Husband is late, pizza man is on time


Husband is late, pizza man is on time”Hey, when are you going to be home?”, I asked my husband Ben. “Probably not for another hour”, he replied. “OK. Text me in 30 and I’ll order pizza for the night”. “Will do babe” he replied. We said our I love yous and hung up.I slipped into my bikini. I looked at myself in the mirror. I should have thrown this bikini out years ago as it’s too small these days. Regardless, I headed to the hot tub. I filled the cooler with some beers. I opened a beer and jumped in the hot tub. It’s a great feeling relaxing in the tub when the weekend hits. I laid there peacefully. I must of dozed off because i was alarmed when my phone buzz. It was Ben stating he was about to leave. Great, i made the order. It should arrive just as Ben would arrive home.I get a text 5 minutes later. “I have to stay longer” it read. “OK” I replied, “I’ll keep the pizza and cinnamon rolls warm for when you get home. Just text me when you’re leaving, when you are REALLY leaving”.I left a note on the front door to instruct the pizza delivery person to go around back. Thirty minutes later he was here…and he was cute. He was a younger man, early 20s, wearing basketball shorts kaçak iddaa and a t-shirt that was too big for him. I was in my late 30s at the time. “Excuse me ma’am” he spoke with charm. “Here is your order.” “Thank you” i replied. I need to go inside and get the money. I didn’t bring a robe since it was so hot outside. “Just follow me” i said. He gasped when I rose out of the hot tub and quickly turned away. My tiny bikini was hugging me tightly. My tits were falling out of the side. My bottoms were in between my ass crack. “Don’t be shy” I smirked. We both went into the house. “Let me put on some dry clothing” I said. I went into my bedroom and shut the door to where there was a small opening. He would be able to see me change by looking at the mirror. I took my bottoms off first, then I undid my top. As I stood in the mirror I gave my tits a grab. I put on a white camisole and white loose shorts. I planned on giving him a little show before he left. I checked the clock. I had about 22 minutes left. I came out of the bedroom with my clothes clinging to my skin. I didn’t care to dry myself off first. My nipples were shooting out of my shirt. Half of my shorts didn’t make kaçak bahis it over my ass. “Let me get the money for you” i said, “please have a seat”. He sat down. I walked over to the cabinet where the money was located. I opened it and reached the top shelf. I was on my toes. My shirt rose up. I was hoping to give him an underboob shot. My shorts rose a lot. It rose so far up my ass crack that I’m sure he saw what my hole looked like. The new wet spot on my shorts let him know that this was exciting me.I turned around and said “I’m sorry. I only have exact change.” He got up and said, “That’s OK. I hope you enjoy the food. It was enjoyable to have met your acquaintance this evening, Miss?” “My name is Melanie” I smiled back. Then my phone buzzed. It was my husband again. “Add on another 30 minutes” he wrote. I sent him a smile emoji back. I asked the pizza man to have a seat. He did so quickly. “I’m not going to let you leave without a tip”. I moved closer to him. “Especially after you drove all this way.” I moved closer. My tits were in his chest. He stumbled back and landed in the chair. I lowered myself onto him. As I did, my tits ran over his face. He just sat there motionless. illegal bahis “Don’t move” I said. I continued to slowly move up and down on his dick. “Let me know when you’re ready to release”. I continued with my motions. I kissed his neck. I licked his ear. I buried his face into my cleavage. I never put his dick in me, i just kept with the motions until he was ready to release. I dropped to my knees. He grabbed the back of my head. I engulfed his dick with my mouth and took his load. I was able to take most of it my some splattered on my face. It felt great! The cum that splattered on me I rubbed into my skin. I got up and smiled at him. “You have 5 minutes before you need to leave” I told him. “My husband will be back soon.” After a minute he stood up and headed for the door. “Wait one second” I lightly yelled. “Don’t forget your tip” I said as I winked and handed him some folded up bills. He grabbed them and left.I didn’t bother to clean myself up. The pizza man left, Ben pulled in. I went into the bedroom to change back into my bikini. I put my robe on and left our bedroom. I said hi when I saw Ben. I smiled. “Pizza is in the oven. Beer is in the cooler. I’ll be in the hot tub.” He told me to stop, then said i had some some of the cinnamon roll cream on the side of my mouth. “I’m such a pig” I replied jokingly. He came over to lick it off me. “Still warm” he laughed.

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