His First Time In A Dress


The story so far, as told in “Making the First Move”: Andrew, a voyeuristic university student, spies on and then fucks his fantasy girl, Emily. Afterwards, her face still dripping with his semen, she invites her friend Calum to join them. Now read on…“This Calum, is he a friend of yours?” asked Andrew. It was a stupid question really. If you’re naked in your bedroom, with some guy’s cum still warm and fresh on your body, anyone you invite round to join you must be a pretty good friend.“I guess you’d call him a friend,” said Emily with an enigmatic smile. “We’ve been around together quite a lot.”At that moment he heard the door swing open, and a tall, slim fair-haired guy walked in. He was barefoot and wearing a bathrobe, and looked as if he’d just stepped out of the shower.Emily made no attempt to cover up her nakedness. She jumped up and skipped across the room, making ready to kiss him. But he held his arms out and stopped her.“Whoa, babe, don’t get spunk on my new robe,” he laughed. “Look at the state of you, you filthy slut.”Emily pulled a face. “Don’t be such a bore, Calum,” she pouted, “Just take it off if you’re going to make such a fuss.”Calum smiled, shut the door, undid the tie on his robe, and hung it on the hook behind the door. Neither he nor Emily seemed bothered by the fact that he was stark naked underneath. Andrew’s gaze couldn’t help being drawn to his generously-proportioned penis, which swung freely between his legs. The second-most striking thing about it was that it was totally without hair, either around the base or on the testicles. Andrew had seen shaved guys in porn, or course, but had never really considered doing anything like that to his own equipment. The few girls he’d been with (before his obsession with Emily really took hold) had seemed happy enough with his pubic hair.Now Calum let Emily snuggle against him, rubbing her cum-smeared torso against his. He kissed her on the mouth, then licked a big dollop of Andrew’s semen off her cheek and rolled it round his mouth.“Very tasty, babe, I can tell you’ve been having a great time as usual,” he observed. “But aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”“This is Andrew. He’s my stalker, but he’s a sweetie too. He’s been following me around for ages, apparently, and I caught him watching me playing with my new dildo. So we’ve just had a fuck, and he came in buckets, all over the place. And he knows how to lick a girl out, too. ”“Well, I can see why you’re so popular,” said Calum. “It’s great to meet you. Your cum tastes great, by the way.”That was definitely a novel first-time greeting. “Erm, yeah, hi, and thanks,” Andrew replied, trying not to look at Calum’s dangling penis as he said it. Calum was circumcised as well isvecbahis as hairless, and his shiny knob-head was flushed and purple, suggesting he’d just finished playing with it.“So you were listening to us, you filthy beast,” accused Emily.“I couldn’t exactly help it, the noise you were making. I’m surprised that bed’s still in one piece. And I bet the whole corridor knew about it when you came. Did you hear Jenny cheering?”“Jenny’s a little tart. I bet she was diddling herself listening. And you were wanking too, weren’t you?” she went on. She put her hand between Calum’s legs and stroked his long penis. It twitched and began to swell slightly as she fondled it.“Sure I was,” he replied with a smile. “You had me edging for ages.”“Dirty boy,” purred Emily. “Does that mean you’ve not come yet?”“Not since this morning.”Teasing, Emily let go of his penis. “Well, you can wait a little longer,” she said. She turned to Andrew.“What do you think, hun?” she asked with a cheeky grin. “Do you think he’s got a nice dick?”Andrew smiled cautiously. While he already knew Emily wasn’t exactly pure as the driven snow, he was starting to realise that her sexual appetite was definitely turned up to 11.“Yeah, it’s … a really good one,” he said lamely. Then he felt he needed to show that he was okay talking about penises too, so he turned to Calum. “Do you always shave yourselves down there?” he asked. “It looks really cool.”“Wax, Andy, wax,” said Calum proudly. “Shaving’s fine, but a full wax is the only way. Back, sack and crack. Much smoother, eh babe?” He winked at Emily.“You should try it, Andy,” said Emily. “I loved deep-throating you, but the hairs do get stuck between the teeth sometimes, which is a bit yucky.”“Hey, you up for that, Andy?” said Calum. “Come on mate, hair isn’t cool these days, at least not on your bollocks.”“Hair isn’t cool anywhere, except on top of your head,” said Emily firmly. “If you try growing one of those wanky hipster beards again, you’re not coming anywhere near my fanny.”Calum laughed. “Yeah, okay sweetie, I hear you,” he said, and raised his eyes at Andrew. “But how about it, mate? We can’t do the wax now, but I’ll get the shaver if you’re up for it. You’ve got a great cock, but it’ll look even better with that undergrowth trimmed back.”If someone had told Andrew that morning that by the end of the day he’d be naked in Emily’s bedroom, talking about shaving his pubes off with her equally naked male friend, he have laughed in their face. But suddenly it sounded very appealing. And what was more, he was actually sexually turned on by the idea. In fact, his penis was twitching and starting to get hard again.“This is gonna be so good,” purred Emily. She put her hand on his penis and fondled isveçbahis giriş it, making it even harder. Behind her back, Andrew saw Calum disappearing next door to get his shaving equipment, without even bothering to put his robe on. Andrew wondered if every corridor in Cavendish Hall was as casual about nudity and sex as this one. It made Lenton seem very dull.“Oh look, your friend’s all eager again,” observed Emily as Andrew’s penis began to rise up. She knelt down and took it in her mouth, licking expertly around the knob and gently cradling his balls.“Come on, Em, leave Andy’s dick alone,” said Calum, coming back. “We’ve got work to do. Let’s give you a good trim first. Sit here on this towel and spread your legs.”Emily gave Andrew’s dick one last slurp, then slipped it out of her mouth. Andrew did as he was told, sitting on the edge of the bed. His penis was still hard and glistening with Emily’s saliva, and he was curiously excited as Calum took a pair of nail scissors and quickly and expertly began to snip away at his pale brown bushy pubes. In a matter of minutes there was a big pile of hairs on the towel, and Andrew’s erection was rearing up out of a patch of short stubble.“Now we can see your dick properly,” said Calum. “I’m gonna trim your balls now, then finish off your pubes with the shaver. Don’t worry, I’ve not castrated anyone yet.” He cradled Andrew’s ball-sack in his hand, and began to trim the hairs carefully, as closely as he could. Andrew had never had his testicles held by another guy before. It felt odd, but he was definitely enjoying it more than he’d expected.“Right, now let’s finish you of,” said Calum. He took his electric shaver and began to remove the remaining short hairs from Andrew’s pubic area. He casually took hold of Andrew’s erection and buzzed around the base.“It’s much easier when guys stay hard,” he observed. “And you do have a great dick. I can see why Emily likes it.”It didn’t take long until the rest of Andrew’s pubic hair was all in a heap on the towel. He looked down at his smooth pubic area, his hard penis rearing up proudly. It looked a good inch bigger without the surrounding untidy mat of hair. Delightedly, Emily ran her hands over his newly-bare skin.“Great job,” she said to Calum. “Doesn’t his cock look lovely now?”“You going to suck it some more, then?” suggested Calum.“Why don’t you do it instead,” urged Emily. “You know you want to, and I love watching you with a cock in your mouth. You do it so well.”“I’m game,” said Calum. “You okay with that, Andy?”Emily smiled. “You do get it, don’t you, babe? Calum’s totally bi. And so am I. So if you want to fuck me again, you’ll have to share. Are you up for it?”Andrew smiled shyly. He’d never considered isveçbahis yeni giriş having another guy anywhere near his erect penis before, but he felt sure he could get used to it. Sure, he wanted to fuck Emily again, but he felt excited at the thought of Calum fellating his penis too. “Yeah, sure,” he answered. “I’d like that. Suck away, mate.”Calum held Andrew’s penis in his hand and stroked it up and down a few times. He pulled down the foreskin, exposing the swollen purple head, then leant down and licked round the helmet before slipping the whole thing into his mouth. Andrew shut his eyes and let out a deep sigh. For the second time that evening his erect dick was in someone’s mouth, and it felt just as good when Calum did it as Emily.He felt a hand on his chest tweaking his nipple, and a tongue in his ear.“I’m so glad you came round,” murmured Emily, nibbling at his earlobe. “It’s so long since I’ve had two horny boys to play with.”Andrew reached down and began to play with her little breasts. Her pink nipples were hard and aroused, and she breathed in sharply as he tweaked one between his fingers.“Bite them,” she whispered, and he obeyed, leaning down and taking her right nipple between his teeth before nibbling at it gently. Sucking it fully into his mouth, he bit down harder on the soft skin around the areola.“Oh fuck yes,” she gasped.Biting at Emily’s nipple while Calum slurped at his penis, Andrew was getting very aroused. He felt a bit disappointed when Calum stopped sucking, but soon changed his mind when the other man came up and began to nibble at Emily’s other breast. He could feel Calum’s erection pressed against his leg, and he reached down and squeezed it, enjoying the feel of the stiff organ in his hand. Calum looked at him and smiled.“You want to suck me now?” he asked.Andrew barely hesitated. “Yeah, sure,” he said.Calum pulled himself up and knelt on the bed next to Andrew and Emily. His erect penis bobbed invitingly. Andrew leant over and opened his mouth. He could feel his heart beating with excitement. For a second, Calum’s erection bobbed against his lips, then Andrew closed his mouth around the firm helmet. For the first time in his life, he was fellating another man’s dick.But he always enjoyed having his own one sucked, so he had a good idea of what would feel good. At first, he just sucked on Calum’s knob-head, teasing round the sensitive rim with his tongue. Then he took it out of his mouth and licked teasingly down its length, swirling his tongue around the shaft, before closing his lips around the knob again. He sucked in his cheeks, increasing the pressure on the shaft, and felt a little emission of salty pre-cum squirt out onto his tongue. Calum was clearly enjoying the experience.“Oh wow, babe, are you sure you’ve not done this before?” giggled Emily. She opened her legs and slipped two fingers inside her slit, frigging herself gently as she watched Andrew enjoying Calum’s penis.

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