In The Park


In The ParkI’ve been coming to this park for awhile. Looking to see if I see you again. I stopped wearing my shorts and started with the short skirts. I spot you every other day. I wonder if you would like a black woman. Today had been a lil different. Under my skirt is nothing. I’m going to see if this strong wht man is going to play with my wet pussy. This time of the day is always empty. So peaceful. I found you sitting in a corner all alone. I walk over and smile. With lust in my eyes. I sit across so I could give bahis firmaları you a peek shot. As I open my legs I look up and found you watching. I place a leg up next to me. I pull out my toy. Rubbing my clit and moaning. I look up in a pleasure glaze and found you rubbing your dick and you licking your lips. With a naughty smile I keep looking at you.You get to your feet and come to me. Drop down to your knees and took the toy into your hands. You kiss my pussy gently gliding the toy into it. With my moan you go canlı bahis for my clit. Moaning for you to not stop. You make me cum all over the toy. Slowly pulling the toy out of me you give it to me. I slide it into my mouth and stand. You stand with me kissing me. Turning me around and bending me over. You thrust as you grab my hips. Pulling me to you. Making me moan and cum with each thrust. Giving myself to you felt great. With each thrust I feel you get closer. Hearing your moans joined with mine seemed to be what bahis siteleri I needed. One hand on my hips the other on my breasts. They worked their magic the same way your dick was pleasing my pussy. I hear a groan telling me your climax is here. You let out a roar as I screamed to climax. Both of us soring from the heat we had made, you fill me with your hot cum. My hungry pussy sucks every drop. You stand me up, kisses me on my neck. As you pull my skirt down, you turn me around. Kisses me in my full lips. Never saying a word you fixed your pants, winked and walked away. As I walked back to my car I smile thinking I will be back for my quiet lover. Til next time lover…………………………………………………………….

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