I Hate My Father-In-Law


I Hate My Father-In-Law

I’ve always hated my father-in-law. From the moment I met him, I knew I’d never get him to accept me as his son-in-law, nor would he ever find me worthy of his daughter’s love. It was hard, and it took a lot of convincing and arguing but four years after I started dating her, I managed to convince the bastard to allow me to marry Marilyn. However, there was one condition I had to agree too.

You see, my family name goes back as far as time itself. It’s been told through the generations that my last name, Trust, was one of the first family names ever given. Apparently, we were named so because my ancestors always kept their word, and for that, they could be trusted. As time past, this sort of transformed into some kind of curse where, on a Trust’s wedding day, he’d promise one thing to his in-laws, which is written on a piece of paper and he’d be forced to accept that one condition and everything associated with it.

What I didn’t know at the time was that everything writing on this slab of paper would be taken literally. For example, if one were to write “At the age of 25, you’ll give me you’re mansion”, reality would change in order to fill this statement. Even if I lived in a cardboard box on the side of the road, the moment I turned 25, I’d find myself to be living in a mansion, I’d always remember living in a mansion and I’d be forced to give this mansion away.

So, it was only after telling Stephen, my father-in-law, this fact that I received his blessing, even if I knew he still hated me. On my wedding night, I gave him a small piece of paper on which he wrote his condition, and then he said to me “You might be taking my daughter from me, but with this agreement, I’ll be getting something even better”.

His statement made me boil in anger and I quickly placed the letter into an envelope without reading it, not wanting to know what the bastard wanted from me, and watched as the cursed item disappear into thin air. I knew that I’d only see it again when I was forced to accept the terms of his condition.

Not reading it was my mistake, and it’s only 25 years later that I realized my mistake.

My story begins the day of my daughter’s 18th birthday. I hadn’t seen Stephen in over 5 years, not since Marilyn’s death. From that day forward, Stephen almost made a career of staying out of my life, which was totally fine by me. I hated him, and my daughter hated him too, so she wasn’t bothered by his sudden disappearance and we grieved for her mother without him. So, imagine my surprise when Stephen walks in through my front door in the middle of my daughter’s birthday party.

For his sake, I’m glad my Ashley was in the backyard when he did because she would’ve given him a piece of her mind, and it wouldn’t have been pretty. Ashley was a feisty one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the dominate one in her relationships; her mother was the same and it’s part of the reason I loved her. So, while my daughter was partying out in the backyard, I was stuck to deal with my father-in-law in the house.

He never looked worst. 62 years of age didn’t do him any good. He had a full head of white hair and he looked like a big balloon. It was clear that he’s been drinking ever since Marilyn’s death and the results weren’t appealing. By the way he was walking, I could tell he was drunk or experiencing a serious hangover. Either way, he looked like shit, and I wondered what was so urgent that he had to talk to me in this state, five years after walking out of our lives.

“I just came here to tell you that our agreement is about to be fulfilled.”

With that statement, he left just as abruptly as he came. I just stood by the front door with a blank look on my face as the reality of his announcement hit me. I was suddenly filled with fear, I started sweating and my mind raced with a thousand possible scenarios. I didn’t know what to do or what to expect and it was eating me alive. Not knowing what to do, I tried to continue on with my day but, needless to say, it ruined the rest of my daughter’s birthday for me. It wasn’t until later that day that I managed to calm myself down and allow the fatigue caused from all the stress help me fall asleep.

Everything changed when I woke up the next day.

At first, it all seemed normal but as I got up, I noticed I had slept on the couch. Feeling lightheaded and dizzy, I started leaving the living room to go upstairs and change into something kocaeli escort more comfortable when I noticed a new picture frame on our small coffee table in the corner of the room. I picked it up and nearly dropped it out of confusion after looking at the picture. It was a photo of my daughter, a couple years before my wife’s death, giving a hug to Stephen. But then, after looking at the frame a second time, I wondered how come I found this picture odd. My daughter had always loved Stephen, even at such a young age.

With a sigh, I walked up to the second floor and entered my bedroom. To my horror, I found Stephen lying soundlessly on my bed, everything below his waist hidden under the covers. I immediately wanted to kick him out of my house but I knew my daughter would hate that, she hadn’t seen him in five years after all. I suddenly remembered how he showed up yesterday during her party, how she gave him a kiss on the cheek when he gave her her gift, how he had gotten so drunk last night that he nearly passed out and how my daughter had to bring him up to my bedroom to put him to bed. That explains why I was sleeping on the couch.

What was bothering me though was how he was laying in my bed. He had both of his hands under the mantle, his knees were up and between them, the blanket was moving up and down. It hit me full force. The fucking bastard’s jacking off in my bed. But, before I could yell at him to stop, he spoke first: “Hey Michael.”

This stopped me dead in my tracks. He never calls me by my name, never. So I instantly knew something was up. As he said that, the movement between his legs stopped for a brief second, only to resume twice as fast. Still filled with shock, I could only listen as he kept on talking. “I had a great time yesterday. Your daughter’s quite the hostess.”

Just then, his face took a look of pure pleasure and he let out a loud grunt. I knew he was having an orgasm, and in my bed no less! However, I suddenly heard something else, the sound of someone gagging, and then the sound of someone swallowing. By the time I heard the small girlish giggle, I knew what was going on between the sheets, and I refused to believe it. Nevertheless, my fears were confirmed when my daughter’s head popped out beside Stephen’s, with a fresh stream of cum leaking from the side of her mouth.

She quickly fixed her brown hair, which had become a total mess under the blankets, and started licking the remaining cum off her face with the help of her fingers. Once she was done, she looked at Stephen, her blue eyes filled with lust and said: “Your cum tastes soo good Grandpa! Not bad for my first time, huh? Thanks for letting me suck you off!” She then proceeded to kiss her grandfather full on the lips, allowing his tongue into her mouth while her hand started pumping his now limp cock under the sheets.

They kept on making out for about a full minute when Ashley broke the kiss and placed her head on his big, hairy, round chest. Only then did she look up at me. “Hey daddy.” she said calmly.

Realising her acknowledgement, I closed my jaw, which had been hanging open, regained my posture and was about to yell at her to get off her pervert of a grandfather when I was suddenly filled with an unfamiliar sensation. It took a while but as I stared at the two, I realized that what I was feeling was acceptance. I couldn’t believe it; I was accepting the fact that my daughter had not only given my father-in-law a blowjob but, quite possibly, had also let him have sex with her. But the worst part is what I asked afterwards: “Enjoying yourself sweetie?”

A smile beamed across her face as she replied to my question. “Oh yes daddy! Grandpa Stephen has been fucking me throughout most of the night. My pussy’s filled to the brim with his sweet, potent cum. I had to put on my panties in order to keep his cum from leaking and making a stain on your bed sheets.” Her free hand, which was making small circles on her grandfather’s chest, went under the sheets only to come back a second later, covered in creamy white cum. She showed me her cum covered fingers and said “See?” before moving them up to her mouth where she greedily sucked them dry.

I tried to act mad. I had too! Here was my baby girl, lying almost naked on my father-in-law after having spent all night committing incest in my bed, but I couldn’t. I just accepted what I was seeing and moved on to the next question that was on my mind. “But, we never put you on birth darıca escort control. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Ashley removed her fingers from her mouth long enough to reply. “It doesn’t matter what I want. Grandpa said that he wanted to fuck me bareback, that he wanted to cum inside me and that he didn’t care if I got pregnant. So I let him.” Her fingers went back under the blanket, got a second load of cum from her depths and returned to her mouth once more.

I stared at both of them in disbelief and could only nod at her answer. Then, Stephen tucked her hair behind her ear and whispered gently: “Ashley, baby, if you keep on removing my cum from your tight hole, it won’t do its intended job.”

My daughter just looked back into his eyes, gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered back. “But you just taste sooo good love! Besides, your cock’s getting hard again. I’m just making more room inside me so that you can shoot an other load between my legs, if you’re up for it.”

“Sure thing sweetheart. Now why don’t spread those nice young thighs for grandpa, you little submissive slut.” I flinched at the word submissive. I vividly remembered Ashley being more dominating in her relationships. I passed it off as morning confusion. I was still slightly tired after all.

“Only for you!” She replied with a small giggle. Ashley then moved the covers in order to guide Stephen’s dick near her panty-covered pussy and I could now see both of their nude bodies without any obstruction. I noticed Stephen’s cock first. It looked just as fat as he was, but it was probably only two to three inches wide and most likely eight to nine inches long. It looked old, wrinkly and was covered in veins. His scrotum hung below his shaft and was covered in both grey and black pubic hair.

As Ashley positioned his rod between her legs, I saw my eighteen year old daughter almost naked for the first time in years. I noticed that her breast were about a C cup, perky and looked firm. Her nipples were sticking straight out, showing how aroused she was and I could distinctively see small bite marks on them. Her perfect hourglass body gleamed with sweat from their night-long fuck escapade and the belly-button piercing she had gotten two years ago shined as well. She wore panties with some sort of flower pattern on them, which covered what I now knew was a well used and cum filled pussy.

Stephen slowly rubbed the tip of his cock along Ashley’s panties, making her moan as he rubbed her clit through the fabric. As he withdrew, I noticed a long strand of white cum connect her panties to his dick, and I knew her panties must be soaked from the amount of sperm he stashed in her tight hole. Ashley reached down and moved her panties to the side, revealing her pink, shaven pussy. As soon as she did, a big glob of white goo started forming and threatened to leave her love canal. Stephen’s upward thrust forced the bubble of cum back inside her depth as he filled her up even tighter.

Ashley cooed and bit her lip as she feel back onto her grandfather’s fat chest and moved her right hand between her legs to play with the newly exposed and engorged clit. Stephen then proceed to pinch both of Ashley’s nipples and started groping her young breast as he buried his cock to the hilt. I watched as my daughter let out a sigh of relief and moaned softly. “Your dick is filling my tight hole perfectly Grandpa! I’m taking the whole thing and I can feel it lightly touching my cervix. My pussy was made to accommodate your cock! Fuck me nice and slow! Let’s make love!”

“Alright, but this is the only time we fuck by your rules, ok? Next time, you’ll do whatever I ask of you. You’ll be my total sex slave”

“As long as you fill me, I don’t care what I am!” A smile grew on Stephen’s face and he proceeded to fuck my daughter nice and slow, almost as if he was taunting me with his actions. And I just let him, being unable to do anything other than accept the sensual love making that was happening before me. He pinched Ashley’s nipple hard enough to make her yelp and then asked me: “You don’t mind me using your daughter for my pleasure, do you Michael?”

I just looked at him and despite my hatred for the bastard, I answered with a smile. “Nah, I don’t mind. Do whatever you want with her. She’s all yours.”

“Good!” “Thank you daddy!” With that, I walked up to my drawers, took out some work clothes, and proceeded to enter the bathroom. Before I gölcük escort closed the door however, I looked over my shoulder and saw that Stephen was starting to fuck my daughter even faster; all the while holding her breasts so hard it looked painful. But, the look on her face showed that Ashley loved it, so I thought nothing of it. In the shower, I noticed that my own dick was hard and stiff from watching my daughter mate with her grandfather and I had to masturbate quickly in order to relieve myself. As I came harder than I had in years, I didn’t care one bit that I had just given away what remained of my daughter’s freedom to the man I hated the most.

I continued on with my morning and as I was about to leave for work, I re-entered my master bedroom, the smell of hot sex evident now, and looked on as my daughter was lying on her grandfather’s knees, head down. Her position was evident that they wanted to let gravity guide Stephen’s cum into her womb with minimal effort. My father-in-law was fully clothed but my daughter was naked except for the same flower patterned panties she wore earlier, though it was clear now they were completely soaked with cum from the small white puddle that was forming on the hardwood floor beneath her. I walked up to her and saw that Stephen was spanking her hard on her now red ass. She yelped in pain and tears threatened to form in her eyes. But I ignored them, kissed her on her forehead and told her I was leaving for work and that Stephen was in charge.

She looked back at me with a glow in her teary eyes and said: “Don’t worry daddy, I’m grandpas little submissive slut. I’ll do whatever he wants me to do.” With that, I gave a small nod to my hated father-in-law and left for work as Stephen’s slaps echoed throughout the house.

Later that day, when I came back home, as soon as I opened the door, the smell of dirty sex hit me like a brick wall. I ignored it however and casually walked into the living room only to be welcomed by the sight of my naked daughter, on the sofa, getting royally fucked in the ass by her grandfather doggy-style. Stephen was pulling her by her hair and smacking her cheeks once again, all the while yelling “Take it bitch! Take it!” I also noticed Ashley finally wasn’t wearing any panties, so I assumed her womb had sucked in all of her grandfather’s cum like he wanted it to.

I dropped off my laptop beside my reading chair and went to go get a book from the bookshelf, while asking “So Ashley, how’d your day go?”

They didn’t even stop nor looked back at me. Ashley just kept her eyes closed and yelled out. “Great! Absolutely fucking great! OOOOHH! Keep taking my anal virginity grandpa! Make all my holes yours! Fuck my dirty, slutty ass with that big dick! I love being your whore! I love being your little sex slave! Harder! Oh God, I think I’m cuming!” I watched as my daughter exploded in orgasm and gushed out pussy juice onto the couch under her grandfather while he filled her bowels with his long fuck stick. It was a beautiful sight.

With a smile, I sat down and opened the book I had chosen when a small envelop feel out of it. Curious, I opened it and read was scribbled on it.

“When you’re slutty, submissive daughter turns eighteen, I will take her virginities and mark her as mine forever. She will love me unconditionally and will forever be my sex slave. As for you, you’ll accept this as normal and won’t stop me from doing anything to her.”

As I finished reading, I realized this was the condition I had agreed to 25 years ago, and like the agreement said, I didn’t care. I couldn’t. I still hated my father-in-law and he still hated me. He just showed it by dominating my daughter every single day. He made her drop out of school, quit her part-time job and forced her to get a tattoo right above her pussy that said “Grandpa only”. He even moved into our house and, since they kept on making stains on the sofa, I let them sleep in the master bedroom. At least you can wash blankets. I slept on the living room couch and every night, I masturbated to the sound of the squeaking master bed and the loud, naughty moans my Ashley yelled out as she was used throughout the nights. My daughter’s room stayed vacant for several months until her pregnancy started showing. Since then, it’s been converted into a nursery for Ashley and her grandfather’s first child.

As for me, you’d think I’m be pissed off for what happened, but like I said before, I don’t care. Seeing my daughter being dominated by my father-in-law is normal to me, and while I can’t hate the bastard any more than I already do, I couldn’t be any prouder of my wonderful Ashley.

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