Houseboat Log Ch. 05


Reading the earlier chapters will give you perspective on the progression here, although you can read this as a stand alone piece.

After the last few nights (and days!!), I needed recharging. I piloted the Wet n Wild across the bay to a marina where I knew the dock master, Bobby. Bobby helped me tie down and we shared a beer and caught up. I mentioned that the ladies of the area had been kind to me and he laughed and told me, “If you can still drive at night and dance, you are like a Justin Bieber down here. If you can get it up and love to eat pussy, well, there’s no end to the trim you will enjoy.” Bobby and I had been fellow Navy officers in the 70’s and had shared adventures in foreign ports many a night.

Bobby went back to work as the boats were heading in at that point from a long day on the water. We promised to meet up after dark for a continuation of our chat and a drink at a local watering hole with which he was familiar. I showered, shaved and dressed casual knowing the type of guy Bobby was and joined him at a “parrot head” themed dive/bistro that had good music and plenty of good looking mature margaritas waiting to dance.

We had a couple of Caribe burgers and a few brewski’s and laughed hard about all the dumb mistakes we had made as young sailors both on the ship and off. As I was heading to the men’s room, I bumped into a woman coming my way who was smaller than I am usually attracted to, but who had the curves of a sinner and the smile of an angel. She smiled at me as I towered over her and excused myself.

“Sorry, ma’am, I didn’t see you coming,” I said with a smile splitting my face. She looked up at me with a terrific smile and retorted, “I wasn’t cumming, but the night is still young!” Well, I almost fell over with laughter. She was a hoot! Once I recovered from her hilarity, I introduced myself and learned her name, Samantha, or Sam for short.

She asked me back to her table and I told her my buddy was here as well and she told me to drag him over too. Sam was with another interesting woman, taller and dark complexion, probably Hispanic, by the name of Joanne.

We chatted and laughed and danced all night to the hot Caribbean lyrics and decided to party for another drink at the Wet n Wild . When we all piled into the main lounge of my suite, Sam insisted on a tour of the boat and we headed back to my stateroom while Jo and Bobby relaxed in the lounge, dancing a very sensual slow dance as we left them behind. I don’t think they noticed we were gone! I turned to find Sam up against my ass in my room. She leaped up and locked her arms Gaziantep Oral Escort around my neck and started kissing me passionately, tongue to tongue, grinding her lush body into mine. My cock started to snake down my pants leg, begging for release. Sam could feel it extending down full and hard against her. She dropped off me and ran her hand down my tube, and gasped.

“Lord, Paul, what is that pipe in your pants, baby??!!”

“It’s my welcoming card to you, pretty woman,” I retorted with a smile. I palmed her jutting breasts and squeezed hard, feeling I knew what this hottie wanted. Sam gasped and smiled.

“Pull off my top, Paul, I need to feel your big hands all over me before I take on that huge cock of yours.”

I said, “I’ll do more than just touch you, Sam, you deserve a full body licking!”

She laughed as I pulled her tank top over her head, pushed her back onto the huge bed and helped her shimmy out of her tight jeans and thong. She was a beautiful small lush doll, still tight despite being over 50 something in age.

I told her to take my shorts off and play with my cock, letting her know what I wanted. She sat up and slowly unzipped and let my shorts fall. She pressed her hand around my still clothed cock and ran it north to south. I knew she wanted to mouth it, and I didn’t discourage her after she slowly lowered my skivvies. My cock bounced against her cheeks but finally found her mouth. She could barely get her lips around the head of my cock. Her tiny hands both stroked my rod as she tried to gain leverage on my towering pistol. She licked all over my cock and mouthed each of my balls in turn. She was quiet except for little gasps for air and a few “oh my” squeals.

I pushed her back eventually and begin my ministrations, licking her toes and feet slowly, moving inch by inch up to her cute little pussy. Her landing strip was tastefully trimmed. I stroked my fingers through her hair and up to her almost flat stomach swell, gently teasing her. My tongue sucked each of her labia lips slowly, darting occasionally into her snatch for a taste of her juices. I had her writhing and humping my face, crying out.

“Eat me, baby, oh yessssss, fuck my pussy with your big tongue, Paul, eat, unghhhhhhhhhhh…yesssssssssssssss, ohhhhhh I’m cumming, watch out I am going to juice your face, Paul!”

Sam’s legs grasped my head and pulled me tight as her body went rigid and she bucked my face so hard I thought she would break my nose. She came like a faucet dousing me in her love juice. I swallowed as much as I could and lapped the rest out of her pussy and off her legs and butt, with nice slow short licks like a cat. She growled and started humping me again, grinding her pussy into my face, enjoying the orgasms as they came like a machine gun over and over again. The word multi-orgasmic seemed inadequate with respect to Sam!

After a time, I let her wind down and catch her breath. She finally released my head and hair and I kissed her letting her taste her juices on my face. I could tell she loved that. We cuddled for a few minutes with her in my arms draped over my torso.

Sam eventually looked in my eyes and started kissing my eyelids and my face, running her tongue all around my lips. I could tell she wanted to partake of other pleasures. I lifted her up in my arms and settled her pussy lips at the tip of my cock and just eased her down enough that she had the knob nestled halfway into her. She shuddered and started to writhe on my cock pushing down taking it a little at a time and screaming how much she loved a big cock.

“Oh, baby, you are soooo big, give it to me slowly, don’t stop, steady baby steady, let me adjust, more, a little more, that’s it ohhhhhhh, give me more”. I couldn’t believe this little minx could take my big pole, but she eventually did after about 10 minutes of slow progress. She finally took it all and screamed for me to stop.

I whispered, “Sam, you are so tight, it feels so good, are you ok?

“Yes, baby, I just need to adjust for a few minutes and remember this feeling, Paul. I have never had a truly big cock in me before. I feel so full, so stretched, so good.” My cock was up against her cervix, forcing it to open, a snake probing deeper.

My hands held her ass cheeks, and I lightly slapped them, an earthy guttural moan emanating from my beautiful lover. She tried to rise and I helped lift her off my cock, then back down again, slowly until after a time we built a faster pace. She was cumming continually now, her eyes rolled back, and drooling as my lips found her ripe nipples and bit them lightly distending them. I wanted her to feel her nipples in her pussy as well as my cock. Her head was tossing about, her blonde hair whipping my face. I could feel my cannon about to discharge when she tightened her pussy muscles around my expanding cock and literally pulled my load up into her pussy.

I couldn’t control myself, usually having good staying power at my age. Sam overcame all that and had me firing into her rapidly, shouting her name over and over as my ass clenched and I jammed my cock into her with each spurt. Her eyes opened and she smiled and kissed me just as I erupted. I don’t know about you but there is nothing more exciting to me than blowing my load into a woman that is kissing me hard at the same time. WOW!!!!

I can’t remember a better fuck in my life. This tiny dancer was the ultimate sex machine for me. She slowly extricated herself and lay back down beside me with a leg and an arm on me.

We fell asleep in that position and slept the better part of eight hours. When I woke in the morning, Sam was looking into my eyes with a smile on her face that said it all.

“First impression, you are “just right””, she quipped. I laughed and said, “I second that emotion!”

I got up, went to the bathroom, got the shower going after starting a pot of coffee, and let her know the water was warm. We washed each other thoroughly, each marveling at the contrasting sizes. Sam was 5’0″ tops and I was 6’2″ tall. She might have weighed 110 lbs., I was easily 225 lbs.

I picked her up and slid slowly into her pussy from behind, kissing her neck and shoulders as I did. We had a nice slow, wet fuck, and cleaned up once again. I threw her a robe and we both sauntered out to the kitchen to find the coffee and something to eat. Amazing what good sex on the water will do to an appetite!

We didn’t see either Joanne or Bobby when we looked around. We would have to catch up with them later to get details. Sam and I spent the day on the bay enjoying the sun and learning more about each other. I realized that she had an incredible sense of humor and yet was very down to earth and interesting to talk to. I also learned she really enjoyed me taking control last night and told me she would encourage me to push the envelope further in that vein. I told her I enjoyed both roles, dominant and submissive to an extent. I have always enjoyed pleasing a woman, and taking what I want too.

When I pulled back into the marina, we said our goodbyes, exchanged cell numbers, and promised to follow up our tryst soon as we both thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company as well as our sexual proclivities. I saw Bobby at the dock waiting for my lines and as I tied up Sam hopped off, gave him a little kiss as she passed him, and waved back to me. I waved and joined Bobby on the dock after tying down and we walked back to the dock master’s office to chat about our adventures last night. I don’t kiss and tell, but they had heard enough to know Sam and I had hit it off in bed too. I apologized for leaving him stranded with Jo, but he smiled and let me know it was the RIGHT thing to do!

Let me know how you like this series and if you want to hear more stories about the Wet n Wild adventures. Thanks for all the nice comments and votes, I really appreciate them.

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