I have come into the room..

Close Up

I have come into the room..I have come into the room, quietly and you have not seen me yet. You are sitting there with your top pulled up over your breasts and are playing with your nipples, eyes closing every once in a while as you absorb each caress, you nipples getting harder and harder. I become aware of my cock getting hot and hard and slowly make my way over and stand in front of you. You look up, somewhat surprised that I am there. I smile and take your hands and place them on my crotch so you can feel the hardness inside my pants. Your hands reach for my belt…I stop you. “Not yet, 1xbet yeni giriş I want you to wet your fingers with your tongue and squeeze and your nipples some more” You nod approval and as you tweak them your hand begins to reach for your pussy, all hidden beneath your moist panties. “Not yet! I want you to play with your titties, squeeze them and bring them together like you are wrapping them around my cock” I watch as you make them come together, squeezing you nipples with your wet fingers and smiling in anticipation. You reach for my belt again, wanting to release my cock. 1xbet giriş I watch as your hands slowly remove my pants and take me in your hand, at the same time you reach again for your now hot and very wet pussy. Again I say “Not yet, stroke me for a while, until I am wet and dripping…” As I watch you, I can see the end of my cock getting wet, I take my hand and the juice and rub it on your breasts. ” Take your hand and put your fingers inside your pussy and get them real wet, then rub it on your breasts, then take my cock and rub it on your nipples. Again you reach for pussy 1xbet güvenilirmi wanting to rub your clit and finger the warm wetness inside… ” Not yet…” Your panties are soaked and you cannot stop rubbing your self back and forth on the chair, trying to get as much contact as you can to your pussy…”Stand up, put your hand in your panties, but don’t move your fingers, just hold your pussy. Your knees are getting weak with excitement. I walk around behind you, removing my clothes and place my cock inside you panties, between the cheeks of your now wet ass…as I enter you and feel the tightness of your ass squeeze me I reach around taking a breast in each hand and squeezing and tweaking your nipples. As I slowly go in and out, throbbing more with each stroke, I whisper in your ear ” Put your fingers in your pussy and make us both cum!!!”

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