I See My Neighbors Differently


This is the first sequel to My Newfound Chastity. In this story, I’m introduced to several neighbors and the suggestion for my wife. My Mistress Rachael leads the way.

It’s now been a month or so since I was last with Mistress Rachael. It’s not as if we haven’t been in touch during this time, in fact, I message her daily about my activities and how long I’ve been able to keep my chastity cage on. Thank goodness for the Telegram messaging app.

It’s Wednesday and in the reply to my message to Mistress Rachael, Mistress informs me what she has planned for our meeting on Saturday. Saturday’s session will bring new experiences to me she says that she’s sure that I will enjoy it. She reminds me just as in our previous meeting, I will drive to Mistress’ home with a butt plug in my ass, my cock in its cage, and the clover clamps on my nipples. I will undress in the driveway, place my clothes in the car, lock it then walk to the front door and await further instructions.

I think Mistress does this on purpose to tell me of our next session and then force me to wait days. My anxiety heightens as Saturday approaches. Come Saturday morning I’m brimming with excitement. It’s almost impossible for me to put on my chastity cage; my cock knows what awaits me and doesn’t want to be confined. The butt plug easily slips into my ass and the nipple clamps hurt just as before. I get dressed and head out the door. It’s fortunate that my wife is away for the weekend visiting her sister.

Somewhat less apprehensive than the first time, I make the 15-minute drive to Mistress’ home, make the turn into the driveway and park the car in front of the garage. Unlike last time, I know what to do this morning. As instructed, I get out of the car and remove all my clothes, place them on the driver’s seat and lock the car. I am completely naked except for my chastity cage, butt plug, and nipple clamps as I walk to the front door and ring the doorbell.

The familiar voice from the Ring doorbell button tells me to turn around and face the roadway and look towards the end of the driveway and tell me what I see. I do as instructed, and advise that I see what appears to be the morning’s paper at the end of the driveway.

“Very good,” the voice says, “now go get the paper and bring it here.”

Nervously and on full display, I hastily walk to the end of the driveway and retrieve the paper. It dawns on me when I pick it up that it wasn’t there when I drove up; meaning that the paper courier probably saw me in some level of undress; “oh well” I say to myself thinking of how much I’ve changed over the last month. Upon returning to the front porch, the door opens and I’m invited inside where I see my Mistress completely naked before me. Also naked in the foyer are Miss Roxanne and her husband Rod.

I knew that Mistress Rachael was quite attractive and seeing her naked confirms my opinion. Beautiful for a woman in her early 40s. Firm breasts, small waist, and very shapely hips and ass. Miss Roxanne was even more beautiful. Ten years younger than Mistress, she was a sight to behold, and my cock strained against its captivity. Seeing Roxanne naked, I could readily understand how Rod turned into the bull he once was. If I wasn’t here as a submissive and I wanted an extramarital affair, I would easily have sex with both Mistress and Miss Rozanne.

Mistress noticed the look on my face and asked, “Tom, don’t worry, we will not touch you or force you to have sex with us; it’s just that I thought since you were the only one naked last time, you would like to see what your Mistress Rachael and Miss Roxanne look like without our clothes and with our strapons. That’s all.”

Yes, my Mistress Rachael, I do enjoy seeing you both naked. You both are beautiful women.

Would you like to have sex with us, Tom? Mistress asks.

Of course, I would if the circumstances were different, I reply.

Well think of that as the day progresses says my very sexy mistress.

“Yes, Mistress Rachael,” I say as they begin to don their clothes.

“Oh, how rude of me, I’ve not let you say hello and show your affection to Rod, but first, please put on your collar.”

I do as instructed and then walk over to Rod who’s naked and fitted with his chastity cage and collar just like me. I wish him good morning as I bring his face near and when our lips meet, he lets out a moan as he firmly embraces me and our tongues meet in a deep passionate kiss.

“Boy! For a guy who never kissed a guy before, Tom’s doing all right; I’m afraid that Rod might be enjoying his kiss with Tom more than with me” says Miss Roxanne.

“Enough of the kissing boys, Tom, show Rod what you’d like to do to him.” Says Mistress Rachael.

And with no further prompting, I break away from our kiss, drop to my knees, and put Rod’s caged cock in my mouth while fondling his balls and kneading the cheeks of his ass. I could tell that Rod was enjoying this as his cock was hard within its cage, his balls were much retracted and he was dikimevi escort moaning how good everything feels. Before long, his moans of pleasure turned into “I’m going to cum.” Despite not knowing whether Rod would be allowed to cum while in his cage, I hastened my efforts and with a final groan, Rod had his orgasm and came in my mouth. I tried as best I could to grab it all, but the cage made it difficult and much cum made its way to the floor despite my best efforts. Either way, Rod said that he enjoyed it when he was asked by Miss Roxanne. Rod was then forced to admit that this was the first orgasm he’s been allowed since we were together a month ago.

I felt sorry for Rod, as I had sex with my wife several times during the same period.

I remember how I freely provided ALL of my personal and private information last month, but today was Rod’s turn in the confessional sort to speak when he was ordered by his wife, Miss Roxanne, to tell me of his sex life. It was obvious that Rod was taken by surprise by the awkward way in which he began the story of his sex life.

Rod’s story began when he was in high school, saying that he was on the football team and had his choice of cheerleaders. His cock was large by comparison to the other guys and the way he could say hard was the key to the girls’ pleasure. “I could cum in a girl’s mouth and again in her pussy staying hard to bring them to multiple orgasms before I would cum again. Anyway we fucked; I’d leave them exhausted when I was done.”

At college, I was a walk-on with the football team, and I still had ready access to the cheerleading squad having my way with a good number of them. Miss Roxanne interrupted instructing Rod to be very specific for whose benefit his sex was for.

Rod continued, at first, mutually pleasurable sex was the norm; but as time progressed it was more about me. I roamed for pussy well beyond the cheerleading squad, but sex became more for my benefit. Sure, I’d make the girls cum, but it was my way and when I had enough, it was over.

It was in my senior year that things really changed. I was introduced to MFF sex and thought it was terrific. I could satisfy both girls with multiple orgasms via oral, vaginal or anal sex and I’d still be hard and ready for more. The sex was good.

One weekend, there was a party at one of the sorority houses where I was having a great time getting laid or sucked off. Then Roxanne and another girl I knew approached me for a good time. We went upstairs to one of the bedrooms and started innocently enough with me on my back on the floor doing 69 with Roxanne and the other assisting in giving me head. There were the typical sounds of sex emanating from the three of us and just before I was about to cum, Roxanne, the girl on top, lifted off of me some just long enough so I could see that a guy was now blowing me as came in his mouth. I tried to get up, but I was held in place by Roxanne. I could hear the clicks of cameras taking pictures of us or more concerning to me was me shooting my load into a guy’s mouth and he kept at it until I was limp.

When I was no longer pinned to the ground, the guy giving me head said he liked my dick and the taste of my cum, and anytime I wanted to get off, just call him. I called all three of them a bunch of names and when I went for my clothes, they were gone. “Where are my clothes? I exclaimed?

Roxanne said they were gone, and I’d have to be naked while I mingled and enjoyed myself at the party.

“No way, your fucking nuts! There’s no way I’m leaving this room without my clothes.” I exclaimed.

“Have it your way,” they said exiting the room and leaving the door open behind them.

Before I could think of a plan or close the door, in walked several girls that I didn’t know and I immediately told them to get out. I was embarrassed at being naked in a house full of predominantly women; not because I was naked but naked under circumstances, I didn’t control. I was used to calling the shots as I was sucked off or fucked my prey but being naked now was a totally different scenario.

Janet, the sorority’s chapter president said, “sure ‘big guy,’ but there is something we think you should first listen to and consider.”

“Go ahead, tell me,” was all I could say.

“We’re tired of you bullying the cheerleaders and others here on campus. You think you’re hot shit with that swinging dick of yours, don’t you? You just want to have your dick sucked off or fuck anybody you want to. Isn’t that right big boy?” she bellowed.

Janet continued before I could utter a word, “You’re free to enjoy yourself at the party showing off your manly physique and bull dick and you might even get lucky before you leave; but, of course, you’ll have to fend for yourself in getting back to your dorm WITHOUT your clothes — or, you could submit to having sex as we say as the rest of us watch and you can leave wearing your clothes.” So, what will it be big boy?”

That’s easy, I bang dikmen escort one of you while everyone watches, and then I’m given back my clothes. Right?

“Yes, in a manner of speaking,” they all said in unison.

“Sure, I’m ready for another round, let’s go.”

Very well then. Proceed downstairs to the living room; we have it set up for you.

To the living room, I went, strutting my stuff and cocky as usual. All the furniture was removed to the side and replaced by a rubber sheet in the middle of the room. Restraint cuffs were on the sheet and attached to the heavy furniture on the perimeter of the room.

“What’s this I asked.”

“It’s to add some fun and excitement to your sex. Go ahead and pick your partner and get on the sheet, face up.”

“Wait a minute, I said I’d have sex, but I’m not going to be restrained.

Janet reminded me that I agreed to have sex as we say and we say that you’ll be restrained.

Oh, ok I said and picked Roxanne, the girl that held my face down with her pussy not ten minutes before. Picking Roxanne as she was already naked and would make a good lay after what she did to me upstairs. I lowered myself to the sheet on the floor as other sorority sisters attached the restraints to my wrists and ankles.

“Nice and tight are they,” Roxanne asked

Yes, they are I replied.

You must be excited as you’re already hard she quipped as she ran her fingers over my cock and balls.

“Yes, I am” as she continued to fondle my cock and balls.

“I see precum, you must be really excited, and those big balls must be sore and ready to deliver their cum.”

To make a long and embarrassing story short, Roxanne put on a strapon and fucked me until everyone yelled, “Sissy orgasm, sissy orgasm, he just had a sissy orgasm.” Roxanne pulled out and the guy that gave me the blow job then fucked me until I came again. Making matters worse, he forced me to suck off his dick that was just in my ass and he shot his load all over my face. I was mortified to say the least; here I am the big dick bull around campus that’s used to getting his way with women and sex, and now having just been fucked and sucking another cock and his cum on my face and having been forced to endure such embarrassment and humiliation. I don’t think the flashes ever stopped during the entire ordeal and worried that soon I’d be the laughingstock of the school.

Despite the humiliation of having to suck the guy’s cock while everyone continued looking on and taking pictures, I was still hard. Roxanne made a big deal of it too, “Oh look, he’s still hard. He must like it.” As she took my cock in her hand and jerked me off to my third orgasm in half an hour while making all sorts of insulting and belittling comments. Adding insult to injury, she scooped up my cum and forced me to eat and swallow it. When they released me from the restraints and with cum still on my face, I was forced to mingle and thank everyone for staying to watch me. It was all too much. Finally, near dawn, the party was over, and I was given back my clothes, I dressed and went back to my dorm.

After that one night at the sorority, life around campus was never the same; people would look at me with a knowing stare. Some even poked fun or grabbed my crotch asking, “How’s it feel?” I was cut off from every cheerleader, not one was willing to be seen with me, let alone have sex.

Weeks later, Roxanne and I started to hang out together and eventually began to date. On many dates, we’d start to make out, but Roxanne would push me away as soon as she realized I was hard. “You’re still acting like a bull, and I don’t like that.” She would repeatedly tell me while leaving me frustrated. One afternoon, after a month or so of forced abstinence, she told me I’d get lucky tonight. Oh, how my balls ached, and oh how I couldn’t wait until we were together, and I’d get laid. At long last, my dry spell would be over!

Roxanne met me in my dorm room; “Tonight’s the night, are you ready, or do you want it now?” she asked. Without hesitation, I grabbed her in a hug and passionately kissed her. We both started to undress and finally made it to the bed completely naked. Roxanne noticed that I was already hard with anticipation and as if on cue, she had my cock in her mouth sucking away. I came within minutes, just lying on my back enjoying the best blow job in recent memory. Roxanne kept my cock in her mouth until I was soft. She then put a ring around my cock and balls telling me that his was to keep me hard for next time.

I said “ok” and then she slipped the cage over my limp dick and locked it to the ring.

“You’re now locked in a chastity cage, and I hold the key she said. Your purpose now is to please me as I wish and deserve and not worry about your yourself. I will determine if, when, and how to allow you to cum. Do you understand?”

What the fuck is this, Roxanne? I barked.

“Do you understand? Was all that Roxanne said?

Reluctantly, I said, elmadağ escort “I do Roxanne, but this isn’t fair.”

“What do you mean not fair? We were both naked on the bed ready for sex and all you did was lie on your back and enjoy a blow job; you never made any effort to please me. What about me and my needs?”

But it was so long since I came, I couldn’t help myself.

Just worried about yourself, just as before. But now things are different, I will control our sex life, do you understand Rod?

“Yes, Roxanne” was all I could muster.

“Good. Now lick my pussy until I cum.”

The rest is history, we married shortly after graduation, and our life together in an FLR hasn’t been better.

“Thank you for sharing your story, Rod,” said Roxanne adding, “the only time Rod has had vaginal sex with me, since that time in college, is when we wanted to get me pregnant. And three kids later, Rod’s only sex will now be with you, Tom.”

“You should be pleased Tom to serve Roxanne by offering your pussy ass and throat to Rod. You should also be honored knowing that you’re also pleasing your Mistress Rachael.”

So, is everyone ready to meet the neighbors? Ok then, lets everyone get into the car. Tom, we’re taking your car and you’re driving ordered Mistress Rachael. But first, here are your leashes, please put them on.

Naked and out to the car we went, Mistress Rachael and Miss Roxanne were first with Rod and I following close by behind. All loaded in the car, we headed out the driveway, Mistress said to turn right and pull into the first driveway and proceed up to the house. I parked in front of the garage.

This yard was not at all as private as Mistress Rachael’s, we could easily be seen by the neighbors or passersby if anyone was looking. We all got out of the car and handed our leashes to our Dommes and feeling quite ill at ease we headed toward the front door. Passing the door, we headed around to the backyard. Once inside the backyard, I was more comfortable being naked and on parade as we were inside a privacy fence that afforded some degree of cover. Miss Roxanne’s backyard was landscaped as beautifully as Mistress’. In the midst of all the flowers and bushes, there were many garden accessories that could clearly be used for bondage and all sorts of BDSM play and similar to the contraptions that were in Mistress’ dungeon. A pergola with a suspended “bed,” a St Andrews cross, a stock, a spanking bench, a pony, and more.

“I see you understand what you’re looking at and of all the possibilities. We entertain and play outside year-round, so be prepared Tom,” Miss Roxanne explained adding, “having Mistress Rachael next door is also very convenient.”

Back to the car we went. Rod was instructed to sit next to me in the front seat. Driving away Mistress called out the directions. I felt very conspicuous driving around in public in my birthday suit; Rod was naked next to me, but he seemed immune from any concern.

Let’s drive to your neighborhood Tom and park in front of your house; no hesitation now, Mistress Rachael said.

Yes, Mistress, but Mistress you’re making me very uncomfortable in doing this, I reply.

“I’m sorry Tom, but this is for your education. Rod, feel Tom’s cock and tell me what you find”

Tom’s cock is trying to get hard in his cage Mistress Rachael, Rod advises.

See Tom, as your cock is trying to get hard, you’re excited about driving around your neighborhood naked and wanting to be seen. You’re an exhibitionist and enjoy a bit of voyeurism too, don’t you?”

Yes, Mistress Rachael, you are correct, I enjoy exhibitionism and some voyeurism, but not in my neighborhood, I said as placed the car in park in front of my house. Fortunately, all was quiet in the neighborhood and inside the house as best as I could see.

Tom, please start to masturbate yourself and tell us how much you want Miss Roxanne and Rod to fuck you in your bedroom and on your bed, instructs Mistress Rachael.

I proceeded to attempt to masturbate as I was told, although masturbating with my cock locked in a cage isn’t at all exciting; it’s surely embarrassing, and that’s what I assume Mistress Rachael wanted me to experience. I also told everyone that I want to be fucked on my own bed by Miss Roxanne and Rod.

“Why is this Tom,” asks Miss Roxanne?

“I want this because every night I will be reminded how I want to be submissive and to be fucked by you Miss Roxanne and Rod while I was wearing my cage and in my own bed. I also want to swallow Rod’s cum and want to be the submissive whose sex is determined and controlled by others.”

“Very well said Tom,” remarks Mistress Rachael and continues, I bet you wish that your wife would fuck you in your ass while you wear your chastity cage maybe even while sucking Rod’s cock.” She then instructs me to continue driving, turning twice and pull into the fifth driveway.

Tell us, Tom, do you want your wife to keep you naked and your cock locked in chastity and control your sex and fuck you in your ass as often as she feels asks Mistress Rachael

Yes, Mistress, I would very much like my wife to keep my cock locked in its cage and control my ability to orgasm. And yes, I would like that she fucks me in the ass whenever and wherever she wants.

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