If We Were Alone


If we were alone, I would grab you and shove you down onto my bed. I’d force my lips onto yours as you look up at me with a shocked look, your arms vainly pressing up against me. I release our lips only to attack your lips again, my tongue dominating your mouth. I would pull off your clothes, smirking at your body as you lay beneath me, trying to cover yourself. I’d smirk more at you as I chain your hands above your head but I would leave your legs unchained so I can force them open later and make you feel defenseless against me. With your hands chained, you’d beg me to let you go but I shove a gag into your mouth so you don’t protest against me.

After that, I would go and stand next to my bed and take off my clothes, letting your wide and frightened eyes look at how hard you made my cock and let you think of how I’m going to ram it deep inside every hole in your body. I smirk again as you look away with embarrassment as I climb back on top of you, breathing my hot breath against your cheek as I whisper if you’re ready for your punishment. Even as you slowly shake your head, I smirk and sit back, looking at your legs that are firmly closed shut.

I would place my hands firmly on both of your thighs and force your legs open easily, quickly ramming my cock inside you before you can close them. I grin as your scream of pain and pleasure is muted against the gag in your mouth. I pump my cock slowly into your, whispering in your ear and ask if you’re going to be a good kitten for your master. But when you shake your head, I growl with frustration and pump my cock faster into you, feeling your body squirm under mine as you scream again.

I push my tongue into your ear as I thrust my hard cock faster into you, your pussy hot and wet around me. I’d groan into your ear, whispering at how hard you make your master and how you make me want to fuck you so much more. Your pussy heats up more as I pump faster and harder into you, my hands gripping the middle of your back and my nails would scratch slowly down your spine. Your body would arch up against mine and I’d moan again, licking around your ear. I’d ask you in my hot, airy breath if you want my cum deep in you and I’d smirk as you slowly nod your head yes, whimpering otele gelen escort softly.

I thrust as fast as I can, my nails digging deep into your lower back as I pull you as close as I can. My loud groan would echo in your ear as my cum shoots out of my cock and deep into your hot pussy. As your pussy drinks away my cum, your scream of pleasure fills the air as your body squirms under me in an orgasm. I’d pant only softly over you as I kiss your cheek and call you a good kitten. You’d blush and whimper softly, wanting the gag out of your mouth. But I’d smirk and tell you that your punishment isn’t over with. You’d look up at me with wide and frightened eyes and shake your head quickly but I’d only smirk and roughly pull out of you.

You scream in pain again as I climb off my bed and stand by your head, my cock dripping with both of our juices. It throbs by your cheek as pull the gag out of your mouth. Suck your master’s hard cock I’d tell you, watching you slowly do as you’re told. I’d smirk and keep a hand on the top of your head as your soft mouth closes around the head of my cock, a soft moan slipping out from my lips as you suck softly.

My cock would grow harder and throb faster between your lips, wanting to cum again. I’d force more of my cock into your mouth, feeling you gag slightly around my cock. I’d keep your head where it is with my hand as I thrust softly into your mouth. Keep sucking, kitten, I’d tell you, watching as your cheeks flush a deep red with embarrassment and your eyes squeezing shut to keep the tears back. I’d only smirk and keep thrusting as your mouth grows tighter around my cock as you suck faster.

Another moan escapes my lips and my fingers tangle into your hair. I can feel my cock start to grow hotter as you bring me closer to exploding again. I thrust faster, feeling your head jerk back and another gag shaking around my cock. Don’t stop, I whisper, arching my back as I thrust as fast as I can. I can feel you suck as fast as you can as my cum explodes into your mouth, my groan escaping loudly through my lips. You cough again as my cum slips down your throat, my cock still spitting out more. I moan softly, looking down mecidiyeköy escort at you and telling you to swallow all of it. You whimper and slowly swallow all of my cum.

Good kitten, I say as I pull my cock out of your mouth and wipe your lips with my thumb. You blush again and thank me for your punishment. I tsk softly and say that it’s not over just yet. You start to argue you again but I shove the gag in your mouth again, this time unchaining your hands and pulling you to your feet. You shakily stand next to me, and sniffle back tears and bending you over the side of my bed.

My cock throbs as I stare at your nice, round ass. I grab a cheek in one hand and squeeze hard, smirking. Such a great ass, I tell you as I spank the cheek I was holding. I spank the other cheek, watching your ass before dropping to my knees behind you. I’d place a hand on either cheek and spread them before licking teasingly around your hole. I’d feel you shiver and start to stand, but after I give your ass one hard spank, you stay still. With a smirk, I push my tongue into your ass, hearing your gasp. I smirk and force my tongue deep as I squeeze your cheeks hard, patting them again after I pull my tongue out. Standing up, I spit on my cock and rub the spit around to cover my cock.

After that, I press the head of my throbbing cock against your ass. With a hand on your lower back, I force it deep into your ass. You scream again in pain and pleasure, both of my hands wrapping around your hips to hold you still as I pump fast and hard. I can hear you start to cry as I thrust harder. I throw my head back and moan, my cock aching from all of the pleasure. I know it won’t take long to cum again so I thrust as hard and deep into your tight ass as I can.

You squirm under my hands, my chills travel down my spine. I groan loudly and keep thrusting faster, a familiar hotness overwhelming the length of my cock. Ready for my cum to fill your ass, kitten, I ask you through my moans. I see your head nod slowly, almost reluctantly as I pump my cock into you as fast as I can. My nails dig deep into your skin as I scream softly and cum deep into your ass. My cock burns as it pushes the last of the salty sperm deep into türkmen escort your ass.

I pant hard, trying to keep my legs from shaking as I pull out of your ass. I bit of my cum oozes out of your ass, a smirk playing across my lips as I spank your ass and tell you to lay on your back. You slowly do so as I clean off my cock. I look at you and stand between your open legs. You whimper again and shake your head but I take the gag out of your mouth and kiss your lips hard, but not as hard as before. I lick around the inside of your soft mouth before leaning back, wiping some drool away from the corner of your mouth with my thumb.

You’ve been a very good kitten, I whisper softly, my hot breath brushing against your lips and cheeks. You blush and smile softly. You thank me before I tell you that you deserve a reward. You smile again as I kiss down your body and drop to my knees between your legs. Your pussy looks so wet in front of me and my cock throbs again as I lean forward and slowly lick into your pussy lips. You watch me as I loop my arms around your legs and hold your hips, my lips wrapping around your clit and sucking softly. You moan quietly and push your fingers through my hair.

I suck slightly faster and slide my index finger slowly into your pussy. It feels so warm and tight around it as I slowly slide it in and out of you. You moan again and I flick my tongue over your clit before sucking faster. You moan louder and arch your back before I add a second finger into your wet pussy. I finger you faster, your sweet pussy juices sliding over my fingers. I lick as I suck faster, your fingers tightening around my hair. I keep fingering faster as you beg me not to stop. I think about stopping but I don’t.

I push my fingers as I deep as I can and I bite down on your clit as you scream loudly, your pussy climaxing over my fingers and over my hand. I grin and softly kiss your clit as your body squirms and bucks around my fingers. I watch you before slowly pulling my fingers away. I lick up all the juices on your pussy lips and thighs before licking them off my fingers. My cock throbs at the smell of your pussy but I push away the wanting to mount you again. I slowly stand up and kiss your lips, telling you that you’re such a good kitten. You thank me before kissing my lips again.

I grin and lay next to you, pulling you close against my body. You lay your head on my chest as I stroke your hair and back. That’s what I would do if we were alone. But obviously we’re not. But if only we were.

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