here’s something for you and your buzzing bun


here’s something for you and your buzzing bunwould u like to sit down on the bed and spread ur legs open… close ur eyes and lay back… i kneel infront of you and place my hands on ur boobsmhmmi squeez your boobs softly and slowly move my hand n pull ur nipples gentlyi then lift my self up to ur boobsand i start with soft kisses on ur left breat and then i move back to the right breati slowly and softly kiss around your nipples while every few kisses i flick my tongue on ur nippleand i start to suck the right nipples softly and gently while flick my tongue on ur nipplesfirst i do it slow n then little bit faster and i move from the right nipple to the left n do the samethen i gently nibble as well….now im im licking and nibbling on ur nipples moving from left to right and from right to left and as im abt to pull away i softly kiss them both….while i softly kiss ur left breast i move my hand down to ur pussy and try to feel how wet you got….and as i feel that ur wet i slowly move my soft kisses down towards your pussy..so as ur laying down on the bed and spread ur legs open n ur eyes bahis siteleri closed i move my head close to your lovely looking pussy and i can see your wet pussy …i stick my tongue out and slowly licked ur pussy lips, and as i move my tongue up and down ur pussy i slowly move my tongue up to your g-spot and softly suck it n gently flick my tongue on your g-spot…i then move my tongue slowly down and i spread ur pussy lips and i slowly slid my tongue in and out of ur pussy… in and outi start slowly sliding my tongue in and out and as i pull my tongue out slowly n softly give ur g-spot a flick… and then slid my tongue n and out faster and faster…..and then i slowly pull my tongue out n lick all around ur pussy lips and softly n suck ur pussy lips and then i move my tongue to ur g-spot and i gently suck it… n very gently nibble on ur g-spot n lips… making you more wetas im nibbling gently on ur g-spot i slowly slid my middle finger inside ur pussy… but not all da way… just enough so u can feel the finger inside u…. andthen i slowly start to slid it deeper and deeper untill canlı bahis my whole finger is inside ur sweet wet pussyand i slowly pull my finger out and while pulling i start to flicker my tongue on ur g-spot … then ii then slid the finger slowly in and out of ur wet pussyand as im slowly sliding my finger in n out of ur pussy i keep licking and sucking n flickin my tongue on ur g-spot …and as i keep doing that… i then pull my finger fully feel your juices on my fingerso i took the juice covered finger n start to run circles around ur nipples n i noticed that ur nipples are hard …. so i pinched them …. at first softly then a little harder…. as u lift ur head up to look but my tongue is still licking and flicking around ur pussy n ur g-spot….i then slid my finger back in side ur warm wet juicy pussyi start to slid it slow… slower… then fastfaster and much faster… making the juice to come out ur pussyas im sliding my finger in n out faster and faster… feeling ur juices on my hand … with my other hand i pull my pants down…and start to stroke it slowlymaking it harder… güvenilir bahis n as im doing that im still sliding my finger in n out of ur wet pussy faster and faster then bit slower n slower and faster and faster and slower…as u whisper ohhh im… abt….. cum….. i get up and slid my hard dick into your warm n soaking wet pussyand i start drive it deep and deeper inside ur pussy…. faster and faster so that u can cum all over my hard dick…im sliding my hard dick in ur wet juicy pussy faster and faster… feeling more horny and more… faster n faster…. as i hear u screaming out …. im….. c…u…m… ing…. cuming…… ..as those words left ur mouth… i couldnt take it and with that i shot my load deep inside ur sweet wet pussy but… still sliding my dick in n out as shootin my load… inside…as we layin next each other feeling all sweaty we look each other in the eyes and say… mhmmm shower time…as we went in to the shower I let you go in first and as im sitting looking at u washing ur your body I couldn’t help my self but to step inside and help u out washing … I run my soaped up hands all over ur body , around ur boobs, squeezing them gently n rubbing them gently, squeeze ur nipples sofly, and next think i start to kiss ya deeply and deeply and we go for it again in the shower…

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