laura couldn’t fathom LeAnn’s hand inside her pants; let alone, just holding her there! So gentle, yet so firm. It’s difficult to explain with mere words.

Then her eyes spoke, somehow. She was pleading Laura to reciprocate. LeAnn’s eyes were begging her to follow her lead and venture underneath her skirt. What could she do? She had Laura in a compromising position. How could she refuse the request of those eyes? Who was Laura kidding?? Her entire being was wanton with desire to feel LeAnn in the same fashion she was being felt! That did not, however, reduce the fear, almost horror of continuing down this path of abhorrent behavior. This was indeed the point of no return. What would people think…? her co-workers…? her neighbors…? wouldn’t she be considered some sort of pervert?

As if to answer those concerns, LeAnn gently squeezed with both her hands sending electric messages throughout Laura’s body. Laura’s nipples and clitoris were on fire, swollen and exploding! And neither had been touched directly by LeAnn. Even though LeAnn appeared to be the pursuer, Laura wanted this, no craved it?

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Laura reached down taking the hem of LeAnn’s skirt. Lifting it and slipping her hand underneath the finely pressed garment, Laura’s hand bumped into LeAnn’s panty-clad crotch.

“Oh!” Laura whispered into LeAnn’s mouth in a surprised tone. As if she should be surprised by finding something as unusual as a panty-clad crotch underneath LeAnn’s skirt! Laura’s fingers wandered up to the elastic of LeAnn’s panties. She inverted her hand so her fingers were pointing down and her palm was pressing against LeAnn’s lower belly.

Laura’s eyes were questioning LeAnn’s. Laura slid her hand further toward LeAnn’s warmth. She was greeted with what felt like a full, curly bush of hair. Laura gasped. LeAnn smiled. That’s alot of hair, Laura thought to herself. She did, however, notice the beautifully trimmed bikini line; a lovely, full, inverted triangular shape with absolutely no stubble. She actually grasped a handful in her fist and tugged on it ever so slightly. To which, LeAnn responded by stretching her tongue out into Laura’s mouth, swirl it around and then retract it. Laura could fall in love with this particular part of LeAnn’s anatomy.

Finally, after Laura’s playtime with that beautiful muff, she mimicked LeAnn’s motions of carefully cupping her crotch without touching either inner lips or clitty. Even without touching her pussy, Laura thought that LeAnn’s was quite swollen.

So there they were. Standing silently in the large foyer. Slightly dishevelled garments. Each the mirror image of the other. Each woman’s left hand on the other woman’s right breast. Each woman’s right hand cupping the other woman’s pussy. And they were kissing. Don’t forget the kissing. Their lips were still ‘chewing’ on the other’s. Their noses bumping into each other. Their breathing now accelerated and choppy. LeAnn especially enjoyed the act of Laura breathing into her mouth when both were open.

The kissing was not yet extremely passionate. There hadn’t been mouths wide open, faces grinding and tongues jammed into the other’s mouth like school kids first experiences. However, their mouths opened intermittently, tongues delicately darted out to greet the others. But the breathing through the mouth into each other’s mouth was certainly an act that aroused both of them. And the eyes, always gazing into the other’s wonderful eyes.

LeAnn slowly released Laura’s breast slightly; only to sneak her fingers up underneath the camisole to cup her little breast allowing that rigid nipple to poke through her fingers. She squeezed it gently.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggghhhhhhhh” was Laura’s first reaction.

Her second reaction was to follow suit. She released LeAnn’s breast slightly, ran her fingers down the lacy bra and forced the underwire up over so she could cup that lovely firmness in a similar fashion, allowing LeAnn’s thick nipple between two fingers. She squeezed it gently; making sure she also squeezed her fingers together, to apply a bit of pressure on that beautiful nipple.

Then, almost in unison, each began caressing and fondling the other’s breast. The passion, love and even respect that was being communicated; Gentleness, tenderness, kindness. But also a rousing, stimulation, an awakening. A physical and also an emotional awakening. Both women felt it. The felt nipples hardening further under their touch. They felt the more erratic breathing of the other. They even began to feel a very light moisture seep from between the other’s thighs.

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