How We Became An “Owned Couple” Ch. 11


Lee felt totally at ease at our apartment as she surveyed the two bedroom place that my wife Laura and I rented. She had me carry in some bags and selected the master bedroom as her new room telling me she would sleep there. She looked over what we had in the pantry and fridge, and while she indicated she didn’t do much cooking, put together a list of items and sent me out to the grocery store to pick up a few things she wanted.

When I returned she had already removed pictures of Laura and other family members replacing them with pictures of Carl, Wanda and herself. I knew it was of no use to express my displeasure and consigned myself to all the changes she was making in our living quarters.

Lee had instructed me to pick up some Thai food on my way home and I was quickly to become accustomed to her Asian cuisine that would soon fill my diet.

My young mistress could tell I was troubled by the new developments and might even have second thoughts about our new arrangement, giving myself and my wife over to an older couple as their slaves and personally putting my own life in the hands of this young woman who would guide me in the first few weeks of my training.

After dinner, Lee instructed me to strip down completely and to run her a warm bath filled with some oil she had me pour into our garden tub. I was still very self conscience about the CB6000 chastity device which caged my cock dangling between my legs.

Lee undressed in the bedroom and showed no modesty at all as she made her way into the bathroom and eased her legs into the frothy water. Lee was a very pretty 21-year old with silky black hair which ran down the better part of her back. She had an olive tone to her skin and was completely hairless except the hair on her head and her thin eyebrows highlighting her dark eyes.

She had a number of tattoos that decorated her body with a bright green and red dragon on her right side set in colorful flowers along with more colorful flowers on her back shoulder and some type of Asian letters or symbols on her right breast. Lee told me the two Chinese symbols pronounced “nyu nu” actually meant female slave. She had really nice breasts which sat up high and firm on her small frame and were perhaps 36D’s with two very prominent dark nipples that really stood out when she was excited.

Lee provided me with a sponge, pulling her silky hair in a bun on her head, and had me both wash her back and massage her as she relaxed in the warm water. She pulled her leg out of the water and left it resting on the side of the tub as I noticed her professionally pedicured toes with their burgundy polish.

“So, are you Japanese?” I questioned.

“No, Korean,” she laughed off as if my ignorance to international culture was extremely apparent. She looked back at me and seeing my genuine interest replied back, “My family and I are from a small village in Cheongwon. You are curious how I met Carl? How I came to be here?” she replied back, her dark eyes absorbing mine.

When I nodded, she began, “My parents wanted me to have a better life and enrolled me and my sister in an English speaking kindergarten when were very young. They recognized that I had a high proficiency in mathematics. I was educated in classical piano. I began playing piano at three and moved to the U.S. at ten studying at the New England Conservatory of Music.

“You’re kidding,” I said with some emphasis, thinking of the irony this trained musician, the very one I was bathing, was a slave of Carl and Wanda.

“No,” she continued. “While my teachers realized I had a gift, I was also very good with numbers and studied at MIT. I thought for a while I might want to be an architect. While I enjoyed my music, it’s a personal expression and I do not enjoy playing in a public setting. It was at MIT I met Carl. I was interning at a Boston Architectural firm that was working on one of Carl’s projects.”

“I’m not sure what you know about Carl but he has extensive properties, real estate, and resorts in Canada, here, and the U.K. I was only 17 at the time but there was an instant attraction and he and Wanda asked me to come live with them. While I was on a scholarship, Carl provided financial support to my family which allowed my sister and two brothers to also attend University. He still takes care of my family,” Lee added reflectively.

“I went to work for him. He has support staff on the ground at every location but I look over all his books and help counsel him when it comes to his overall financial planning and operations.”

“Wanda cannot have children of her own and neither have close family members. Their parents are deceased and Carl is not close to his brother. So I am now their closest family member. I am officially their adopted daughter. While Carl’s portfolio is invested in several holding companies and fairly diversified he and Wanda have a net worth of $2.7 billion. Does that surprise you?” Lee asked.

I was dumbfounded. Looking at them, karşıyaka escort there was no doubt they both lived comfortably and had wealth, but I would have never guessed they were billionaires. “You’re shitting me,” I shot back as I fell back a little on the bathroom tile.

“I know, they don’t act like it. Carl is a self made man and doesn’t like all the trappings that come with wealth. But he has several attorneys that work for him whose only mission is to protect his interests and keep his activities under the radar screen.”

“So what you’re telling me is his company, all that he owns, will one day be yours,” I asked.

“I’m telling you I am his daughter. As close to him if he were my biological father. Closer than that actually. I am also his mistress and that of Wanda’s. I love them as much or more than my own parents. I exist to please and serve them. They own me and I know I will be well taken care of… just as Anna will, as well as yourself if you give yourself totally over to them.”

I reflected on what Lee was saying as I ran the warm sponge over her soft skin. As beautiful and exotic as this young lady was, and everything she had just said, I could not get my mind off my wife, and the fact I had given us both to this older dominant couple and their adopted daughter.

After Lee had soaked for some time, she had me dry her and then we both made our way into the den, but not before she had me retrieve her a glass of wine and give her a quick tutorial of our home entertainment system.

Lee had noticed my slight melancholy and depressed state although she drew no specific attention to it. Instead, she retrieved a disc from her bedroom informing me she had something that Carl had specifically required me to watch on our first night together.

She had me sit on the floor by her feet as she relaxed on the couch sipping her wine and using the remote started a disc. In seconds, I recognized the voices and then images of Wanda, Carl, and my wife Laura as they walked around in Carl’s spacious living room. Obviously Lee was filming as Laura was wearing the outfit she had on that first evening we had all met at the restaurant. It was a white top and I had asked her to go braless so her little nipples were pretty prominent, not to mention that the buttons were undone quite a bit exposing much of her small chest.

Laura was wearing a short black skirt and while she had on heals earlier, they were already off as she walked around their home barefooted. Laura was very quiet through most of the video with Carl barking out directives for Wanda to get him a scotch and everyone else a drink as well.

Returning, Wanda handed my wife a glass and began to talk with her, specifically noting her demeanor, “You’ve been pretty quiet all the way over here. You nervous?” Wanda inquired as she swept my wife’s brown hair behind her ear.

“A little I guess. I mean, I’m not sure what to do exactly,” my wife began.

“Sit down,” Wanda patted the seat as she sat on an ivory colored leather sofa. Laura sat beside her as Wanda looked at her for a second before trailing her fingers down her arm. “Earlier tonight when you were talking about how Connie seduced Gary and started having sex with him over that Christmas break at school. You two were pretty much going steady right?” Wanda asked.

“Yes, came Laura’s timid reply.

“But when you found out about them. You weren’t angry were you. Most women would have called it off right there. The humiliation, the indignity of their spouse, lover or boyfriend cheating on them. But you didn’t. You didn’t because deep down you still knew that Gary loved you. This was just sex. You didn’t feel threatened did you?”

“No,” again was the soft reply.

“And later he was actually a party in setting you up with two lesbians. You had never had sex with lesbians before but here was your boyfriend wanting you to experiment… to broaden your sexuality. And you enjoyed that didn’t you?” I watched as Laura, now called Anna by both Wanda and Carl, nodded.

“And he liked it too. Gary was excited watching you have lesbian sex. He got off watching you with Connie, Sandy and the other women. Truth is, he liked watching you have sex with other men too didn’t he?” she continued. My gorgeous wife just continued to nod, knowing she was right.

“It was Gary’s idea to have the threesomes and swap with other couples after you married. Gary’s idea to seek out a dominant couple on the internet. Every step of the way, Gary has wanted to pursue sex with other people. Actually he’s enjoyed watching you with others and he was excited at the prospect of having another man take you this evening wasn’t he?” Wanda reasoned.

“Do you know what men who like that are called Anna,” Wanda asked using her new name, the one they had given her. Anna just looked back somewhat puzzled.”

“They’re called cuckolds,” Carl chimed in, his voice filling the room. “They’re men who kartal escort enjoy watching their women, their wives having sex with other men, other women. Some like to join in. Most enjoy it when they are consigned to look on, to watch as their partner has sex. Perhaps having oral sex on your more dominant lover or cleaning you up afterwards by going down on you.”

“Having oral sex with you both as a final act of submission. Gary is a cuckold Anna. He always has been. It’s not that he does not want to have sex with you but he’s happiest when he gets to watch you have sex with others.”

I sat there on the floor listening to Carl’s words as he spoke about me. My initial reaction was one of indignation. Of course I enjoyed having sex with my wife. I was no wimp who wanted to watch men fuck my wife because I couldn’t. But the more I thought about it, the more it did make sense.

I did enjoy seeing Laura have sex with others — men and women alike. I did enjoy watchig her on the occasions where we swapped or had threesomes as some guy fucked her and then the cum that eased out of her pussy.

Often Laura did not even say anything as she spread her legs and I took up a position between them savoring the juices of her and her most recent lover. I didn’t consider myself gay but I did enjoy sucking cock and having a woman fuck my ass or even one of Laura’s lovers fuck us both.

Lee had seen how transfixed I was on the TV screen and took her bare foot and lifted the tube of the CB6000. My cock filled the plastic but the curved shaft prevented my penis from obtaining an erection. Her little burgundy painted toes played with my balls as she lifted them lightly with her foot, rubbing her toes down the hard plastic of the CB6000.

I was so excited but I could not get an erection as this young seductress toyed with my dick.

Back on the TV screen, Wanda reached over and slipped her hand inside Laura’s shirt causing Laura’s head to tilt back and her eyes close. While Wanda’s fingers were hidden in the confines of the blouse, I could see they were caressing her pert breasts. She undid the remaining buttons and slowly pushed it off my wife’s shoulders as she moved forward and closed the distance between them.

Wanda’s lips closed over Laura’s as she kissed her softly, passionately. Both of their tongues moved between their lips as Wanda paused only long enough to slip her own top off her head and unsnap her bra which freed two massive breasts. They were 38DD and made Laura gasp as they came into view for the first time.

Wanda pulled Laura’s head over and down to her breast as Laura sucked on the woman’s tit. She was far from being a novice when it came to female love and soon had Wanda moaning as she kissed and suckled at her huge bosom.

In the meantime Carl moved over and began feasting on my wife’s breasts as he sucked and licked her tit. He unzipped her skirt sliding it down her legs. She had removed her panties in the restaurant, so her little brown bush became visible as he snaked his hands back up and spread her legs, moving his head between her thighs.

I could tell that Lee was moving around trying to get the best angles of the camera as she moved slightly to the right so she could zero in on Carl who was now tasting the juices between my wife’s legs as she continued to lick and suck on Wanda’s prominent nipples.

In little time at all, Carl stood up and slipped off his shirt and then his trousers, until at last he removed the briefs and his massive cock came into view. Carl was about 6’2″ and had a very athletic frame with broad shoulders and a chest that belied his regular workout routine. But his most amazing feature was the huge cock between his legs framed by the massive balls that hung down.

Both Carl and Wanda shaved their genitals and their bodies could easily have been mistaken for models.

I saw on camera the first time Laura viewed Carl’s massive cock. Her eyes fixated on it and even though her lips stayed glued to Wanda’s nipple, her eyes could not believe what she was seeing. Her hand instinctively reached out as he stood and closed on the shaft which grew in her fingers. I heard her moan her appreciation as Carl smiled back.

“It’s time Anna. It’s time I took you. That I made that pussy mine. It’s what you want isn’t it angel. You want to feel my cock between your legs, filling you, exploring the depths of your pussy that has never been fucked. That’s what you want isn’t it little one,” Carl teased

“Yes, please give it to me. Fuck me,” she cried.

“You know when I do, you will always belong to my cock. That pussy will be mine and no one else will ever fill it like me. It will be my pussy. It will belong to me. You will belong to me. Is that what you want,” he inquired.

“Yes, I want it. I want to belong to you, I want you to fuck me,” she shot back, now looking right in his eyes as she lay back on the couch.”

I kastamonu escort watched as Carl lined his cock up to her vagina, on his knees, he inched in closer as he eased the head in and then little by little moved toward her, his thick shaft disappearing into her lovely pussy. There was a part of me that languished at that moment. I knew then our lives would forever be changed. But at the same time, I felt an excitement watching this man take the woman I loved and her giving herself so completely.

“Oh fuck, yes, that feels so good. Your cock feels so good,” Anna moaned as he moved back and forth, more and more of his shaft stretching out her hole. I watched as Carl locked his arms under her legs, moving her ass up off the couch as he thrust his cock in further. Wanda was kissing her deep on the lips as this couple took my wife.

Lee had seen enough and pulled on my hair, pulling my head to her pussy. I had surveyed her delectable womanhood but had not sampled it as I moved between her legs. Her pussy was shaved bare and I could smell the sweet smell of the scented oil from her bath. Her legs were warm and smooth as my cheeks brushed her soft satin skin and my tongue found its mark.

She cooed softly as my tongue parted her delightful folds and I scooped up the first taste of her young pussy. It was a taste I would become very familiar with over the next year as I licked the juices and tongued her clit. I could hear my wife’s soft moans in the background coming from the DVD as she moaned and urged Carl to fuck her harder, deeper.

I heard him ask, “What’s your name?” “Anna,” she replied.

“Who do you belong to now,” was his retort.

“You, I belong to you and Wanda, to serve you, to be yours. I am your slave, My body belongs to you,” she rambled as he pounded into her.

In the meantime I sucked at Lee’s pussy, teasing her clit with my tongue, drawing it in as she stroked my hair between her fingers. Her soft thighs resting on my shoulders as I licked and probed.

I could hear Carl in the background groaning, pounding my sweetheart’s pussy. “I’m going to cum Anna. I’m going to fill that wet cunt of yours with my hot load. Is that what you want? You want my load baby,” Carl intoned.

“Yes, shoot it in me. Cum in me. Fuck me. Give me your cum,” she cried as she thrust back. I was buried in Lee’s pussy so I heard more than saw Carl climax for the first time in my bride. Their groans filled the room as I heard Wanda encouraging her, telling her to cum, cum for both of them as Carl pumped his load into my wife.

Soon things grew quiet and I thought for a second the DVD had ended but it was only a pause and then round two which must have been filmed sometime later Saturday afternoon.

My wife’s hair, which had been long and brown, was now cut a little shorter, about shoulder length and dyed blonde. Lee told me later that all three of them had taken a trip that morning to a Salon and Spa where Anna was given a make over including the waxing where her pussy was given the smooth look that I had observed when I went by the next day.

I wasn’t sure if Lee or Carl was operating the Camcorder but there was Wanda on the couch again as Anna went down on her. The DVD went on for some time as it showed my wife savoring Wanda’s delicious pussy until Carl came into view and sat on the top of the couch, his feet resting on the cushions as he pulled Anna up in a sitting position and Wanda and Anna traded places.

What my wife did now shocked me as she sat back, Carl almost sitting astride her head as she tilted up her head and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few minutes as Wanda licked her snatch. Then Carl took his own cock in his hand pumping his shaft as Anna lifted her face up and planted it squarely in his behind.

My eyes, which had been focused on Lee’s pussy, now was glued to the TV as I watched Anna licking Carl’s ass and balls as he pumped his cock.

“Yea, you filthy slut. Lick my balls, lick my ass. Get your tongue in there good. Show us what a good little slut you are. Lee’s filming us and Garys going to be watching it. Show him how much you love worshiping my cock. How much you love licking my ass. You like being our little slut don’t you,” Carl teased.

“Yes,” came the muffled reply as I watched her snaking her tongue up his backdoor. In all of the time we had been together, she had never done that to me. There had been many occasions I had licked her back there. She loved anal sex both when I fucked her and when I went down on her. But she had never done that — at least to my knowledge.

But here she was licking ass like a whore, her hands pressing on his thighs prying them apart giving her more access to his bunghole.

“Lick my balls and look into the camera. Show Gary what a good little cocksucker you are. My little cocksucker,” Carl commanded.

Anna did exactly that staring at the camera while Lee zoomed in. She had a sultry, possessed stare as she sucked his big balls, trying to stuff them both in her mouth before she inched her head back and began assaulting his ass with her tongue.

She slid her pink flesh back and forward over his crack as he urged her on, “Yea, you’re such a dirty little slut. I knew you would be. Stick that tongue up my ass bitch.”

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