In Your Hands

Big Tits

Bound and gagged,And blindfolded too,Hanging all alone,Waiting for you.In your hands,I give you all,My body and will,I’m proud, standing tall.All I hear in the room,Is you moving about,Full of anticipation, desire,And pride, no doubt.My body exposed,And I’m on fire,Hoping to be strong,And never tire.My nipples are clamped,And pinched and teased,Not a whimper escapes,Hope isveçbahis Sir is pleased.My body shakes hard,Your hand strikes my bum,One, two, three…I will count till you’re done.The sting is intense,My heart is racing,As you shove your cock,In my mouth for a tasting.It fills me up,I gag and choke,On your big hard cock,With my mouth I stroke.My hand isveçbahis giriş are untied,I am on all fours,Not sure of what’s next,But wanting more.The whip cracks hard,Against my soft tender skin,I crawl forward quickly,No tears, just a grin.You put me into bed,And say “Spead’em Queen,I am going to tear you up,And make you cream.”I do as I am told,No isveçbahis yeni giriş fear from me,Cause you are the man,Whom with I want to be.Drips from aboveOf hot burning waxCause me to jumpAnd then relax.But just for a minute,As another splash falls,Closer and closer,To my pussy walls.Right there the drips drop,I start to squirm just a bit,This turns me on,I have to admit.Then my pussy gets fucked, For hours and hours,Your massive hard cock,My cunt devours.You explode in me,Then walk away,Leaving me aloneAfter our play.Blindfolded and bound,All alone I lay,Alone with my thoughts,Of our kinky day.

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