I Love A Man To Masturbate On My Lingerie


I Love A Man To Masturbate On My LingerieI enjoy it when a sexy man watches me parade around in sexy lingerie, teasing him with the soft silk of the fabric watching him get stiff as I trace his body with the touch of lace. The smell of perfume lingering in the air, taking away his breath. I feel so powerful as I slip off each article of clothing and toss it along his body. I have been fortunate to have found such a person. He and I enjoy the same lingerie fetish. We are interested in others who share the same or similar interest. I stumbled upon him by pure accident. We quickly found out onwin giriş that we shared the same desire for lingerie and lace fantasy. I proposed my fantasy to him by asking him if he would be willing to accompany me to a well known lingerie shop. Together we would search every article of clothing for the right ones that sexually aroused both of us. Once we had enough we would sneak into the dressing room where I would model each item for him…We were so aroused by the thought of this that I offered to send him his own play toys. I purposely wore a soft lavender sexy bra that onwin yeni giriş holds my 38D’s with black and purple panties to work. Every morning I show him what I will be wearing so during the day he could fantasize about me. I told him about the male dominated area I worked in. The tight skirts I wear coupled with the blouse unbuttoned to expose partial pieces of lingerie. This particular day I had every intention of giving him play by play about my day. How I pretended that the men around me where not looking at me as I walked slowly thought the corridors of the office. onwin güvenilirmi Each time I told him of an incident where I noticed a bulge developing in the pants of my fellow co-workers excited him. Finally at the end of the day…I told him of my surprise. I would undress and carefully package my lingerie to mail to him. The sexual scent I had left on them would remain intact until the package reached his home. Once he received the package, I would instruct him on what to do with it and when. I asked him to video himself unwrapping the package. Then video himself masturbating to the feel of my lingerie. Together, we both reached the highest peak of organism either of us had experienced in a long time. We are interested in others who may want to be a part of this fantasy or wish to relate similar stories. Feel free to contact us.

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