Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 7 – Draco’s Plan Begins


This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 7
January had arrived with a torrent of snow as the 1st week of the new term at Hogwarts commenced. Draco had been thinking long and hard over the Christmas break of how he could corrupt one of Harry’s friends to the Dark Lord’s side. Finally, with the help of Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy, Draco had formulated a plan which though fraught with risk, he believed could work. Pansy since her severe beating and raping by Draco had become a shell of who she was and followed Draco’s orders without question which made her a perfect accomplice in Draco’s plan.

It was a particularly frosty Sunday morning and Hermione and Ginny were sat on a bench in the grounds overlooking the Lake. Though it was still relatively cold, the Sun shone brightly through the clear blue sky, the rays illuminating the pure white snow which surrounded the area. Hermione had conjured one of her flames into a jar to keep the girls warm, whilst they revised and chatted. Draco and Pansy had silently followed the girls and were now approaching them hand-in-hand.
‘Remember, stick to the plan,’ Draco whispered to Pansy as they walked closer to the two girls, ‘one wrong word and your dead,’ Draco finished hoarsely, giving Pansy’s hand a hard squeeze. Pansy grimaced, her eyes blank out of her fear as they finally reached Hermione and Ginny.

‘Good morning ladies,’ said Draco cheerily as he and Pansy stood in front of Hermione and Ginny.
‘Malfoy,’ Hermione said coldly, ‘what do you want?’
‘Hermione,’ Draco said with a smile, ‘why so aggressive? Actually, you may be shocked as to why I and Pansy are here. We’ve been thinking over the Christmas break, we think it’s time we put our differences aside. We’re sorry for any troubles we have ever caused aren’t we Pansy?’ Draco said, giving Pansy’s hand an encouraging squeeze.
‘That’s right,’ Pansy said robotically, ‘I’m sorry to both of you for how we’ve treated you.’ Hermione and Ginny stared back open-mouthed in shock.
‘Are you for real Draco,’ Ginny said suspiciously. Draco nodded and Ginny detected no lie in his grey eyes.
‘Wow,’ Ginny and Hermione said together, ‘Ok then Draco,’ Hermione continued, ‘we’re willing to put our difference aside.’
‘Shake on it,’ said Draco, as he and Pansy offered their hands in friendship. Hesitantly, Hermione and Ginny took their hands and began to shake. As they did, Draco looked over the top of the girls to Crabbe and Goyle, who were creeping up behind the two girls. Draco quickly winked at them; this was their cue. They took their wands and aimed at the two girls.

‘IMPEDIMENTA!’ cried Goyle.
‘STUPEFY!’ shouted Crabbe. Goyle’s spell hit Ginny squarely in the back, causing her to slump unconsciously to the floor, her hand still grasping Pansy’s. Crabbe’s spell however narrowly missed Hermione, flying just over her head. Hermione quickly turned around to face her attacker. Draco, angry at his friend’s incompetence, silently drew his wand and shoved it straight into the small of Hermione’s back, causing her to take a sharp intake of breath.
‘Petrificus Totalus,’ Draco whispered into her ear, as Hermione froze and fell back into Draco’s arms. Draco lowered her to the ground as Hermione’s eyes stared back at Draco in terror.
‘You stupid little mudblood,’ Draco sneered into her face, which was barely an inch away from Hermione’s. Draco suddenly grabbed her by the sides of the head and slammed it hard into the ground, causing her to fall unconscious immediately.
‘Good work everyone,’ Draco said as Crabbe and Goyle jogged quickly to be at Draco’s side, ‘though you have to work on your accuracy Crabbe,’ Draco added. Crabbe lowered his head and shuffled his feet as Draco scalded him.

‘Right,’ Draco continued, ‘you know the plan, Pansy, go back to the castle, you will be our alibi. Anybody asks where we are and we’re in our dormitory doing work.’ Pansy nodded as she scurried off back to the castle, ‘ok boys, pick them up,’ he said pointing towards the two girls who lay sprawled at the foot of the bench, ‘to the whomping willow.’ Crabbe and Goyle quickly picked up the two girls easily in firemen’s lifts as they ran swiftly to the whomping willow, Draco making sure to melt their footprints behind them with his wand. They finally reached the tree without being seen as it immediately began to sweep and hurl its branches at them. Draco picked up a loose branch from the ground and managed to poke the knot in the tree. The willow immediately stopped its aggressive behaviour, as it settled back into its usual peaceful stance.

‘Go….quickly,’ şişli bayan escort Draco whispered urgently, as he stood on lookout as Crabbe and Goyle crawled into the hole at the base of the tree, dragging the two girls behind them. Eventually, they made it through the narrow, dirt ridden tunnel and emerged into the gloom of the Shrieking Shack. Dust and cobwebs clung to every nook and cranny and furniture lay scattered and splintered in every room. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle along with their prisoners quickly made their way to the master bedroom, where Crabbe and Goyle threw Hermione and Ginny onto the 4 poster bed.
‘Incarcerous,’ Draco muttered as ropes erupted from his wand and tied the two girls wrists together above their heads, ‘Enervate,’ Draco whispered, pointing his wand first at Hermione, then Ginny, as their eyes began to flicker as they regained consciousness.
‘What happened…….where are we?’ Ginny asked groggily as she and Hermione began to strain against their shackles.
‘You my dears,’ said Draco as he stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the helpless Hermione and Ginny, ‘have been chosen for a very important task for the Dark Lord. On Saturday the 10th of April at midday, you shall both seek-out and have sex with Harry Potter for a reason of the upmost importance.’ Draco pointed his wand at the girls and began to mutter a spell in a sing-song way as he performed some complicated wand movements. Suddenly, Hermione’s and Ginny’s bodies glowed red for a moment until it subsided. Draco let out a cry of joy as Crabbe and Goyle looked on impatiently.

‘Somebody help us!’ Ginny screamed suddenly in desperation.
‘By the way,’ Draco said with a smile, ‘we’re in the Shrieking Shack, shout all you like, nobody can hear you scream.’ Hermione’s and Ginny’s eyes widened in fear, as they lay on the bed helpless.
‘Draco,’ Goyle said gruffly, ‘remember….you promised us.’ Draco looked at his friend for a moment.
‘You are right Goyle, you and Crabbe have served me well and you will be rewarded by me. Have your way with them then, as much as I would love to shag them, my father would kill me if he found out I had fucked a mudblood and a blood traitor.’ Draco said as he went to sit on a chair near to the bed. Goyle and Crabbe grinned wickedly at the two girls as Ginny and Hermione looked on in wide eyed fear.
‘O God no,’ Hermione whimpered as Crabbe and Goyle de-robed themselves quickly. Both Crabbe and Goyle were huge specimens of men, at least 6 foot 5 and around 18 stones. Though not fat, they were not muscley either and both were uglier than a house-elf that had been dropped off a cliff. Ginny sighed as she saw Crabbe’s tiny 4 inch erect cock, hoping that she wouldn’t feel much and the ordeal would soon be over. However, her relief soon turned to despair when she looked at Goyle’s cock. It was at least 8 and a half inches long and as fat as a sausage, with a huge pair of balls hanging just below.

‘Go on boys,’ said Draco encouragingly as he eased himself back into his chair in anticipation of the show, ‘give these bitches a rough fucking.’ Crabbe and Goyle both laughed wickedly as they sat on the bed, stroking their hard cocks. Goyle went over to Hermione and Crabbe went to grab Ginny eagerly.
‘No……no!’ Ginny shouted, kicking out at Crabbe with her legs. Crabbe laughed at her pitiful resistance as he finally pinned her long, slender legs to the bed. ‘You may have my body, but you’ll never have my mind,’ Ginny said defiantly, her face barely an inch away from Crabbe’s.
‘I don’t want your mind you silly whore,’ Crabbe cackled as he ripped apart Ginny’s clothes until she lay naked on the bed. Crabbe lay on top of Ginny, pinning her down with his immense weight as his grubby hands began to grab and feel her gorgeous C sized tits. Crabbe brought her beautiful round mounds to his vile mouth as he began to suck and slurp on her rosy nipples. He alternated between each breast quickly, admiring how the soft lumps reacted to his touch. Ginny stared defiantly at the ceiling with blank eyes, thinking about Harry and how charming and handsome he was in comparison to her troll like assailant.

Hermione lay quivering underneath Goyle as he easily tore her clothes off like they were wrapping paper. Goyle immediately grabbed Hermione’s large D sized breasts in his large hands and began to roughly massage them in his palms. Goyle pulled at her nipples, making them hard and more erect as Hermione whimpered in pain. Goyle suddenly spat in between her breasts and pushed them closely together. Goyle then straddled Hermione’s chest as he forced his large dick in between her breasts and began thrusting şişli escort ferociously.
‘Ahhhhhh,’ sighed Goyle in relief, as he felt the soft skin of Hermione’s breasts rub against his cock. Goyle continued to squeeze at Hermione’s breasts as he thrusted his hips hard, his cock each time hitting Hermione’s throat. After a few minutes, Goyle finally collapsed onto Hermione’s delicate body, causing her to exhale sharply as he began to roughly lick and kiss Hermione’s neck and face with his large, fat tongue. Hermione turned her face away in disgust as Goyle gave her face one long lick from her chin, passing along her cheek then stopping at her ear. Goyle noticed Crabbe move, as he lay Ginny flat on top of himself and so Goyle picked up Hermione like a rag doll and placed her on top of Ginny, on her tummy so that her ass lay invitingly in the air on top of Ginny’s. Goyle tapped his cock rapidly on Hermione’s pussy before pushing his hips violently forwards, so that 4 inches of his cock rammed straight into her tight pussy.

‘Arghhh,’ Ginny heard Hermione scream in her ear, guessing that Goyle must have inserted into her. Ginny felt Crabbe’s hand near her slit, as he shoved his tiny cock into her vagina. Crabbe wrapped his arms around both girls, crushing Hermione’s tits against Ginny’s back. With this leverage, he began pounding furiously into Ginny, hearing his thighs and balls slap into Ginny’s ass. His hand rested on the back off Ginny’s long red hair, as Ginny pressed her face into Crabbe’s meaty shoulder.
‘I won’t enjoy this tiny dick,’ she whispered maliciously, so only that Crabbe heard. Crabbe responded by ramming her pussy even harder, the bed squeaking with the violence of his thrusting.
‘You….might not enjoy it……but I, ahhhhh…….will,’ Crabbe panted back to her, as he felt the clenching warmness of Ginny’s pussy against his cock.
Draco watched on from the chair in delight as he felt his cock stir anxiously in his boxers. Draco began to stroke his cock through his clothes as he saw Goyle’s huge ass move like a piston engine in and out of Hermione’s small pussy. Draco smiled as he heard Hermione cry out in pain as Goyle finally managed to get balls deep into Hermione’s slit.
‘AHHhhhh hahaha,’ cackled Goyle in a gruff voice as he felt his balls rest on Hermione’s pussy. Hermione’s pussy began to stretch around Goyle’s huge cock as he felt her pussy walls wrap around his cock. Goyle finally began pounding with ease as he slapped Hermione’s fine ass every few thrusts with one hand, whilst with the other he began to rub Ginny’s clit.

After a good ten minutes in this position, Goyle finally panted, ‘let’s swap,’ as he slowly removed his cock from within Hermione. Crabbe pushed Ginny off him as Goyle grabbed her by her ankle. Ginny immediately began to fight back and though her hands were bound, she managed to scratch Goyle along his cheek, leaving three angry red marks there.
‘I like girls who fight back,’ Goyle said darkly as blood started to form at his wound. With no hesitation, he picked up Ginny by her waist and wrapped her legs around his waist, as he rammed her into the wall. He quickly grabbed his dick as he placed it at her entrance.
‘Go on Goyle,’ urged Draco, ‘I’ve always wanted to see this Wealsey slut fucked like the whore she is.’ A mist formed over Goyle’s eyes as he ignored Ginny’s flailing and kicking as he forced his massive cock deep into Ginny’s pussy.
‘Arghhhh,’ Ginny moaned in pain, as Goyle’s cock penetrated her. Though Harry had a big cock, it was nowhere near as fat as Goyle’s as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate this unwanted intruder. Goyle supported Ginny by her curvaceous ass a he thrusted hard into Ginny. Ginny’s pussy felt even better then Hermione’s as he felt waves of pleasure flow through his body, causing him to stand on his tiptoes as he fucked her harder and harder.

‘Hmmmmm…….ahhhhh,’ panted Goyle as he rested his head on Ginny’s tender shoulder, biting hard into it as he continued to thrust his large cock deep into her. He then began to kiss and lick around her neck. Ginny could smell his warm, smelly breath as he went to kiss her on the lips; but she managed to turn away in time. In retaliation, Goyle grabbed her roughly by her slender neck, and crushed his hand around it, causing Ginny’s vision to black out as she gasped for air. Finally, he let go, causing Ginny to take deep lungfulls of air in. As she did, he stuck his fat index finger into her throat, feeling the wet warmness around his finger. He withdrew his finger and used it to play with Ginny’s clit, as he carried on thrusting, wilder and harder.
‘Ahhhh…….ahhhhh…..Mmmmmm,’ Goyle finally mecidiyeköy escort cried out. His body stiffened and his hips shot violently upwards into Ginny as he fired off a torrent of cum deep into Ginny. Ginny started to black out after her violent assault as she felt Goyle’s warm, sticky cum swirl around inside her pussy. Before passing out, she felt Goyle throw her back onto the bed, next to Hermione and Crabbe.
‘I’ve waited years to give you the punishment you deserve mudblood,’ said Crabbe to Hermione gleefully as he mounted her in the missionary position. Crabbe quickly eased in his cock into Hermione, which slid in easily after Goyle’s ferocious pounding of her.

‘Amazing tits,’ commented Crabbe as he dove his face into the middle of Hermione’s chest and began to shake his face in between her large, firm breasts. After a few moments, he raised his face and placed it directly above Hermione’s right breast, which jiggled there like jelly with the motion of Crabbe’s thrusting. Crabbe poked his tongue out and began to lick around Hermione’s nipple, massaging it in a circular motion. Suddenly, he opened his large mouth and took a huge mouthful of Hermione’s tit, as he began to suckle deeply on to it. As he continued to suck her tit, he plunged his cock into her with slow, deep thrusts, which made Hermione cry out in pain. Suddenly he changed his motion to a quicker tempo as he began to slide in and out of Hermione’s pussy with ease. Goyle sat on the edge of the bed and watched, occasionally urging on his friend to fuck her more violently.

‘I think this bitch wants a cock in her ass,’ suggested Goyle.
‘Haha, damn right,’ panted Crabbed as he flipped Hermione over. Crabbe spread Hermione’s perfect ass cheeks and spat into her crack, his saliva clinging to her ass-hole. Crabbe pinned down Hermione by the small of her back as he placed his cock by her entrance, letting his saliva ooze over his cock. Crabbe felt Hermione’s body shake in fearful anticipation as Crabbe started to ease his cock into Hermione’s ass. After a few attempts, Crabbe’s cock finally broke through her ring then suddenly the rest of his cock slipped in easily, till he lay balls deep in Hermione’s ass. Hermione began to cry silent tears as Crabbe began to slowly thrust into Hermione’s tight ass. Hermione’s ass constricted around Crabbe’s dick like a vice and after a few minutes, he felt a mighty climax build up within him.
‘Take it all bitch……ahhhhhhhhh,’ cried Crabbe in relief, as he emptied the contents of his ball sack into Hermione’s ass. Once his powerful orgasm subsided, he gave Hermione’s curvy bum a quick slap and squeeze before he pulled out of her with a wet pop. Pure white cum began to immediately leak out of Hermione’s ass and pooled onto the bed sheets.

Draco, who after watching this spectacle had a raging hard-on and was eager to dump his load.
‘Ahh guys I need to jack off after seeing that,’ he smirked to Crabbe and Goyle as he stood up from his chair and approached the bed, ‘I’m sure father wouldn’t mind.’ Draco undid his robe and lowered his jogging pants low enough so he could whip out his hard cock. He knelt on the bed in front of the unconscious Ginny, who lay on her back, cum oozing out of her pussy and Hermione who lay on her tummy, too exhausted to put up a fight. Immediately, he began to rub his long, pale, thin 7 inch cock furiously, mainly focusing on his bulbous red head as he looked down at the gorgeous girls just below him. He was so horny that within a few minutes he felt a powerful surge of excitement start in his large, round balls and spread quickly around his body.
‘Ahhhhhhh,’ Draco cried, his body tensing and his head shooting back so that he was looking at the ceiling as his cum spurt out of his cock in long shots. Huge amounts of his cum splashed out all over the 2 girls, a few strands landing on Ginny’s pearly white tummy while another shot landed in Hermione’s ass crack, as it started to trickle downwards and stick to her pussy.

‘Oooo…..ahhh, I needed that,’ panted Draco weakly as he shook his cock clean of the last few drops of cum and quickly whipped it back into his boxers. Crabbe and Goyle smirked as they started to re-dress.
Draco grabbed his wand from within his robes and pointed it first at Hermione then at Ginny, ‘Obliviate,’ he cried. A white glow surrounded the girls heads as Hermione fell unconscious as well next to Ginny.
‘Good,’ Draco said in a satisfied voice, ‘they won’t remember this, though the spell I put on them earlier will still work. Crabbe, Goyle, I’m leaving it to you to protect these girls until the 10th April. If anything happens to them before then and I’m a dead man, you understand?’
Both Crabbe and Goyle nodded seriously, knowing how important there task was, and how grateful they were to their master for the reward he gave them.

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