In the Darkness


In the DarknessA dark room lit only by candles of all kind. I’m bent over a low rack table. My arms are shackled to the opposite end and my ankles are shackled to the legs of the table spreading them just enough. I’m blind folded. I know the room is filled with loads of things…lots of pretty toys. I am left there to think…maybe minutes, maybe an hour. And then I feel the soft touch of him as he runs his hand from my ass, up my back, ultrabet yeni giriş and grabs my hair and pulls my head to his mouth as he whispers his dark intentions to me. I know I’m in for something new as he tells me about the leather covered and metal studded paddle he holds in his other hand. My body starts to quiver from anticipation. He drops a kiss on my forehead and runs his hand back down my body. I know he ultrabet giriş is moving across the floor, I can hear his footsteps. I hear a faint rustling and then I feel the hot wax as it drips on the upper spine of my back and as he moves downward, it is a sensation beyond anything you could imagine. Hot, but not so much. He gets to my lower spine and drips the hot wax again, but this time it is much hotter and I’m shaking. ultrabet güvenilirmi He puts it to the side and caresses my ass with the paddle. I know it’s coming, but I never know when and then it whistles through the air and I feel the first lovely sting of it. He smacks me over and over again and as he is doing this he is playing with me. I am totally under his power and he doesn’t let me cum. He holds me on the edge between worlds..a thin wire he won’t let me cross and my body is racked with shivers as he continues my spanking. And then suddenly he is behind me pulling my head back by my hair and as he bites the place between my shoulder and neck hard enough to leave marks he enters me from behind.

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