I’m gonna blow! – A teen’s first time


Tall. Brown, curly hair. Tanned skin. Bright green eyes. Handsome face. Sprouting moustache. Lightly hairy arms and legs. Skinny, but not too thin. 18 years old. This was Nick, the object of my desires.
He was one of those guys who liked to wear shorts. Short shorts in fact. He was on every sporting team there was, but was an Einstein at school. Every time he took a step I would stare at his muscular legs, the muscles flexing and stretching as he moved, and his intelligent face, which despite the occasional teenage pimple, was perhaps the most naturally beautifully thing I had ever seen.
I myself weren’t all that attractive, but I was good friends with Nick and secretly completely infatuated with him. I would sit awake at night imaging all that we could do to one another, and lusting for the fat, juicy cock I knew was lay dormant, covered only lightly by his footy shorts, and ready to take my arse for its own.
The only seeming problem was that Nick seemed into women. He obsessed over them, and had a new crush on a weekly basis. Although as I would find out later, looks can be deceiving.
I’d always prayed and waited for the moment when he would invite me for a sleepover. I’d been to his house countless times, but I’d never bucked up the courage to do anything with him.
So when he invited me to his house for a sleepover, telling me excitedly that his Mum would be away for the weekend and he would have free reign over the house, I could barely contain my excitement.
“I’ll think about it”, I replied, trying not to sound too eager.
Naturally no thinking was required. I packed my bags with vigour and couldn’t sleep with excitement in the lead up to the weekend. Not that I expected anything to happen. But just the thought of having a real growing man, complete with hair, muscles and an athlete’s physique sleeping in the same room, and if I could arrange it, same bed as me, made me quiver with delight.
The time finally arrived. I walked up the steps with to his front door with my heart beating at light speed.
I knocked, and soon he opened the front door to me. He needed a shave: his facial hair was growing with vigour. I suddenly imagined spilling me own cum into his thick facial hair and had to cover my growing boner with my bag. He was wearing just a singlet and his usual short shorts, and as he turned, I saw the steadily growing hair on the back of his strong legs. I noticed that his singlet was slightly too small for him, it showed an ever so small section of his happy trail. I imagined where that hair led… and had to stop before I jizzed in my pants.
As usual, we began with some small talk. What we had been up to. How we had been. Movies we had seen. Games we had played. Things we had done. The usual stuff.
Very soon it was getting late, and we were casually watching T.V. on the couch. As we sat I stared at Nick whenever I could without him noticing, and took in his beautiful scent: the smell of testosterone and manliness.
Suddenly Nick brought up the topic that I had been waiting for all night.
“So, where are we going to sleep tonight?”
“It’s up to you”, I replied as casually as I could.
“Well, I have a spare mattress”
“I hate sleeping on the ground” I replied.
“Well I don’t think my parents would appreciate you sleeping in their bed.”
“Well what about yours?” I replied, trying to sound innocent.
“Fuck off, that’s gay!” he replied.
I immediately escort bayan felt let down. My dream was never going to come true!
“Are you gay or something?” he asked.
“No, get stuffed. I’m not into that” I lied.
Was that a flicker of disappointment I saw flicker over Nick’s face?
“How’s Nancy?” I asked, knowing full well that Nick and Nancy had broken up weeks ago.
“I broke up with her!” he said angrily.
“Oh sorry. Poor you. Back to jerking off like the rest of us.”
“Ha ha ha ha!” he replied.
“How many times do you jerk off per day?”
“Usually twice” he said. “There are so many people to jerk off over!”
“Like who?” I inquired. His expression changed.
“No one” he snapped.
“I wonder what it’s like to be gay.” I pondered.
“You’d know faggot!” he laughed in reply.
This was my only chance. It was now or never. I had to tell him now, or I never would.
“I’m bi actually, so yeah, I would”
“What?!” he yelled.
“You heard”
“Well…. I don’t know how to… um… so am!” he said after erring back and forth.
“Legit?” I said, bewildered.
“Have you ever done anything with a guy?”
“No. In fact, I lied. I have never done anything with anyone.”
“You’ve never had sex!” I asked, shocked.
“Never” he said, with his head slumped.
The tension in the room was killing me. Imagine an awkward silence, except one hundred times more awkward because the people involved had just had an intimate discussion about their rather unorthodox sex lives.
“Can you go home?” he asked, “I need time to think.”
“I can’t go home now, I am stuck here!” I exclaimed with frustration. Why wouldn’t he just admit he wanted to get down and dirty!
Although that had been exactly what he had wanted to hear.
“In that case then, I want to fuck you. You’re not leaving until I have” he said in a firm, sexy voice.
“Fuck me like I am your sex slave” I said with pure excitement, and love.
Suddenly his lean, yet muscular body mass was leaping towards me. He pushed his face into mine and began to kiss me in ways I had never imagined possible. We moaned with our sexual excitement and mutual love, and our boners brushed against each other. Soon we were pulling off each other’s clothes, and dry humping through our underwear. I was infatuated and on the verge of cumming then and there.
Brushing against my raging, hard dick, Nick realised that I was close.
“You’re not cumming until I want you to” he said.
“I’ll do whatever you want. Just fuck me!” I screamed, disregarding that the neighbours were likely to be privy to my deepest and darkest sexual desires.
“I’m going to fuck you like a sex god. But first, suck me. Do it!”
I ripped off his underwear, and out sprang his dick. It was exactly how I had dreamed! It was both long and thick, and as hard as metal rod. His foreskin was slightly peeled back to reveal his delicious pink second head. Precum was dripping from his hole, and as I gripped it to carefully, nervously, pull back his foreskin, I felt it pulse and harden in my hand. Nick let out a long moan of absolute pleasure.
Slowly I moved down so that I was level with his cock. His pink head was right in front of my face. I could smell its sweet, manly odour. I had never seen a more beautiful sight in my entire life.
”Suck it” he commanded.
Without a second thought, I opened my mouth wide and lowered my face onto his cock. He moaned again with delight and squirmed beneath kocaeli escort bayan me. I took more and more of the dick until finally I could feel myself beginning to choke. I stopped for a moment, and then closed my lips around it, latching onto his rod. I licked the underside of it with my tongue, which caused another moan. I could taste his delicious, sweet precum, and I swallowed it all. I slowly released my mouth’s grip and sucked the cock as I pulled my head up.
Soon the blowjob was fully under way. Nick was almost delirious with pleasure, screaming out my name and pushing my head down further and further onto his cock. I began taking in so much that I could feel his fuzzy pubic hair on my chin. I was in a state of euphoria.
“I’m going to cum!” he announced, screaming and moaning. “Keep going, I’m going to cum!”
More than happy to accept his delicious load straight into my mouth, I sucked harder and faster. He was squirming violently with the enjoyment of the blowjob, and yelling his lungs out.
“Yes, yes, yes!” he yelled, and I felt his cock pulsate in my mouth. Seconds later, a string of cum hit the back of my throat. Soon my mouth was filled with the taste of his juices; a taste so incredible that I could never describe it. I loved him, and he loved me.
I slowly lifted me mouth off of his cock. His jizz filled my mouth, and spilled down my chin. I felt its sticky, gooey texture and moaned with delight. I quickly lapped up the cum that was remaining on his dick, and he shuddered once more.
“That was incredible!” he said, breathless.
Licking my lips, I lifted my head and looked into his amazing, bright, intelligent blue eyes. I had never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life.
“Fuck me. Now” I said.
I leaped onto the couch and raised my arse up into the air. My dick was attempting to rip through my pants, but Nick did the job for me, stripping my arse naked in seconds.
“Hang on” he said, running off in the direction of his room.
Returning in a few moments with some lube that he had had stashed in his room, he stuck out his finger and slowly brushed it against the rim of my hairy arsehole. It tickled, and I let out an excited giggle.
“It looks so tight,” he said, “I can’t wait to jam my dick into it!”
He pulled my cheeks apart as best as he could and rammed his head forward. I felt his face in my arse crack, and then, his tongue began to lick up and down. I screamed with joy.
His tongue’s assault on my arsehole continued. Soon he was ramming it into the whole, licking around the insides of it. It felt so wrong; yet, so right.
Suddenly, he withdrew his head. The rimming was over, but the best was yet to come. He squeezed out some lube onto his hand from his tube, and rubbed it all down his finger.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
I replied with a moan.
Although I had experimented in the past with my own finger, and the odd carrot, I had never felt something as incredibly strange as when his finger entered my arsehole. I yelled out in pain, but at the same time, had a rush of pleasure.
Soon he began to move in and out, finger fucking me. The pain subsided, and the enjoyment began.
After a few minutes of a wonderful rhythm, he stopped.
“You’re tight, pink little hole needs more to fill it up” he said.
“Yes, more!” I yelled in excitement.
Suddenly, a second finger entered my arsehole. Once again, pain shot through kocaeli escort me, but it was short lived.
The finger fucking resumed. I suddenly felt an amazing pleasure radiating from my arsehole, travelling throughout my body. I screamed and moaned and writhed as Nick found my prostate and took advantage of my body as no one ever had before.
My dick was a solid rock, and was rocking back and forth as I shook violently. I had never felt so good, yet the best was yet to come.
“Are you ready to get fucked?” Nick asked in a provocative voice.
“Please!” I screamed.
“Let’s go to my bed,” he said.
I jumped off the couch, and ran as fast as I could to his bedroom. Nick followed me, rubbing lube onto his cock as he walked. He closed the door slowly behind us, and walked over to the bed.
I lay on my back on the bed, and watched as my sexy, beautiful man walked towards me. His dick was erect and pointing forward, and his body hair was on edge.
I lifted up my legs, exposing my gaping arse. It was begging to be fucked.
“Take my virginity Nick” I said. “Destroy my arsehole.”
“As you wish” he said, and the head of his cock met the lips of my arse.
Slowly, but surely, he began to push forward. I had never had anything so big in my arse before. It hurt immensely.
“Stick it in!” I commanded.
He pushed forward quickly, filling my arse in a way that it was never meant to be filled. I cried out, but then, the pleasure took hold of me. I realised that this was the most connected you could ever become with another human being. To have them inside you, their moist, pulsating, hard cock, was the most incredible feeling on Earth.
The fucking began in earnest once the pain began to settle down. Nick was fucking me like an animal; instincts were taking over. His dick was filling me up, almost exiting, and then plunging back in again. My prostate was sending out immense waves of pleasure. I was unaware that I was screaming, moaning, begging for him to fuck me harder.
Soon his dick began to harden further, and his balls rose. He was sweating, and his face was screwed up with the joy of what he was feeling. I began to rub my own dick, and I climaxed almost instantly.
“Arrgghhh I’m cumming!” I shouted.
Hot, sticky jets of cum spilled forth from my dick and onto my belly. My body rattled violently with pure ecstasy. My muscles contracted and a feeling of utter delight rushed through me. For a few seconds, I was in heaven.
Nick’s assault on my arsehole continued with vigour. He was fucking me like a machine.
“I’M GONNA BLOW!” he yelled.
“Do it inside me! Come on Nick, fuck me!”
His dick pulsated and exploded with the force of a gun. He rammed his dick as far into me as he possibly could. I felt jets of heat inside my arse. He put his face right into mine, and kissed me long and hard. He had his eyes shut and his face screwed up. I could tell it was the best moment of his life so far.
A few moments later, his body relaxed. He began to breathe heavily. His face was red as a tomato. The odour of cum filled the air. Together, Nick and I had just become men.
“I love you so much” he said.
He slowly pulled his dick out from my arse. His pink head popped out, and hot cum spilled out along with it. It dribbled down my arse crack and onto the sheets. I moaned again.
“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me” I said.
We kissed again. The last thing I remember before dropping off to sleep was Nick slowly lapping up my cum off my chest, licking his lips, leaving a line of cum on his hairy moustache.

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