Italy trip and fun with real aunt

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Italy trip and fun with real auntI was 19, when I lost my virginity in Italy. I was living with my uncle & aunt, and 2 yr old cousin. After checking out Italy’s places, week later ,one day uncle went at work, and aunt and me were at home. Then around 10’o clock in the morning she told me to take care of his son while she will take a shower. While I was playing with my cousin, than after approx. 10 min cousin went to sleep. Then I thought why shouldn’t I take him to my aunt’s room and put him on the bed. After I put him on the bed, I stayed there and start playing with my iPod. But after a half an hour later, aunt came out from the washroom with a towel around her. Then eventually she asked me ‘What güvenilir bahis the hell I am doing here’. I explained her everything and she said ok and you can stay here. But after a couple of seconds when she stepped towards the makeup table, guess what happened, accidently she just got naked and her towel was on the floor, then she blushed and said you have to leave, then I left. After that moment those sexy curves, big MILF boobs, sexy butt with a hairy line at the front of pussy were keeping flashing in my mind and my dick went hard. Even before that I always had crush on her , but I was an able to ask her for a show time. After a 20 min she came to my bedroom and said that ” I’m really sorry canlı bahis for that incident”, but in my mind I was thinking a make a sex incident. Then told her that don’t worry about it and I won’t tell uncle about this. Then she smiled and said lets go to my room, when I got there she told me to give her a massage at a back. Then she took off her white robe and laid on the bed on her stomach. While I was giving her a massage she was asking me that ”Do I have a girlfriend or not”. Then later on she told me to give her a massage at the front. OH MY GOD, When I saw those 8” boobs , monster went crazy and she said do you like these , then I said HELL YEAH, she asked me to fuck her. Then I asked her bahis siteleri what about uncle, she said fuck uncle and its 10:30am, we have whole day to get laid. Then we had so much sex in so many different positions, I fucked her in the living room. Then around 4:00 pm, we went inside the washroom together and took shower, I fucked her again. I also noticed that her pussy lips were more ripped than last time. Through out the whole day we took photos too and she told me that I should print them and keep them. After that, Uncle came from work, and uncle asked milf aunt that Did I disturb her or not, then she said yes, he disturb me but it wasn’t that much. Then through out 4 months I fucked her more than dozen times with relaxing time. After all, when ever I go there we always talk about that SEX days, and have fun again and again. Every time I FUCKED her, she always talk about my dick 8” and that thicker diameter.

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