Holly Looks For Some Fun

Big Tits

It was a glorious morning when Holly awoke.  She was next to a hot blonde who was beautiful in every way.  She had long hair and was quite curvy. Her buttocks looked like a heart and her breasts were huge.  She was taller than Holly was.As Holly looked at her, she remembered their naughty evening.  She had been looking for something a little different from being with a man.  Lately, she found women to be more appealing.  They were gentle and more passionate about love.Holly was a bit sore and gazed over at the woman next to her who was resting peacefully in a sheet on a king-sized bed.  Holly twirled her hair, remembering their evening.~~Holly was on the prowl for some different kind of fun.  She wanted to check out a new club downtown.  She was dressed to kill when she walked into the crowded club.  Holly loved to dance and went straight to the dance floor.That was where she met Amber.  Amber also liked to dance. They immediately became fast friends and danced together in all kinds of suggestive ways.  Lots of people tried to dance with them, but they both were interested in each other only.Amber liked Holly and several times on the dance floor they shared passionate kisses, and Amber ran her hands beşevler escort up and down Holly’s body.  Amber was exactly what Holly was looking for.  She seemed to really like Holly.Amber was very bubbly and liked to have fun.  After a while, the women were sweaty and had to redo their make-up and hair.  That was when Amber made her move on Holly.  They made out in the ladies’ lounge, kissing and feeling each other’s body.  Both women were wearing tight spandex dresses which left not much to the imagination. Both women had large breasts and great asses.  When they were done in the ladies’ room, they drank some drinks and went back to the dance floor.  Amber loved to dance, and she and Holly twerked together and danced especially close.  Amber held Holly closely and continued to feel her body through her thin dress. They continued to flirt with each other on the dance floor.  Both girls had enough to drink and Amber propositioned Holly to go home with her.  Holly knew that Amber wanted to sleep with her.  She was happy to have a new experience.In a shared car that they took together, they continued to flirt and make out.  The driver had cebeci escort lots to look at when Amber helped Holly off with her dress.  Holly was quite busty and sat on the seat in her panties while Amber kissed her passionately and played with her magnificent breasts.With her other hand, she pushed her hand into her panties and rubbed at her smooth pussy.  She played with her pussy lips and made Holly moan.  The driver nearly got into an accident watching Amber make out with Holly.Holly was moaning while Amber played with her cunny.  She took off her spandex dress and the two women’s breasts rubbed up against the other’s.  Both of their hands were in the other’s panties.  They were steaming up the windows of the car. By this point, the driver pulled over and was watching the two bimbos make out in his vehicle.  He was a foreign guy who was enjoying all the tits and ass in his cab.  Amber pushed Holly down and went down on her.  She licked her pussy until she came.  The smell of pussy wafted through his vehicle.The driver also came and his hot cum was in his hands.  He could not believe these bimbos getting off in his car. “If you ladies kolej escort want to have a little fun, I can service the both of you?”“Should we have some more fun?  He’s kind of cute.”“Okay.”“Pull your car somewhere private,”  Amber said.The driver knew the perfect spot.  The girls continued to make out until the driver stopped his car in a dark parking lot.He parked the car and removed his clothes.  Even though he came, his cock was semi-hard.  He would have no problem getting hard for the nymphos.“Fuck, you ladies are so hot.  My cock just needs a bit of rubbing and perhaps you both can suck it.”“Sure,”  Amber said.The driver was Mediterranean.  He was dark and quite sexy.  He had a beard and a moustache.  Amber moved her hand up and down his cock.  With just a little bit of rubbing, he was hard.He leaned up against his cab while the two bimbos knelt in their heels and shared his cock together.  The taller bimbo seemed to give the other one orders.  She was in charge.  The other girl seemed more reserved but complied with her orders.Amber licked his shaft on the left side and Holly did the right side.  They both held and massaged one ball while together they licked the head of his dick. “You girls are so sexy! Suck my dick!”Amber opened her mouth while Holly pushed both his balls into her mouth.  She made all kinds of sucking noises while Amber opened her mouth wide and accepted his cock down her throat.The guy grabbed Amber’s head and helped her suck more of his cock.  He began moving his hips while fucking into her mouth.

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