IN THAT MOMENTIn that moment It keeps happening I can’t stop staring at him, his eyes burn through me like laser’s setting my hole body on fire. He touches me and my body trembles under his touch, the flirting never ends and the tension continues to grow. Its getting harder to resist the urges and now I know he feels the same way. Torn by my sexual feelings for him, not sure if its his age or the fact I have grown so close to his mother. What ever it is has crippled me making me unable to make the crucial first move, so I often find myself in his presents wanting craving even silently begging in my head for him to do it. Just make the move already don’t make me beg just do it already. Well it finally happened after over a year of tension, he finally made the move. We drank a little too much, he invited himself into my room to watch a movie with me. Once I kicked everyone else out, He crawled in to my bed laying atop my blanket beside me. He looked at me with his sexy smile “can I stay here tonight?” I quickly try to find the right words but just blurt out “well I’m not going to make you sleep on the floor.” Not sure why I didn’t just say hell yes please stay and fuck me all night, but I didn’t and now there he was right in front of me and still I couldn’t make a move. I’m not sure why I wasn’t forward but in that moment I lost all my usual confidence.Now all I could feel was awkwardness In that moment my everything was crushed. He didn’t seem to notice he just settled in beside me. The movie was funny but I couldn’t pull my thoughts away from what may be hiding underneath his pants, his shirt that clung tight, his lips his smile. I shook my head slightly I guess to clear my thoughts. He had been watching me and noticed, “are you OK? Do you need an aspirin?” I giggled “no I’ll be just fine.” Oh but I knew I wasn’t going to be fine If his hands and his body didn’t make contact with mine I feared I may explode, ankara escort or worse yet I’d make a move that wasn’t returned. I couldn’t stay still, couldn’t fight the urge to touch him , but I didn’t have to. He moved over closer slowly slid under my covers and his arms wrapped around my body his head resting on my breast. He looked up at me, not saying a word he lifted his lips to mine kissed me hard, hands exploring every bit of me with in reach. His touch set my body on fire, every inch wanting contact. My body grinding into his, he moved me flat on my back his body on top of mine. His leg slip between mine parting them slightly, his rigid hard cock now grinding into me as our body’s collided into what I can only describe as a hot mess of rampant hormones. The way he grabbed me and maneuvered his way around my still clothed body was astounding. His confidence his know how was far behind his years. His hand slips past my waistband, over my panties just long enough to soak them through. Then his skillfully talented fingers slid into my panties and right to my clit, already swollen and craving touch. Not able to stop myself or maybe not wanting to, my hole body pushed into his touch. Still no words shared and no need for them, lips met hands wandered and clothes started to come off and fly across the room. In this moment neither one of us could hold out any longer we needed each other and could wait no longer.He gave pause to look over my body as I did his, his soft smooth chest and stomach, his ever growing erection bouncing with excitement. This made me want to slow things down, not wanting it to end before I had even got started. The moment my bossy self came out to save the day, “I want your tongue between my legs lover!” Nothing else needed to be said he kissed and licked his way straight to my clit, sucking it, flicking it with his tongue and then a nibble, my pussy quivered and became ankara escort bayan unbelievably wet. His first finger slip in and my moans got loud and deep, the moment I had waited for all this time was here he was between my legs and I was loving it. My hand grabbed the back of his head as I let my first orgasim take me. My pussy grinding into his tongue, his fingers probing my g spot as he worked for my juices. I could feel my pussy tighten around his fingers and my clit pulsed on his tongue. Working his fingers faster as I thrust to meet them, my cum now dripping from his fingers and soaking his face as my body shuddered and I came all over him.This only fueled his excitement, he worked in another finger and just finger fucked me harder and faster. My body responded so well to his touch the orgasim didn’t feel like it had an end. He pulled back huge wet smile on his face “now let’s get started.” I lit up and I’m sure went red, feeling so in awe of the moment. He slid up my body his lips on me again as I felt his shaft slide up my leg right to my eager pussy. Not sliding in just yet his cock sliding between my lips as we made out. Sliding it in slow after teasing it to a hot wet mess, I gasped. He filled me so tight the orgasim was already hard to fight. He worked it in slow grinding his whole body against mine as his lips worked my neck and tits. My nails met his back and ass, his whole body felt so tight. Pulling him close wanting him deeper, our moans filling the room, the smell of sex consuming us. I felt his hard throbbing cock deep inside my tight quivering pussy, it was starting to twitch every time I moaned it twitched harder making my clit throb with want. The thrusts slow and he slowly pulls out of my dripping wet pussy. His lips making a wet trail over my breast down my stomach and settling in my mound, his tongue hungry and eager for a taste. Moaning into my pussy and grinding escort ankara into my bed, he is happy eager and apparently ready for so much more. He raises up to his knees and motions for me to roll over, I do and up on my knees ready for him to fuck me doggy style but to surprise I feels his tongue instead working his way between both holes. Unable to hold myself up I let my body fall to the bed, not missing a beat his tongue is right back teasing my holes. I lift my ass to meet his tongue he teases my hole his tongue darting in and out as the wetness builds. I thrust my ass up into the air and insist “fuck my pussy and fuck it hard.” His tongue continues its assault on my ass as his finger works its way in my pussy. Not a moment later I feel the first thrust hard deep and confident. Each thrust going deeper, each thrust almost too much to hold back from, I let myself go, my body thrusting back to meet his. His nails going down my back his hands grabbing my hips thrusting harder. My hands grasp the sheets my head goes back my back arches my moans change to blissful screams. “Cum for me cum for me now, fill me with your cum, fuck me harder.” Our body’s in a despite dance to for fill each other I feel him tense, moans louder, grabbing my hips pulling me to me his thrust. I can’t hold back my pussy starts twitching and my juices flow as I squirt all over his cock. His grip tightens he thrust a final time and then holds be firm as I feel him unload inside me over filling my pussy our juices mix and soak the bed beneath us. His pause only last a moment and he returns to his eager thrusts making such a mess fucking me hard and fast until we were both to sensitive to continue leaving us in a heap in the middle of my soaked bed his hands still exploring my nakedness. He rolled of me in an exhausted flop beside me, running his hand up the center of my back grabbing my shoulder and pulling me to his chest where we snuggled a bit. As I look up at him he smiles down at me with a cute grin ” I never thought it would happen And I can’t wait until it does again.” Having no reply for what he said we fell asleep happily and woke to even more fun the next morning.

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