Good Morning Already Pt. 04


The next morning was very calm in comparison to the last 48 hours. We all awoke and had breakfast together most of us nursing a bit of a hangover, but after a couple of cups of coffee and a stack of pancakes everyone was in good spirits. We bid our new waitress friend farewell first. She kissed all three of us deeply before exiting. I retired to my game room to watch football and when your best friend announced it was time for her to get on the road as well we stood up and escorted her to her car. She kissed you first and it lasted several minutes. As you broke the kiss she walked towards me. I embraced her as well she left a quick kiss on my lips, and then pulled me closer so she could talk in my ear. “I hope you had a good weekend, old man.” She continued, “I have to tell you that I talked her into a few things that she is going to ask you to try later, your welcome.”

I stood there speechless for a minute as she smiled at us and blew a kiss to both of us as she got into her car. She sped off down the street and I put my arm around you as we entered the house. “That was one hell of a weekend,” I said as I got comfortable on the couch. You broke away from me as I sat down. “Want to watch the game with me?”

You shook your head and said “No, not at the moment but I will join you later. I’m gonna bathe and relax a bit. My body has been put through the ringer this weekend and I need some recovery time.” I nodded my ascent and you walked down the hall to the bedroom. I turned my attention to the game which was getting good and lost track of time. After the first set of games you returned to the game room wearing my favorite jersey and panties. You sat down next to me and leaned up against me. I put my arm around you and we leaned in even closer, just enjoying each other’s silent company.

The second set of games finished and you announced it was time to make dinner so I followed you into the kitchen and we silently worked for a while. After preparing a football feast we returned to the game room for the late game. The late game was interesting from the moment the first whistle blew until the last seconds of the fourth quarter and as our favorite team won we were both ecstatic. We jumped up and down yelling at the refs and the players alike and when the final points were scored on the final play celebratory hugs and kisses ensued.

My hands began to explore your body as our kiss deepened. Your response to my touch was intoxicating. You began to squirm around under my touch and pulled yourself closer to my body. After all the wild times we had this weekend a bit of normal touching and playing seemed somewhat tame by comparison, but all the more sensual in its simplicity. My hands went directly under the bottom of the jersey you were wearing, slowly tracing the top of your panties. I allowed my hands to wander up your stomach and trace the edges of your belly button.

It surprises me how sensitive your skin is at my touch. I watch as closely as the goose flesh rises on your arms and legs only getting more pronounced as I move my touch up near the bottom curve of your breasts. You arch fixbet your back to push up your breasts up towards my face as though begging me to touch them. I trace that bottom arc of each with the tips of my fingers, teasing and playing with each wonderful orb in turn.

My cock is already on the rise as my right hand closes over your left breast and your head rolls back as your lips part to release a bit of a moan. I began to knead the breast knowingly having held it many times before, but this time was just as sweet as the first time. Your head rocked back to its normal position and your eyes locked with mine. I could see the true and wanton lust in your eyes. I could almost read the words on your tongue before you spoke them. “I want you to fuck me and use me any way you want, any where you want.” The lustful look transferred itself to my eyes and I could see neither of us would be sleeping much that night.

You grab my hand that had not been under your shirt yet and led me out of the living room down the hall to our bedroom. As we entered the room you pealed off the jersey and seductively let it fall to the floor. Your ass looks perfect in this light as you cross the room toward the bed and I can see that you are using your walk as a tease only making my interest jump to its peak. As you make it to the bed you lean over pointing your ass in a direct line to my sight. You wiggle your ass slowly to make your point more direct. I got the point as you can see when you turn your head to look at me your teeth biting your finger in that way that always drives me wild.

My erection was evident in the jeans that I had chosen to wear, and was bulging out directly in a way that could not be hidden if I wanted to. It was then that you pealed your panties down your legs and gave me a view of the heaven of pleasure that awaited me. Your pussy was already near dripping with wetness at your own arousal. You reach behind you with both hands and grab your ass cheeks and pulled them apart making your sexy little asshole nearly wink at me.

This was all I could take. I began to pull off my shirt and as I began to pull it over my head you turned and advanced towards me. With my limited field of view I was easily bested by your hands holding my shirt and arms captive. My shirt covered my eyesight and only my nose and below was exposed on my face. The shirt now functioning as a blindfold was solidified in place by your gentle touch. “Let me help you with those.” You said as you guided me across the room turning me around in roughly the same spot that you had been standing next to the bed.

A gentle push in the middle of my chest knocked me over backwards onto the bed and I fell willingly. I felt your body straddle me, and I could feel the heat of your body next to mine. Then I felt your hair lightly brushing my chest as your head had gotten very close to my body. The touch of your lips on my exposed nipple sent a shockwave of pleasure thru my chest as you lowered your mouth around it to take it all in. I moaned in pleasure as my nipple felt the first touches of teeth lightly fixbet giriş nibbling around my now extremely stimulated nipple. Your mouth retracted from the first and as you descended on the other all I could do was whimper out a breath of pleasure.

After you left the second nipple you began to drag your hair all over my chest. This was like the brush of angels wings all over my chest. I lost myself in the pleasure for a while as you placed kisses all over my chest and neck. You eventually worked your way south toward my belly button which you stopped for a time seemingly tongue fucking that little space as I had done many times between the lips of your pussy.

You did eventually work your way down to my jeans and I could feel your knowing hands working at the clasp and then the zipper. Knowing the way the rest of the weekend had gone I had decided against my normal boxers and had gone with the pair of sexy bikini briefs that you had bought me on that vacation we took our first summer together. They were black with blue trim and with the sound of surprise you made at the sight I knew you approved. I felt the tug of my jeans as you pulled them down so I lifted my waist as much as I could to make sure you could remove them easily. It was not long before you accomplished your task, and there I was still blind only in my black and blue bikini briefs.

I could feel your eyes taking me in. The feeling of this loss of control was intoxicating and I hoped you would not wait to long before you would continue your exploration of my body. I listened intently for any sound of movement and all was silent. “Are you still there?” I said hoping to all hope that this wasn’t some elaborate tease.

“I am deciding what to do to you next, be quiet if you want your treat” you said with a forcefulness that I had never heard from you before and I very quickly became very quiet and still. “I will be right back, don’t move a muscle, I need a drink.” I heard the sound of your movements down the hall and in the kitchen. I wondered what you had in store for me and what you and your friend had discussed. I remembered her words then about things you would try later and although excited I was a little intimidated.

As you entered the room again I knew you had something fun planned and I wanted every bit of it. We have done many things to one another over time but there were lines we had never crossed. Not that we hadn’t discussed them at length but we both either were to timid to try them or to worried about what the other would think of us. Thinking of this now made me think of how silly we had been.

As this thought crossed my mind I felt the first drip of cold on my chest as you apparently leaned over me with a piece of ice in your hand. I visibly shivered at this sensation and I could tell how much you enjoyed it by the giggle you let out at my reaction. The ice then descends on my nipple and I nearly jumped out of my skin. The cold almost burned as the sensation washed over me. I bucked my hips involuntarily as you change nipples and the sensations washed over me anew.

The ice was removed from my nipple and my eyes became uncovered as you pull the shirt off my head and arms and throw it to the floor. I look up into your eyes and I see the ice is now sitting between your teeth. You move down off my lap and pull down my underwear yanking them off my legs. I see the ice disappear between your lips as you head descends toward my cock. You take my penis between your lips and begin sucking it. The ice being still in your mouth is quite a breathtaking experience. I could never cum this way but wow it feels good.

As you continue to suck on my cock until it feels as though it could burst in orgasm at any moment. You then back away and then crawl back on the bed moving up to straddle my head. Your pussy covers up my mouth and I can barely breath so I did the only thing I could and began to eat you out. I feasted on your pussy, lips and clit and anything else I could get my tongue, lips, or teeth on. Your juices are flowing freely and I am intoxicated by the taste and smell. Your hips start to buck and my face is covered in your love juices.

“Now my ass,” you say, and then move forward slightly placing your asshole directly over my mouth. My tongue immediately finds its target and I begin to lick and tease around it, my only concern is your pleasure and I can see that you are enjoying yourself. My tongue finds your asshole at last and I begin to tongue fuck your sexy ass. I penetrate your ass and flick it back and forth and I have to close my eyes to protect my vision from the squirts of your juices into my eyes. Your hips rocked in another massive orgasm.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” you say as you climb off of my face.

“Are you sure, to my knowledge you never have done that before?” I look at you with a bit of concern “I don’t want to hurt you.”

You turn your ass to me and say “Fuck my ass now daddy, fill it up with your hot sticky cum. Make me your dirty little cumslut. Don’t be a pussy! Fuck my ass!” The last part you practically scream at me. I move to the nightstand and grab the bottle of lube from the top drawer. I squirt a bit on your waiting asshole. Another squirt goes into my hand and I cover my erect cock with it. I place the tip of my cock near your waiting ass. I press it at the opening and I watch as it expands to encase my cock.

You whimper a little as I press myself inside. The deeper I go the more you whimper. “I’m hurting you.” I say. “Perhaps we should stop.”

“No.” You say definitively, and I continue to press deeper. Your ass is so tight I can’t see myself lasting very long before exploding in your wanton ass. I begin to withdraw and fuck your as snack and forth, pumping harder and faster. After a couple minutes I could feel my balls retract in anticipation of my impending orgasm. I cry out in pleasure as my first explosion of cum fills up your ass. My body is wracked by the single most intense orgasm. You pinch your asshole closed around my cock and trap it in mid orgasm. The feeling is so intense my body shakes in sheer ecstasy. You release it after a couple moments and fire another explosion in your sexy ass. After several more pumps of orgasm we both collapse, exhausted. I fell asleep shortly after finishing and feeling you curl up next to me, both of us basking in the afterglow of orgasm.

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