I See Red


Vermillion faded lips, tracing kiss marks on the bodyStiff nipples jutting proudly from a pale breastLong, thin scratches, clawed down the backWell used and rested, the limp cock sits against a muscular thighSweaty bodies lay in the orgasmic aftermathLong, isveçbahis sweet-smelling hair tangled around her shouldersNew, red bite marks bruise the tender fleshPassionate and powerful coupling clings to the airPussy pumped full, the isveçbahis giriş ambrosia trickling downThe loud moans of earlier now whispers, whirling around the wallsA pinch here and a slap there, her body screams scarlet in responseTender isveçbahis yeni giriş tip of finger feeling that secret spotTwo souls alight as the bodies danced togetherFire rippling beneath the surface of the golden evening trystSex sweat glowing on reclining nudesLips lazily kiss in the silenceTheir dirty talk absorbed into the pillowThe eager looks exchanged, now committed to memoryHappily subdued, the sexual tension dissipatesNightly urges nullified in the torrid tango of the bedroom

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