Happy Happy Birthday


Harold swirled the whiskey round the glass in his hands warming it up gently before knocking back the double measure in one go. Nerves had gotten the better of him after all it seemed, or perhaps it was excitement. He had flip-flopped through both emotions throughout the day and two meetings had flown by without Harold paying any attention in either one.

About a month ago Harold’s wife Liz had surprised him after a lovely meal she had cooked for the two of them. The meal itself was not a surprise neither was the bottle of red wine they both consumed. Liz leading him by the hand upstairs to the bedroom had started off the surprise. Harold had wanted to go slow, had wanted to enjoy this moment with Liz but sex between them had become so rare that he found himself rushing to get in her which led to a quick finish before anything had really gotten started.

Harold was fifty two and Liz was only a month away from turning fifty herself and sex between them had become a passing fad, something that happened once a month (if he were lucky) sometimes he got lucky and they had sex twice in one month (those days of praying had paid off). But most days’ sex for Harold consisted of the hundreds of waiting and willing naked women on the internet and his ever ready right hand. Liz rolled over to her side of the bed which Harold had expected as was the sound of her bedside drawer opening ‘time for the night cream.’ He mused to himself. When she rolled back over Harold looked over wondering what she had forgotten to say or ask him to do.

“Remember Kevin?” Liz asked. He raised his eyebrows when he saw she held “Kevin” in her hands. Kevin was a smooth nine inch, day glow pink, two speed viberator Harold had purchased on Liz’s fortieth birthday. She had laughed when she had unwrapped it though quickly put it to use much to Harold’s delight and personal private show. Harold had asked why she had named it Kevin, “It just looks like a Kevin.” Was her reply and strangely enough he had to agree. Kevin got a couple months worth of use as far as Harold could tell before it fell to the wayside becoming as redundant as their sex life was. He could not now recall when he had last seen it out and wondered had Liz gotten it out on the lazy days she spent at home on her own.

Kevin thrummed to life under the power of fresh AA batteries. Harold sat up in bed, a moment ago sleep had been the priority but Liz had knocked that on the head. Liz smiled as she ran the tip of the viberator across one dusky pink nipple he watched it harden under the buzzing plastic and could not help but smile when she did the same to the other nipple. Liz’s free hand found Harold’s semi erect cock and gave it a slight squeeze helping it along. Kevin was quickly put to use between Liz’s legs, the vibrant pink casing disappearing deep into her.

Harold swallowed hard watching his wife working away on herself while tugging at his now very erect cock. Then she hit him with the surprise. “God I wish Kevin was real right now,” She moaned out. So lost in the display it took Harold a moment to connect the words into a coherent thought, he gave out a hoarse what did you say? “Plastic, Kevin is plastic, I want to feel a cock in my pussy,” Harold’s mouth hung open was this his wife talking? Did his wife of almost thirty years say she wanted a cock in her pussy? These were not the sort of words married Liz would say.

Harold started to move over, happy to oblige in getting his now very eager cock back into her yet Liz held him tight, “No silly not yours,” she gave him a tug and got him to sit back down as she pulled Kevin almost all the way out only a inch or so remained in her and switched him off. “Do you remember, before the kids came along and we got a mortgage and had to grow up all our little fantasies we used to talk about in bed,” she gave him another squeeze, “or the kitchen or the park.”

Liz of young had been a fire cracker, she turned heads and still did truth be told. Back in the day she had gone about braless beneath filmy blouses, long blonde hair flowing and hot pants showing off her fine legs. Sex back then had been amazing, if they could do it they tried it together. Well nearly everything, they were a couple and knew that they would be together for ever. One of the things the never did but talked about was a threesome, reality had gotten in the way and the fantasy had taken a back seat. “I’m almost fifty Harry and life is passing us both by,” She flicked Kevin back on, “the kids are gone, why not re-visit our past.” Her hand moved Kevin further into her making her shudder with the sensation, “imagine what this would be like with a real Kevin.” She began a slow rhythmic pulse with Kevin her hand around Harold’s cock matching the movement.

Harold had imagined it plenty of times in fact he had been into a couple of chat rooms and spoken to others about it never really thinking that it would ever actually happen simply trying to capture past glories with others. Harold sat up looking down watching izmir escort Kevin stretching his wife open the pink day glow casing slick with her juices, oh yes he could easily imagine what it would look like if Kevin was real. They came together, Harold spurting a thick load over Liz’s hand while Kevin received a gush of Liz’s juices for his trouble.

Finding someone to join them had not been a problem. At office parties Liz still managed to turn heads, though her blonde hair was now a bob and she showed her legs less her body was still slim and her breasts though fuller held little sag, Liz was a fitness nut, she did not agree with the middle aged spread. Pete was the shy type around most but he had connected with Harold and had opened up and they had become good friends, at twenty eight he was still single. In the pub one night Harold had come right out and asked him what he thought of Liz, the answers were all positive when pushed on the topic of joining them he had back tracked. A week later he came back and said that if Harold and Liz were both okay with it and it was what they had wanted then Pete would be happy to join in.

Only Problem was Harold had moved on counting Pete as a dead end and asked Andrew, the office flirt instead. He was quicker in agreeing though that was no surprise. Liz had mentioned a few times that she had had a few brushes with Andrew at two Christmas parties. Both times he had brushed past her to get past and hands on her hips rubbed his very hard erection across her backside. Much to Harold’s relief Liz had agreed to Andrew not realising that he had already agreed.

Liz’s problem was the fact she had already asked their neighbour Graham. He was a widow and their age also and a close friend to both Liz and Harold. He flirted openly with Liz who made her feel young again and when Harold was away Graham was always there not sexually but as a friendly ear and always ready with a compliment. It was really because of Graham that she had started to revisit the fantasies she used to share with Harold. Kevin had been out over the past month or so previous to her little display with Harold. When Harold was not about Kevin would become Graham and Liz had surprised herself by orgasming twice on one occasion which added fuel to her fire in ways she had not dreamt of.

That had been a month ago and now it was Liz’s fiftieth. Harold was more than happy with Graham it was who Liz had mentioned and seemed happier with when it came to sharing. Trouble was Harold just could not find a way to say “sorry guys we went with someone else” to Pete and Andrew no matter how many openings they gave him he felt embarrassed to rebuke these two guys and as far as Liz knew, Andrew was the only one asked and he had been let down gently with ego un-bruised which left Harold in the current predicament, nervous and partly excited at the prospect of what could happen.

Harold went to pour himself a third whiskey when the door bell rang his hand slipped spilling the amber liquid over the table instead. He checked his watch, seven O’clock right on time. Graham was ex-military and Harold had expected him to be on time. Opening the door he was met by a face that looked as nervous as his own. They shook hands for no particular reason other than to give them something to do. Harold led Graham to the living room and offered him a drink. Graham looked around the living room as if he had not been there before, “Liz is upstairs getting ready.” Harold said, his voice wavering slightly.

“Good, good.” Graham replied, both men laughed at their nervousness and relaxed a little more the liquid fire helping somewhat. The door to the bedroom opened and both men looked up listening to the soft footsteps of Liz cross the landing then stop at the top of the stairs. Both Liz and Harold agreed that at any point either of them could back out Harold wondered if Liz was about to do that and realised he was holding his breath. He let out a long breath as he heard Liz continue down the stairs.

If it were a cartoon both men’s jaws would have hit the fine carpet. Liz stood in the door way in a black chemise of translucent lace, her nipples poked out from two peepholes. The hem hung at her thighs showing her knickerless. Her pubic hair trimmed into a neat triangle visible beneath the flimsy material black stockings finished off the set. Liz gave a little smile a little uncertain on how the look was going to go down, now she was uncertain that either man would not have a heart attack as they sputtered out words of compliments. She walked over to Harold and kissed him first then turned to Graham and kissed him with a little less assuredness she gasped slightly as she felt his hand on her waist.

Harold felt like he was in a dream any minute he would wake up with his pyjamas sticking to him. He watched Graham’s hand move from his wife’s waist to the small of her back in hesitant little steps, they kissed as if they were in a school play. alsancak escort “I’ll let you two get comfortable while I get a bottle of wine.” Liz looked over her shoulder at Harold, eyebrows raised in a ‘you sure?’ expression, Harold smiled back and nodded with certainty.

Opening the back door Andrew and Pete stood waiting in the cold and Harold ushered them into the kitchen holding his index finger to his lips. “Sorry about that guys, not waiting too long I hope?” both men shook their heads, they bobbed from foot to foot eager to get moving. “Wait in here until I give the word then come on through.” Harold grabbed a cold bottle of white wine from the fridge.

“What is the word?” Andrew asked looking more eager than Pete.

Harold smiled, “You’ll know when you hear it.”

Harold froze in the doorway, Liz and Graham had moved to the settee and both had clearly relaxed. They sat side by side Liz had one leg across the lap of Graham who in turn had one hand on the leg stroking just above the black stocking and the other cupping her left breast squeezing gently as they both kissed deeply. Harold placed the bottle down as he moved cautiously over to the settee the murmurs from both of them clearly audible Harold swallowed hard he could not take his eyes off Grahams meaty hand cupping his own wife’s breast he had imagined what it would be like but the reality was truly something else and had him rigid in his trousers. Harold sat down as carefully as he could on the settee next to Liz and placed one shaky hand on Liz’s waist.

Liz broke the kiss with Graham turning surprised at the appearance of Harold next to her. At first she looked shocked and a little guilty then something in her eyes lit up and she bit her lower lip before returning back to Graham. Graham’s hand on her thigh moved slower further in and in response Liz’s leg moved further apart. Harold undid his trousers and pulled his hard cock free, with some sort of sixth sense Liz reached back and after a couple of failed attempts located it before Harold could manage to get his own hand around it.

Liz let out a moan as Grahams hand found her already wet pussy. He was gentle not forcing a finger anywhere he simply ran them between her lips and over her clitoris spreading her sticky juices. She stroked her husbands cock slowly, feeling him harder than she had felt him in such a long time. She broke her kiss with Graham her breathing heavy with lust. She slid off the settee legs wobbly from Grahams touches and knelt before her husband. Graham remained still his eyes fixed squarely on Liz a small smile on his face. She leaned forward and took Harold by the base holding his cock rigid in the air and ran her tongue across the tip then down one side and up the other before feeding it slowly into her mouth she looked across at Graham then up at her husband.

Graham inched closer and moved forward on the settee reaching out and running his hand over Liz’s bare backside as she sucked her husband. He ran a finger between the cheeks finding her puckered hole and prodding it gently, Liz responded with a little wiggle. She broke from sucking coming up for air and giggled at Graham. “Enjoying your birthday present?” Harold asked. Liz nodded a broad smile across her face, “You ready for your birthday surprise?”

She furrowed her brow, unsure what he could possibly mean. She caught movement out the corner of her eye from the kitchen. Two men walked into the living room completely naked with rampant cocks before them. Harold waited for the fireworks, for Liz to call a halt to it all instead she laughed and bobbed up and down like a school girl at the sight of two more cocks before returning her mouth to Harold’s own. Later Harold found out that Andrew in his eagerness had stripped the moment Harold had left the kitchen and not wanting to feel like an idiot Pete had stripped also. Both men stood looking down at the sight they grasped their own cocks and stroked them.

Andrew moved forward first he licked his lips eagerly looking at Liz’s bare backside. Harold nodded which was all the encouragement Andrew needed. He knelt behind Liz, running his hand over her mature backside then under feeling her wet mature pussy already gaping and ready. He ran his now slick fingers across his cock head and guided himself in.

Kevin was good, Andrew though felt so much better. He pulsed with heat and energy that plastic could not replicate. He felt big almost as big as the viberator, certainly larger than Harold. He pumped with vigour driving his cock home and deep into Liz’s pussy filling her up as far as he could go and forcing Harold’s cock further into her mouth. Liz had fantasised about this moment but only with Harold and one other man now she had four cocks at her disposal if she wanted too. And right now just having two to enjoy seemed like the pinnacle of every fantasy she ever had. She pushed back, meeting Andrews thrusts with her own, loving the sensation buca escort of another mans cock in her especially a younger one.

Harold could not believe his eyes, he watched Andrew, another man, fuck his wife from behind as she busied herself sucking his cock while Pete stood over them wanking his own. Graham sat back a smile on his face watching the show and showing no signs of getting his own cock out to boot. Harold didn’t care this was more than he could ever had hoped for a month ago. Pete was nudging Andrew to move and begrudgingly he slipped out of Liz and made way for him. Andrews cock glistened with Liz’s juices. ‘Those are my wife’s juices on that man’s cock.’ Harold thought as he finally tipped over the edge. He moaned out that he was cumming and Liz’s mouth clamped tight around his cock as he unloaded a huge spurt, Liz’s throat worked away sucking and swallowing what she could as Pete worked his way inside her and began a rather frantic fuck.

She lifted her head even as Harold’s cock gave out the last few stray drops of cum. She stood up releasing Pete from her pussy and knelt down between the two young men both cocks smeared in her juices. Andrews was bigger and she aimed for that one first opening her mouth wide and feeding the cock into it. Harold looked across at Graham who was still sat back reclining but his right hand now rubbed the front of his trousers his eyes still glued on Liz. “Not going to join in?” Harold asked, Grahams response was a simple shrug.

Liz took each cock in turn, sucking one for a minute or so before switching to the other while both the young men’s hands fondled Liz’s tits and told her how good she was at sucking. Harold had not even imagined his wife doing this. His fantasy was always just her getting fucked fast and hard for their enjoyment. This, this was something so much better, two men enjoying his wife’s mouth and breasts after discovering the delights of her very inviting pussy. Pete was the first to let out a groan, almost a squeal in fact, Liz homed in on him her head turned mouth open as she stroked him furiously until he started to buck his hips. Then she simply held him, foreskin drawn back as he unloaded over her face and in her mouth, she started a slow stroke draining his cock of anything that was left over.

The sight was too much for Andrew who grabbed Liz’s head and turned it around just as he started to unload. His first spatter splashed across her ear and cheek, the second load found Liz’s waiting mouth. Liz did the same with Andrew she squeezed and stroked his cock slowly getting as much out of him as possible. “Had fun?” Graham suddenly asked Liz. She smiled at him a mix of both young men’s cum on her lips. Graham stood up and finally begun to undress.

“Oh my God!” Liz exclaimed. Andrew instinctively went and covered his own now shrinking cock up at the sight before him. Harold and Pete just stared at the mighty cock that Graham had just revealed. Easily ten inches, Harold guessed with a thick girth. Veins stood out and crossed his whole cock making it look bigger and angrier for it. His cock head was a dark purple and pre cum made it shimmer in the lounge lights. Liz reached out one hand almost as if she were scared of it and ran a finger from the base to the tip her mouth hanging open wider and wider as her finger travelled along. “Get that thing in me.” She said as she lay back on the floor stretching her legs apart for Graham.

Harold watched in silent awe as Graham knelt between Liz’s legs. He ran a hand along either leg parting them further as he did so. Liz reached out to take hold of his cock but Graham playfully batted it away. When he was in position he took hold of his cock and ran the tip agonisingly slow over her lips and onto her clitoris. He nudged and rotated it slowly on the hard nub before lowering his cock this time the tip slipping between her wet lips. “Just fuck me Grah-haa” Her words turned into a gasp as Graham pushed forward. Harold was on his knees next to them watching as Grahams mighty cock started its journey into Liz.

Grahams cock worked its way easily into the well prepared Liz. He had found it almost amusing how much pleasure she had gotten by the two younger men as they fucked her like teenagers. He had so wanted to get his cock out earlier on as early as when Liz had started to run her hand across his bulge when they had been sitting on the couch, but he had wanted to surprise her. He loved the feeling of her inside, even though she had been well fucked before hand his girth still had plenty to stretch.

Liz laid back eyes wide a huge smile across her mouth as she gasped and groaned with each inch he fed into her. Just when Liz thought he had gone as far as he could he would feed even more into her stretching her walls aside as if she were a virgin she could not believe his length or his girth. It was the girth that had really thrown her how meaty it looked. Graham’s now dead wife had once confided in Liz after too many glasses of sherry just how big her husband was. Liz did not believe her but had her doubts. Now she was on the end of the biggest cock she had ever had and would ever likely have. Graham started a slow rhythm pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in touching the back of her womb with each push forward.

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