Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 09


Erica Allston had just gotten home after a long day of work, pouring herself a glass of wine and relaxing on her deck in the fall sun’s waning rays. It was a beautiful day, and the stunning senior citizen with shoulder-length wispy silver-blonde hair was reveling in the unseasonably warm weather.

She laid back in a lounge chair in her short black skirt and white blouse, pulling up her skirt to let the breeze waft over her long, lean legs.

She sipped her wine, looking down at those long legs, crossed at the ankles. They were smooth, nicely muscled and tanned, her best assets, she thought. She pulled her skirt up a bit more to let the warming breeze caress her supple thighs. Her hand drifted between them, fingers pressing into her thong-covered mound, relishing the sense of her familiar touch.

“God, I’m horny,” she giggled to herself, drinking more wine and welcoming the slight buzz she was already feeling.

She thought of her single status, something perhaps other women her age might mind. But not Erica. She loved living alone, having no one to care for, no one to fret over, and thrived on her independence. She would take her sexual pleasures whenever the need arose.

Which, for this gorgeous woman of 65, was fairly close to home. The tall, thin and fit senior citizen didn’t date much, if at all, but had her own unique ways of gaining sexual satisfaction: Via young people, male or female, and more often than not, her own sexy grandchildren, Amy, 20, and kid brother Bobby, 19, individually or better yet, together.

She’d done them the favor of lending them a helping sexual hand whenever the need arose, and it rose frequently, the eager young people happy for her incredible sexual talents and to please her as well. Erica was skilled with her marvelous hands – not to mention mouth, legs, pussy and ass – and the siblings weren’t shy about enlisting their grandmother’s assistance in helping out their friends as well.

Erica sat enjoying her wine, feeling the comforting summer wind warm on her firm thighs and pussy in her tiny white thong she now pulled aside to playfully flicker at her engorged clit. She fondly recalled some of those times with her grandchildren and other sexually curious youngsters, growing hornier at the memories. Then her cell chirped and snapped out of her sexual reverie.

“Oh, darn,” she sighed, lifting it and smiling as she looked at the caller ID and answered, “Bobby! Nice to hear from you!”

“Hi, Grandma, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing great, just relaxing on my deck…having a little chardonnay…what are you up to, young man?”

“Oh, not much, not much,” he said unconvincingly, as if there were something on his mind.

“Bobby,” she said firmly. “What is it? Do you want to come by? Do you need your Grandma to lend you a hand?”

He laughed, his nervousness melting as always under her funny ways.

“Well, yeah, Grandma, I can always use your hand, you know that!” he laughed. “But there’s this guy I know, Chip, a new kid just moved to town, he’s in my class…”

“And you want to introduce him to your granny!” she laughed, putting her glass down and more intently playing with her hairy pussy. “And have me lend him a helping hand?”

“Yes, that’s the idea, Grandma, but there’s more than..uh, well, your hand,” Bobby said. “He’s a good guy, but really shy, especially around girls and stuff..”

“Poor baby,” Erica said. “How old is he?”

“19,” Bobby said.

“Well, young men are often shy around girls, you know,” she said.

“I know, but he’s a…he’s still..well, he’s…” Bobby said in a nervous stammer.

“A virgin?” she growled in a sultry tone, thighs clamping around her hand at the thought, now playing with her clit and slipping a couple fingers into her sopping hole. “Oh my God, Bobby, you got me…a virgin? To break in??”

“Well, yes, yes I did!” he laughed. “Is that OK?”

“Oh, more than OK, darling, more than OK,” she hissed, plunging her fingers into her wet pussy faster and harder, the squishing sounds working up to her phone. “The idea of having a virgin boy at my disposal…goodness…”

“Grandma…are you…?” he asked in a hopeful whisper.

“I am, Bobby, I am, can you hear it?” she groaned, holding the phone down to her thighs, the wet sounds loud in Bobby’s ears, and then lifting it back to her ear. “Care to join me?”

“Damn, I gotta get to work in a few minutes,” he said.

“No, I mean where you are,” she teased. “Which is…?”

“Home, home in my room, mom’s in the kitchen, I’m just getting ready…oh, God, Grandma, really? I mean, Mom’s like right THERE!”

“Oh, you don’t think Mom knows you play with yourself all the time!” she laughed, before continuing more firmly, “Now, lover boy, take it out, baby, we haven’t got much time! Take out that beautiful young cock of yours and stroke it for Grandma…WITH Grandma!”

“God, REALLY?”

“Yes, my boy, just lay back in your bed…put your hand around your gorgeous dick…stroke it for Grandma, Bobby…up and down…think Starzbet of me, honey, think of my old hand doing it, jerking you, pumping your dick just the way you love it…”

“Oh damn,” he croaked, making Erica giggle when she heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down. “OK…ready, Grandma…oh damn…”

She heard nothing but his grunts and groans until he stammered, “Grandma…can you do…FaceTime?”

“FaceTime? What’s that?” she asked, regretting not being more up on technology. “Time? To what, sit on your face?”

“Oh, God, Grandma, you’re too funny!” he laughed. “No, it’s something…we can watch each other do this…I’ll talk you through it, now just listen to me…”

Moments later, much to her sexual delight, her phone lit up with the image of her horny young grandson lying on his bed, smiling at her as he jerked his cock. She roared with laughter and figured out what to do, holding her phone to her crotch to show him her own handiwork, her talented long fingers flying in and out of her hairy pussy.

“Oh my GOD, Bobby, this is so hot! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this,” she hissed, watching the boy frantically flail away at his cock, his fingers and the shaft smeared and glistening with precum. “Cum for me, baby, Grandma’s close, so close!”

The visual and sound was driving Bobby nuts as he watched his grandmother’s freckled old hand and slender forearm pulsate and ripple with tendon and sinew as she buried her fingers into her open pussy, her thumb thrumming her clit, his own hand matching her stroke for stroke.

“There…almost there sweetheart,” she grunted, feeling her thighs quiver as she gained steam. “Oh, baby…cum with me, baby, cum with me!”


She watched as rope after rope of hot boy cream exploded out of his cock, stripes of goo lining his bare chest, some splashing up onto his face, into his mouth, triggering in turn her own massive orgasm, her fingers buried to the knuckle in her quim, soaking wet and gleaming with her own juices.

They both came long and hard, eyes fixed on each other’s hands pleasuring themselves, until Bobby’s fell away and he lay back, panting. He watched his grandmother pull her hand from her crotch with a lewd, sucking sound.

“Mmmmm,” she growled, holding her fingers to her mouth and sucking them clean and her phone in the other hand so Bobby could watch. “Your turn, sugar, you’re no stranger to the taste of your own cum…we’ve done it often…”

“Yeah, but without you here…it’s not quite the same,” he said, wincing.

“Do it, young man, eat that cum for your grandmother! It’s your mess, now CLEAN IT UP!”

He sighed and obeyed, wiping some of the cum on his face into his mouth and then scooping some from his chest and belly to slurp off, Erica watching wide eyed and hornier than ever.

“Goooood,” she cooed. “Very good, Bobby…you KNOW how much Grandma loves that..”

“I do, I do,” Bobby said, slurping cum and then freezing as they both heard his mom call out.

“Bobby! You’ll be late for work!” she said, the doorknob jiggling. “Why is this door locked? Bobby!”

“Coming, Mom, right now! Getting dressed, do you MIND?” he barked out, Erica giggling on her end, and then whispering, “Grandma, gotta go…thanks, that was unreal…”

“What about Chip?” Erica asked, pulling her thong back over her cooling, moist pussy. “You already told him about me, I gather?”

“Yes, yes I did, Grandma,” Bobby said. “He seemed pretty receptive to the idea.”

“Then send him over, right now,” she cooed into the phone. “After our little encounter, I sure could use the real thing.”

Bobby laughed, saying “Sure, Grandma, I’ll call him on my way to work…”

“That’s my boy,” she giggled. “Text me if he says yes.”

“I’m sure he will, Grandma, I’m sure he will,” Bobby laughed.

“And thanks for the technology lesson,” she said. “Next FaceTime will be real, when it’s TIME to sit on your FACE!”

“Gawd, Grandma, you’re so bad,” he laughed.

A few minutes later, after she refilled her wine glass and sat on her deck, her phone beeped. She read the text.

“He’s on his way, Grandma…and thanks…love you!”

“Love you, too, Bobby,” she texted back, thighs grinding together at the thought of her breaking in a virgin. “More than you know…”

She went inside to clean up a bit, but then thought better of it, leaving her hairy pussy moist and redolent with her musky, funky scent. She heard a car pull into the drive, smiled and answered the door even before the bell rang.

Chip smiled nervously, a tall, very scrawny young man with curly brown hair, big glasses and an overall nerdy look.

‘Poor kid, no wonder he can’t get laid’, Erica thought to herself, inviting him in.

“Hi, Mrs. Allston,” he said quietly, following her as she walked out to her deck, she feeling his eyes fixed on her tight little ass and those long, lean old legs. “Uh…thanks…I mean thanks for…Oh, God…”

She laughed, and turned to Starzbet Giriş face him, putting her arms around his shoulders and looking down, she being a good four inches taller than he was.

“It’s OK, Chip, it’ll be fine, I’ll walk and talk you through this, are you nervous?” she said calmly, her big brown eyes finding his, tipping his chin to face her as he tried to look away and nodding. “Now just look at me, and know I’m here to help you Chip, not hurt you. Well, hurt can be good sometimes, but another day perhaps…”

His eyes widened.

“Oh, c’mon, Chip, I’m kidding around, trying to keep things loose and fun!” she laughed, holding him closer now, her long arms around his neck, bending close to his face, their lips brushing. “Now, it’s important, very important you respect a girl, treat her nicely, take care of her needs…and I’ll show you how that’s done, I’ll take you through the steps…”

She smiled, her mouth corners creased in alluring wrinkles, her long strong arms holding him around the neck. She pressed gently into his crotch, feeling his hardness against her. He shuddered in her arms and she giggled.

“Wow, you’re so close already, huh!” she laughed. “It’s ok, don’t worry about it..have you been…well, have you been hard with a girl before?”

“No ma’am,” he gulped. “Well, yes and no..I mean I have been…but they…”

“They didn’t know it, of course, of course,” she said calming him. “So you have not been with a girl sexually?”

He shook his head side to side.

“Have you petted at all, you know, touched a girl? Or had one touch you?”

Again his head shook.

“Kissed a girl?”

Chip looked at her and his eyes grew moist in shame.

“Chip, that’s OK, it’s fine, I love that you haven’t even kissed a girl before, I’ll be your first!” she laughed. “I’m honored, honey, really. Now, foreplay is an integral part of a fulfilling sexual experience, and I’m sure you know what that is, right?”

This time his head bobbed up and down in the affirmative.

“Well, then,” she smiled, pushing her mouth to his, lips caressing his, “kissing is a VERY important part of foreplay…lemme show you…”

She kissed him, gently, letting him get the feel of her soft lips pressed on his in his first kiss, then harder, grinding her mouth to his to force it open and let her long wet tongue dart inside and tickle his. She felt his entire body shudder and heard his muffled moan in her mouth.

“And that’s French kissing, as you know, tongue kissing, so very sensual and sexy and erotic,” she cooed, breaking their kiss for a moment to slowly lick a circle around his trembling lips. “VERY erotic..Now kiss me again, Chip, kiss Mrs. Allston…”

He did, following her lead, his tongue lashing into her mouth, she sucking on it, then forcing it back into his mouth with her own to be sucked. The kid learned fast, she thought, holding him more tightly, pressing her crotch into his hard cock.

He groaned into her mouth and she felt his entire body tremble, and realized the poor boy was about to cum. She gently broke their kiss, pulling a bit away from his cock, giggling.

“Don’t want to ejaculate too quickly,” she said, winking at him and taking his hand. “Let’s take this inside and get more comfortable, shall we?”

“Yes, Mrs. Allston!” he squeaked in a little-boy voice, following her, her bony old hand strongly wrapped around his.

“Now then,” she said, sitting on the living room sofa, the nervous boy standing before her, his cock tenting in his pants as she smiled at it. “We will take care of that soon, but before we do, you should know how important it is to make the woman happy first. Now watch..”

He did, eyes popping wide as she spread her slack thighs, exposing her crotch and damp thong, curly hairs poking out of the sides.

“One thing you’ll likely find in young women is they shave here,” she said, tugging on a few moist strands of pubic hair. “Older woman usually don’t. I hope that’s not an issue?”

She laughed as he shook his head quickly, licking his lips.

“I thought not,” she said, forking her pussy open, the gleaming lips wet and engorged, the hooded clit in the middle poking out. “You’ve probably seen photos of one of these at least, but this is a pussy…or vagina, to put it clinically! And these are the lips…”

She watched him watch her slowly stroke her puffy lips, gleaming with her juices.

“And this, the most important part, is the clitoris, it’s the most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina,” she said, touching her nubbin. “Think of it as the female version of your penis, and the one you will focus on the most to make her happy.”

“Yes…Mrs. Allston,” he croaked, mouth gone dry, eyes bulging as he watched her dribble it with her finger.

“First, manual manipulation,” she said, patting the sofa cushion to her right. “Sit, I’ll show you how…and make it more entertaining for you as you do!”

He quickly sat, gasping as Erica unbuttoned and shucked her blouse and bra, her beautiful, Starzbet Güncel Giriş meaty mammaries bouncing down on her trim belly, thick and white, her nipples full and erect.

“I’m guessing you never sucked on a woman’s breast before?” she smiled. “Well, not counting being breast fed as a baby, I guess?”

“No!” he gasped as she lifted them in her hand, making them jiggle. “Nnnnever!”

“Then suck mine, Chip, suck my tits!”

He intuitively slurped on the nearest nipple, lashing his tongue over it, eyes fluttering as he worked it, holding the meaty bag up with his hand. She laughed and pulled the other one toward his eager mouth and he sucked that one as well, swabbing his tongue over the fleshy tits. He lapped into her freckled cleavage and latched his mouth onto the other nipple, sucking and groaning. She felt his cock press into her thigh.

“Now, now, don’t rub my leg with your beautiful cock, don’t want you to make a mess in your pants!” she laughed, pulling it slightly away. “Now, put your right hand between my thighs..that’s it…and now between my lips…ohhhh, Chip, that’s so good…slowly put a finger in…the middle finger…”

He obeyed, still sucking one big tit as his eyes gazed down to her crotch, his finger probing her silky hole. At her behest, he put in another finger, then another and slowly worked them in and out, marveling at the velvety tightness of her very moist hole.

“Mmmm, that’s right, Chip, finger fuck Mrs. Allston, that’s it, that’s it…” she cooed, tilting her head back and enjoying his fingers squishing in and out of her cunt. “God, that’s so good…”

He let her finger her pussy for a moment longer, before she took the thumb of that hand and directed it to her nubbin. Chip took the hint eagerly, moving it up down her clit, taking satisfaction from the way her lovely old body tensed and trembled to his touch, his thumb slick with her gooey moisture.

“Oh yeah, Chip, that’s the way, just like that!” she gasped, tucking her head down to look past her tit in his adoring mouth to that thumb dribbling her thick clit. “Mmmmm, GOD, you learn quickly!”

He diddled her a few moments longer, reveling in her writhing to his touch and the squishing sounds echoing from between her beautiful, freckled thighs. She was soaked, her fluids running over his fingers and down into the rosebud pucker of her asshole.

“Now…finish me…and take that little finger you’re not using…and stick it..up my ASS!” she howled, helping him by taking it and stabbing it into her puckered hole. “GOD YES!”

Chip’s mouth popped off her tit, not because he wanted it to but because of the way her body snapped left and right and wriggled as she came. He felt her cunt tighten around his plunging fingers, her cum flooding them and his thumb, soaking all the way to his little finger so tight in her clenching asshole he thought she’d snap it off. When she finished cumming, she giggled and slowly pulled his hand from her sopping pussy, holding it up to their faces and licking it.

“Tasty,” she cooed, winking at him. “Join me…get used to my flavor and scent!”

“Oh, God,” he croaked weakly.

He licked, shivering as he tasted her juices, smelling her musky aroma, sucking on the fingers soaked with her gel. She laughed as she helped him, then pushed his hand away and kissed him, sharing the flavor, her tongue stabbing into his moaning mouth.

“That’s one way to make a woman cum,” she growled.

“Kneel between my thighs and you’ll learn another…”

“Yes…Mrs. Allston,” he groaned, slipping to the floor as Erica spread her thighs again, her soaked bush before him.

“What you just did with your thumb, you do with your tongue,” she instructed. “But first, just lap up and down in those lips…go on, Chip, do it!”

He nuzzled into her pussy, groaning, fighting the urge to cum just from his tongue touching his first pussy, amazed at the slick feel and musky scent of it. He followed her instruction, running his tongue into the lips, down to the moist hole, up and over her clit, making her shiver, then down again.

“Now inside, some women like to be tongue fucked – and I’m one of them!” she gasped as he obeyed her, his tongue spearing the meaty opening, his nose pressed between her lips and against her oily clit. “Oh, God, yes, just tongue fuck me for a minute, Chip, your tongue is sooooo long…just like that…mmmm, in and out while I GRIND on that lovely nose!”

The hairs of her pussy tickled his cheeks as he tongued her hungry hole, jabbing wetly in and out, his nose pressed tightly to her clit, she holding the back of his head with one hand, pulling him in so tightly he couldn’t breathe. The only air he could get was that imbued with her scent, which to

him at the moment smelled heavenly.

“Now make me cum, baby, make me cum!” she screamed, pulling his face up, his tongue falling out of her hole. “Lick that clit!”

He did, looking up at her writhing against the couch, head back, one hand on his head, the other tweaking her fat nipples. He felt her cumming, his face soaked in her spurting juices, her thighs suddenly and savagely clamping around his ears. They were strong, amazingly strong and his hands came up to palm them, marveling at the muscle pulsating beneath the silky old skin.

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