Ingraham from a New Angle


Disclaimer: This doesn’t represent anything that has actually happened (to the best of my knowledge) and was written as erotic satire, purely to amuse the bored author of this story. All characters are 18+ and are participating in all parts of the sexual encounter consensually (because consent is REALLY fucking important).


“First they want us to call us by their ‘chosen name’,” Laura sneers towards the camera, “next thing you know they’ll be trying to give us all sex changes and change everyone’s name to Vlad. News flash Liberals: this isn’t the USSR, and we won’t let you make this beautiful democracy into a communist society.”

“Cut,” the director yells.

Laura immediately stands up and storms off set. “Jessie,” she screams at the PA standing expectantly by the door, “my office now.”

The set makeup artist tries to intercept her with makeup-remover, but the icy glare she receives freezes her immediately.

“Jesus Christ, Jessie,” she growls as she storms towards her dressing room, the petite girl in tow, “I don’t ask for many things from you, but you always manage to screw them up. I asked for a nonfat double shot latte and got a matcha latte with fucking soy milk. What do I look like to you? Some goddamn bleeding heart liberal?”

“No ma’am,” the girl stutters, trying not to fall behind the larger than life television personality she is walking next to.

Laura continues on her tirade all the way back to the dressing room, quickly cycling through all of Jessie’s errors, real or imagined. When they reach the dressing room, Laura bursts through the door, pulling Jessie in behind her before slamming the door.

As soon as the door is closed and locked, the older woman begins stripping her clothes quickly, obediently, almost as if she has done this dozens of not hundreds of times. But that couldn’t be right? A notoriously homophobic female television personality stripping in front of her much younger, Latina PA who suddenly has a look on her face best described as dominant? The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

In just over a minute, Laura is kneeling on the floor naked, except for a collar and her heels, her head looking down at the floor.

“Thirty-seven seconds,” Jessie informs Laura in a calm voice, looking down at her phone. The only response Jessie receives is in the form of a whimper.

“Slut,” the dominant woman begins as she slowly walks around her sub, inspecting, “what did escort kocaeli I say about stripping?”

She waits for an answer, but Laura doesn’t respond. She knows better than to speak before being expressly told to do so. She’s fallen for that trick too many times.

Jessie smiles to herself and gives a silent laugh as she inspects the way Laura is clasping her hands. Left on top Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Right on top Wednesday and Friday. Laura got it right this time.

“Speak slut,” she finally orders.

“Strip in under thirty seconds, ma’am,” Laura answers with trepidation. Jessie played around with other names–Mistress and Goddess to name a few–but ultimately she decided on ma’am as that is what she calls Laura in day-to-day life. She found role-reversal particularly stimulating. When she explained this to Laura, the older woman’s face turned red with humiliation. Jessie then teased her about the segment she had just filmed about how young people don’t respect the older generations anymore.

“Little girl,” she had ended with that day, “I don’t think that you want to be respected, do you? You want everyone to know how much of a slutty little whore you are. Am I right? Speak slut.”

Jessie had waited patiently for Laura’s response. She wasn’t sure if this was going to be the thing that finally made Laura utter their safe-word (everyone deserves consensual sex, even homophobic pieces of shit), but Laura finally responded, tears streaming down her face, “Yes ma’am.”

Jessie finds Laura’s apparent love of humiliation endlessly amusing.

“What happens to sluts who can’t do the one thing sluts are supposed to do, taking off their clothes, right?”

Laura whimpers as her mistress traces the curve of her ass up to the nape of her neck before yanking her head back with her hair. Jessie is standing above Laura, blocking the slutty conservative’s view of the ceiling of her dressing room, the dressing room she had earned through years of spouting homophobic bullshit.

“Open your mouth,” Jessie demands, her voice almost a growl.

Laura immediately obeys like the whore she is and is rewarded with a glob of spit, fresh from the source of her mistress’s mouth. Jessie smiles and laughs at the slut kneeling underneath her.

“Sluts who can’t even strip right get punished so that they learn,” Jessie answers her own question. “Stand up slut.”

Jessie admires the nipple and clit piercings on her sub, lightly stroking each one before pulling on gölcük escort it sharply. Laura tries to stay silent like she knows her mistress likes, but each time she lets out a soft grunt. Laura had been reluctant to get them done, but had eventually relented, although she brought a frankly ridiculous number of NDAs along with her to the tattoo parlor.

“Lean over the desk, you whore.” Jessie shoves Laura towards the desk.

Laura, as always acquiesces to Jessie, allowing her mistress to mold her over the table like play-dough. Her tits are pressed uncomfortably into a handful of pencils and paper clips onto the surface, but she doesn’t make a sound to announce her discomfort, just lets out a loud wanton moan.

“Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt.”

Laura’s wordless moan in response is answered by her twat being aggressively swatted by her mistress.

“You can’t seem to keep your fucking mouth shut, can you bitch? You must really love the punishment? Answer me slut.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Yes ma’am, what?” Jessie demands, a cruel grin plastered on her face as she painfully massages her whore’s erect clit.

“I love being punished. I’m just a stupid little cunt who loves being punished and humiliated.”

“Laura,” Jessie growls, “You didn’t fucking refer to me as ma’am. You know what that means.”

Laura’s whimper answers that question.

Jessie silently pulls out an enormous ball gag from a drawer in the desk, coincidentally the same drawer that houses the MAGA hat gifted to her during an interview of a certain former president.

“Open up, bitch. Sluts who can’t give their superiors the proper respect they deserve don’t deserve the privilege of speaking.”

Jessie enjoys the way Laura’s face twists as Jessie calls herself a ‘superior.’ Her own PA, the lowest of lowliest types of subordinate, is dominating her. Laura wonders for the millionth time how she got herself into this position, but any reservations are quickly shoved away as she looks up at her mistress, the woman she can’t help but adore. She gets lost in the subtle curves of her hips and her tight perky breasts and gorgeous, luscious lips and her cute little ears and her…

“Slut!” her daydream is interrupted by a redoubtable roar. “I’ve called your name 3 times now. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

The slut in question’s face turns bright red, a color soon matched by her tits and ass.

Now that Laura has been properly punished, Jessie moves izmit sınırsız escort onto the next part of their routine.

In the beginning, before Laura was the well-trained slut she is today, Laura all but refused to eat Jessie out. Of course, her reluctance was quickly refuted by the frankly astounding vigor with which she ate out Jessie. Jessie had been around the Sapphic block a few times, so to speak, but, to her surprise, Laura Ingraham’s tongue was the most skilled one to have pleasured her. Laura had vehemently denied ever doing anything with a woman before–“not even a kiss,” she had claimed–but Jessie was no fool. She’d been with sapphic virgins before and none of them were so skilled with their tongues, not to mention the fact that Laura devoured her asshole without even being asked.

Now, Laura doesn’t even pretend to hide her insatiable appetite for PA pussy. As soon as punishment is through, she drops to the floor and looks up at her goddess expectantly. Jessie grins at her subby boss and pulls her chin up with a single finger. She spits in her boss’s face and laughs when she does nothing to clean off her face. The homophobic, racist, Dartmouth-educated former lawyer and television personality is kneeling, naked, with a rosy, bordering on bruised ass and tears streaming down her phlegmatic face in front of her card-carrying lesbian, Latina PA.

“So whore, this must be pretty fucking humiliating. Kneeling on the floor, in front of me. I don’t even have god damn business cards, yet I am telling you exactly what to do. You pretend that you are only doing this because I am forcing you, but the truth is that I am in no way, shape or form forcing you to do this. You could safe-word out at any point, and yet you never have. You could fire me at any point, but I’m the longest lasting PA you have ever had. You could even try to dom me, and you know I would probably let you, but you’ve never even thought about that, have you? You want this. You want this more than me even. Isn’t that the most humiliating thing? Tell me the truth, Laura Ingraham: do you want this? Speak slut.”

At this point, tears are streaming down her face, almost as fast as her juices are dripping down her inner thighs. “Yes ma’am,” she mumbles.

Jessie gives her a stern look.

Laura speaks louder, “I want this ma’am.”


Authors Note: I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors. I did my editing, rather quickly a that. I could write more of this if anyone wants it. I get a nice horny chuckle out of writing these things. I’m thinking about writing one about Kellyanne Conaway being dommed by her daughter’s best friend or Majorie Taylor Greene. Just let me know if anyone’s interested.

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