In His Car


In His CarThis guy i had been seeing ever since high school has been gettin on my last damn nerves! you would have never guessed this guy wasnt a virgin the way he sweated me for some of my pussy. Every time i spoke to him on the phone somehow the conversation would lead to ‘when i was gonna sit on it.’After months had led to years, i finally decided to play into his lil ‘game’. So when he asked me again i gave an answer, ‘Shit, i’ll give u some…’ i text him. Not even two minutes when by and he rushed me with about twenty questions, ‘For real? When? why all of a sudden? For how long? Now? ….’ and so on and so fourth…i was only half serious, i mean yeah im out of high school and kept my pact with myself to keep my virginity until i got out of school, and not get knocked up… But my body was going against my mind. My pussy was getting extremely hot… I looked at my cell and deiced to call him.Ring, Ring, almanbahis yeni giriş RINGGGGG the sound of the ring was getting me hottter by the second. ‘Hello?’ he finally answered… i said ‘shut up, don’t say nothing. just listen.’ He did just that, and said nothing. I got to work on my pussy getting nice and wet from my dirty mind. In between my moans a grunts i called out his name, ‘Rick! Oh fuck me Rick! i want u to cum fuck my pussy NOW!’Needless to say he was at my door within ten minutes with a rubber in hand. *hey safety first boys and girls* As Rick tried to step inside i stopped him dead in his tracks. He looked disappointed, but i whispered to him ‘lets do this in your car…..’ But it was raining and Rick obviously wasn’t getting it… ‘Why baby? Its raining…’ That was when i started to rub his dick through his basketball shorts and said ‘i know… and i really don’t wanna almanbahis giriş disturb my parents who are asleep so lets go…’ as i pulled his arm toward the door of his car. ‘I know how long u have been wanting to get my pussy. and how selfish i have been to you and not giving u any. And i wanted to apologize for that. you have been a good boy, and i have been a very bad girl… i think i may need to be punished for my outlandish behavior.’ I was rubbing on Rick like a dog in heat, i moaned and rubbed roughly under his shorts to find that he was turned on by my sudden sexual awakening. He then took his large hands and placed one on my ass and the other on my breast…. i pushed him back with my pussy grinding on his knuckles… he knew i couldnt wait any longer. He opened his car door and shoved me inside. ‘Do you know what you been doing to me ever since i first met you? Do you know you been almanbahis güvenilirmi ping-ponging by telling me yes and then no?’ I was starting to get scared but still my pussy purred for touching. And all i could say was ‘Im sorry….. really… Rick, i never knew u really felt that way towards me…’ Rick turned around and locked the doors *Clank* was the sound of the locks locking. i had a cold chill go down my spine followed by Rick telling me ‘So what i plan to do to you is punish you. Im going to spank you until you scream my name and u cum on my cock… Understood?’ Oh i certainly did understand, this moment felt like i was being interrogated by a dirty cop. So i replied ‘Yeah, i do. But umm, what if i dont do as asked?’ Rick smiled smugly and stated ‘Well, im going to punish you anyway.’ Just then rick lifted me up off the seat inside his car and ripped my pajama pants off like they were nylon pantyhose. All i could do was stare at him in awe. Once my pants were out the way he turned me over onto his knee and spanked my ass, like he said he would. OH his control was turning me on so much more than i had dreamed of. He knew i was cumming and i knew he was too. To be continued//\\

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