Heather Pt. 11


I woke up the next morning on my back. Heather’s naked body pressed against me. Her leg lay over mine, while she lightly rubbed my chest with her soft hand. I turned my head to see my beautiful daughter’s smiling face.

“Good morning. How did you sleep?” Heather giggled.

“Hard,” I laughed, rolling over to face my daughter.

Heather started to move her leg off of me. I quickly grabbed behind her thigh as I turned, keeping Heather’s sexy leg between mine. My cock instantly hardened against my daughter’s soft skin.

“Oh?” Heather teased. “I guess you did,” she whispered, feeling her dad’s erection growing against her.

I leaned in to kiss my daughter, and began easing my body on top of her. Heather moved with me, opening her legs, complicit in the incestuous intent of being penetrated by her own father.

We kissed, passionately while I massaged and kneaded Heather’s breast. I pressed my body into my daughter, sinking her into the bed, moaning in her mouth.

I broke our kiss and panted against Heather’s neck, kissing, licking and tasting her skin. Heather’s chest rose and fell in deep, shaky breaths. Her hand moved from my back to the wedge of our bodies. I lifted up, letting my daughter put her hand in between us, both of us wanting it there.

Heather took my cock in her hand, pressing my shaft between her soft folds. She gently raised her hips, gliding my cock between her walls, sharing her wetness with me. I moaned loudly and gripped my daughter’s tit, when I felt her position the head of my cock to enter her.

I raised up on my arms and looked into Heather’s eyes as she put the head of my cock inside her. Both of us exhaled hard, then I slid my cock all the way inside my little girl. Without pulling back, I held myself inside, driving my dick into Heather’s young pussy and grinding my balls against her.

“Ohhh yes,” Heather whispered, rolling her eyes back as they closed.

I brought my lips to Heather’s, and began making love to my beautiful daughter.

Heather’s young pussy felt so perfect. I slid effortlessly Kıbrıs Escort through her, in slow, thrusting deliberation. She squeezed me tightly as I withdrew, making me drive my cock back into her, hard.

I broke our kiss, both of us panting. I raised back up on my arms to look at my daughter again while I made love to her. My eyes traveled down Heather’s gorgeous face to her breasts, then down her body to watch my cock disappear inside my own daughter, over and over.

My thrusts increased until I was giving my daughter the hard fucking we both knew she needed. I looked back up at Heather’s face and told her, “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“I know, Daddy,” Heather panted. Then she smiled and said, “Let me get on top.”

I held Heather to me as I rolled her body on top of mine. She raised up, bending her legs to straddle me on her knees. We both watched as my sexy daughter guided my cock back to her pussy. I groaned loudly as she lowered herself down, taking me all the way inside.

“THIS is how I have been wanting it,” Heather said.

“Oh yes, Baby. It feels so good.”

“This is the way we’ve been doing it, every time I’ve masturbated for you.”

“Oh, Heather. I’ve had you so many times. So many ways.”

Heather took the same position I had taken, holding herself up on her arms. Then she began thrusting her body back, slamming my cock up inside her. I lifted my hips, matching Heather’s thrusts, pounding my daughter’s pussy while she rubbed her tits on my chest.

“Yes,” she exhaled, thrusting hard on me. “Yes,” hard thrust. “Yes,” hard thrust. “Do me, Daddy!”

I grabbed the back of Heather’s thighs and drove my dick into her over and over and over. Heather could sense I was close to climaxing. She lifted her body off mine, to sit upright on top of me once more, grinding me into her pussy, hard.

Heather slid her hand down and began feverishly stimulating her clit as we fucked.

“Oh yes, Baby. Rub your pussy. I love watching you do that.”

“I want to cum when Lefkoşa Escort you do,” Heather told me.

“Yes!” I panted. “Oh, Heather,” driving my dick into her. “Oh, Heather,” hard thrust.

“Oh, Daddy!” Heather groaned, her pussy gripping me tight. “Oh, Daddy,” rubbing her pussy, making it gush. “Oh, Daddy,” obscene, wet, slapping sounds as my little girl grabbed both her tits and ground her pussy down on me.

“Yes, Baby. Yes. I’m gonna cum in you,” I moaned.

“I’m cumming, Daddy! Fuck me! Oh God, Fuck me!”

Heather fell forward to hold herself up on her arms once more when she climaxed. Her pussy gripped me so tight as I drove my cock up into her and held her legs.

“Yes, Baby! I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you, Heather,” I groaned, as my cock pulsed and pumped cum into the forbidden fruit of my own daughter.

I held Heather tight, staring into her eyes. The room fell silent as we shared our ecstasy, what we had both been wanting, to feel my cock fill her with my love and desire.

Heather’s eyes held no regrets as she kissed my lips and whispered, “I love you, Daddy.”

My cock, still hard and twitching, pumped once more when Heather’s lips touched mine. “I love you so much, Baby.”

Heather’s soft body relaxed on top of me, her head lay comfortably on my shoulder as we held each other’s embrace.

I felt my daughter’s pussy gush, wetness spilled down between my legs, soaking the sheet as my cock reluctantly left her body.

“Oh,” Heather softly giggled. “We need a shower.”

“I don’t want to move,” I whispered, a bit shakily. “I don’t ever want this moment to end.”

Heather raised up to look at me sincerely, “Nothing is ending, Daddy. Nothing.” Then she kissed me again and said, “This is only the beginning.”

I’m in love with my daughter. All the lust I’ve been consumed with, the need to feed my skin with hers, has consumed me. I am completely lost in her. Yes. How could this not be the beginning? How could I stop wanting her? I thought, as my eyes replied Magosa Escort to Heather’s declaration.

“I’m in love with you, Daddy,” Heather whispered, then brought her mouth to mine. Her tongue glided past my lips and made love to mine for a few, beautiful moments.

Heather broke our kiss and brought her eyes back to mine, breathing hard, smiling.

“Were you reading my mind?” I asked.

“I think so,” she giggled. “Now take a shower with me.”

Heather took my hand and led me to the shower, like I didn’t know the way. My daughter stood behind me, rubbing her hands over my chest while the warm water rained down over us. Her hand traveled down my body, massaging my flacid penis, still sensitive from orgasm. I turned around and wiped the water from Heather’s face. She raised up on her tiptoes and brought her lips to mine.

I felt Heather’s wet-slick breasts as we kissed, moaning into her mouth as I marveled at how big my teenage daughter’s tits had become. I kissed down her neck and took my little girl’s firm breast in my mouth, aggressively licking and sucking on her nipple, hardening it. I lowered myself to my knees, feeding my mouth on Heather’s skin as I went down on her.

Heather moaned quietly and leaned back against the shower. She opened her legs and put her hands on the back of my head as my tongue parted her pussy lips. I licked inside my daughter’s walls, still wet from both of our orgasmic issues. I fed myself on my own little girl’s vagina, undeterred by tasting myself inside her.

I held Heather’s thighs, licking inside her, fucking her with my tongue. She groaned and thrust her pussy onto my mouth for a moment, then guided me back to stand in front of her. Heather pulled my face to hers and began kissing me, wanting to taste and share our essence.

We broke our kiss, panting and smiling. “I’m going to put something cute on for you. Finish your shower. Don’t keep me waiting too long though,” Heather giggled.

Heather wrapped herself in a towel, smiled at me in the mirror, then hurried out of the bathroom. I steadied myself on my hands, against the shower wall, letting the warm water relax my aroused body and mind. I felt as if I had just finished running a marathon.

Pace yourself, big fella. You’re gonna be fucking her all day, I thought, staring at my erection.

End of Part – 11

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