How My Sister Took Over Ch. 03


This is an adaption of one of my earlier works for a role reversal site. I had to adapt a few things to fit this site’s standards. All of my characters having sex are over 18.

This story contains aspects of domination, femdom, and incest. Of course it is fiction and admittedly pushes the bounds of credibility.


I was very careful to make sure I lived up to my agreement with my twin sister she was in charge. If she gave me a direct order, I complied as quickly as I could and without an argument. Stacie was a little more easy going, but she did not hesitate to give me directions either. She was just a little nicer about it than Evelyn.

Right after graduation from high school, Ms Hodges, Stacie’s Mom got the girls jobs at the local mall store her company owned. They sold young women’s fashions. Ms Hodges was the buyer for the company. I think she wore a couple hats but I knew about the buyer part. A week later, she called me up and asked if I wanted a job as well. Mine would be in the distribution warehouse.

Of course, I jumped at the offer. I had applied to about twenty places around town but still could not find a job. I really did not want to work at a fast food place if I could possibly help it and preferred a day time job. I knew soon I would have to take whatever was offered. Evelyn and Stacie both told me I had to ‘pull my weight’.

I think Ms Hodges actually created a position for me as the first day the other guys, all in their 30’s and older seemed wary of me. But I busted my ass to prove myself and in no time they accepted me as one of the crew.. What we did in the warehouse was receive truckloads of clothes and then break down the stock for each store. I had no idea there were that many stores but we were the central hub and serviced all the stores in the entire region. I might get an order sheet for whatever number of blouses in each style, color and size and it was my job to pull them off the shelf, box them and label the box for the right store. Slap the boxes on the dolly for that store and go to the next. Pretty simple if you could read and could pay attention. And of course hustle to get the orders pulled and ready for the afternoon pickup.

After a few days, I also started entering the completed orders into the computer for inventory control. The only thing I could not do was drive a truck or work the little forklifts, since I was not checked out on them. Like I said, I worked hard and was accepted as one of the crew after a few days.

Getting a job was crucial. Before my parents made the final move to their new residence, my Dad disclosed he had an idea to test us. I was not sure he based his proposition on Evelyn and Stacie getting jobs, or had talked with Ms Hodge’s first and that lead to her offering them employment. Either way, I was in the hot seat to find a job myself.

“Okay. Here is a test for y’all.” Dad announced as we all sat eating in a restaurant. All six of us were present. “This summer, since you are not in classes, you need to learn to manage a household together. I want you to see if you three are really compatible to live under the same roof without a parent acting as referee. That is not as easy as you might think. I want you to foster a system of sharing a residence without the added stress of school.” Evelyn immediately said we would have no problem living together. Stacie nodded.

Dad shook his head. “Don’t be so sure. You and your brother have butted heads in the past even almost getting into physical confrontations. I had roommates back when I was in college so I know it is not always easy.” He paused a few minutes to let us think about that. “Now I also don’t want you sitting around doing nothing. I want you do something constructive, not watching television or playing video games all day.” He looked at me. Evelyn barely restrained herself from laughing. She did grin. I caught myself a scant millisecond before I glared at her. That would have got me in trouble. Mom noticed my self-control. She caught my eye and nodded her approval of my restraint.

“So, for the summer, I am going to charge you three a fair but small rent. You will pay your utility bills and buy your food. You will have to learn money management. I expect by the end of summer you will learn a few things. First you will see it is not that easy to support yourself even with roommates. Second you will learn to handle conflict, making sure each of you do your part. If you can do that, then when school starts, you will be ahead of the game.”

I asked, “And if we can’t earn enough to pay all the bills?” I felt a slight kick on my shin.

Mom said we will work that out. “Your spending money will be the first thing to go. You will realize you can’t just stop and buy one of those fancy coffee’s or stop at a fast food place. Maybe take a sack lunch. You will have to work hard and seriously budget your money. And if the conflict gets too much, you can move into the dorm when school Girne Escort starts. Evelyn and Stacie might stay in the apartment or we will sell it. We got a great price on it so we can easily sell it for a profit.”

“No way, Mom.” Evelyn pronounced. “We will make it work. I’m sure we can work out conflicts. Plus John needs us to push him so he gets good grades. Just like we did the end of our senior year.” All three adults chuckled.

“Well, you are going to have to prove it.” Dad said. “If you make it through the summer without killing each other, I’ll give you back the rent you paid. That should give you a little extra incentive. Your Mom and I will check on you via computer and Veronica here will be in town.” He added, nodding at Ms Hodges.

“John, don’t even think about screwing this up for us or trying to get out from under me.” Evelyn expressed that night back at the apartment. “Mom and Dad will get a copy of your full punishment log. Your friends will get pictures of your bare bod and spanked butt.” I assured her I had no intention of trying anything.

Actually, I would have loved to get out from under Evelyn’s thumb. At the very beginning, I got aroused with the fantasy of Evelyn having some control. She took that small measure of control I offered and turned it to fully dominating me. I realized right away that getting an erection from thinking about the humiliation was not the same thing as enjoying it. I hated it. The humiliation was intense and the pain was worse. I wish I could have gone back in time to stop myself from opening my mouth, from ever letting Evelyn take over.

The only profit was I finished the year acing my exams. I knew I would have no option but do the best I possibly could once our freshman year of college started. But the loss of my dignity was a stiff price to pay.

Evelyn was not about to let me off. She had enough resolve and ambition for both of us. Nobody doubted her dedication to working hard and getting good grades. Our parents had no doubt her maturity level greatly exceeded my own. I had been the kid who just liked to get by and have a little fun with the minimum of effort.

After a great deal of convincing argument, mostly from Evelyn, Mom and Dad agreed to let the two of us move into a townhouse he purchased. He had compared the price of the townhouse with dorm fees for the two of us and figured he would actually come out way ahead.

What sealed the deal to let us live on our own was having Stacie move in as a roommate. Stacie’s mother agreed to look in us on occasion and give us a little supervision. Plus our parents kept track via email, text and skype. Stacie was the lynch pin in my parents’ eyes. She and Evelyn were best friends..well best friends with benefits if you know what I mean. They shared a very intimate relationship. That was not known outside of the three of us. I also had a relationship with Stacie. We had gone to prom together and had been virgins when we began to date. My folks concluded with Stacie around peace would be possible.

Growing up, the relationship between Evelyn and I was contentious at best. She never held it against me that she got far better grades than I could ever achieve. What bothered her was I rarely put forth much effort. While she studied arduously, I played, happy to settle for a B grade instead of busting my ass to get an A. To her I was lazy and inconsiderate of others. I broke the rules whenever I thought I could away with it.

No more. She made the rules and I said ‘Yes, Ma’am.” Since shortly after we graduated high school we three had shared living quarters. To say the least we had a very unorthodox living arrangement. To make the dynamics even more unconventional my kid sister controlled my ass. Not control in that she dictated each move, but she had full disciplinary power. That was a secret held between the three of us. To the outside world, I was the brother, looking out for the girls. Truth be known, Stacie was probably the one really in charge as she had so much influence over Evelyn. And all Stacie had to do to bend me to her will was ask.

Both girls repeatedly told me I better not mess up their arrangement. I did my best to not disappoint either girl. I worked hard all summer. I contributed to the household finances. I did my share of the work. As a result, my life got much easier. Evelyn left me alone for the most part. Of course she would walk into my room without even the courtesy of knocking first. I think she was hoping to catch me masturbating. She caught me undressed or half dressed several times. I eventually repressed any reflex to cover my groin. Anytime I covered or even started to cover my groin, I was stripped completely and made to stand while she examined every inch of my naked body. She trounced my dignity but at least my butt did not suffer.

I did not mind Stacie coming into my room. Frequently her appearance meant hot sex. She asked when she wanted Kıbrıs Escort me to do something. And she was not interested in spanking me.

All that changed. Over the last day or so, Stacie had not asked, she ordered. Like when to strip naked, when to bend over. She and Evelyn took turns beating my butt… repeatedly. The thing about it was, I knew I fully deserved it. That did not make me feel any better. I can tell you from experience a sore ass is much worse than a guilty conscience.

It was almost the end of summer. To our parents, we had done well as a trio living together. They praised us for working hard to get along. They had no clue I had no option.

I sat in the back of Stacie’s car overwhelmed with the feeling of dread. Not so much nervousness or fear. With both those emotions there is a heightened sense of awareness, an adrenaline flow that could be useful. All my adrenaline was sitting in my lower abdomen. I did not know if I was going to puke or crap my pants. Well, add to that cry, although I would rather have shit my pants than make a fool of myself and start crying. I was a basket case. I shook. There was nothing useful about the adrenaline surge I felt.

And my ass was so hot and sore, I could barely sit still in the backseat of the car. Just sliding over to get out when we parked in front of Stacie’s mother’s house sent waves of pain up my back. Now I had to go face Ms Hodges and seek her help.

As we parked, my sister, Evelyn, turned around in her seat and looked at me. “You did this to yourself. Now you gotta own up to it. You go in there, admit you screwed up and ask..well, make that beg for help.”

Stacie said over her shoulder, “Just be honest. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. You’ll survive.”

Two days ago was Friday, my last day of work before I went back to school, well start college. The guys decided to take me out drinking as a farewell. They actually acted like they were sorry to see me leave and told me repeatedly I had a job whenever I wanted. I probably should have called a taxi after the first few rounds but really did not feel all that buzzed. I nursed each beer so I was way behind the other guys, but each person insisted they buy me a drink. And they did, and I felt obligated to drink each one.

When I got ready ready to leave, the warehouse manager asked if I wanted him to call me a taxi or the local delivery driver could take me home as he had finished his last run and was on his way to join us. I refused, saying I was fine. In truth, I did not want to leave my car in the bar parking lot overnight.

I had no sooner put my key in the ignition when there was a tap on my window and sure enough, a cop was standing there. Long story short, he had watched me walk out the bar and get into my car. He had me blow into the breathalyzer and seemed a little surprised I only blew a.06 blood alcohol level. DUI level was.08 which I knew. Then he threw me a curve ball and said that I was still ‘impaired’.

By this time a couple of my coworkers had come outside as they had heard ‘a cop was jacking up a kid in the parking lot’. The warehouse manager tried to get the policeman to let me go as they had a designated driver on the way (the delivery driver). But to no avail. The cop said he was sorry, but once I put my key into the ignition, that was it. Then he threw me a bone. He pulled out a pamphlet about a course I could take that would remove the ‘operating a motor vehicle while impaired’ citation off my record. Fully expunged, it would be like it never happened and could not be held against me later. I took it and my ticket back into the bar to wait for the delivery driver.

Needless to say, explaining all this to Stacie and Evelyn when I got home did not go well for me. They took one vehicle to retrieve my car. While they were gone, I stood naked facing the wall with my hands on my head. I held a small piece of paper between my nose and the wall and each elbow and the wall. My butt and thighs were blazing from the wheals I knew were forming from the beating I had just received. Evelyn had used her dowel rod to stripe my ass and back of my thighs. Stacie insisted she give me several stripes as well. Both girls stated that all three slips of paper better be in place upon their return. The slightest movement on my part would let one fall.

Concentration on the task of holding still was not easy either. Tears coursed down my face. My nose ran. My bottom burned so bad I barely resisted the impulse to reach back and rub it. Fear of what I would endure if I did is the only thing that kept me in place.

The papers were still there when they returned, but that did not save me from hairbrush spankings from both girls. I was no given no sympathy or respite as each took her turn to blister my naked ass again. I can tell you that after being welted, a hairbrush cannot even be tapped without causing excruciating pain. And neither Magosa Escort my sister nor my girlfriend, tapped. They pelted my butt making me scream, cry and beg.

The next morning was Saturday and I was treated to another spanking. This time to my outer and inner thighs. Stacie opted to apply the stick to the inner thighs, stating matter-of-factly that Evelyn was so pissed she might not take enough care to miss my cock or balls. Evelyn made sure she welted my outer thighs and later in the day both girls used a hairbrush again on my ass.

I could barely walk the following day. I certainly could not sit. I knew I would be sleeping on my stomach for the next few nights. I was not allowed clothes at all and if either girl happened to pass by I could expect a hard hand slap on my butt. A hand slap might sound like nothing, but I was so sore at this point that a single slap would reignite the agonizing torment. I could not help yelping. That was, as both girls told me, how they determined I had been spanked properly. I was miserable.

I needed to go to the courthouse the next day, Monday, to sign up for the judicial mitigation course that would expunge my record. The three day course itself cost $500 but the kicker was each attendee had to stay in the hotel where it was taught for 3 nights starting the night before which would cost an additional $400. An online search said the next course started the following Friday. Classes would start before the next course in two weeks.

My immediate problem was I did not have that kind of money, nor could I borrow it from the girls. The girls had spent the excess money they earned on clothes for school. I had spent mine on treating us all to movies and whatever caught our eye. Dad had not yet refunded our rent like he promised.

For now we were broke or might as well have been. We had recently been paid but between the three of us, we had only $400 left after paying our bills. Hence my trip to see Ms Hodges to ask her for the balance of the needed money. Neither girl wanted to risk asking my parents for the money as an explanation of the reason might jeopardize our living arrangement. I was not sure right now that would be a bad thing. With my throbbing buttocks, I was of the opinion that maybe I would be better off if I was not subject to my sister’s discipline any more. At least I had that idea until she reminded me that if I ‘screwed things up for her’ she would not only let our parents know she had been in charge and spanked me whenever I messed up, she would show everybody who wanted to see it, my discipline log.

That HAD to be kept secret.

“Drunken driving????!!” Ms Hodges hissed. She was livid as could be expected. I had wanted to ask my former coworkers for help when I found out how much the judicial mitigation course was going to cost. I was sure they would help. But no… I was out voted. We had to go and see Ms Hodges. That decision was foisted on me by both Stacie and Evelyn. It was not either of their asses on the line.

“Technically,” I began, before she cut me off. “I don’t want to hear “technically you were impaired” or “technically you were whatever.” she said, her voice rising. “Technically, you fucked up!!!”

We all anticipated she would be furious, but we also felt she would be quick to forgive once she got past her initial anger.

I was sitting alone on the couch. Stacie sat in a recliner while Evelyn sat to one side on a love seat. Ms Hodges was pacing after getting up from her own chair after I had explained what had happened. She had been nervous and upset when we arrived. Stacie texted her that morning saying we needed to all sit down and discuss something important, but refused to say what. Ms Hodges was initially scared somebody had been injured but when assured that was not the case her imagination went wild. She started out asking if one of the girls was pregnant. She was both relieved and really angry when she found out the reason for our talk.

I explained what had happened again and how I needed to attend the course to get the citation fully expunged. I did not even have the opportunity to get to the real reason we were there before she erupted again. “Oh and you need me to pay for it, because I am so easy going and will go along, is that it?” I shook my head. “Well, let me tell you MISTER. I am NOT so easy going! I have not spanked Stacie for a while now, but if she EVER pulled a stunt like this, I would take a strap to her ass!!!”

“Well, actually, we already beat John’s ass raw for this,” Evelyn offered without thinking. I was stunned. I could not believe my sister had said that. I looked at her then to Stacie who had an equally dumbfounded expression. You could have heard a pin drop.

Ms Hodges stopped in her tracks.”What did you say?” she asked, squinting at Evelyn. Then Evelyn began to brazenly tell her how they had welted my ass and thighs and then spanked me with hairbrushes and hands Friday night and Saturday, Ms Hodges looked back and forth at Stacie and Evelyn as if for confirmation. I slunk deeper into the couch.

The only time Ms Hodges looked in my direction was when I attempted to get my sister to stop talking. The only thing that came out of my mouth was a squeaked “Evelyn!!” “Shut up!! “

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