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Hopeless romantic…Well, since this is my very first post here, I know I will be screwing something up as I go along. Please bear with me.. :)I am always a believer of strong relationship. No matter how rocky a relationship is, love will find it’s way to unite the two hearts. Many of us may have different fetishes but I am pretty sure that this is for the pleasure of the other partner. You may share your husband and wife, make them your slave or anything that you can think of, but at the end of the day, both of you will be back together sharing the same love and remembering the vows that you have exchanged towards one another. There’s really no sex or something hot on this article but I would love to share what I feel whenever I read the stories posted here.I am a married man with a loving American wife and healthy baby boy. I always loved my wife the same way I have first met her. No secrets, no inhibitions and I want our relationship to flourish without any secrets. That’s the reason why I love her very much and never even planning of leaving her. Btw, I am here in the Philippines and in the process of completing my documents to follow my family in the U.S. Believe or not I have kept my pants and never have sex ever since my wife went back to her country. I don’t know how I managed to do it but I wanted relaxbet güvenilirmi to do this for my family.I have read a lot of INTERESTING stories here and even watched some videos. As you can notice on my profile, I have saved some stories that got my full interest. Most of my friends are pushing me to date a girl or flirt around but I never gave it. I know that once I started doing it, it might be impossible for me to stop it. Sometimes I just smile whenever one of the girls in our office gives me a hint that they wanted to go out with me. I am not handsome and a little chubby but I make up for my sense of humor and sweetness. I may be a sweet person but I don’t cross the line nor give mixed signals to the opposite sex. A simple conversation or chat is all it takes and I will be ready to listen to you. I may be reading something about wife sharing, i****t, IR sex and BDSM but trust me, it’s the least thing that I want. I love to read but sometimes I get carried away whenever there’s abusing, degrading and the worst wife being taken away to become a slave. There’s one member here that blocked me because I have expressed my opinion about IR and black superiority when it comes to sex. For me, it’s all the same and the bottom line is satisfaction of both partners. So no matter what relaxbet yeni giriş ethnicity you are, we all love sex and we will do anything to get satisfied.Living an alternative lifestyle is everybody’s dream, we must know our boundaries. Love and respect is the key. Some of us might enjoy our wife or husband having sex with another person or sometimes a group but we must always make sure that they will never abuse her/him. No matter how hard they enjoy it, you have to set the rules and you must still love you wife or husband after what they have done. Sometimes we can’t stop or change the fetishes or fantasy of our partner and we also learn to accept the fact that is the same person that we married and wanted to spend our life with. It breaks my heart to read a story where the wife is being taken away by another person because their cock is huge or they claim that they can satisfy her. I am a man and if that happens to me, I will make sure that one of us will be ending up inside a body bag. Having sex with my wife doesn’t make her anybody’s property. As you can notice I am overly protected of my wife and I hope that some people would also feel the same. Some of the people who have accepted my friend request have a huge collections of wonderful stories that I really enjoy reading. relaxbet giriş Specially those with happy ending where the husband or the wife gets what they wanted but they are still together in the end.About i****t, I guess I have a curiosity of reading or watching about it. What happens inside the house, stays inside the house and no one is allowed to join in if you are not a family member. Selfish? Yes, but we also need to protect our family from shame that you both enjoyed and not a single soul must find out about it. Mother and son, sister and brother, or aunts and uncles, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you both can shut up and just enjoy the fun and lust. By the way, it must be consensual and no forcing cause that would be considered ****. One story truly captured my attention and I kept on reading about it is the one where the son decided to marry his own mom. Yes, that would be bad and immoral in the eyes of other people, but can they really stop love? Whenever I have the chance, I kept on reading that story and I never get tired or reading it over and over.Being submissive is ok but not to the point that you have to degrade your partner. Whether its a man or a woman, you still have to control your emotions. Honestly, me and my wife tried a soft BDSM and it was very erotic. Leather straps, blindfolds and other things. I must admit that we both enjoyed it and planning to do it again when I get to the U.S. :)I guess I should be trying to write something hot next time because I am pretty sure that I got you bored about this one. Sorry, but this is just my opinion/idea. Cheers!!

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