Hot Hot Tub

Big Dicks

The hot tub proved to be a quieter option to catch some sun and relax than the pool at my resort. The bushes made it a little secluded, but from 1:30 to about 4 the sun was good. If it didn’t rain which regularly happened in that part of Florida.

Today was a clear day and about 2pm, I decided to get a tanning session in, as well as soak my feet after miles of walking the theme park. “Want to come?” I offered to my wife.

“No, go enjoy. I’m taking a timeout here.” That was code for a nap. And well deserved after a couple of ‘March or Die” days. “You’ll know where to find me!”

Off to the spa as it was labeled. Nice lounge chairs, towels and a round, three foot deep hot pool of water. I lay out on the lounger, stretched out face down. There was a sound at the gate and a mom and who I took to be her young son came in. They put their flip flops and items on a chair and got in the water. She was cute, gold hair, black one piece suit that just showed a little of a tight bottom. Very nice. I found myself thinking “MILF? Yes, please.”

“Does this bubble up a bit? Is there a switch?” I heard the woman ask. Since I was the only person around besides her son, I assumed she was asking me. I couldn’t help but detect a charming accent, British, I thought.

“Yes, a switch over here.” I motioned in the general direction and when her son moved to get out I held up a hand. “Here, let me.”. I got up and walked to the dial and turned it to 10. The jets came to life and we all smiled.

Thank you so much, sorry to disturb you.” She commented as the hot foam swirled around her.

“Not a problem. I needed to roll over and toast the other side.” I laid back down and repeated my thought. “Yes, definitely!”

After a few minutes I heard the sound of someone getting out of the tub and opened an eye. The son was on the steps. This is hot, mum. I’m going to the room. I’ll play some games.”

“Wait, I’ll walk you back. Turn the dial off will you?” She moved to the stairs. The black suit was wet and clung to her, leaving little to the imagination, but lots to imagine about. She turned in my direction and I hoped she hadn’t seen the ‘too long’ look I had given. “I may be back in a moment, will you be here? Before I could reply, she added “I do hope so.” And the two exited leaving a wet trail down the brick walkway.

I figured the chance was slim she’d be back, but I was going to hang around a while to see. I did a little mental math while I let the sun beat down a bit on my too pale back. The son was about 10, so if she was mid twenties when she had him, she’d be a little over half my age. You old goat, you’re probably reading way too much…

“Hello. So glad you are still here.” A delightful voice interrupted my thoughts. The voice was pleasant, but combined with the accent it was amazing. “Would you be a love and put some lotion on my back?” She held out a tube of sunscreen.

“I’d be delighted” I offered as I sat up and looked over kaçak iddaa the woman before me. “I’m not sure you want this, though. It is only SPF 15. With this full Florida sun you need something higher. Care to use some of my 50?” All I could think of was how much it sounded like the old one line joke, “She offered her honor, he honored her offer and it was honor offer all night long”.

“Aren’t you just the sweetest. Yes, that might be a good idear.” I noticed the “r” added to the word idea. “Please.” She turned and presented her back. The black suit she wore was slightly different and she had a pair of loose silky jogging shorts over the bottom.

I put some lotion on my hand and rubbed it across her shoulders. “That should do the trick. Care to have some for your face and arms?”

“Please. And you could rub the shoulders more. That felt very good.” Shd put lotion on her arms and some for her face. “We British are a pale race. Sunburn happens often. You know you are the first Yank I have had the pleasure to talk with this trip. Robert had Bobby and me come along on a business trip. Been here 3 days and rarely ventured out. Oh, yes, right at that spot.”

I used my thumbs on her shoulders and pressed and rolled along the muscles. “It might do to sit in the hot tub a bit to loosen those muscles. Why don’t you go in and I will turn it on.” I stood and moved to the switch while she slid into the water. To myself I said “and why don’t I turn you on as well.” Dirty old man. Guilty, guilty as charged.

“I’m Emma. I don’t believe I gave you my name. And thank you for the lotion and the rub. I’m not usually this forward, but you seemed very nice. Distinguished, actually. Do you believe in such immediate types of attraction?”

I was a little taken aback with the question, but managed a reply. “My names Tom. As for the immediate attraction, I think your countrymen, the Beatles, said it best ‘Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.” From ‘A little help from my friends’ if I recall correctly. ” I slid into the bubbling water across from Emma, noticing her bright blue eyes.

“Ah, yes. The lads seemed to have a line for nearly everything and every situation. Why don’t you come sit over her so I don’t have to shout over these geysers.” Pronounced ‘geezers’, and I was feeling a bit like one.

Nonetheless, I did move across. “There, better?”

“Much. Some things I’d rather not shout.” She looked at me and paused. Then continued. “Maybe it’s being in another country, or my hubby working all the while, or whatever. But do you find the hot tub makes you horny?” Her gaze was intense.

I felt something stir, and answered “Sitting next to an attractive woman has more of that effect, especially after rubbing her shoulders.”

“Yes, that was nice. Perhaps you’d care to rub a bit more. More than my shoulders, I mean. Honestly, I have always fancied a try at a bit of dogging, but Robert would have none of that. Of course we’re even kaçak bahis since he wanted a go at me bum and I turned that down. But I’m rambling on. But would you care to have a bit of a go? We seem quite alone.” Her hand slid up my thigh beneath the water.

I responded by moving closer and nibbling on her neck. Not really a bite, nor a kiss, but something in between. She moved her head back and drew in a deep breath. “If I recall my British slang correctly, ‘dogging’ means outdoor, um, ‘activity’, right?” I returned to her neck and my half bite, half kiss.

“Ohhh, yessss. And yes, that is right. Doesn’t have to be full on sex, it could be, or a jobby. A bit of a diddling would do as well.”

Her hand neared the opening at the leg of my trunks. She also seemed to be breathing heavier.

I moved my right hand beneath the warm bubbling water and followed her leg up to the junction and held it there between her legs. Moving my mouth from her neck I kissed her full on the mouth. As her lips parted and our tongues entwined a satisfied “Mmmmmm” came from one or perhaps both of us. Her hips slid forward on the pool shelf allowing my hand to explore more between her parted legs. I began to rub the area I figured would have the desired impact.

Our kiss ended for a moment and Emma spoke into my ear “That’s the spot. Now, take those pants off me and give my pussy a proper fingering. I’ll be happy to return the favor.”

Obediently I tugged at the running shorts, moving them down. I moved back to the swimsuit crotch and found it was more of a bodysuit with two snaps which opened, exposing her sex to my fingers. I slid one in as deeply as possible and moved it around and then in and out of her. My other hand dove into the water and felt the tuft of hair before beginning to rub the hardening button above her opening that was now filled with two fingers moving in and out of her. “That what you like, Emma? Am I exciting you?” I asked quietly in her ear and kept both hands engaged on her.

“Oh yes. This is just the release I needed.” She moved her arms around my neck. “Keep going. Those fingers inside feel so good. Can you try a third? And rub the clit… Oh this feels so good, I feel so slutty. Make me cum on those fingers, it’s so close.” She moved in cadence with my thrusts. I could feel her pussy clench my fingers and tighten as I moved in and out.

Emma arched her back and pulled tighter on my neck, suspending herself from there and my fingers embedded deep inside her. I felt spasms from the tender flesh in her pussy, they rolled across my fingers in waves. Emma’s face was twisted slightly, her eyes closed and mouth open. A squeal emerged as she climaxed. She collapsed on the bench in the pool, spent from the emotional release.

The timer had stopped and the water had ceased it’s churning. Emma sat in the water while I stood. My hard cock just above water, visible beneath my trunks. “Want me to turn the jets back on? I could help illegal bahis you up if you want to go to a lounger… “

Emma looked up and smiled. “No, stay right there. I’m in a mood to give you that jobby I mentioned. Stay right there and let me suck you off. Mind you don’t spill any spunk in the pool. Get all of it in your chippies’ mouth.” She moved to her knees, head just above the water and lowered the front of my trunks to expose my hardened cock. “My, that is hard. And a full mouthful at that.” She took it in her mouth like she was a starving person finding a meal.

I glanced around, the bushes hid us completely. I could hear the sounds from the pool and people walking the paths nearby, but none were seen, nor could they see. Emma’s hands were on either side of my waist and her head bobbed rhythmically as she took my hard dick into her mouth. The motion created waves and I watched as she devoured me, taking it in, slowly releasing it, using her tongue to increase the sensation. I felt the familiar tension of an orgasm build, coming closer and closer. I placed a hand at the back of her head and held her on my throbbing cock. “Here it comes, Emma, take it all in, don’t spill in the pool.” My cock began to jerk, squirting stream after stream of hot cum into Emma’s waiting mouth.

I finished and moved back, pulling my trunks up. Emma slid to the bench and opened her mouth, displaying a load of cum held in her mouth. Impulsively I slid next to her and placed my mouth on hers. The salty contents spilled between our mouths, going back and forth as we kissed.

Emma pulled back and visibly swallowed. “That’s my spunk, i earned it, don’t try to rob me of it!” She burst into laughter and threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. “Ah, Robert, this was absolutely one of the best role plays, ever! We should offer to babysit Bobby more often! How did you ever convince him to call me ‘mum’?”

“Oh, it wasn’t hard. Add a few bucks to his game account and he’ll do most anything. So what did you enjoy the most, Emma, my dear?” I hugged her back while we both lounged on the side of the tub.

“Well, obviously the outdoors aspect, so risky and risque. But you really showed some energy with your fingering. I’m still tingling. What helped with that for you?” She placed a leg over mine reminding me she was still exposed below the water line.

“The British accent was a definite turn on. And I have to agree, the risk factor of being outdoors added a lot.” I decided to not mention the idea of imagining her a bit younger. I had learned a few things over the years. “Well, should we put ourselves back together and see how Bobby is getting along? You may even have time for that ‘timeout’ after all.”

Emma shifted her suit and joined the snaps at the crotch and fished her running shorts out of the pool. “Glad you spied this secluded spot. I think I will pass on a nap, this seems to have refreshed me nicely. Maybe a shower before we regroup and hit the parks.” She rose from the water with a wonderful glow. “What should we do tomorrow? I’m sure we can come up with something.”

I winked and agreed with her as we walked hand in hand back to the room.

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