High and Low Ch. 02


Simon was happy in his new one bedroom apartment, not far from the chaos and craziness of the LA club life.

He was listening to techno.Dancing around the room by himself in his skintight slut jeans, and tank top. His toes and the arches of his bare feet feeling every nuance of the floor, like a prime Ballerina’s.

He felt like a slut. A horny twink. Now twenty five and never having been fucked though.

He just couldn’t express himself. He tried to sometimes by adding a new toe ring or wearing new bangles, but something was misssing. Now that he drank occasionally it wasn’t enough to let out his inhibitions though. Sometimes he felt like his head would explode.

“Bang! Bang! Bang,” the fists now slammed at his door.

“Let us the fuck in! ” screamed Karen with her new female friend Brenda.

Deathly beautiful, sluttish Karen ambled in wearing a black leather halter top, black leather mini and “Fuck me” thigh high black velvet slut boots.

“Come on Babe,let’s sit down, ” she said to her friend, who wore agonizingly tight faded super low rise jeans, spike heels and a pink blouse. Her long blonde hair, framing her angelic face with slightly runny mascara eyes and thick “I want to suck your cock” lips.

They sat next to each other on the sofa seemingly ignoring bursa yabancı escort the still standing Simon. Karen pulled a bottle of red wine from her handbag.

“Let’s do some coke, ” uttered a jubilant Karen, lighting up a cigarette.

“No smoking in here! ” said Simon somewhat petrified.

“Fuck You Simon! Get us some glasses ass hole! ” scolded Karen.

“Karen? Smoking is bad for you, ” offered Brenda, looking at Simon somewhat concerned.

“Don’t worry Sweetie, ” muttered Karen snorting the first line.

“Here babe! Use one finger to close one nostril, ” she instructed Brenda, as the 24 year old California blonde inhaled the powder with the air of a newbie.

“Wow! That feels so good! ” she exclaimed smiling into the netherworld , one step closer to bimbo land.

Karen then placed one sultry cheap bejeweled hand on Brenda’s breast and the two locked lips in a passion kiss. Deep tonguing each other and lightly moaning in pleasure. Groping each other’s breasts. Faces getting redder as the action got hotter.

As the heavy necking progressed Brenda kicked off her heels. Karen brought Brenda’s barefoot up to her crotch, massaging it gently with her hand. Ever so vigilantly. Her thumb rubbing the top of Brenda’s toes bursa sınırsız escort while her sluttish nailed fingers tingled and aroused the arches and soul. The heel of her foot enticed Karen’s hot, wet, burning pussy.

“I love going barefoot, ” sputtered Karen in between kisses.

Brenda squealed in delight, and the two chicks hot necking picked up a scale.

Brenda lifted up her ass, and Karen helped her slide her jeans off.

“Let me fuck you baby, ” said Karen breathlessly, reaching into her handbag and grabbed a thick 9 inch black dildo. “Wow! ” exclaimed Brenda.

As Brenda slid off her top, Karen placed the Dildo in her vagina and moved it every which way. Every way the right way. She began kissing Brenda’s ample, stiff nipple breasts as both girls moaned in pleasure. Languishing, flailing about on the sofa.

“Oh!Oh!Oh! ” an ecstatic Brenda wailed while fingering Karen’s pussy underneath her Mini. For Karen never wore panties.

“Oh my little bitch!” teased karen as she worked the dildo, while a slithering Brenda obtained multiple orgasms. Writhing and near screaming in sexual pleasure. “Eat me! Eat me! My fucking whore! ” shouted Karen.

She grabbed Brenda’s head and placed it down on her pussy and Brenda’s tongue görükle escort went into quick super action.Licking and slurping the juices inside Karen’s cunt. Caressing and manipulating sexual orgasms. Karen screamed in delight while reaching over and massaging Brenda’s ultra sexy ass cheeks. Passionatly kissing them.

“Oh Babe! ” screamed Karen, finally running out of orgasms as both Girls were stinking wet and hot, bodies shuddering as they held each other as they basked in the climax’s aftermath.

They both lay there for a minute. Panting and slowly letting the heat die down.

“So now you know what it’s like to go with a woman! ” said Karen breathlessly lighting another cigarette and affectionately rubbing Brenda’s breast with her other hand.

“Fucking so hot! ” enthused Brenda, sipping on her wine.

Knowing it was over, sheepish Simon came out of his bedroom.

Brenda somewhat embarrassed threw on her top and jeans and smiled at Simon.

“Simon! Lend me twenty bucks until tommorrow. I know you’ve got it, ” said Karen.

Simon went red in the face and pulled out three twenties.Karen grabbed two of them then picked up her handbag and boots with one hand, and with the other grabbed Brenda’s hand. “C’mon. Let’s go babe, ” she said,starting towards the door.

Before leaving, Brenda turned around and looked at Simon somewhat affectionately.

“See you again Simon. Thanks, ” she said.

With that the two descended the stairs to go out into the LA wildness. Simon knew he would never see his forty dollars again. That’s how it was. That was Karen.

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