Grandpa Dan-My Neighbor Part One


Grandpa Dan-My Neighbor Part OneEvery neighborhood has at least One. Do You know what I’m talking about? It’s that,”Old Guy”,some people wonder and gossip about. Well,Mine was Grandpa Dan. He was my friend Sherry’s Grandfather,and He lived just down the street from me in the the trailor park that I grew up in. I knew from the start that He and I would be great friends because when we were introduced,Grandpa Dan got down on one knee and gave me a great big hug! It was nice having his strong arms wrapped around me,and I didn’t flinch at all when I felt his hands kneeding my ass cheeks. He knew no-one could see what he was doing,and so did I,so I spread my legs and felt his right hand slip up between my thighs and press against my crotch. He knelt there,massaging my little pecker and ballsack with his fingertips! Oh,yeah. We were instant friends,alright! He looked down,smiling at me and whisperd “I thought so.” then stood up. He faced me and ruffled my hair as I stared at the bulging outline of his cock,licking my lips. Grandpa Dan then quickly moved behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders,thus blocking anyone’s view of his hard-on.***Having Grandpa Dan there solved alot of problems for Sherry’s Mom,and Mine too. Both of our Moms were single,working Mothers and since Grandpa Dan was retired,this meant they could pick up more hours at work. “Plus it will give The Ki ds some much needed time spent with a man!” I heard my Mom say,while the three of them were talking. Little did She know what kind of “Time” He was planning for us.Sherry and I now spent every day together. We raced each other home from school and went straight to her place. Grandpa Dan would greet us at the door coming in,and give each one of us a big hug. I always made sure Sherry got her hug first,and when she ran to her room to change cloths,I would lean into Him and whisper “It’s O.K. if You want to touch Me,You know,down there.” He always did too! He would be sure to rub me just right,till my dick got hard. After that,it was business as usual for Sherry and I,schoolwork first then outside to play.About a month after Grandpa Dan moved in,Sherry wanted to start playing “House” and “Doctor” whenever we were alone. I didn’t know why,but I readily agreed because this gave me the chance to look at her naked body! I loved it! Then summer vacation came and when we went swimming,down at the creek,Sherry would get naked and tell me I had do the same! Sherry was becoming more and more obsessed with looking at my dick. Any time that we were alone,she would pull my pants down and stare at it or blow on it, making my little pecker get hard and twitch in her face. Then one day,she started kissing and sucking on it! I couldn’t believe how wonderful that felt! I begged her to let me do the same to her,but she laughed,pulled her Little Mermaid panties back on and ran up to her house!Everything changed,for Sherry and I,the morning I went down to her trailor about an hour before I was supposed to. She and I had planned to go “fishing”,but nobody answered when I knocked on the back door. I figured they must have gone into town for some reason,since the car wasn’t there,and that they would be right back. I started to walk home when I heard some strange noises coming from her bedroom window.Climbing up into the tree behind her house,I peeped in the window. I could see Sherry laying on top of the bed. She was on her back,her legs were in the air and she was naked. Grandpa Dan was naked too and his bald head was artemisbet yeni giriş between Her bare thighs! I watched as His head kept moving up and down,it was then I realised he was licking and kissing her bald,pink cunny!I clung to the tree limb,watching as He then began rubbing her tiny,flat titties with the palms of his hands. His fingers started pinching and pulling on her nipples! Her nipples turned bright red and Sherry squealed whenever he would roll one of them between his fingertips! Those squeals were what had caught my attention! I was beginning to feel jealous because Sherry had never let me do any of that! The only thing Sherry would let me do,was look at her naked cunny and sometimes blow on it when she would spread her pussy lips apart. At least that always made her giggle.I was still holding onto the tree limb when Grandpa Dan stood up and I saw his naked dick for the first time! It was big! It looked like a baby’s forearm! That long,fat dick stuck out in front of him under his pot-belly,and the tip of it was almost purple and looked wet! I was losing my grip on the branch but I held on tight and watched as Sherry sat up in bed smiling,and reached out to take hold of her Grandfather’s hard dick with both of her hands and pull it towards her mouth!”Grandpa?” I heard Sherry say “Can I do it now? Please? Can I Suck on Your Cock? I’v been spying on You and Mommy doing it,You know. I think I can make it shoot that white stuff out of it too!” She was whining at him. “Not today,Sweety. I want My Balls to be Really Full when I Feed You my Cock. Did You like it when I ate Your cunny out,Sweetie?” He smiled. “Oh,Hell Yes! I’m going to teach Doug how to do that to me!” Sherry laughed,letting go of his cock and she threw one of the pillows at him as He left Her sitting there on the bed. I climbed down from the tree as quickly and quietly as I could and ran back to my house. I kept thinking about how cute Sherry is and how wonderful Grandpa Dan’s dick looked. I felt ashamed,it was so much bigger than mine! No wonder she wanted to suck his cock! Hell,I wanted to suck on it too!Mom had already left for work,so I stood in the living room and pulled my pants down. My little pecker was Hard! It was tingling and my ballsack felt tight,like it did when I got real cold! I began grabbing and pulling at my dick,not really knowing what I was doing or why I was doing it! Even tho my dick would get hard when Sherry showed me her cute little cunny,or when She or Grandpa Dan would touch or rub my dick,it sure didn’t feel like it did then!***I heard the screen door open,and turned around so fast I fell over! Sherry and Grandpa Dan were standing there looking at me,smiling. My pants were down around my ankles and my T-shirt was pulled up,leaving me fully exposed and my dick sticking straight up! I went to cover myself with my hands,when Sherry said “Oh,No You Don’t! Don’t be such a baby! I look at Your cock all of the time,don’t I?! And I know Grandpa doesn’t mind. Do You?” Sherry asked while walking over to me and helping me stand up.”Now take those pants all the way off,Silly.” She said and leaned down lifting one of my feet up and pulling the pants leg off over my shoe. I was removing my other foot when she leaned forward and sucked on the head of my dick! Grandpa Dan caught me as I started to fall over backwards again! “And the shirt!” she laughed “Hurry Up!”. I did as I was told and was rewarded by watching her do the same.Sherry didn’t artemisbet giriş wear a bra,because she didn’t need one yet,and when she took her shorts off,she wasn’t wearing any underwear! She turned around very slowly,showing off her naked body to me. She turned around one more time and stuck her ass out at me. Reaching behind her,Sherry then bent over at the waist,spread her ass cheeks apart and showed me her butt pucker and pussy! Behind me,I heard Grandpa Dan give a low chuckle and say, “Well Sherry, after a bit of fun,I think You just may get your wish!””Really?! Oh,I can’t wait! But what about Doug? What are We going to do with Him?” I gave her My answer by getting on my knees,grabbing her hips and sticking my tongue right up her butthole! “Oh My God!” She yelled. “Yes! Oh,Yes,Doug! More!”***I could hear Grandpa Dan close the front door and then walking around through the trailor shutting all the windows and pulling the d****s closed,as I continued to lick away at Sherry’s asshole and bald pussy. When I looked up over the top of Sherry’s ass,I could see Him standing by the couch,naked. He was stroking that big cock of his. His dick flopped around for a few minutes,but then it started getting hard!”Come here You Two! It’s time to play!” He said. I watched as he took Sherry’s head between his big hands and he kissed her,deep. They broke apart,but kept their mouths close enough for me to watch,as their tongues stuck out and danced over each other’s.Sherry turned to me and pulled me into an embrace,kissing me with her tongue,just like she had kissed her Grandpa Dan! When she had finished,He reached over and took my face between his hands,like he had Sherry’s,and I felt his tongue probing past my lips! I didn’t know what to do,so I kissed him back like I had kissed Sherry. “You’re a fast learner.” He told me.I felt Sherry’s fingers stroking and tickling my cock. She was laughing at how shrunken and wrinkled my ballsack was. “You can’t be cold! But just in case you are,this should warm You up!” Then I felt her hot breath as she started slowly licking along the underneath of my shaft. She licked and kissed my cock from under my balls all the way to the tip,then stopped and started circling the head with the tip of her tongue! I began trembling.”You Have been Spying on Your Mother and I,haven’t You?” Grandpa Dan saidto her.”You bet I have! I have wanted to do this to Doug for a long time,Grandpa. And I know he wants to lick my pussy as well. He keeps asking me to let him. Don’t You?” She asked. I only grunted,so She punched my arm!”Well,now it’s My turn!” Grandpa Dan said. He took my little dick between his fingers and slowly began stroking me off. I could feel the fingers of his other hand massaging my balls. He was gently pushing them up into me,then waiting for them to fall back down,as he continued slowly playing with my dick.”Let’s get You Two ready for what’s to come,shall We?” Grandpa Dan said as he rose and took us each by the hand. We walked together down the hall,but instead of going to my bedroom,like I thought we would,he marched Sherry and I into the bathroom. “I know Your Mother is a nurse,Doug,so she should have everything we will need. Where does she keep the hot watter bottle?” He asked me.”I-I really couldn’t tell you,Grandpa. What’s it look like?” I asked him while I stared at Sherry. She was so cute! I wanted to run my hands all over her body. I was imagining myself licking her little slit that was between her legs!When I artemisbet güvenilirmi looked up at him,he was holding his big,hard cock in one hand and moving it closer to my mouth. “Open up,Son and suck on Grandpa’s cock. There’s a good boy. Now keep on doing that! Ah,Yessss. Just like that! Damn! You do learn fast. Sherry,look under the sink and see if there is a big,flat rubber bottle there.” I backed my mouth off of the fat head of his cock. “Oh! You mean Mom’s douche?” I said. “It’s in back of the pine-sol bottle,but the wand is in the top left drawer of her dresser!” I told her,and then I began sucking on his cock again,bobbing my head up and down,guided by his hands.Sherry came back with the wand and it’s rubber tubing in one hand,and a pair of my Mom’s used panties in the other. She handed both to Grandpa Dan. He lifted the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. Smiling, He motioned Sherry to stand next to me,and he then held the panties up to both of our faces and told us to smell them. Like good c***dren,we did what we were told.I could smell my Mom’s perfume and something else that made my head swim! For some reason it made my dick even harder. Sherry’s face was getting red. She looked at me and asked “Do I smell like that?” “No! Not at all! You smell really clean! Like soap! Even your butthole smells good!” I blurted out.”Don’t be rude,Boy!” Grandpa Dan said. “That’s Your Momma’s cunt you smell there,and It Smells Mighty Fine! Mighty Fine!” He reached out and touched Sherry’s cheek “Baby! Your pussy smells like vanilla and cotton candy! And it tastes just as sweet! Doesn’t it Doug?!” “I wan’t to eat her cunny more! Why won’t she let me?” I asked. “Oh,She will,Son. She will!” He chuckled “But first,which one of You is going to be the first to get the business end of this?” He smiled at us,gripping his cock at the base, making it swell even bigger.Sherry and I both raised our hands. “Well,I’ll be fair.” He said “Here. I’m thinking of a number between one and ten,the closest guess gets Fucked first. What will it be?”Sherry looked at me,and Her face went pale. “Um,four?” she quietly asked. “Seven!” I announced with confidence. I didn’t know what “Getting Fucked” meant,but if Grandpa was going to give us one,I wanted it!”You’re in luck,Sweety. The number was six.” He grinned at Sherry “But,don’t You worry none. You’ll get Yours. Never fear! Or maybe You Should!” and Grandpa laughed as he began filling the hot water bottle. Potsitioning me next to the toilet,Grandpa took the long,slender plastic wand and lubed it with his spit. When the bottle was full,he inserted the wand up into my asshole and I melted.***Sherry and I laid in each others arms. We were in the bottom of the bathtub,surrounded by warm,clean water. “Doug? Do You know what he plans on doing to Us?” She looked worried.”Not really” I told her “But if it feels better than what He just did? I want him to do it to me every day!”She smiled at me and said “My Mommy Loves it! You see,He takes his cock,and when it’s really,really hard,and won’t bend anymore,He shoves it up into Her pussy or butthole! Sometimes she cries,but mostly she wants him to “Give Me More!” she’ll holler! “Fuck Me Daddy! Fuck My Cunt!” or “Fuck My Dirty Asshole! Cum Up In Me! Fuck My Poop Chute!”I started laughing. The sound echoed around the bathroom. It must have been contagious because She started laughing as well. “Oh,Doug,I wanted Your cock to be the first one I felt in my cunny! Not Grandpa’s.” She sighed.”Don’t worry about that,Baby Girl! I won’t ruin You.” We heard Grandpa saying as he walked back into the bathroom,startling Us. “I won’t Fuck that Sweet Little Cunt of Yours till after Doug does! Now,get out of the tub and dry off. I need to feel some Ass wrapped around the head of my Cock!”***

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