Hot August Summer Ch. 01


Amy and I were heading to the South of France during a hot August summer. Most of the people of Paris know to escape the city’s heat during August and head north to cool, comfortable climates. We went south to see friends and spend some time in the places we enjoy. We don’t mind the heat and feel comfortable on the Riviera at any time of year. Maybe it helps that we stay very fit and enjoy summer clothes.

We took the Blue Train from Paris to Cannes, arriving at the station at 10pm. The Blue train is famous for the romantic appeal; escaping Paris at night, flying through the French countryside towards the Cote de Azur, filled with lovers and new liaisons fueled by intimate company, brilliant food and exceptional wine. The conductors know to carry corkscrews on their key chains and to discretely close an errant curtain.

This night we had a 1st class compartment all to ourselves, a stroke of luck. We started to unpack an overnight picnic of cheeses, bread, some meats and a bottle of red wine our wine shop recommended. Waiting for the train to leave the station, we made ourselves quite at home changing into evening wear; Amy into a red silk robe and pants picked up in Hong Kong, me into my cotton surfer-pants and a loose thin sweater. We expected a quiet, romantic night as we sped towards Cannes.

As the train started moving from the station, we spotted a group of college-age kids running headlong down the quai trying to catch it. One of them jumped aboard and I could not help but to notice she was an athletic beauty. The others were hurrying, trying to catch a handhold when one fell, causing the rest of the group to fall into a heap. They could not sort themselves out in time and watched helplessly as the train left the station.

Amy and I were discussing the poor luck of these kids when we heard a commotion in the passageway. I went out of our compartment to see the same young woman in animated conversation in French with the conductor. He seemed to be demanding something that she could not produce; I had to assume she was without a ticket. I approached them and asked if I could be of help.

The conductor turned to me. “She does not have a ticket, and must leave at the next station. I am very sorry to have disturbed you, monsieur,” he said.

The girl – a startling young woman indeed – turned to me and said in perfect English, “My ticket is with my friends, who fell at the station and could not catch the train.”

“A lie! Just another gypsy trying to steal a free ride!” he spat.

“She is telling the truth,” I offered. “We saw her friends racing for the train and they fell together.”

The conductor changed his attitude immediately, but was in a bind. “I understand, but pardon,” he flustered. “I cannot allow her to continue on without a ticket and an assigned compartment.”

“She can stay with us.” The voice came from behind me and startled the three of us. Amy had come out of our compartment and apparently heard the dilemma. She looked at me directly.

“Pay for her ticket, dear,” She said. “We’ll make room for her.” With that, she spun and went back to our compartment.

I looked at the conductor, he looked at me, we shrugged; very well. I retrieved my wallet, pulled out a sum of Euros and delivered them over. He accepted them gratefully and even carried the girl’s bag for her down the passage.

We bundled into the small compartment and settled the girl onto a seat. She thanked us and introduced herself as Marie-Helene. She was very grateful but a little anxious. Amy handed her a glass of wine and asked her to tell us her story.

Marie-Helene was 19, French, traveling with a group of friends during school break. They had decided at the last minute to make a run to the south coast and had misread the train schedule, causing them to bolt through the station and miss the train. Or nearly miss the train. Marie’s cell phone lit up while she was talking, and she interrupted her story to answer it.

I took the moment to study this young woman. She was young, intensely beautiful. Her light coloring, blond hair and hazel eyes accented a classically beautiful face; high cheekbones, slender nose, full lips, even white teeth. Her hair flowed easily across her shoulders and her skin was flawless. I could not help but follow the lines of her neck down to her shoulders, her arms, and her breasts, covered by a sheer white cotton top with a white sports bra underneath. Her body was athletic, breasts small; she looked to be a swimmer or runner. I had an odd feeling and looked quickly over; Amy had been watching me. Our eyes locked for a moment, something was twinkling in those blue eyes of hers.

Marie began to sound concerned on the phone. She looked up at us. “Simone hurt her ankle. She has to stay in Paris and have it looked at. The others are not sure what to do. They have my bag with my tickets, my money.” She looked at us, needing some guidance. Amy was the first to answer.

“No need to worry, Marie.” Amy went over Gaziantep Gecelik Escort and sat next to Marie. “We will take care of you in Cannes.”

The way Amy said it and then looked over at me made me wonder; something I could not put my finger on. What was on her mind? This girl was a total stranger. Were we now to take her under our wing?

They began to discuss Cannes and things to do there. I withdrew and returned to setting out the picnic dinner we had brought, now for three. The girls graciously accepted the bread and cheese and I refilled all our glasses as lights flashed by the window and the train continued through the countryside south of Paris.

Marie became bright and cheerful, excellent company. They chatted about Cannes, clothes, food, the beaches, the clubs. I was entertained just watching these two in my compartment and joined in happily. Soon, as travelers do, we felt as though we were friends and could trust her. Marie said she would accept our invitation in Cannes, as we had a suite reserved there in a marvelous hotel. That the sleeping arrangements were never mentioned pleased me somehow.

Amy was acting like there was something on her mind. She was looking at me often, looking at Marie, then me again. I could not piece it together and figured it would come out later if she wished. The opportunity came when Marie excused herself for a moment. Amy came over to my side, snuggling into me.

“What do you think of her?” She asked, looking at the lights flashing outside the window.

“I think she is something special,” I had to admit. Amy turned to face me.

“I think so too.” She paused. “I think she is someone special – something that we could share.” I thought I was dreaming – was Amy really offering something here?

Amy went on. “I saw you looking at her in the passageway. She is exactly your type. I think she’s lovely. If she’s willing… we could all share something amazing over the next few days.”

I cannot describe how astonished – and suddenly aroused – I was. Marie had made very male thoughts go through my mind, but the thought of sharing her with a willing Amy- that caused a thrill right to the base of my manhood. Amy noticed instantly; she has always read me a little too well.

“I see this has your approval,” She grinned.

Marie returned at that moment with a smile and seated herself. Amy gave her a warm smile, got up and refilled our wine glasses. She handed ours over and raised her own in a toast.

“Here’s to new friends,” she said. We all smiled, clinked glasses and sipped.

Amy asked me to put down the beds for us, as it must have been near 2am. I hesitated for a moment, as I was still a little hard and only had on the cotton pants, but went ahead and started pulling down the beds above me. Amy leaned over to whisper something to Marie and they both laughed and smiled, clinking their glasses together again.

I then went to put down the bed over their heads, reaching up over them and unable to hide myself at all. As I did I heard a muffled ‘oh!’ and then girlish giggling. They were whispering and giggling between each other as I went out to the lav.

When I returned, Amy said to Marie, “why don’t you get ready for bed now? I’ll get some things out for you.”

Marie seemed very grateful as Amy went into her bags and retrieved a sheer white silk robe; the one that was short enough to show off her very fine rear. Marie ran her hands over it and said she loved it – and then stood up and started unbuttoning her sheer blouse and pulling it out of her hip-height jeans. I was transfixed – was she going to change right there? I looked over at Amy, who was watching me with some amusement. Marie pulled her sports bra off and turned away, but not before I saw her amazing breasts clearly. They were small, hard, and perfectly formed; she didn’t need a bra at all. Her nipples were a dark rose-petal red. Her stomach was tight and firm and when she turned and put on Amy’s robe I could only watch the muscles in her back move like flowing liquid.

She draped the robe across her shoulders and bent to pull off her jeans. I had to look away as I was becoming hard, pressing against my thin pants. Amy caught my eye and I had to smile; she gave me a slow, lingering look. She had enjoyed watching as well. I looked to the window but was caught with the reflection of Marie pulling down her jeans. She must love white, her panties were small white lace and her socks were ankle high white with lace on top. She turned and sat and saw me looking out the window and caught my eyes in the reflection – she smiled and looked over at Amy, who smiled back.

Marie was facing us, Amy’s white silk covering her top, her curves delightfully displayed by the flowing robe. Her smooth legs were barely crossed and every inch of them begged to be touched. We had almost finished the bottle, and I suggested we finish it and head to bed. The girls agreed and I poured them each what was left.

Amy remarked to Marie about her beautiful skin, and Marie blushed charmingly. Amy got up, dug into her bag and came up with a bottle of lotion she had purchased at the exceedingly expensive boutique where she gets these things. I like the smell and indulge her. Amy told Marie about the wonderful properties of the lotion, putting some on her hands and rubbing it on her own arms. She encouraged Marie to try some, so Marie put some on her hands and started to rub it on her arms also. The wine had made them a little tipsy and they giggled a bit as they rubbed it here and there.

“Why don’t you put some on my back?” Amy asked, handing the bottle over to me.

I do like the smell of the stuff and went over to her, sitting next to her on the couch. Marie was on the other side of me; I could feel her moving, brushing occasionally against me. I was able to keep myself under control up to this point, but the smells of Amy and Marie mixed together with the lotion and both of them against me, touching me, made me grow and harden until I could not stop it.

Amy turned away from me and dropped her top down, exposing her back to Marie and me. I started rubbing the lotion into her back, starting across her shoulders, and then up to her neck. She moved to pull up her hair, letting go of the top and allowing it to fall to her waist. I kept rubbing on her, stroking and caressing now more than just rubbing in the lotion. If she was going to drop her top, I was going to make her nipples hard.

It suddenly occurred to me that Marie had stopped moving behind me – I looked around and saw that she was watching with large eyes, her hands motionless, one on her chest, the fingers touching the bottom of her neck; the other across her breasts. Her mouth was open and her eyes were devouring every move I made.

I turned back to Amy and began to go more slowly. Caressing now, down her sides, fingernails along her ribs, giving her goose bumps. I knew this would make her nipples hard. Stroking her skin, pressing against the muscles of her back, I could feel she was just as aroused as me.

Amy turned and said, “That’s enough for me – now do Marie’s back.” As she spoke, her top fell to the couch and she made no move to pick it up. Her breasts were proud, her nipples hard as cherry pits; she sat straight up and looked marvelous.

I turned to Marie. She was breathing hard. She blinked and made a small noise in her throat, then turned around and pulled the robe down from her shoulders. I put a small amount of lotion on my hands and started to run my hands across her back, along her shoulders; my fingers tingling with the feel of this beauty.

Her skin felt like fine silk, her muscles were firm and tensed now; as I ran a hand up her spine to the nape of her neck she shivered and her whole back covered with goose bumps. I could only think of what this had done for her breasts.

“Now, you’ve made her cold. I’ll help.” Amy stood, now wearing only her pink silk bottoms, moving over to sit on the couch facing Marie.

Marie followed Amy with her eyes, and when Amy sat before her she made a low sound. Amy reached over putting one hand beside Marie’s head – then leaned in and kissed her.

Marie’s back tensed under my hands, then I could feel her begin to melt under Amy’s kiss. She began to return the kiss, a long, loving kiss. When they broke it I could not stop myself – I pulled Marie to me, turning her head and kissing her long and deep. She moaned into my mouth, her taut muscles loosening against me. Amy’s hands began wandering over Marie’s chest, opening up the robe, exploring her breasts.

I could not imagine a more erotic sight, my cock now pulsing in my lap, the tip wet with want. Amy moved in closer and her mouth moved towards Marie’s nipple. I pulled Marie to me again – I wanted her to feel taken, wanted. I kissed her, her mouth opening to mine, and as our tongues touched she started against me – Amy’s mouth had pulled on one of her nipples.

Marie’s hands were moving over Amy’s hair, along her shoulders, and now moved to Amy’s breasts. As Amy suckled her breasts, Marie began to explore Amy’s, squeezing, pulling, pinching. Amy made a low sound, then moved up and turned Marie’s head to kiss her again. Marie’s brow furrowed with the intensity of the kiss, and I moved my hands around Marie to feel her magnificent body.

Her breasts were hard, her nipples standing out fully as I caressed and stroked them. I pulled on one and Marie again started. I wrapped one arm around her, holding her tight against me, the muscles of my arm squeezing around her chest, and found a nipple again, this time pinching and pulling it. Marie made a long sound, breaking the kiss and moaning. Amy saw where I was touching and went to suck the other nipple into her mouth. I moved to kiss Marie, puling on one nipple, hold her to me and kissing her hard while Amy suckled her other breast – Marie’s moan became louder and higher and then her body shuddered against us, convulsing slightly. We let her go then, stroking her, kissing her lightly. Amy stroked her hair, then wanted more kisses while I opened her legs, my fingers running down her flat stomach and over the white lace beneath.

Marie was dripping wet through her lace, my fingers tracing a line of wetness up and down the swollen lips of her pussy. I avoided her clit and moved my fingers along the lips, gentle, then hard, then gentle again. I began a smooth stroking motion up and down her lips. Marie responded with a hand grasping for me, looking for my hardness. Amy took her hand and led it to my cock, stroking it through my pants.

Amy reached over and tore open my fly; I sprang out, a drop of moisture on the tip. Marie wrapped her fingers around me. I could not suppress a moan as this girl took my cock in her delicate hands and began stroking it. I kissed her and was lost in the kiss as Marie started a faster motion on me.

But then Amy pushed Marie back against me, pushing her down onto my chest. Amy started kissing Marie’s neck, her breasts, her stomach. She seemed to have a destination in mind as she moved herself lower on the couch. Marie automatically spread her legs, instinctively understanding Amy’s want.

I held Marie’s hair in my hand, brought her lips up to mine and began a long kiss – exploring her mouth, pulling her lips into mine, running my tongue along her perfect white teeth. Marie held on to me and I felt her move as Amy pulled down her lace panties. Then Amy came back in and I watched Marie’s face as she felt Amy’s kiss there. Her eyes opened, then closed, then closed hard, her mouth opening as Amy’s mouth started exploring her pussy.

Amy stopped for a moment and told me to look – I looked down at my beautiful wife between this girl’s legs – and Amy pointed out that Marie was completely bare down there, she shaved everything and was clean and open. Amy went back to her attentions on Marie’s pussy and I held her and kissed her, stroking her stomach, her breasts, her arms. Amy told us how good Marie tasted and how much more she wanted, telling Marie how hard she was going to come.

Marie could not say a word, she was lost between Amy’s tongue and my attentions to her. She began tensing up, the muscles in her stomach clearly visible, her arms beginning to clutch at me. I held her tight, kissing her, telling her how good we were going to make her feel, when she twisted in my arms and cried out, “Ah! Ah – Mon Dieu!”

She came hard, her whole body squeezing down towards her pussy. Amy came up and kissed me deep, her tongue bringing Marie’s taste to me. She filled my mouth, and we kissed and shared between us.

“She filled me up when she came,” said Amy breathlessly. “She tastes so good- I had to share.”

I agreed and turned to share with Marie when Amy beat me to it, her mouth opening into Marie’s mouth, sharing Marie’s wetness. I marveled at these women, savoring Marie’s pussy between them, enjoying what women can share.

Amy came up for air, looking at me with more lust than I have ever seen in her before. Marie was dazed, still riding out the kiss after orgasm. Amy asked me what I wanted, and I told her it’s time to fuck Marie while Marie returns Amy’s favor. Amy grinned and kissed me.

We moved Marie onto her back, laying her down comfortably on the couch. I moved down between her legs, my cock swaying between her thighs. Amy moved up and caressed Marie’s cheeks, their eyes locked as I pressed the tip of my cock into Marie’s waiting pussy. She was dripping wet and swollen and I pushed deep into her with one stroke. Her whole body responded, her hips moving and her back arching, her mouth moving towards Amy’s. She was rewarded with a kiss as I pushed deeper into her.

Amy laid her head back, now taking charge of Marie’s attention. Amy moved to kneel over her, opening her legs on each side of Marie, facing me, opening her pussy to Marie’s sight. Marie never hesitated but opened her mouth to Amy, burying her tongue into Amy’s flesh, lapping at the wetness there.

“Ah!” cried Amy. “She’s good!”

I grabbed Marie’s hips and gave her some deep, smooth strokes until I was completely inside her. She was tight, warm, wet – her hips and stomach were perfect and wrapped around me. Marie was moaning and Amy was holding her own breasts, riding on this beautiful girl’s tongue.

Together we shared Marie, my loving wife and I – my cock deep into Marie’s wetness, Amy riding her pleasure from Marie’s mouth, we kissed between us, sharing the girl and losing ourselves in the moment. Amy was panting and her mouth was devouring mine, I was pulling her lips, her tongue, holding her breasts as Marie ground her clit from below.

I was driven with urgency to take this beauty, to fill her with come. I held her hips and stroked into her, fast then slow, watching her mouth move on Amy. My hands went up to hold her breasts, now flat against her chest. I held them, squeezed them, ran my hands along her sides, then under her ass to feel the firm cheeks there. As I grabbed them and kneaded them Amy caressed Marie’s breasts, touching everything.

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