hotel room fantasy


hotel room fantasyWe just finished having hot sex and I said I had a little surprise for you – but first I wanted to get in the jet tub and have a bath with you — you lift me up and carry me to the tub – gently put me in and climb in with me – you spoon up behind me and wrap your arms around me cupping my tits and gently rubbing my nipples – *moan* feels so good in the hot water – your legs are wrapped around mine and I can feel your cock poking me *smiles* – I adjust him and gently jerk him and rub your balls — you move my hair to the side -you kiss and lick my neck and suck on my ear lobe — *groan* – I squeeze your cock harder as you suck on me —mmmmm — we are just taking our time – playing and fondling each other –you reach down and cup my mound — omfg – and slide your finger up and down my slit — then take 2 fingers and start to finger fuck my swollen cunt – still raw from fucking it – you just go slow – in and out – in and out – I beg you to go faster and harder and you say no my angel slut — i want to take my time – I want to see your lovely titties bob up and down in the water as you struggle to breathe cause you need to cum — baby please — no I said bitch — now relax and let me play with my cunt meat — *moan* – i can’t concentrate – I start to move my hips and try to fuck your fingers but you push down on my hip with your other hand and bite my neck *scream* – sit still you wench – I told you — your my sex slave and your going to cum when I say so – do you hear me ? omfg — wrong answer slut — do you hear me ? yes *groan* you start to kiss my neck some more – going from one side to the other – fucking my cunt – you can’t help yourself and start to go faster — omg baby *moaning* — fuck baby I need your pussy – you lift me up and put me on the edge of the tub – spread my legs open and dive in — *screaming* – omg you start to lick my clit – flicking it with your tongue sucking on it — then fucking me more with your fingers — i grab your hair and hang on – and push you into my pussy — humping your fingers as you suck on my swollen clit — omfg omfg — gonna cum baby — you fuck me faster and harder sucking and licking – omg here it comes – yes yes — i push you into my cunt as I explode with ecstasy ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofuck baby – you devour my cunt – lapping and eating all my juices -you pull me back down into the tub – facing you -I’m struggling to breathe and you start to kiss me – our tongues dance with each other — you shhhh me telling me to breathe – telling me that I’m a good girl for cumming so hard for you — I slowly calm down and come back to earth to be in the arms of my baby –*grins* –mmmmmm baby that was so good — I love the way you treat me baby — you say good – cause I love the way you treat me too baby doll — and now your going to return the favour like a good whore – I *smile* at you – I start to kiss you and take your tongue and suck on it – stroking it with my mouth — mmm then grab your cock which is rock fucking hard and squeeze it then i take both hands and start to jerk you off – rubbing and stroking your cock and your balls — I tell you to sit on the edge of the tub now — you get up and then spread your legs open for me – I immediately dive on your cock with my hot mouth –*moan* you grab my hair and gather it up so you can watch me gobble your cock up into my mouth – taking you in inch by inch by inch — slowly –sucking and swallowing you –till your cock is all the way into my mouth – my cheeks halkalı escort are puffed right out — you can’t help yourself and shove my head down on you — making me *gag* and *choke* – you hold me there — then release me – i pull your cock out – spit is hanging from my mouth to your cock – I catch my breath and you shove me back down on you again – using my head to fuck your cock – shoving my mouth all the way down on you each time – deep throating you — you have complete control over my head and my mouth and your cock – your giving yourself a blow job — having no mercy on me — forcing me to do as your will — be your cock whore — your moaning and grunting and yelling to suck your fucking cock — ya bitch — suck that dick — swallow all of it bitch — gag on it – your my cock sucking bitch – now do as your told — *groan* — i suck and suck and gag and choke as you pound my head up and down on your cock — you let out a groan and start to shoot your load down my throat — i swallow and swallow then you pull your cock out and jerk the rest all over my pretty face – all over my eyes , nose , youtake your cock and smack my face with it — ooooooooooooo i take it back into my mouth and suck the rest of your sweet juices out — sucking you dry — you *moannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn* and then slide back into the tub — I *smile* at you and then dip under the water – rinsing my face clean –*grins* then come up – and lean into you and give you another long seductive kiss — mmmmm I think it’s time for your surprise now baby – what do you think ? Do you want your surprise now baby? — mmm yes baby doll – what do you have for me – *smiles* I can’t tell you lover or else it won’t be a surprise will it ? *grins* – lets get out of the tub and dry off — we climb out and get a big towel and wrap it around the both of us — holding each other – out bodies hot from the water – hot from our passion – I kiss your chest – kissing your nipples softly – sucking on them – licking them with my tongue – mmmmmm I can feel your cock getting hard again – i reach around and grab your ass -squeezing it – digging my nails into it — omfg – baby I want to suck your cock again -*moan* — but I’m going to wait for a bit ok – I tell you to go lay on the bed – you do as your told – and I look at the clock and *smile* – just a few more mins and your surprise will be here — I’m going to go get ready ok lover — you be patient and stroke that cock for me while i’m gone – you grab your cock – and start to jerk it — I peek out of the bathroom – and tell you not fast *grins* — you slow down – “yes my little cock whore” – I giggle — I don’t want you to cum without me baby — that’s no fun — that’s what you do when I can’t be with you — so don’t waste it — not one drop you hear – *smiles* – you obey and slow down — gently stroking and jerking your shaft — you hear a door knock and I said I will get it – I come out of the bathroom – wearing a black fishnet pant suit – – my tits are tucked in nicely – showing their fullness — and you look down and see that it’s crotchless *smiles* — I’m wearing my black hooker boots – OMFG YOU MOAN – well baby — you rdy for some more fun? you nod your head yes – your speechless – I go to the door and let whoever is there in – it’s a woman pushing a cart – room service — she comes in and stops at the edge of the closet – she glances over and sees you on the bed and smile – you gasp with surprise and try and cover yourself up – I look at you and say – istanbul escort don’t you dare — you stay right there – keep stroking – you go = baby – omg — I look at you sternly – do as your told – you *moan* – and so does *Dusty* — that’s what her name tag says -mmm she looks at me and hands me the receipt for me to sign – I look at the cart to make sure that everything is there — chocolate fondue with strawberries and champagne mmmmmmm – very good – just wanted I ordered – you hungry baby ? I look at you – yes you say I’m famished – good – I look at Dusty and say thank you — she says my pleasure and licks her lips — I look at her – and *smile* — mmmm would you like a taste Dusty? – you *gasp* — she looks at me – would you mind ? – I look at the both of you – no I don’t mind – but you can’t have nothing else — and neither can he – so it’s up to you – alright then she says — I don’t mind- I would like a little taste –she walks over to the bed – and crawls up on it – and crawls to you — you fucking moan – and move your hand — she goes down on you – taking your cock – into her mouth — you can’t believe what just happened — she’s sucking your cock — except she can’t take you in all the way like I can — but she still sucks you — I walk over to the bed –and lean down and kiss you — do you like this little slut baby? — omg you moan some more — then you reach to me – and stick your fingers in my pussy — and start to finger fuck me – ooooooooo omg — Dusty is trying her best to deep throat you — but can’t — so she sucks on your head — I look at you – and ask if you want me to help her — you have a huge smile on your face — what do you think ? – I think that I should show her how it’s done – *grins* — I crawl up on the bed beside her — and lean in to your cock — she takes her mouth off and I put my on — she has done this before and leans down and takes your balls into her mouth and sucks on them — – I take your cock and slowly work my way down your shaft with my mouth — taking it all in — all the way down to your groin — your all the way in baby – right to the back of my throat – you moan – dusty moans — i slowly bob up and down on you –you raise your hips thrusting your cock further down my throat — your starting to scream – Dusty is sucking your balls – I’m deep throating you — I can feel you tense up – ready to blow – omfg omfg – I pull off your cock and Dusty pulls off your balls – we each take a side of your cock and start to lick it- hard and fast — faster – faster — then you grunt and explode your cum out of your cock – it’s squirting everywhere like a fucking water fountain – it’s hitting our faces our hair – our tongues as we try lapping you up — *moannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn* — Dusty can’t believe all the cum that comes out of you – omg omg – I put my mouth back on your cock and suck you some more – getting all of you – then I take my mouth off — and let dusty have one more suck on you *smiles* — we look up at you – and see your eyes rolled into the back of your head –*giggle* well I guess he liked that didn’t he I look at dusty – she’s smiling — yes he did — She gets off the bed — well my work is done lol — I get off with her — she quickly goes into the bathroom and cleans up and then comes back out — I hand her the receipt and look at her — and hand her a rather large tip — thanks for the great service she smiles at me then looks at you – your finally opening your eyes with a huge smile on your face but your speechless beylikdüzü escort *giggle* – your guite welcome – anytime — then turns around and goes out the door. I lock the door and turn around and come back into the room – your still laying on the bed -completely drained -but not for long – told you baby that I would make you cum 3 or 4 times the next time we were together in the hotel room *smiles* lets see you came 1 time when we had sex – then when we were in the tub and just now – so I think we need one more out of you before I go . you look at me – I don’t think I can baby – I *smile* and say you don’t have a choice – your going to whether you like it or not — you laugh oh I’ll like it – no worries there – but actually doing it is another thing — don’t worry baby – your cock is mine – he knows his place – don’t you lucky – I see your cock twitch *grins* — omg lol you laugh again – I walk over to the cart and grab the tray and bring it to the bed – I grab the champagne and pour it into 2 glasses and hand you one – a toast to us baby — 2 slutty lovers who deserve each other – soul mates – *smiles* we clink our glasses together and I lean into you and give you a slow sexy kiss mmmmmm I lean back up and put my glass down and grab a strawberry and dip it into the chocolate and bring it to your mouth i drag the chocolate across your lips – you open your mouth and I put the strawberry in and you bite it then I take it and eat the rest mmmmmmm then I lean down and lick your lips mmm wiping all the chocolate off — then you grab a strawberry and dip it into the chocolate – and go towards my lips mmmmm *evil grin * – you push me over forcefully and grab my legs and spread them open and drag the strawberry across my pussy lips – back and forth — then you take the strawberry and bring it to my mouth – and make me eat it — *moan* — then you go back down to my pussy and start to lick the chocolate up — slurping and lapping and licking my lips -ooooooooooooooooooooooomfg — feels so good — my juices mixed with the chocolate= you say it’s delicious -oh god — so horny after sucking you with Dusty — need to cum baby – bad — you tell me that you will take care of me – you always will –you devour my cunt — you fuck it with your tongue — then you surprise me and stick a finger in my ass and start to slowly fuck it while your eating my pussy — your cunt meat — your snatch oh god baby – your such a good pussy eater — be a good lover and make your slut cum — do it — lick it baby — come on – lick it — i’m watching you lick my pretty pussy — my hands are twisting my nipples – I’m biting my lip – breathing hard – fucking your face — your fucking me with your tongue — ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna cum on your face baby — you fuck me faster with your tongue and your finger in my ass — ya ya ya omg yes baby — here it comes — ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocummmmmmmmming – oh god you start to wipe your face all around my cunt – getting my juices on you — oh fuck — oh fuck — I come back down to earth and you crawl up on me – and kiss me then all of a sudden I feel pleasure — you stick your cock into my pussy – I’m still cumming — you start to fuck me – HARD – FAST – YOU GRAB MY LEGS AND PUT THEM ON YOUR SHOULDERS AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME — I’M SCREAMING – YOU FUCK FASTER AND FASTER — DEEPER AND DEEPER THRUSTING HARD – FUCK ME BABY – FUCK YOUR SLUT -FUCK YOUR BABY DOLL –DO IT – COME ON — NO MERCY — YOUR SWEATING -YOUR FUCKING ME SO HARD –OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CUM DEEP INSIDE MEomg omg omg omg — i struggle to breathe and so do you – you lay down beside me – we hold each other – kissing softly — mmmmm so good baby – so good

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