I Love Black Ch. 02

Expert Footjob

I have received several notes from readers regarding story “I LOVE BLACK” and most liked what I told about my beginning of sex with black men. Only a few (2) didn’t care for the story. Here goes a continuation of what started when my husband, Tom and I were first married.

Let me explain a little about myself, after reading some of the comments, I should explain that I am not a writer, I am just a normal woman that found some joy in sex with black men and am trying to explain and tell what happened to my husband and myself.

The reason that I had only 3 children was due to the fact that during my fertile period I didn’t allow any other men get into my pussy, Tom and I enjoyed oral and anal sex as well as straight sex. Thus when I was fertile I took care where and when I got fucked.

As I told you I worked for a company run by 3 black men, very nice men too. Gentle, thoughtful and knew how to please a woman.

I remind you that I found out that my husband Tom, after a examination, would never be able to father a child. When he came home from the company trip I told him about Bill, Jim and Henry. Tom told me that his test came up negative due to a childhood that he had no sperm for pregnancy. I told him about what Bill and the others did and he smiled at me and finally told me “Great I’m glad you liked it” He further told me that he had met with Bill just before he left telling him to try to get me into bed. We talked for most of the night and we both agreed that we wanted children. We then decided that I should continue fucking Bill, Jim and Henry. We also agreed that I would not use any protection and let them make me pregnant.

The next work day Tom, Bill and I took some time alone and talked about what had happened and also told Bill that we were willing that they could make me pregnant.

Bill explained that all three of them did not want to breed me as then it would leave them open to a possible law suite for care, and they couldn’t afford that.

I them “I am not interested in that just letting the fucking take its turn.” I also told them that I know when I ovulate and will not have sex with them just a group of the workers so there will be no way to tell which one bred me”.

He told us “We love fucking you and so does Jim and Henry, but we have another problem”.

I asked him “What is the problem?”

“Well Bostancı Sınırsız Escort to be honest Jim, Henry and I talked things over and found out that the other men in the company know of how the three of us have been fucking you.”

“Some of the men suggested that we make you available for them as well”.

I looked at my husband, Tom, and then asked “You mean that I should be willing to let all of them fuck me anytime they want.”

“Well that is the way they put it too, Are you willing?”

I looked at Tom who looked back and nodded his head.

I then told Bill, “OK I will make myself available to all”.

Bill smiled at us and then told us “you know that then you will be called any time we want to fuck you” He continued “You will wear what you have on with the blouse usually unbuttoned most of the time, never wear panties and always sit with legs apart”. I told him “OK, in fact if you want I will sit at my desk topless if you want”. We’ll see.

That all done Bill spoke up “Just to change the talk company will have summer party at my house, It is an employee only party”.

I smiled at him and said “Sounds like a real nice party time”

Bill came over to me and opening my blouse to show my tits and as he massaged them he told me also, You will get fucked by me, Jim and Henry every morning. Tom and I both agree and I squeezed Bills cock saying “well why don’t you fill me now and Tom can see what it looks like with a black cock in my cunt”

We went to the side room, a room Bill had done just recently equipped with a nice king size bed, a shower, sink and toilet for our use. I stripped out of my blouse and skirt lay on the bed with legs spread as Bill stripped and soon was a top of me and slowly slipped his 11 inch black cock into me cunt. “Oh what a nice feeling, Tom almost as nice as yours but he is longer” Tom stepped to my side leaned over and gave me a kiss saying “I love you, and like seeing you get filled with his cock” then stepped back to watch as Bill fucked me and filled me with his creamy cum. Bill and I cleaned up and all three of us went back to work for the day.

That night as Tom and I made love I told him ” I Love you” “I enjoyed the sex with Bill but it is sex not love the others the same thing”.

The I told him “This weekend party should be fun, and honey I will Bostancı Suriyeli Escort be fertile so if anyone fucks me I will most likely get pregnant, is that OK?”


The week past fast every morning I came in and the first thing was strip and lay out on the bed for the three owners to come and fuck me, Oh it was nice to feel those black cocks fill me, the mirrors were placed in the right position for me to see it all, I would cum so many times before they filled me with their cum. Then take a shower and return to my desk wearing my unbuttoned blouse and short skirt.

On Friday late in the afternoon two black men came in and approached my desk saying “We have an appointment with Bill, is he here?”

“May I tell him your names?”

“Yes, tell him we are from the others plants, he expects us”. “He will know us as we were invited to the party tomorrow”,

Both men were eying my open blouse my tits almost completely bare as I sat at my desk spreading my legs wide for the to see my bare cunt. Bill came out and smiled at me then to the men “Have you met Lois yet?”

One answered “No not by name but sure have by the sight we see, lovely.”

I smiled “Well thank you”

Bill then introduced me “Lois this is Frank from the Florida plant and Sam from Texas.” He looked at me and opened my blouse to bare my tits saying “guys this is Lisa who is going to be at the party tomorrow and you can have a preview if you’d like” He cupped my tits and with his other hand lifted my skirt to show my shaven cunt to then saying “and this is really tight and lovely to fill” He then told me “Lisa take them into the side room and greet them royally” “OK”

Once in the room I remove my blouse and skirt and asked them “how would you like me”? Frank spoke up saying “Honey we didn’t expect this and I don’t have any condums” “You won’t need them I enjoy feeling the bare skin rather rubber slipping into me”. I lied. Frank was first to slip his about 10 inch cock into me and what a nice feeling as he fucked me he commented to Sam “Sam this is tight and lovely feel just like silk”. Soon I had Sam’s cock me and both men were good at fucking I loved it, believe me I enjoyed being filled with black cocks and feeling the cum fill my cunt as they unloaded their balls deep inside of me. Bill soon came in and watched a little Bostancı İranlı Escort then commented to us “OK enough tomorrow is the big party day and Lisa you are going to get really fucked you better go home for a day. We will see you tomorrow”.

At home I told Tom what happened and he asked “have you ovulated yet?”

“No, but I should sometime in the night and tomorrow I will be fertile and we can start a family.”

The next day Tom asked me “ovulate?”

“Yes”. and I am ready.

We drove to Bill’s home and already there were several there to assist in getting things started. I met Henry’s girlfriend, who asked “Oh yes Henry told me about you letting him fuck you and he will stop when we get married.” I told her “That’s right I will not do anything with any of the married me unless the wife tells me, in person, that it is alright.”

Just then Frank came up to us smiling and as he cupped one of my tits commented “Oh but she sure is good in bed, come on Lois let me fill you early”. He led me to the porch and there removed my blouse and skirt and I got my first fuck of the day.

More men some with their wife but most alone and someone saw us there on the porch and laughed “Hey she’s already started” Bill came up and commented Lisa you might as well go naked rather than wear the cloths out taking them off.:


And I walked down to the rest of the party naked.

The rest of the day was me in all sorts of positions getting well fucked in all three holes. I found it difficult getting something to eat, But Tom, between fucks, brought me some food.

Nine months later I gave birth to a lovley 6 and 1/2 pound girl. Her skin was light colored but not light enough that every one that saw her knew I was fucking black men.

Tom and I still had a great sex life and we loved that little girl and two years later I gave birth to a second girl, again she showed she was from a black man. Three years later it was a boy, and again no question it was from a black man.

It was time to stop according to the doctor so I had me tubes tied to prevent any more babies, but our sex life didn’t stop.

I have hears of woman taking on dogs and horses but not this woman I like black men and anytime they want me they get me.

Tom and I still work for the same company and Jim and Henry have married but their wives allow them to fuck me one a week. Through the plant the men take turns with me often but my best sex is with my husband Tom, there it is love not sex.

I hope that you who thought I didn’t right very well may approve this, I have tried to check, and look it over with you in mind, let me know.


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