HotLanta Ch. 03


HotLanta Chapter 3:Martice Reborn

The sounds of “Karma” playing from the CD player made this seem like a bad idea as Dre looked into his review mirror at the car following him. He should have just had this talk at the club, but he wanted to give this one a little more respect then other had been given. “Why do you care?” he asked him self as the words of the song which didn’t really relate to this problem keep ringing over and over in his head. As he parked on the street he paused for just a moment to think about how to handle this problem but he realized he would just play it like he did everything else, by ear.

As Martice watched Dre get out of his car and simply start across the street towards the apartment building he wasn’t sure if he was ready for this. This guy had blown his mind with only a few touches and kisses and now he was following him around like some wounded fuckin puppy, he know he respected himself more then this so it was time to show it. He was after all more then just some nigga, with the corn rows that zigzagged trough his hair and a smile that melted both men and women, he know he could pull anyone he wanted and maybe it was time this nicca know it as well. Dre stood holding the door as Martice walked pass him and into the building, he was in charge not Dre. Dre just smiled as he noticed the change in the younger man.

He was trying to put on airs, but Dre know they would melt away with a simply kiss, hell he didn’t even have to go that far, he could simply lean in and he know he would watch that innocent boy would come right out. As the door of the elevator closed Dre pushed Martice back against the wall and stepped in his lips only moments from Martices. As one exhaled the other inhaled and there was a slight charge there as Dre’s lips touched Martice, his tongue slipping past his lips and even the soft full lips of his pray. Dre stepped in even closer until their bodies touched and as his hand slide into the sweat pants Martice was wearing he could feel the iron be hidden within them. As he pulled back he noticed that Martice wasn’t in that place the last kiss had left him in. “If you think you did anything izmir escort for me a cold breeze couldn’t have, you are wrong.” Martice said as he looked down. The doors opened as Dre stepped back and Martice stepped around him walking out. He was for real he wasn’t falling for the bull this time. Dre smiled a cocky smile as he laughed to himself. It was kind of amusing that the young boy was trying to act like he knows how the game was played. Dre know he would have this kid on his knees within a few minutes, maybe he would break the rules just to put this one back in his place.

The apartment looked the same but he didn’t allow himself to be awed by it this time. The smell of papaya hit his nose causing a slight smile as he heard the door close. “May I get you something?” Dre asked walking toward the kitchen dropping his keys on the table. The simple look of black jeans and a wife beater looked good on him. He still was sexy even as Martice tried to over look it. See Dre was a player, and he didn’t try to hide it but Martice didn’t understand how he had just tossed him out of here, like he was some child who didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

“No I am fine.” Martice replied as he sat on the couch, he couldn’t help but remember what had happen just a few feet away and even right where he was sitting. It had been right here where he had taken Dre’s manhood deep into his mouth and rolled his tongue around its head causing quakes of pleasure to run up and down his spine. As Dre walked out sitting down beside his guest, Martice tried to wipe the smile off his face and look at Dre.

“Yes you are, and you can try to hide what you where thinking but I know.” There is was that air that Dre had which seem to lure men to him. “The stunt in the Elevator was cute but you and I both know you are here because you want to finish what he started.” Dre leaned forward.

“No see that’s where you are wrong Dre, I am here because I plan on fuckin you.” With those words a Martice kissed Dre. He was more aggressive this time he was more in charge. The kiss started very sweet but after a few moments alsancak escort Martice bit Dres lower lip pulling back causing a slight pain but nothing major. Dre smiled for a moment as Martice Reached over grabbing the back of his head and pushed his mouth towards the grey sweats he was wearing. Martice’s grip was tight and he didn’t seem to have that air that said he wasn’t sure of himself. As Dre removed the rock hard dick of Martice only to slowly accept it into his mouth he was shocked and surprised as the aggression. Martice began to control the pace by only allowing Dre to come up so far and then pushing him back down, the sound of slurping could be heard as Dre slide up and down each time sucking harder and harder soon Martice was pushing himself deeper and deeper into Dres mouth until he could feel the bend, Dre didn’t seem to mind as he tightened his mouth around Martice and began to act as if he was swallowing, ripples of pleasure rushed trough first his legs and then up his spine Martice went to pull Dre off to express what he couldn’t form the words to say, but Dre stayed and accepted the explosions of seed which rushed forth from the rock hard dick in his mouth. Dre wasn’t sure if he should break the rule he was now thinking to break but it seemed as if he had already made up his mind as he leaned back looking at Martice still in a state of shock.

” Let’s go up to the bedroom.” Dre said as he stood slipping out of his jeans. He turned Martice in follow and started up the stairs. It wasn’t half way up that he felt Martice place his hand around his waist and step close enough he could feel his still hard dick pressing against his ass.

“I told you I planed on fucking you.” He said as his body began to lower and suddenly his tongue began to probe as Dre’s ass checks. Feeling himself pushed forward onto the steps Dre was surprised at the idea that this virgin planed to fuck him, there was no way that was happening, but soon he would find the wet feel of Martices tongue inside of his ass was a bit much for him to fight. As Martice sunk his tongue deeper and deeper into Dre’s asshole buca escort soon beginning to suck and slightly bite at the areas Dre found the pleasure unreal. The pain ever so slight was part of a larger more perfect pleasure which over came him. Each bite or suck or trust caused him to moan a bit loader and loader until he was lost in the moment and didn’t even notice the replacement of Martice’s tongue with two fingers darting rapidly in and out of his tight ass. Martice had come along way in a short time; he had come into his own confidence.

The moan that exited Dre’s mouth as Martice slide all of himself balls deep into Dre was unlike any sound he had made before, right there on the steps his knees on slightly braced Martice began to drive himself inside of Dre deeper and harder then other in the past had. His hand slowly slide up to Dres shoulder as he pulled back forcing himself even deeper. The quake of Dre’s legs as they began to shiver caused his muscles to tighten increasing the enjoyment for Martice and he gripped Dres hip and began to bang his back out. Dre could keep the sounds in as the slapping of Matrices hips into his ass made sound after sound after sound. Soon Martice pulled Dre up and sunk his teeth into his neck. It was more then a bite it was animal like aggression as Martice bite down and Dre loved it more and more with each bite or even to say gnaw. Still forcing his manhood up into Dre Martice’s hands made their way around to Dres also rock hard dick and he began to jack him off, Dre was lost in the moment like he had left so many others. Each trust forward caused the soft yet tight touch of Martice to jack his dick and each trust hit that spot inside of him that cause pleasure to rush forward, he was on fire. Until finally he tightened every muscle in his body and released a moan which everyone on that floor could hear. One after another hot streams of cum hit the carpeted steps each load smaller then the one before it, but even as he collapsed Martice keep going, pounding his ass harder and harder. Now the pain wasn’t like pleasure, Dre could only take it at this point not having the energy or real want to stop him. For what felt like hours Martice keep putting meat in his back harder and harder until finally he drove as deep into and hard into Dre as he could. You could almost hear a low growl before he collapsed on top of Dre. Dre wanted to say something, but he still couldn’t. So for the moment they just laid there together.

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