How was Your Day?


She was reclined on the couch in a t-shirt and jeans that clung to her body. Her chest stretched her shirt with every breath, showing the outline of her bra-less breasts clearly through the thin material. Long, dark wavy hair flowed over her shoulders to her narrow waist. Half asleep and bored with the television show she was only half-paying attention to, she was startled when he walked into the room and shut the door behind him. He took a few steps forward, then stopped and stared at her, drinking in the sight of her form.

“Get up and come over here,” he demanded. She looked at him in surprise, wondering where he was going with this. Hesitant, but curious, she slowly rose to her feet and walked towards him.

“Kneel down,” he growled while unbuckling his belt. She blushed shyly from the arousal that was beginning to rise within her, but remained obedient, sinking to her knees in front of him with a grin. He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper. Reaching his hand inside, he pulled out his just beginning to harden cock and held it in front of her.

“You want this?” She nodded eagerly and honestly. Her heart was pounding in her ears as her excitement spiked. He began to stroke himself slowly before her. She was shocked at how intensely the sight affected her, waves of sensation rolling through her stomach and throbbing between her legs. Her eyes grew wide and her breathing turning shallow while she felt herself grow wet with desire.

He took in the sight of her kneeling before him, her özbek escort want for him showing so clearly on her face. His own desire was increasing rapidly, blood pounding through him, causing his erection to grow in his hand. Knowing that she would obey his commands was an intoxicating drug.

“You do, don’t you? You little slut.” He brought himself closer, brushing her mouth teasingly with the tip of his cock. Her lips parted and she gasped at the wicked delight that struck her with his words. He could feel the heat from her breath on his skin when she looked up at him and nodded.

“I want to feel you grow hard against my tongue.” She was growing bolder, overcome with the feelings engulfing her. Seeing the opportunity for that sensation slipping away with each leisurely, steady stroke he made, she began to grow desperate.

“Please?” She was begging him.

“Greedy pet.” He smirked down at her, enjoying the jolt of lust ignited by her ardent pleads.

“Open your mouth.” She cooperated hungrily and he slid himself slowly inside, grabbing her hair to push all the way into her throat, smiling mischievously as she gagged.

“Do you like that? Is that what you wanted, you filthy bitch?” She nodded and closed her eyes, thoroughly savoring the feeling of his smooth skin on her wet tongue, pulsing and stretching with his swelling erection. She moved her mouth over him slowly, licking lazily to appreciate every piece of flesh she encountered.

He looked mecidiyeköy escort down at her, watching her pleasure him through heavy lidded eyes. His breathing grew rapid as the hot wetness of her lips wrapped around his hard cock overwhelmed his awareness. He let the sensation roll over him for a few moments before squeezing his hand in her hair to get her attention.

“Unbutton your pants, but don’t stop. If you stop, I won’t let you taste my cum. You want to taste it, don’t you?” She nodded again and grew slightly unsteady, her knees becoming weak beneath her as inhibition fell away.

“Then unbutton your pants and slide them down, your panties too. I want you completely uncovered.” She complied, fumbling with her belt and zipper blindly so she could keep her mouth busy as commanded. She shifted her body and looked up into his eyes as she hooked her thumbs around her waistband and pushed her jeans and thong down to her knees.

“Good girl. Now, I want you to touch yourself.” She placed her hand timidly on her stomach and began slowly caressing her way down until she reached her now soaking sex. Using her wetness to glide to her clit, she began rubbing in slow circles, moaning softly from the feeling. He grew even harder as he felt her moan vibrate through his cock.

“Does that feel good?”


“You like touching yourself while you suck my cock, don’t you? You are such a horny little bitch. Are you going to make yourself cum for me?” She looked up at him questioningly, azeri escort trying to determine if this was an actual order. He pulled the fist-full of her hair at the back of her head, wrapping the hair tightly around his fingers.

“You’d better. You’d better make yourself cum for me like the good little slut you are. I want to feel every sound you make when you cum with my cock in your mouth.” She began moving her hand faster, knowing his demand would be easily met. She found a rhythm, stroking her fingers inside herself in time to strokes his cock was making inside her mouth. As her climax grew closer and closer, her pace grew more and more frantic. Waves of pleasure crashed over her until she began to shudder, moaning loudly as the orgasm took control from her completely. Spasms wracked her body and she fought to stay conscious against the intensity of the sensations flooding through her. He jerked her hair hard and pushed against her, fast and rough.

“Such a good little slut, you are. Do you want me to cum?” She half whimpered a sound of agreement, limp from the depth of her euphoria. He moved against her faster, gasping and panting as his own climax surged over him.

“My little bitch, do you love my cock? You need it, don’t you?” She hummed a yes and he growled as his orgasm started to pulse through him. He pushed deep into her mouth as he came, shuddering as he felt her throat tighten on the end of his cock while his cum exploded from him and over her waiting tongue. She sucked as his orgasm subsided, making sure to get every last bit from him until he was fully spent. He leaned against her until his breathing started to return to normal, then he slowly pulled himself from her mouth and offered her a hand to help her to her feet.

“So, how was your day?”

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