I can’t

Alessandra Jane

I can’t”So it’s all arranged, I will have to meet you at O’Hare a 5:30, we can check in together, then wait in the Admirals Club until it is time to board” “Yup all arranged, where should I park, long term?” “This is a short trip, park at terminal 3 parking and I will meet you on the bridge into the terminal, see you then” “See you at the airport” and with that she was gone. I let the sound of her soft sexy voice echo through my head, was I reading to much into it, I was sure each time I talked to her that there was something more, something growing between us. Or I thought I was sure. I was never 100% sure with Linda, simply because I wanted there to be something far too much. We had worked together for the past 10 years and I had been in love with her for the same period, of course I had never told her and never could for we were both married. From the conversations we had at the coffee machine she was certainly happily married and life was all go for her. She’d be telling me how they were going to their weekend home where she, her husband and k**s would be water skiing and jet skiing all weekend. Grilling, drinking and having fun with the neighboring families in the evening, life seemed to be a blast. Although I couldn’t say that my life was in the same league it wasn’t torture either, OK so I wasn’t off to the vacation home every weekend but we did go on trips to the sun, we would go to the Bahamas or some other sunny destination at least once a year and my weekends were taking up partially to my obsession with my hobbies. My relationship with my wife although not a passionate or sexual charged one was a least friendly and easy going. For years we had worked together and I had managed to keep my feelings to myself, of course I had, I had to. But lately there was something coming from Linda, the way she spoke to me, she has such a sexy voice, but lately when she talked to me there was something more. Also when we were alone in my office or at the coffee machine our eyes kept meeting, not just a glance, and each time my heart raced, it was as though she was looking into my very soul. And now the Florida trip had come up, we worked for a manufacturer of access control systems and I had just secured a large project in a new building in Miami, Linda was the project coordinator for this project and to ensure that it would run smoothly it was decided that it be best that Linda attend the project meeting on site. We were to fly down the night before, attend the morning meeting and fly back the following evening. I had been looking forward to spending some time with Linda although I knew nothing would happen it would be nice to pretend we were together for a few hours. As Linda’s voice echoed away in my head, following our phone call I walked back to my car. I was in down town Chicago after having left a meeting and was now on my way to the airport to meet her. Although I was nearer the traffic leaving Chicago was going to be heavy and slow going and I didn’t want to be late, every minute she would be standing there without me was a minute I would lose with her. The traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to and I soon found myself waiting on the bridge between the parking lot and terminal three. I was feeling a little like a teenager waiting to meet a girl for a first date, why? I kept asking myself this question over and over. She is happily married nothing has happened before, you’re just imagining the looks and voice, you just want it to be real! My head was in turmoil my stomach was in knots and I knew that somehow I would make such a fool of myself. I started picturing myself in a meeting with the company lawyer trying to explain how it was a misunderstanding and not sexual harassment and that I would never do it again. And then she was there. Not at the lawyers, that image disappeared as she walked across the bridge from the parking lot to wear I was standing. When I caught site of her I realized she had already seen me and she was smiling happily at me. I took a moment to take in her beauty as she walked towards me and couldn’t help smiling myself. Linda is about 5’4″ tall with shoulder length wavy hair, the kind that just makes you want to run your fingers through it. She has hazel eyes with green flecks but sometimes they are green eyes with hazel flecks and when I look into them I am a lost soul. Her outfit made her look even more incredible than she usually did, she was wearing a sleeveless shirt that gave a little hint of cleavage and was buttoned down the front and a summer skirt that went to just below her knees. Linda is 36, I can’t say she has a figure of a 21 year old as she doesn’t, she may have a couple more pounds than the fashion designers would be happy with however she is stunning from top to bottom. As she got closer I noticed that all of the buttons on her shirt we done up, then realizing I am standing there looking at a work colleagues asyabahis yeni giriş chest as she walked towards me I quickly looked away. As I looked at her she had a cheeky smile and a twinkle in her eye, had I just been caught? I could feel my cheeks reddening, what a fool. As she reached me she put her free arm around me and kissed me on thecheek. “Have you been waiting long?” “No, just got here myself” “You’re looking a little flushed” she added with a smile, now I knew I had been busted, what do I say? Sorry but I couldn’t help my self? How could I not look at you, the most beautiful woman I know? I wasn’t cool and collected though, I was stupid and tongued tied, like a pathetic teenager. “It’s a hot day and a long walk from the car” I mumbled, “shall we check in” She hopped onto the escalator in front of me and again I found my self looking, her back was tanned and freckled, her hips were the hips of a woman and not a little girl not to wide and certainly not narrow or skinny and her ass, the times I have stared at that ass in the office. Linda looks amazing in jeans, she does not have a small ass but it matches her hips perfectly and the curve, well it makes me hard just thinking about it. As we walked off the escalator I realized I was in trouble, Linda’s dress fitted her perfectly and as she walked her ass moved, I was memorized, I have never seen anything quite so sexy and I doubt I ever will. How am I going to walk around with a bulge in my pants? I am not huge in the trouser department but big enough to be noticed. I had to get in front and start to think about something else. Fortunately for me she turned the wrong way and I thought I had the opportunity I needed. “Linda, that’s the way to economy check in, we can check in first class” she turned just a little too quickly and was bumped by a passer by in a hurry to catch their flight. I caught her before she fell however her head ended up near my waste before I pulled her back to her feet. She looked up at me smiling, “Thank you for saving me, I almost got impaled” “Sorry what did you say” oh my god busted again, I started to blush like a c***d. “You save me from being impaled on that ladies luggage” I followed here gaze and saw a lady towing a couple of bags and on had an umbrella sticking out of it. I calmed down a little perhaps again my imagination was running in over time. I looked back to Linda and again she was looking at me with a smile, this is not unusual, however this wasn’t a normal smile. We checked in and went to security, as a frequent flier I am a member ofthe Admirals Club and we settled in there to wait boarding. “I am sorry about the poor seat positions; I cannot remember the lasttime I was at the back of the plane” “That’s OK I am sure we will still have a fun flight” as she said this she crossed her legs, I couldn’t help myself, I looked at her legs and was surprised to see a little more thigh than I was expecting. Then Linda’s hand quickly brushed her skirt down, I looked up to see that I had been busted again, this was getting embarrassing, and what kind of pervert did she think that I was? Before long we were off to the gate, boarding began almost as soon as wearrived at the gate and we were tow of the first people on board, after first class had boarded. As we walked down the plane I picked up a couple of blankets, we found our seats and Linda sat by the window whilst I had the isle. We settled in and the plane started to fill, we had the back row, right next to the engines, and as the plane filled no body took the seats in front of us, or on the other side of the isle. Soon the plane was in the air and we were on our way. Linda was happily gazing out the window watching Chicago then Illinois disappear beneath us, while I was happy gazing at her. As the plane soared through the air on its way south the sun started to creep below the western horizon, the s**ttered clouds below were glowing from deep red to a glorious gold reflecting the dying sun. There is beauty everywhere, if you know where to look, and for me now I was surrounded. As it got dark Linda lowered the blind, covered herself with a blanket, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. As she slept she move closer to me until eventually her head came to rest on my shoulder, it felt nice, no, it felt right. It didn’t last, we hit an air pocket and we bounced, Linda opened her eyes and looked up at me, making no attempt to move “I am sorry I didn’t mean to use you as a pillow” I couldn’t answer, her face was inches from mine and I was lost in hereyes, without realizing what I was doing I leant down and kissed her on the lips, we kissed and she kissed me back. It felt as though my chest was going to explode, I was kissing Linda and she was kissing me! Our lips parted and our tongues brushed against each other and my heart raced. The kiss grew more intense it was as though we had become attached as we asyabahis giriş kissed my hand followed the contours of her body down and below the blanket down her skirted legs and onto her knee. Her skirt had ridden up a little and my hand now felt warm bare flesh, I wanted to run my hand up her thighs, pushing her skirt out of the way bit I was frightened I would ruin everything. Throwing caution to the wind I moved my hand slowly up the inside of her leg, her skin was warm soft and welcoming, then she broke the kiss. “I can’t” she whispered, “I can’t do this” My hand stopped moving and I pulled back little from her face so I could see into her eyes, they betrayed her. There was a hunger there, a passion so great I have never seen anything like it before, I leant back into towards her and took her lips into mind once more, she immediately responded and now her lips and tongue were exploring my lips and mouth. I stroked the bottom few inches of thigh, unable to get further, then to my relief and joy her legs parted slightly. I continued stroking further up her thighs, they were warmer I could feel her body heat as I went further up her legs parting more and more as I went. As I continued to caress the inside of her thigh I felt a light brush of hair against my hand, as my hand slide forward I again, this time further I found to my astonishment there were no panties between me and Linda’s pussy, as my hand move forward she opened her legs wider and now I could feel real heat coming from her pussy. My index finger traced her swollen lips slipping easily between them. As my finger slipped between her lips Linda broke from our embraced quietly moaning and looked at me. I slid one then two fingers into her sopping bare pussy, so wet so hot and so tight, looking into her eyes as I slowly finger fucked this beautiful woman again I could see a fire in her eyes that I had never experience before. Moving my fingers from her and up to her clit I started to caress each side , this brought forth several moans from Linda, suddenly remembering where we were I looked up expecting to see everyone in the plane looking at us, fortunately the noise from the rear engines were locking the sound and we were still quite alone in the back of the plane. After realizing we were undiscovered I continued my assault on Linda’s clit, rubbing it between my fingers then occasionally caressing the top, Linda’s breathing was getting heavier and she buried her face into my neck, a few seconds more and her thighs tightened as an orgasm hit her. She grabbed my wrist and bit my neck as pleasure took over her entire body. As she came down she gently pulled my hand from under her dress, looking down seeing my fingers glisten from her juices I raised them to my mouth and sucked them clean. “Did they taste good” she said smiling at me. “Like the sweetest nectar and I can’t wait to get more” “Well you are going to have to for now, I can feel a more pressing issue is at hand” as she said that her hand gripped my erect cock through my pants. “This cannot be comfortable” she said as she started to stroke my now throbbing cock. “It’s not, but it is certainly starting to feel much better” She pulled the blanket across so it covered my lap and her hand as it stroked my cocked through my pants, enjoying this flight more than any other that I had taken. Then she stopped, I was about to ask her to continue when I felt her hand undo my pants button and slide the zipper down. I let out a small gasp as her hand pulled my cock out from my underpants and again was thankful for the loud engines at the back of the plane. Now I could feel her hot smooth hand on my cock as she continued to stroke me, although the blanket covered her hand and my cock it did not really hide what was being done to me. Then the flight attendant was walking towards us and Linda stopped stroking me but kept her hand under the blanket. “Would you like anything to drink?” “No thank you” Linda said without hesitation and added as an after thought “I brought my own” “And how about you sir?” I am not sure how but I managed to but I croaked out “I good thanks” andadded to myself “really good”. As soon as the coast was clear Linda started stroking me again after a couple of minutes I didn’t care if anyone could see what we were doing, the feeling her hand was giving me was just to good. Then Linda stopped, again, looked me in the eyes smiling and lowered her head onto my lap, grasping my cock again she pushed the blanket down just enough so she could get my head between her lips. I the feeling of her hot wet mouth engulfing the head of my cock was unbelievable and along with her hand stroking my shaft had me wanting to cum in seconds. Linda must have sensed this as she took more of my cock into her mouth just as I released the first load of cum into her throated, she did not miss a beat as she sucked my balls dry ad finally licking around asyabahis güvenilirmi my cock cleaning up any spillage. Looking down the plane I could see the flight attendant still serving drinks, as Linda’s head came up he looked at me and winked, embarrassed I turned to Linda and could see she had seen him too. “Well I did tell him I brought my own drink” The remainder of the flight was uneventful and I sat back with Linda trying to work out what had just happened and what else would happen on this trip. The plane landed and we got ourselves together, clothes straightened out and prepared to leave the plane. As we were at the back we were the last to leave, the flight attendant who had served the drinks was waiting by the door saying goodbye to the customers as they left the plane, as Linda and I got off the plane he turned to us smiling and said “Well I hope you two come back really soon” emphasizing the come just ablittle more than I was comfortable with. Having no checked baggage we could go straight to the Taxi rank outside, it was late, the air outside the terminal was hot and stagnant, as it always is at Miami International Airport, however we were fortunate enough to walk straight into a Taxi. Our hotel was in South Beach and soon we were on our way. We didn’t talk whilst we were on our way there and as Linda had never been to Miami she was staring out of the window looking at the sights. It is a magnificent place and the views of the city, South Beach and the large houses on the island as you cross the water are impressive. Soon we were at our hotel and checked in, as it turned out we had rooms next to each other, as we got to Linda’s door I took her into my arms. I wouldn’t say she resisted but it felt as though she didn’t want to be there. I took her chin in my hand and lifted her face to mine and moved to kiss her, but she turned away. “I can’t, sorry, I can’t” with that she pulled away and entered her room leaving me standing in the hall way alone and confused. I turned walked a couple of paces and entered my own room. Throwing my suitcase onto the chair I stripped of my clothes and entered the shower. Standing there with the hot watering pouring down my body I started to think about what had happened on the plane, these thoughts were having a profound effect on my manhood. I stepped out of the shower determined to find out what was going on, grabbing a towel I headed back into the bedroom and to the adjoining door. I opened my side and was about to knock on hers but stopped. What a time to get cold feet, I wasn’t sure what was going on here but I didn’t want to ruin everything before it had a chance to blossom. I turned and got into bed, I have always considered myself good atseveral things but I was an expert at sleeping. Almost instantly I was asleep. Sometime later I awoke to a warm body pressing against mine and a hand gentle stroking my hair, I could feel warm legs against mine and soft small but firm breasts snuggling into my back and hot breath on my neck. Moving slowly I rolled towards the new person in my bed. “What are..” I was stopped from finishing that sentence but a gentle but firm finger pressing onto my lips. That was replaced with a pair of soft lips and tongue as we kissed I tried to see Linda, I was sure it was her, however with the blinds closed there was almost no light in the room. As we kissed Linda rolled a little until she was on her back, pulling me towards her she placed her lips against my ear and whispered, “fuck me”, I didn’t need to be told twice. I moved over her and she spread her legs as I placed my knees between them. As I lowered my cock towards her pussy I felt her hand grasp me by the shaft guiding me to her. The head of my cock parted her lips and slipped into her cunt, I was immediately engulfed by the tight warmth of her inner self, her pussy swallowed me, gripping me tightly as I pushed forward sinking into her. Her lips found mine and as my cock plundered her pussy her tongue did my mouth. I started to thrust; as I pushed down into her she rose up to meet me, keeping pace with me exactly. I lifted myself slightly so as my cock buried itself into her now wet pussy I was putting pressure on her clit, she moaned immediately, lifting her legs and crossing them behind my back allowing deeper penetration. One of her hands was scratching my lower back as I pounded into her pussy whilst the over was on my ass trying to push me deeper as she started to cum. Her legs were clamping on me, her back arched and I pushed my cock in her as far as it would go as we came together. Completely spent and completely happy. I lay on her for a few more minutes my cock twitched and jerked involuntarily as he muscles gripped and squeezed it. As it slip out of her pussy I rolled off her and we lay together, neither speaking but caressing each other, to tired to talk. It had been a long and exhausting day and before long I was sound asleep and the next thing I remember was waking to the alarm clock in the morning. As I realized I was alone, Linda’s connecting door was closed and the towel was still on the bed where I left it the night before. Was that a dream, if it was it was the best one I had ever had!

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