Hyper Lusts: Breeding New Life


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Hyper Lusts

Breeding New Life

Hyper Impregnation

The Egyptian jackal smirked as she posed at home, naked on the sofa with a bottle of beer in her paw, although Isetaari didn’t need anything at all to lubricate her libido. Her pale coat glowed in the light of the late afternoon sunshine, the days drawing in more and more swiftly now that winter was upon them, although it was her partner, of course, that she was waiting for. Not the partner in the police force sense, that was, even though he was a step below Isetaari as a sergeant, but the partner in love and life and their personal affairs that Damion was.

Huffing, she sat back with her chin tipped up, sloshing what was left in the bottle around the inside of the glass. Her white fur and blonde hair set her apart from many, ears rising to sharply knowing points, her muzzle narrow and beautiful. There was no one that could have passed over Isetaari as her eyes locked onto them, drawing them into her wiles and grasp.

But she was good at her job in the force – excellent, in fact – and adored what she did. The only reason that she was home so early, however, was due to her position and, well, the fact that it was her anniversary with Damion. And that was just why she was posing on the sofa, nude from head to paw, her heavy, huge tits pulled down under their own weight even as her nipples tingled pinkly into the cool air of their living room.

Yet it was the click of the door that she was waiting on, exhaling softly as her pussy warmed, fingers between her thighs, seeking out her own warmth. She was ready, so very ready, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t want to warm up too, huffing and grunting as she ploughed herself full of her fingers, shoving in two and then three digits, curling up against her G-spot.

“Oh yeah,” she groaned, surely catching her lover’s attention, even from the front door as he entered. “Yeah… Just like that.”

It was too much fun to tease him like that and the pit bull hustled in, tongue lolling out, his grey fur taking on almost a blue tone as he stepped from the shadows where the light in the hallway was switched off. And yet there was nothing at all to be worried about as he stopped dead in his tracks with a lustful growl, eyebrows raised, a smirk tugging at his lips and blocky muzzle. His small ears pricked and swivelled to catch her moan, Isetaari chuckling under her breath, rasping out her lust and amusement at putting her lover in such a delightful position. Who wouldn’t have wanted to come home to find her, after all, hot and wanting them?

Not a fucking soul, that was who!

“Hey, stud,” she murmured, leaning back at the very moment that she spread her legs, ankles raised to better show off the target of her hot and swollen pussy. “You ready to stuff me full?”

Of course, that was barely a question that she at all needed to have answered as the pit bull snarled and lunged for her, his beady eyes brimming over with equal amounts of greed and shimmering lust for her. There was love in there for her too but no time for the words to slip from his lips as they crushed to hers, tongues tangling, hot breath mixing as someone moaned, but no one could quite know whose breath it was, who was more dominant in the passionate heat of a moment that wrapped itself around them and drew them down into the rawness of true lust itself.

Damion growled into her mouth, passion rising, his cock throbbing up, threatening to bear a hole through his black work trousers as he pushed up against her. His sheath had already plumped out but the monster between his legs, what would have terrified most furs, snarled to break free, there being an almost audible sound of his pants creaking, straining, fighting to contain the beast within.

Yet there was no sense in keeping it locked up and away as Isetaari’s paws fumbled down and grabbed at his belt, unbuckling it and yanking it down, pulling and freeing his erection, which was not even yet fully engorged. Already knowing the size and girth of that monster-cock, she adored it with her paws, kissing him fiercely, only breaking the kiss to growl and nip passionately at his neck, daring him to fuck her as desperately as she needed him to. And, still, his cock grew and grew, huge and foreboding, something that most furs, of course, simply would not be able to take.

But Isetaari was no such weakling and she was ready to take his cock, every last inch of that foot and a half monster and the huge knot too, still waiting to be taken. She needed him and that meant a little strain and a pinch of pain in getting him into her, crushing his lips to hers even as he tried to yank off his shirt, buttons popping and flying off in all directions.

Just sumo web tools fucking do me already!

He knew what she wanted though as her paws squeezed his balls, so huge that she couldn’t ever have possibly have hoped to get her paw around either one of them alone in turn. Already they were the size of her head – damn! He wasn’t even all that pent-up! And all of that seed was due to flood her pussy, pouring into her, impregnating her, letting her swell and swell with every last drop of seed that Damion had to give her. She’d take it all from him too whether she wanted it or not, although there was no real question in that, of course. Isetaari made her needs clear to him each and every day, the heat of her pussy leaving a wet smear of luscious arousal on his shaft and sheath as she straddled him.

Bearing him back into the sofa, she sat in his lap facing him, paws on his shoulders as she rose up, ready at last. There was no finesse to how he slammed her down onto his dick, the narrow tip spreading her open, boring itself deeper and deeper, finding its way into her honey pot of lust. The knot was not yet inflated but that didn’t mean that his hyper – it had to be said – dick was not large as it was, pounding and pummelling her poor, sore pussy as it begged entrance, the pleasure that Isetaari too yearned to give it. A visible bulge pushed out through her belly as he seated himself fully inside her, thickly heady and desperate for her lust, her pussy trying to close down around him even as she dropped her paw with a groan, feeling the outline of that bulge with a grunt and a whimper.

Damion’s mouth hung open lustfully as he pounded her, driving her hips down onto him, although it was difficult, truly, to say just which of them was actually in charge when it came right down to it. They were both rather dominant souls but the rough manner of lovemaking that kindled the passion in their hearts played well into what both of them enjoyed and so it had never been too much of an issue. Isetaari, duly so, enjoyed being on top and spread her thighs wide with a raw and ragged howl, flinging her head back as he tucked his nose in against her wrist, her paws still gripping his shoulders as if Damion was the only thing left rooting her in place.

“Ohhh – fuck me, you brute!” She howled, orgasm licking at her pussy like a disembodied tongue, the promise of that high already clawing at her. “Harder – you can do more than that!”

She didn’t have to encourage him on but Damion was more than happy to give her everything that she wanted, overcome with lust as he snapped and bared his teeth, feral delights getting the better of him. Every inch of her pussy clasped and caressed his fat dick and he was never not amazed that she was able to take him. No one before had been so bold but Isetaari had taken it all as a challenge to be overcome as she slammed down on him for the very first time, regardless of how he strained her pussy very nearly to breaking point.

That was the beauty, however, of the lust and passion between them as he wrapped his arms around her, sliding them down to her buttocks, squeezing and controlling her movements. There was no gentle lovemaking to be had between them as her hot cunt massaged his cock, as much as it could contract, that was, when already strained and stretched. But it wouldn’t have been as much fun for Isetaari if she had not been pushed so far, heaving and panting, her head thrown back, riding him with all the lust she had in her heart. It was what she needed, what she’d been thinking about all day, wanting him rammed up inside her, that fat, heady length of fuck-meat that she couldn’t possibly live without.

The dog it was attached to wasn’t half-bad either, she had to say. And she did so love him dearly but it was the rougher side of passion that she needed, her pussy squeezing him, the tip of his cock crammed up against her innermost barrier, although even that could be penetrated, if the angle was just right. It was a strain though and the fleshy warmth of her pussy was more what she wanted, what she lusted for, her body shaping itself around him, all for the passion of taking him, Damion’s nuts already churning with seed and need, forming in equal measures. They sloshed with cum, rolling and churning, and she moaned out his name, those nuts slapping her pussy with their huge load each and every time he thrust.

The dog grunted and pinned her to him – well, as much as he could with her huge tits there, bouncing as, of course, she hadn’t bothered leaving a brassiere on when she intended on having him there with her soon enough. It may have been quick but Isetaari knew the signs well enough and howled out her ecstasy even as Damion bellowed his first, balls aching and pulsing, sending thick spurt after spurt of doggy-cream into her tightly wanton snatch.

It was not just a little orgasm, what another, lesser, male could have given her, but a flood that was only the beginning of the deluge he had in store from her. His huge balls ached sumowebtools to release even as he did so, panting and groaning like a true breeding stud, muzzle pressed into his neck. Damion’s strong jaws could lock around her throat in but an instant, although they trusted one another so implicitly that they knew that something of that nature would never come to pass unless it was in the play of domination and submission, a tug on the power play that was ever-present between them in delicious form.

He could bite but he wouldn’t sink his teeth into the one that made his heart pound so ferociously for them, making sure that he came home safe each and every day. Damion craved her like a drug but one of the best kind – well, he couldn’t and wouldn’t get into that sort of thing, being in his line of work! No, he knew what the difference between right and wrong in the world was and he upheld it fiercely and proudly for a reason, his head held high each and every day. Yet Isetaari could forever intoxicate him, let him slip (well, pound more like it) away from reality as if he had never truly been present there.

But that was okay. With her, everything was okay.

His orgasm flowed on and on, the stream of seed almost unbelievable as her belly bloated out with the volume of it as if she was pregnant already. And wouldn’t that be something? Growling passionately, he ran his paws over her stomach, groping and teasing, feeling out the curves of it as it swelled far beyond what would be natural for the fit, muscular canine that he loved so much. She was huge already and her breasts sagged against the back of his arm in the best of ways, jiggling and begging attention even as they boasted their size.

“You’re so hot,” he grunted, managing to force the words out through snatches of breath, though he was not the most well-spoken or eloquent of canines usually. “Gonna…fill you up. Make you full… Fucking love you…”

Isetaari didn’t have anything in return for him but she moaned as he lifted her, allowing her to wrap her legs around him as he stood. The knot was not inside her yet, swelling and crushing to the exterior of her soft and strained pussy-lips, the folds that had yielded so much already being asked to do even more work, to go beyond what the limit of any soft body should have been. It could have been easier if he’d, typically, allowed his knot to swell inside her rather than outside but, well, he was a dog with one thing on his mind at that moment. Even his sheath strained around his aching erection, forced wider than the eye could have imagined, and Damion grunted in the back of his throat, hips working as he fondled her arse and ploughed her full of every last inch of his humungous cock.

“Yeah…” Isetaari’s head fell back, tongue spilling lustfully from her mouth. “Yeah… Harder… Breed me, stud!”

It was a demand rather than anything of the manner of begging and something that Damion was only too ready to do, snarling as he ploughed into her, the weight of her body and massively bouncing tits allowing her to sink easily onto his cock. Her pussy gripped his shaft and yet still allowed him in each and every time, closing around him as if his dick was meant to be there, the massive knot grinding up to her cunny. But orgasm gnawed at the back of Isetaari’s mind yet again and the jackal could not find the will in herself to hold anything back as she whimpered through it, jaws agape as she let her passion out for her lover to see.

One climax, after all, would never be enough for a jackal that was forever as horny as Isetaari was and the jackal clung to him, trusting him to give her every inch that she needed. Every time they came together, he surprised her with the depth of his lust, cramming his dick into her as if she was just a hole to be filled. And yet the roughness of it all was what her souls o very much craved, something that only the stud Damion could give her – and that was alright too. Knowing what one loved was part of the fun and they couldn’t expect to get what they needed from sex if they didn’t know or understand their own bodies themselves either.

But, oh, the orgasm… Rippling climax thrummed through her as her pussy clenched and massaged down on his cock, wanting it deeper even if she had everything when he thrust fully, hilting inside her. Damion’s huge nuts bounced off her pussy even in such a position, heaving and swaying her through the air as the pit bull snarled and bred her, balls slapping her cunny, her backside, reminding her just how much cum was left in those churning orbs, the rising bulge of his knot. His balls swelled even as he fucked her then, growing larger, softer, spilling his cum within as if it was already seeping towards the rod of his cock, seeking release.

And there was still the knot to take too as she tried to bear down on it, using her legs for leverage. It was not enough, not right then, but it was all that she wanted, the straining stretch, the feeling of being so very full that her pussy might as well pop open. But she was tight, so very tight despite everything, and Isetaari cried out as her orgasm rolled on, crashing into another and soaking his cock and nuts in her sweet arousal, the aroma of their musky lovemaking tickling canine nostrils with a wet lick of further attention.

Damion could barely think, entranced solely in the act of fucking her, taking his cues from the tension in her body as to what she wanted, how hard she wanted it. He needed his knot inside that delicious cunt too, what his muzzle paid so much attention to otherwise, his shaft aching for her, the veins lining his shaft, what fed it with blood in the heat of arousal, pumping full, harder than ever before. It ached for her, the bulge so wide, so very wide, and yet he had to pin her back against the wall and throw his weight into his thrusts, muscles bulging just like that knot, snarling like a beast…

…And then it was in! It happened so quickly that one could have blinked and missed it but the huge knot, easily the width of one of those two-litre soda bottles that Isetaari liked to chug so much, slamming into her. It was aided, at least in part, by their combined juices, her arousal easing his path, pussy sucking his cock near enough into her, the grind of his nuts teasing her pussy, slapping and pounding, driving her into the best frenzy of all.

His knot left them tied together and, well, there was no getting apart until he softened – something which Isetaari had absolutely no intention of letting happen to Damion for many hours, if not the entire night. His balls trembled with contractions as they grew larger and larger, pulsing with both desire and cum. Each thrum of cum that spurted into her hot sex made him grind into her all the more feverishly, desperate for more, even as he bore her down to the floor, whining for it. They needed one another so desperately that he rammed the tip of his cock up into the softer space beside her cervix, allowing him just a little more space to wedge his breeding spire in. It was enough and he lay over her, chest heaving, as his nuts pulsed and churned, swelling with each orgasm, bigger than ever and hanging down below his body as if they were about to drop off from the sheer, glorious weight and heft of them.

If she’d been in a different position, perhaps Isetaari would have been cradling his balls, nuzzling them, crooning so very softly to him how big and virile they were, how much cum was waiting for her inside them. But it was not to be, even though she would, later, have more than enough time to enjoy him, whimpering and moaning around his girth, his cock too large to take inside her muzzle, as much as she liked to try. Running her tongue around his length, down to his fat, bulging sheath and the piercing there too, was guaranteed to get him riled up, even though she held the cards, her muscle-stud holding back, panting and heaving for the finale he’d been promised, until they both could not take it anymore.

Another time. Damion licked his lips. Definitely another time.

“Harder,” Isetaari grunted out through clenched teeth, his rampant thrusts only growing in force and power, jiggling her buttocks with each and every pound. “Make me feel it!”

Oh, she was one for the rougher side of life but, truly, that was something that Damion was proud to deliver to her too, panting heavily and harshly as his nuts churned, spending another load inside her. His knot strained for respite against the aching walls of her pussy but there would be no such thing for him as his lust swelled like the rising tide, lifting him higher and higher, carpet scratching under his knees as, somehow, they managed to twist around so that she was on all fours beneath him. That was, at least, one of the benefits to being a canine, the knot and base of the shaft allowing them to turn and rotate even while they were locked together, as much as other furs sometimes struggled to understand it.

“Now…” She hissed, eyes alight, grinding back onto his cock as if she thought that she could get a little more inside her. “Now, you can really fuck me!”

He knew he was not to hold back but the moan that burst from the dog’s lips was nothing more than a cry of complete and utter ecstasy, the piercing in his sheath finally grinding up over Isetaari’s clit as he pounded her. It was the utter show of demonstrating just how deep he was inside her and she howled out her climax, clawing at the floor, beating it with her fists, although there was no way out of the thrum of over-sensation until her orgasm was good and truly done with her. Whether she liked it or not, tension breaking, she was along for the ride – and it better be a damn good one too!

Whimpering as she rolled her hips sensually back at him, paws spread on the carpet along with her legs, Isetaari’s tail wagged, lifting for his attention. Of course, his cock was all the attention she craved as his knot stretched her so very wide, every pump and pulse of blood forcing her to strain around him, her need rising more and more. Yet his cum could only go one way and he roared out his orgasm as he filled her once again, spending himself into a pussy that was both tight and yielding at the same time – the perfect combination.

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