Harri Finds Good Value


(Thank you all for the wonderful response to my first story posted here. Encouragement is always welcome. I really had thought Claudia would be a one time character, as would be Harri)

It is the middle of winter, Harri has put the motorcycle away and become restless.

She acquired an old red Dodge pickup from a charming lady we met at a late summer barbeque hosted by the GLBT chapter in our city. I refer to it as “The Monster”, and Harri really would prefer, as she says, to “put something powerful between her legs.”

It was quite a production to transfer ownership. Not the transaction, but delivery. Harri had gone to Dorothy’s home, I felt she was gone much too long, but she returned roaring onto the driveway on her Nighthawk and said there was no way I could possibly manage driving The Monster. She suggested we go there in my car, and she would drive the truck home. Harri was wearing ‘baggies’, large loose elastic waist shorts and a t-strap top, I have convinced her not to hide her breasts with that horrible binding she favors, at least not when around me and we are casual. I cannot convince her to wear anything but those horrid tire sandals, I guess we all must give and take in any relationship. Another concession she gave me was to wear her hair in a French braid, instead of those “heidi horns” ala the Swiss Miss.

Harri had waited until late October to decide perhaps she needed something other than her motorcycle. I shuddered to think how she had managed in previous winters. As always, she drove recklessly, which secretly thrilled me. I have been known to drive very fast, but usually in a direct line without hair breadth near misses of the largest vehicles on the road.

I knew we were approaching Dorothy’s home when the behemoth stood in the street, making way in the small driveway for a yellow VW beetle. Dorothy is only an inch taller than my 5’7″, and I marveled that she could guide that thing without ramming into small buiildings.

As we parked behind the truck, Dorothy came out the front door, dressed in tan slacks and an Irish cableknit sweater, her blonde hair loose and a genuine smile in greeting.

Harri, naturally, ran up to open the hood of the Dodge, afraid, apparently, that somehow the motor had vanished. She had her tool bag and made some adjustment to something. Both Dorothy and I stood there with quizzical expressions on our faces. Harri smiled at her accomplishment, and we chuckled at the smudge of black on the tip of her nose.

In any event, this was a social event of a sort and Dorothy would have been offended had we not accepted her offer of coffee. She held the door open for us, and apologized for the appearance of the house.

“Is coffee alright, would you like anything else? I have wine, beer, and I make a mean Margarita,” said our hostess.

As Harri flip flopped to the bathroom to wash her face she called back over her shoulder, “I’ll have a beer, beautiful. No glass.”

Dorothy looked at me and said quietly, “I expected that. I went to the store to buy long neck bottles of beer. And for you, Ms Bowers?”

“Oh, good heavens, Dorothy! Claudia, please. Just not Claud, that is a pet name I tolerate from Harri, I said with a smile in my voice. “Harri is right, though, you are beautiful.”

She looked down a bit then lifted her head to say, “Then you must call me Dot, or Dotti. All my friends do. What will you have?”

Sitting at the dinner table in her small dining area I consciously crossed my legs, my skirt falling up my thigh to reveal the tab of my garter. I saw her look as I said, “Coffee, please. Just a little sugar, a hint of sweetness, as you are. I want to be in control following Harri home, in case she runs a semi off the road and I have to make a 9-1-1 call.”

Dot went to the kitchen to get the drinks and Harri emerged from the bathroom, her baggy shorts seemed tighter somehow.

She came to stand behind my chair and I simply reached back to put my hand on her forearm and leaned against her and the chair back.

She leaned forward and whispered, “You know that denim skirt always makes me hot, Babe. And you would be naked if you didn’t wear stockings, wouldn’t you?”

I lifted her palm to my lips and kissed it just as Dot returned with a tray with the coffee, a long neck bottle of beer, and a glass filled with a greenish slush, salt around the rim.

I had followed her with my eyes as she moved around her kitchen, and had noticed her firm butt in the tight pants. As she turned in profile and stretched to reach something on an upper shelf, her breasts lifted, she was not wearing a bra under the sweater.

“I know you will take good care of the truck, Harri, it is a reminder of a trip I made some time ago, a very pleasant and good reminder. I just feel you two can enjoy it as much as I have.”

There was a look of longing, and loss in her eyes. I leaned over, took her hand in mine and kissed her cheek

Harri moved to her and hugged her in a less than bone crushing embrace.

“Heavens, travesti porno Harri. Do you always ‘pack’?” asked a stunned Dot.

“Most always,” was her reply.

I knew she had just her little vibrator in the pocket of her baggies when we left home. Now it was obvious she had my favorite nine incher from the outline on her thigh.

“Well, point that thing someplace else, Dot said, “I am not much for penetration. And I really was not prepared to ‘entertain’. Though I must say I really find you both attractive. Especially Claudia.”

Harri did not blink at the little snub, she simply said, “Awwwww, Honey, I am not comin’ on to you. I’m a one woman gal. Claud is my one and only, but I know she is not getting the lovin’ she really enjoys.”

I gulped when my girlfriend said this, how could she think I was unsatisfied? She is a tremendous kisser, and even if she doesn’t really care for oral, I am very satisfied, extremely satisfied.

I invited her to my home, soon after deciding we would date. My refrigerator actually has lettuce, salads, yogurt, and other real food. I had ascertained she enjoys hamburgers and had the butcher prepare three sirloin patties. As I had never actually boiled potatoes in hot oil, I determined to give it a try and bought peanut oil to refill the fryer in my stovetop. This in response to my query about her favorite meal being, “Burgers and fries, yah Baby!”

I also asked at the bottle store where I usually buy my wines what was the best imported beer, and had a case delivered. I did not think this would be the last time Harri would enjoy my hospitality. Sandra stopped by the afternoon I was expecting Harri and I thought she would have apoplexia when she saw the beer case in the corner of my pantry.

I had left the garage door open and the connecting door propped open as well. When I heard the unmistakeable ‘potato-potato-potato’ of her Harley-Davidson Nighthawk I pressed the remote to close the garage door behind her.

I turned to the door and shivered when I saw her. Dressed in leather jacket, jeans and chaps, those outrageous sandals. She unbuckled and unsnapped the chaps and I was able to see the long bulge along her right thigh. I went to her and withdrew her jacket, disappointed that I found the binding holding her breasts in place tightly to her chest under a denim sleeveless men’s shirt. Would I be able to unbutton the thing with the buttons on the wrong side?

She took me in her arms and greedily kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, leaving it deep until I understood to suck and chew her flesh. She slid her hands along my nylon running shorts covered asscheeks, my breasts in a matching nylon top. I had slipped out of my shoes when I heard her approach,.

Harri stepped back and laughed, saying, “Babe, do you really think you would go out dressed like that? I mean, stockings?” She burst out in a loud guffaw.

“Of course not. It is just that I appreciate how nylons enhance my legs. I wanted to look especially good for you, Sweetheart.”

“Babe, you don’t need anything to enhance you. GAWD, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever fucked.”

A steely look brought us back to our conversation about ‘cheap pickups” and she actually turned a little red before saying, “I mean…..I….I…..dayum, why do you make me all flustered?”

As she was saying this I worked on the intricacies of buttons on the wrong side of a shirt. I now fumbled, but succeeded to reveal her binding from underarms to diaphragm.

“Oh, Darling, why do you do this to yourself?”

“It is just the way I am. Can’t compete feeling the way I do and lookin’ all girly.”

As she said this I released the velcro closing at the side and told her, “When you are with me, this thing stays off. Do you understand?”

“You tryin’ to change me?”

“Only the bad parts, Darling,” I said with a smile as her breasts slowly rose in twin cones on her chest and my lips sought the left pink auerola. I sucked the nub between my lips and fluttered my tongue round and round, her fingers curling in my hair, soft moans from her throat and chest.

I stepped back and went to the refrigerator. She looked stunned as I twisted the cap off a beer for her.

“You been practicing?”

In fact I had, but only smiled as she swallowed half the beer.

I took her hand and lead her unceremoniously to my bedroom, dining could wait. She made me want her just being in the same room.

She drained her beer and slammed the empty bottle on my lacquered sideboy, miraculously placing it on the linen draped over the top and sides.

I pulled her shirt loose from her jeans and reached down to unsnap the buttons on her 501’s. I tugged the pants off her hips and knelt to pull them off her legs after loosening the sandals.

As she stood in her boxers, her body shifted as to move toward the bed, I caught her thigh in my hand and held her. My hands went to the waistband of her underwear and I pulled alt yazılı porno them down, down over the tight harness to finally allow her ‘cock’ to spring upward.

Kneeling at her feet, I surrounded the thick pink veiny latex cock with my hand. Looking up into her eyes I extended my tongue and licked round the cap at the tip. She shuddered, and it felt as though the imitation dick swelled in my hand as I captured more of the cap between my lips and sucked. I moved my hand forward and back, gliding along the shaft, pushing the base deeper against her now fragrant and moist pussy.

“Dayum, Claud, I need to fuck you.”

Playfully, I bit down on the shaft behind the head and vigorously nodded affirmatively.

She took me in her arms and tossed me onto my bed, as I was bouncing, she knelt between my legs and mauled my breasts with both hands.

The nylon was like paper in her hands as she ripped the shorts and top off me. Harri stroked my nylon covered knees with her strong hands and pushed my legs open.

“Now, Claudia” she said as I felt mouth wet cock head against the tight ring of my sopping wet pussy.

She rammed the cock into me with a driving, near savage thrust.

“I know you love my cock, Claudia. You want me fuckng you. Slamming into your hot tight cunt. “You sucked my cock, Baby. I knew you wanted it the first time I saw you in the club. “You are so fucking, damn gorgeous.”

Each word accentuated with a hip ramming, pussy filling slide either in or out of my liquid vagina

I locked my nylon covered ankles around her hips and pushed up to meet each thrust.

I rose to a peak and suddenly was overwhelmed by a blinding orgasm, screaming, “Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, Harri! Fuck me senseless!.


Harri grunted and fell over me, covering me, driving her thick cock into me as I shuddered and flopped like a boneless fish.

She pulled the long thing from between my shaking legs and rolled onto her back.

As she regained her breath I slithered between her legs and started to lick the clear musky woman juices rolling under the harness onto her thighs. Seeking her pussy, split open by a strap holding the dildo to her, the inner folds slick.

“Claud, don’t.”

“I want you to be happy, Harri.”

“I am, you don’t hafta.”

She mumbled and relaxed.

Relaxed enough that the next sound I heard from her was a soft snore.

My experiment at boiling potatoes in hot oil would be postponed.

How Harri could imagine I am in any way unsatisfied is beyond me, but I simply looked at her as she calmly told Dot, “Dotti, you know we talked when I was looking your truck over. You’re one of those femme girls, just like my Claud.”

That was so obvious I was surprised Harri felt it was important to mention, but she continued, “I just don’t like oral loving a whole lot, just like you said just now you don’t care for getting fucked.”

Blunt, to the point, Harri was starting to become a bit redder in the face.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love when I lick and eat pussy, but, and now she was beet red, “I…..I get so anxious when……” And she stopped in mid sentence.

“Haveyoueverbeenwithmorethanonegirlatthesametime?” she blurted out in one word.

During all this, Dorothy had moved closer to me and taken my hand in her’s. Turning to me she kissed me fully on the lips, her tonguetip lightly painting them.

Her eyes were smiling as she broke the kiss.

Both Harri and I seemed to have the same level of surprise.

“Harri, Claudia, ok, now I understand. When I was talking with Harri earlier and you both came back I thought it might be a setup, something you do to play around. Now I get it.Harri, you are so tough!” she laughed softly.

“Claudia, your face is priceless.”

It must have been because all the color was drained from it.

Dot then went to Harri and held her by the back of the neck and gave her a kiss equal in intensity to the one we had shared, I could tell her tongue parted Harri’s lips and they kissed deeply.

She also moved her hand up to caress Harri’s left breast, calmly stroking the cone shaped flesh, Harri’s nipple trapped under her thumb. Dot strummed her nipple and my girlfriend put her hand out to me.

She pulled me behind Dot and I ran my lips along her neck, nibbling up to her earlobe. Harri’s scent is subdued, Dove facial soap is her choice, but Dot had the hint of perfume. The feminine aroma filled me completely and I felt a tiny release of my juices, throughly unanticipated until just seconds before.

My nipples stiffened in my lacy bra, the sharp/soft cups now feeling much too confining.

I placed my hands on Dot’s firm asscheeks, those mounds I had watched so intently a few minutes before. She broke her kiss with Harri and took us by our hands.

Her bedroom is small, ultra feminine, even to a satin stool at her makeup mirror.

However, üvey baba porno I noticed her bed, though covered and made, has a queensize mattress.

She released our hands and threw the bedclothes to the foot of the bed.

More a command than an invitation.

Dot turned and drew her sweater over her blonde haired head. Her braless breasts bobbing seductively

“Yes, Harri, I have.”

Harri’s confidence restored, she tossed her top off, those incredible conical breasts with the long, pink nipples holding not just my attention.

Dot drew her pants off, showing pink satin french cut panties as Harri pushed her baggies down, standing in her boxers, the tip of our ‘boi’ forming a ridge along her right thigh.

I was the only one still fully clothed.

They approached me as though in concert.

Harri stood behind me, unbuttoning my blouse from the rear with a skill usually reserved for fine tuning her motorcyle.

Dot’s hands went to my skirt and unbuttoned it, sliding the zipper lower and pushing it down my nylon covered legs. Her fingers running along the strap of my garterbelt, sending a jolt of electricity through my body.

As Harri unclasped my bra and then cupped my saggy breasts, Dot knelt and lowered my panties, her breath hot on my now extremely wet mound.

She did something totally unexpected when she pursed her lips and blew a long stream of air over my now opening slit.

Harri was in her full seductress mode and rolled my nipples in her fingers, pinching, stretching them.

She slid her bare feet between my feet and opened me, parting my legs as Dot extended her tongue and lapped the dripping nectar. Her tongue swirled and dipped into my pussy. She shook her head left and right and lashed my thighs with her hair. She rolled her tongue, cradling my clit and flicked over it.

Harri ground against my ass, the strapon hard, pushing me closer to Dot’s face.

Dot lapped the fine hairs surrounding my pussy, a low moan rising.. Her tongue gliding over first the left, then the right lip of my labia. Tasting my juices she looked up into my eyes and smiled as she used her fingers to pull me open further, drinking the aromatic cream freely flowing. Flickering and fluttering her tongue I felt the first rush of a crashing orgasm start.

Just then Dot stood, pressing her body against me,,,,,,stopping the rush.

Harri said, “What the fu……” but stopped as she felt Dot pulling us to the bed.

Dot pushed me down onto the center of the bed and had Harri sit with her back to the headboard at my head.

She knelt at my side and pulled Harri’s boxers down and off, releasing her ‘cock’.

She then leant over me and took a breast into her mouth. Sucking first the nipple, then drawing more and more of the breast into her mouth. Sucking, flutterng her tongue, pushing her hand round the mound and making my breast swell she ran her hand down my tummy to find the river of cream flowing from my pussy.

As three of Dot’s fingers sank between my pussy lips, Harri turned and pressed her cock to my cheek, rubbing it over my lips

I opened my mouth and sucked the thick, hard plastic.

Dot moved her face from my breasts to my belly, then parted my legs and licked my pussy.

Her tongue rolled once more, she fucked my pussy with her tongue.

Loud, squishy noises from my center as similar wet slurps from my mouth on Harri’s cock.

My cheek bulged and my pussy spasmed. My head whirled and I felt the overwhelming pull into oblivion.

I blacked out!

I know I quivered and shook.

I quaked and screamed around the womancock in my mouth.

When I came to, Dorothy had Harri on her back kneeling at her side, doing the same incredible mouth sucking breast play as I had experienced.

Not to leave any doubt as to whom was my girlfriend, I knelt at her other side and flicked the matching breast and nipple with my flattened tongue. Sucking the tender pink nub into my lips I lifted it and bit with my teeth. Pulling as I knew made Harri pour her juices I ran my fingers down to the strap which ground against her slit and clitoris. A finger pushing deep, twisting, feeling her clamp onto the digit.

I bent my finger and scratched her inner flesh.

Dorothy forgotten until I felt her lie next to Harri, her succulent pussy glistening with her slivery appearing nectar.

I did not want to admit this, but, yes, there was an element missing from my loving making with my Darling. The taste, the feel of a pussy around my tongue. I would indulge myself perhaps every fourth love making time with Harri, but knew her reluctance to accept my devotion.

This woman she had not exactly cultivated, but found, I think, worthy of my wantoness was offering herself to my primal need. Dot knew that the gift was not taken from her, but requested and offered selflessly.

Abandoning my lover I greedily knelt between the blonde’s legs and kissed her belly. Small pecks, slowly wetting the fine pelt covering her skin. My breasts swaying and bouncing against her inner thighs. The rising scent filling my nose, my senses. Transported to my youth, the first taste of another woman’s sexual juices, I ran my tongue along her swollen labia. My eyes closed as I savored the musky, sweet, tangy flavor of a new lover.

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