Jaclyn – A slave husband story


Jaclyn – A slave husband storyI’ve known Jaclyn since 6th grade. We were in the same lab group for science class. At this point boys and girls had only just started talking to each other. Though I didn’t know it yet, I was a late bloomer and still had about four years until puberty. I wanted to fit in though, so despite the fact that I didn’t feel the hormonal yearning for female contact, I did my best to try to at least make some female friends. We sat next to each other and talked a lot. I was, however, a small prepubescent boy, and so any chance of us being each other’s first kiss was largely out of the question. She’d already started her growth spurt and was definitely one of the taller girls in school. We had a lot of mutual friends too and I did my best to stay close to her.By 8th grade we’d drifted somewhat apart. We still had many friends in common, and we’d say high to each other in the hallway, but we didn’t have any classes and hardly talked. I also hadn’t grown much in two years, while Jaclyn (or Jackie, now) had gotten even taller and developed some early curves. I was pretty sure she had already had her first kiss at this point, though we didn’t talk enough for me to know for sure. At this point most girls were already well on their way to being women, while the boys were slower to catch up.By 10th grade there were plenty of bigger guys around, and Jaclyn attracted the attention of all of them. I was still small. I probably hadn’t talked to Jaclyn in about a year and a half at this point. We barely even waved to each other anymore. I lacked the confidence to say or do anything with most girls anyways, and this would be the year of video games.Luckily, by 11th grade puberty had finally done its job on me. I was about 5’8’’ now, though still skinny. I had my first kiss, which was a great experience and probably has its own story, but that’s for another time. In any case, I had gained some confidence. I was skinny and looked young, but some girls still found me cute. Over the next four years and into college I would get with a lot more girls than my 8th grade self could have imagined.Meanwhile, Jaclyn and become quite the woman. By 12th grade she had the body she still has today. Five foot eight with long dark hair. She even won our senior superlative for best hair (she wore it well). She had an incredible pair of breasts – a C-cup that could be concealed when she wanted them too, but also shown off quite impressively with cleavage that was to die for. Her asset that most of us high school boys noticed, and most men still notice today, was her incredible ass. Her flat stomach complimented the curves of her hips and ass perfectly and she wore those tight black leggings like no other. Though I was finally getting a decent amount of action, I never reconnected with Jaclyn and when everyone went off to college, I assumed I’d never see her again.One important trait of hers is her religion. Unlike most people in our town, she frequented church. Being a very loosely religious Jew, this was always somewhat odd to me because most of her personality did not scream “choir girl.” This trait was most frustrating to the number of boyfriends she had in high school, as she refused to have sex until marriage. There were rumors of her giving handjobs and blowjobs, but everyone knew her as “that hot chick that won’t fuck.”I always assumed that when girls like that go off to college, they’d abandon their previous convictions. I assumed she would have sex in college. I continued to stalk her via FaceBook for most of college and afterwards. She went through a few more boyfriends but it didn’t seem like they were anything serious. Whether she had sex or not was still questionable, but I started to not care much about that.I continued this nasty habit I’d developed in high school of masturbating to FaceBook pictures of some of the hottest girls from school. Jaclyn, naturally, was one of my favorite. I even started saving her photos into a hidden folder on my computer. It was like an emergency masturbation file in case I lost internet (as if I couldn’t use a magazine or my imagination). I lived for those rare photos that captured her ass in all its glory. I figured that would be it, though. I would be jerking off to her photos until I was old, but I’d never see her again. I was quite wrong about all of that.It’s funny the way things work out. You could almost argue the existence of some sort of destiny. I was 28 and had finished college. I got a great job as a banker in New York right out of school. Though I was working long hours, I was living the life. I had plenty of money to spend and certainly partied as essentially my only hobby. I had figured out that I wasn’t very good at relationships and mainly focused on some occasional casual sex.It was a Thursday night and I had just got off from work late – around 10. A few of my colleagues were going out to a club and had bought a bottle and a table. I was going to join them in a few hours, but I first wanted to grab some food and a few beers at a restaurant. I ate slow and drank slow – there was no rush. I finished paying and put my tip down. As I began walking out I saw someone standing at the bar. I did a double take looking at her ass. It was Jaclyn. We hadn’t spoken in maybe ten years, and so I was hesitant to say anything. I had been so busy at work recently that I hadn’t jerked off in a few days. I also had two beers in me and this combination gave me enough incentive to say hello.As I walked up she happened to turn to face me. She stared for a second and then finally realized who I was. We hugged and she asked me to sit down to catch up a bit. She offered to buy me a drink and I said sure, but only if she let me buy her one later. She chuckled at we ordered. We reminisced about middle school and high school. She seemed to have forgotten that we had drifted so far apart towards the end of high school and acted like we were close. We talked about college and what we were doing now. She worked in human resources for a midrange company in Midtown. “Respectable,” I thought.A few more drinks in and I was feeling pretty confident. I told her to join me to go to this club where my friends were. She was enthusiastic and said she’d love to. We got into a cab and headed off. I put my hand on her knee, but she just chuckled and pushed it off. I thought I had fucked up right there. I knew I shouldn’t have tried so early. When we got to the club however, she asked me for that drink I no owed her. We went to the bar and quickly had two drinks. She immediately wanted to dance. Though I certainly looked older, I didn’t think I was that much more attractive than I was in 12th grade, but she seemed very into me. I was ecstatic when we started grinding and I could rub my dick against her perfect ass. I had dreamed of this since high school dances. I wanted to seem like I had most self-control, but I quickly got hard. She didn’t seem to mind, and instead worked her hips masterfully to play with my boner.After a long while of dancing we went to my friends’ table. I introduced her, and when she went to the bathroom my friend told me I better fuck her tonight. We all laughed about it and I told him I’d try my best. At around three in the morning I asked her if she wanted to leave. We got a cab and before I could even invite her over she was telling me to tell the cabby my address. I tried again to put my hand on her leg. She laughed again and rubbed my hand a little before pushing it off. She knew just how to get a guy wanting more.We got to my building and stepped into the elevator. I leaned against the wall and she leaned against me, rubbing her ass on my crotch again. I was hard before we got to my floor. I led her into the apartment and asked if she wanted another drink. She said no, that she just wanted to sit down. She went over to my couch, beckoning me to join her. We started making out almost immediately. Our tongues danced passionately as she mounted me, rubbing her ass on my dick again. I moved my hands down along her body, feeling her curves. I tried to pull the straps on her dress off. I wanted to unhook her bra badly, but she was having none of it. She kept laughing and telling me “no.”After about half and hour of making out and some dry humping, rolled off me and quickly passed out on the couch. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but I decided I might as well go sleep in my own bed.I woke up late the next morning. I had a much-needed Friday off – one of my few vacation days. I was hoping to talk to Jaclyn a bit in the morning, but she was gone. On my table there was a note reading: “I had a lot of fun last night. Here’s my number: 555-4920. Give me a call today. Kisses, Jaclyn.”Last night surely satisfied the 15 year old me, but the 28 year old me had blue balls and was hoping a second date got me closer to sex. I called her in the afternoon and she told me she’d been waiting. We agreed to meet again tonight and go clubbing.The night went very similarly to the previous. We drank a lot, she rubbed her ass on my dick, and I got quite hard. This time we even made out on the dance floor. I thought we had a really good connection, and that tonight I might get lucky. We went back to my apartment again and started making out in my bed. She let me take her dress off and I got to witness her in lingerie. She stood in just her bra, panties, and heels. I took my pants off right away and stood up to go to her. She must have been 5’11’ or 6’ in heels, about 2 to 3 inches taller than me. She wagged her finger at me, telling me to put my pants back on. I looked her up and down. Her stomach was perfectly toned. Her bra fit her breasts incredibly. They were pushed together; evenly tan with the rest of her body. She had to have some of the best legs I’d ever seen. And that ass…I kept insisting that I keep my pants off, and that she undress further. At this point she pushed me back onto the bed, mounted me, and then leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “I’m still a virgin, Nicky. I’m waiting for marriage. I thought you knew that?”I couldn’t believe a girl this hot was still a virgin at 28. It was unheard of. Part of me wanted to give up trying to do anything with this girl, that it was hopeless. The other part of me was willing to put up with this though. I had admired Jaclyn for over 10 years. I jerked off to her pictures often and had fantasized about her forever. I couldn’t turn my back on that, and so I simply laughed and told her I couldn’t believe she was still waiting. She got off of me and lay down beside me, twirling her hair. “I know, I know. It hasn’t been easy. You’re not the first one to try,” she chuckled.I placed my hand on her thigh – perfectly thick, perfectly smooth, perfectly tan. I rubbed her a bit. “Does this mean you don’t want to see me again?” she asked.“Of course not! Are you k**ding me? A girl like you doesn’t walk into a guy’s life everyday. I don’t need sex that bad that I’d let you get away,” I laughed, suppressing the fact that I did kind of need sex that bad. She put her head on my chest, purring softly as she fell asleep.After she left in the morning, I quickly found some pictures of her and jerked off to them. If I was going to keep going out with her, this was probably going to become a frequent occurrence. My blue balls were so bad that I jerked off twice in an hour before getting dressed to go get a late breakfast. I called her that afternoon and asked if she was down for round three. She said of course. I had a great night yet again, but the next morning I was left to jerk off alone.This routine continued for about three months. I also took her out to some nice dinners though and we saw a concert. We had started what seemed like a very real relationship. She let me finger her a few times and when we were really drunk she even let me eat her out. In return I’d gotten a blowjob and, increasingly, a lot of handjobs. I wasn’t always jerking off the morning after she’d been over, but that still happened a lot. I was dying to have sex with her. It even got me thinking about marriage.I asked her to move in with me after these three months and she happily agreed. Living with her was amazing. She was Italian and her mom had certainly taught her to cook. I also got to watch her prance around in her lingerie quite often. Naturally, I couldn’t jerk off as much with her around, but I was also getting more handjobs. I had tried many times, usually when really drunk, to try and fuck her, but she always just laughed and reminded me not until marriage. I never thought I’d want to get married before I was thirty, but a man can only take so much teasing like this.About four months later I finally decided I had to marry this girl. It wasn’t just because I wanted to fuck her (though that played a huge part), but it was also because she was perfect in every way. She was the hottest girl I’d ever been with, so I didn’t think I’d be able to find a better looking wife. She was also smart and kind and, so far, great to live with. I was getting it more and more in my head that I’d do anything for this girl. She was just perfect.I picked out a ring and decided I’d ask her after making her a romantic dinner. Since she usually cooked, I thought she’d love the gesture. I told her to go out for a few hours while I prepared everything. When she came in I had a pathway of roses leading to the table. I had lit candles and poured wine. She was smiling so wide, and it made me feel so good that I could make her feel that happy. Lord knows she deserved it all. She told me I my cooking was actually really good, which made me even happier. At the end of the meal I cleared the table and told her to sit tight. I went over to her and got down on one knee, presenting her the ring and asking if she would marry me. She gasped, smiling and nodding with tears of joy welling up in her eyes. She stood up and we hugged and kissed and went straight to the bedroom where we very romantically embraced each other all night, talking about our future.The next morning she made me breakfast. When we were eating she said she wanted to ask me something, and hoped it wasn’t a big deal. I suddenly felt a huge pit in my stomach. I was worried she may have reconsidered the wedding. “Nick, you know I’m pretty religious. Now, I don’t care really that you’re not Catholic, but if we’re going to get married,” she grabbed my hand tight, “it would really make me happy if you would consider converting. You don’t have to be very observant, and you can do the same thing you do now, it’s just really important to me and my family that I marry a Catholic man.”This was always the one part of her I found it hard to put up with. “I don’t know baby. I know I’m not religious, but converting just doesn’t feel right.” She stood up and walked over to me, kissing me on the head and rubbing her hands on my chest.“Please Nicky, just think about it. I would be so so happy.” She kissed me, and after another day of this persuading I finally caved and told her that if it made her happy, I’d convert.The next few weeks she was extremely generous with handjobs and even gave me a few blowjobs, which were rare. I could tell I’d made her very happy and she was showing it. I’d also never been happier. I’d almost forgotten that I hadn’t had sex in about 8 months.It wasn’t until Jaclyn got busy at work and didn’t have as much time to be with me that I started remembering that after our wedding, I would finally be able to fuck her. She was working late all week and I had a lot of time home alone. I went back to my habit of jerking off a lot. I was so enthralled by Jaclyn that I jerked off to pictures of her more than actual porn. I kept fantasizing about how finally having sex with her would be.We hit a bit of a rough patch for the few weeks she was so busy. She came home tired usually. I had also been jerking off so much that I’d become a little less attentive and caring towards her. She had definitely noticed and was giving me a little bit of attitude. It was easily the roughest two weeks of our relationship.One Tuesday night I was busy browsing some porn, eager to jerk off. Jaclyn wasn’t supposed to be home for a few hours, so I thought I’d get naked, use some lube, and not use headphones. Close to cumming, in the middle of a fairly intense scene, I heard the door unlock. I quickly tried to hide what I was doing, but it was too late. She walked in and saw me and just sighed. “I know all guys jerk off, but how often do you do it?” she said very Nicker-of-factly. I was taken a little bit off guard.“Maybe… once a week?” I nervously replied.“I’m not stupid Nick. I know I’ve been busy recently, and I can tell you haven’t been quite as aggressive,” she chuckled. “More like once a day?” she smiled. “Or twice?”I chuckled as well. “Yeah maybe that… It has been difficult. You’ve been working so late and… well… I haven’t had sex in 8 month.”“Aww poor baby. I haven’t had sex in 28 years, I’m sure you can wait a little longer. We’ll be married soon,” she smiled sweetly.“Mmm trust me that’s all I’ve been thinking about,” I eagerly told her. She sat on my lap, her big ass pressing on my naked dick.“We’re getting married in two months, do you think you can wait that long?” she asked me.“I mean, I’ve already waited eight, so I’m sure I can.”“No, no, no Nicky. I meant do you think you can go without jerking off for the next two months? Imagine how incredible it’d make our first time.”I gulped. “I’m not sure, that might be tough. Would you give me more blowjobs then?” I asked quite seriously.She shook her head. “No baby, I think it would be amazing if you didn’t even cum until our wedding night. I always had this image of marrying a man who was a virgin, and that our wedding night would be the most incredible experience. If you can keep from cumming for two months, it would be more like that. I promise it will be pure ecstasy for both of us.”“I’m not sure about this honey. You really think it would be worth it?”“I’m positive baby. Just think about it. Do it for me. Just imagine how good it would feel.” She smiled sweetly at me. She kissed me and stood up, giving my dick a squeeze before she walked away. After a few more days of persuading, I told her that if it made her happy I’d try my best. We had another passionate night and I woke up with blue balls. Jaclyn said she was going to the gym, and my mind immediately though about jerking off. I knew it would be bad of me to break my promise just a day after making it, but she didn’t understand blue balls. Hopefully she’d just remain ignorant of the whole situation and she’d be happy thinking I wasn’t hiltonbet giriş cumming for two months.It wasn’t my lucky day, however. About five minutes after I started she walked in. She was furious. She stormed over to the computer and saw that I had her pictures up. “Do you really have that little self control? You really can’t keep from touching your dick for even a day?” I just looked back at her silently, ashamed. “And you’re jerking off to pictures of me?” I stared silently. “Say something,” she demanded.“I’m sorry… it’s just… last night… and I had blue balls.” I stammered.“And to my pictures? What am I to you? A pornstar?” she said sternly.“No, no, no baby. I just think you’re sexier than any pornstar. Nothing turns me on like you do, so when you’re not here I like to…. You know…”“I can’t believe I’m going to marry a man that has this little self-control and treats me like pornography. I’m going to go out for the rest of the day. I’ll be back at night and I’d appreciate if you slept on the couch.” She turned around and left. I just say there naked, still hard, unsure what to do and extremely ashamed of myself. I was literally so close to marrying the girl of my dreams, to finally fucking the girl of my dreams, and I’d almost ruined it. I spent all day thinking uncomfortably. I lay down on the couch, trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t. Jaclyn didn’t come in until late, but she told me to just sleep at that we’d talk in the morning. After an hour I finally passed out.I woke up pretty late and went to check on Jaclyn, but she was still sleeping. I decided breakfast in bed might help me apologize for the day before. I whipped up some pancakes and orange juice and brought it into her. She started eating, but didn’t thank me. We sat in silence and when she was done I took the plates to the kitchen. She got into the shower and I just sat in the kitchen, unsure what to do. When she was done she came out in just a towel. She apologized for not thanking me for breakfast, and said it was very nice. “It was the least I could do baby, I feel so bad about yesterday,” I told her.She caressed my face. “Aww, baby. Look I know it’s hard, and even though you don’t have a lot of self-control, I still love you. I want to help you, if you’re still willing to try.” I nodded back to her. I could tell it would make her happy, and I had some ground to make up. She continued, “and at first I was grossed out that you were using my pictures, but I realized that maybe I’m lucky I have a guy so obsessed with me that he’ll do that,” she laughed.I chuckled. “What can I say? You’ve got the body of a goddess,” I smiled. She kissed me on the forehead and went back to get dressed. I was curious what she had in mind when she said she would help me…We didn’t talk about it much all day and everything seemed to return to normal. After dinne she said she wanted to show me something. I went into our bedroom where she told me to sit down. She pulled out a box and asked if I was ready. “Yeah, sure.” She opened it up. Inside was what seemed like a plastic cage in the shape of a penis. I looked at it for a second, then up at her. She just smiled back at me. “Uhh what is it?” I asked curiously.“Well, baby, seeing as how you broke your promise to control yourself in just one day, I thought I’d help you. I did some research and apparently this kind of stuff exists. It’s a male chastity belt.”“Male chastity belt?” I chuckled. “You’re not serious, right? You want me to put that on my dick, and walk around like that?”“Look baby, if you want our wedding night to be as amazing as possible, you know you need to restrain yourself from cumming until then, right?”“I mean, I guess so. If that’s what you want I can try,” I answered.“I do want this. It’s as close as we can get to having us both lose our virginity that night. But, clearly you can’t control yourself, so that’s where this comes in,” she pointed to the cage. She kissed me long and deep. “I know its weird. Trust me, I would have never thought this existed, but I really think it might help us until the wedding.” I looked into her beautiful eyes, then back at the cage. I thought it couldn’t be that bad. Plus, I believed that it actually would make our first time that much better.“Okay. Alright, why not?”“Baby!” she looked at me excitedly and started taking my pants off. “You seriously have no idea what this means to me. Most guys probably couldn’t commit to a woman like this, but it looks like I’ve found my Prince Charming.” She kissed me on the lips, “I can’t wait for our wedding night now.” I kissed her back, caressing her hair. She moved her head down, pulling my underwear down. She gave my cock a little kiss before taking out the chastity device and seeing how it worked.“Hmm so we put your balls through this, and then your dick goes in here,” she said as I watched her playing around with it. “You ready baby?” she asked me. I nodded. She carefully slipped on the chastity belt, took out the key, and locked it.“I’ll hold onto the key until our wedding night,” she smiled. “Does it hurt?”“I mean it feels a little tight, but I guess I could get used to it.”She laughed. “Aw baby. I better not excite you too much. It’ll probably hurt if you start to get hard.” Seeing my beautiful fiancée so close to my dick was enough to get it hard, and I could feel it pushing against the cage a bit.“Yeah, that’s for sure.” I laughed a little nervously. We cuddled for about half an hour before she fell asleep in my arms.I was hoping this chastity device thing wouldn’t be a big deal, and Jaclyn seemed very casual about it. The next few days went by and I found I was more and more enjoying her company. Anything I could do to be around her. I had always secretly worshipped her via her photos and fantasies, but the closer we got to our wedding day, the more and more I felt I loved her.She was doing her best not to tease me for the first month. I could tell she went out of her way to change in the bathroom, in private. She knew that when I saw her and got hard, it only hurt, and, at least for now, she didn’t want to hurt me. We didn’t have our long make out sessions as much for that reason as well, though I desperately wanted them. I hadn’t gone a month without cumming since I first figured out how to jack off, and I was horny as hell. All the time.The second month was a little different. Not only was I getting hornier, but so was Jaclyn. With only a month until the wedding, and thus a month until she was to finally lose her virginity, she was constantly in the mood. I told her it was okay for her to be sexy around me and that we could kiss more and touch each other. She was worried it would hurt me, but I told her I had gotten used to it and that I was so horny that I could kiss her and rub her body for hours.We would be hanging around the apartment and I would just come up to her, grab that beautiful ass, and we’d begin making out for half an hour, completely forgetting what we were doing before. We’d never been this passionate, and even though I couldn’t cum, I was enjoying every second with her.With about three weeks to the wedding we went out clubbing for the first time since I had the chastity device on. She asked me if I thought I could dance with it on and I said I’d try. I have to admit, it did hurt when she rubbed her big ass against my crotch and the chastity belt, but she told me it really turned her on to feel something hard back there that was the cage, and not my boner, and that represented my commitment to her.That night when we got back we must have immediately stripped naked and got into bed. We made out for an hour as a caressed her body up and down. Finally a tried going down on her, something that she was rarely into. I licked her for half and hour. She was moaning the whole time, grabbing her tit and pulling my hair. When it was done my mouth was covered in her juices. She told me it was literally the most incredible thing she’d ever felt and that it made her even more excited for our wedding night. I was ecstatic to hear this and I was thinking that this whole chastity device thing might actually have been a good idea after all.The last two weeks were intense. We were both horny 24/7 and we constantly talked. Jaclyn thought it was beautiful the way my chastity represented a commitment to her, and her virginity was a commitment to me. I have to say, at this point I agreed. I had never been more in love with her. I was constantly thinking about her. Sometimes I’d even use my lunch break to go to her office and bring her food. I just wanted to see her. She said her coworkers kept asking her how she landed such caring guy, and she would just smile and shower me with compliments.Jaclyn still cooked dinner mostly, but I started cooking more, usually when I got home from work first. She said I had become quite the chef. I also found that when I had free time, instead of jacking off or doing something unproductive, I’d begun to clean up around the apartment or think up something nice to do for Jaclyn. Not cumming for two months definitely had a profound affect on my personality and my mind. I wasn’t as lazy, and I was always thinking about my beautiful fiancée. It was hard for me not to text her all day while we were both at work.I had begun to eat her out more often in the final week after she realized how much she liked it. On one Saturday night I ate her to orgasm three times. She was becoming a much more intense sexual being – and she still had even had sex.Finally, it was the day of the wedding. Everything was organized perfectly. I remember standing at the altar, looking straight and deep into Jaclyn’s eyes and saying “I do.” I committed to her forever, and she to me. It was beautiful. The ceremony and after party ran smoothly, and we went quickly on our way to our honeymoon in Italy. The flight over was terribly awkward. There are metal pieces in the chastity belt, and so I had to quietly explain to security my situation. Jaclyn was embarrassed for me, clearly, and felt bad. But she also giggled a little bit. I was glad that on the way back I wouldn’t have to deal with that.When we finally arrived at our hotel, I turned to her and asked if she was ready. We both looked at each other and could tell unpacking was not going to happen just yet. I got naked and lay down on the bed. She was just in lingerie. She teased me for about a minute before pulling out the key to my cage. After two months, it was finally over. She took it off and put it on the nightstand. My cock instantly sprang to life. “Oh wow,” she said as she grabbed it. “I don’t know if it’s ever been this hard.” She laughed.“That’s because I’ve literally never been this horny,” I said as ai began to unhook her bra. I kissed her perfect breasts for about a minute before pulling down her pants to reveal her pussy. I kissed her just above, slowly teasing her. She mounted me, her pussy rubbing against my hard cock. She bit my ear a bit and then whispered: “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me.”I reached down and guided my cock into her soft pussy. Not only was this the first time I was taking a girl’s virginity, but Jaclyn was also the hottest girl I had ever, or ever would, sleep with.She let out a sharp moan as I penetrated her. I could tell she was in a little bit of pain and so we went slow, but it seemed like she loved it. As for me, I’d never felt a better pussy. It was so tight and soft, so wet. I pumped my hips from below into her as she rocked on me. She was moaning louder and louder, her breasts bouncing perfectly in front of me. I bent up to stick my face in her chest and kiss them.Unfortunately, having not cum for two months, it was hard to hold back and have endurance. I was pushing into her faster and harder, and within a minute I could feel that I was going to cum. I wanted it so bad, too. When I finally did it was the closest thing to pure ecstasy I’d ever experienced. I stared in her eyes, at her beautiful face, as a pumped into her. My toes curled and I shook as it happened.She was tired and just lay on top of me for about 5 minutes afterwards. I was still inside her, not wanting to leave the warm and wet confines of her perfect pussy. When she finally dismounted me, my cum was dripping out of her. She looked down and laughed, falling back onto me. “That was amazing baby,” she said as she kissed my chest. “Aren’t you glad you held back for two months?” I had to admit, at the time I actually was glad. Sure, it was tough at time, but that was also the best sex I’d ever had.“Are you glad you’re no longer a virgin, baby?” I asked her. She nodded.“I’m glad I waited though. There’s no one I’d rather lose my virginity to.” She kissed me and reached her hand down to grab my dick. “Again, baby?” Being married to this girl was going to be awesome.We probably fucked five times that night, and the next day we didn’t leave the hotel room until 3. After a romantic Italian dinner, we fucked a few more times. This routine continued for the rest of the trip. It seemed that she was trying to make up for all the lost time she could have been having sex. I thought I had a voracious sexual appetite, but hers was crazy. I almost couldn’t keep up. There were a few times towards the end of the trip where my dick would just be too tired. After cumming 5 times a day for 7 days, it wouldn’t get hard enough. She tried to change that, but at some point a guy is just worn out. I loved seeing her this horny though and so I offered to eat her out. I must have given her as many orgasms that way as I did while we had sex.She kept telling me how she was so happy to finally be able to embrace her sexuality and that I made her feel so good. I was easily the luckiest guy in the world. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a happy ending just yet.When we got back home we couldn’t keep up the routine of fucking five times a day. We were both busy, and it was draining, literally. I was barely jerking off anymore because I needed to save myself to satisfy Jaclyn. Sometimes if I came home from work too tired she would finger herself to orgasm without me. She was practically addicted. I tried my best to keep up, but sometimes I just couldn’t. I’d try eating her out, but I think she could tell I was a little lazy about it and sometimes she’d just move my head to the side and laugh, telling me to get some sleep.It was still great though. We were having sex almost ever day. It was really a dream come true. For the most part I stopped cooking and cleaning, but Jaclyn didn’t seem to mind – or so I thought.About 6 months after our wedding we had just finished having sex. She had started asking me to use a condom simply because I would last a little bit longer. I guess I didn’t mind too much. I still got to go without a condom sometimes, too, and that was good enough for me. I had cum, though I could tell she hadn’t. I pulled off the condom, threw it away, and came back into bed. She was playing with my hair. “Baby, I’ve been thinking about something and I really want to ask you.” I said sure, what is it?“Well, do you remember what it was like the two months before our wedding, when you wore the chastity device?”I laughed. “Sure. I wasn’t cumming at all.”She didn’t seem very amused. “No baby. I mean, do you remember how passionate we were. You were so attentive to my needs. You’ve never eaten me out as well as you did then. That was still probably one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Not to mention you were cooking and cleaning more, too.”“So, what? Are you saying you liked me better than?”“Well, I like fucking every day, don’t get me wrong. But, the man you were then was… amazing. You were so caring and attentive and passionate. That’s what proved to me that I wanted to marry you – because I knew you could make me happy.”“So, are you saying you want me to put that cock cage back on then?”“Yes. Not for two months at a time. But, I want to try it out again. And look, it’s not just you sacrificing this time; I won’t be able to have sex everyday either. Though I’d hope your tongue could help with that,” she smiled. Naturally I didn’t love this, but she was promising it would only be for a week, just to see how it went. Anytime she asked me anything while wearing just lingerie or nothing, it was hard to say no – so I agreed.The week went by slowly at first. The first three days were fairly uneventful. She still had the same high sex drive and fingered herself to orgasm twice a day and asked me to go down on her another time. Of course I enjoy eating out my wife’s beautiful pussy, but I was still a little frustrated that while she was cumming daily, my cock was pressing against a cage in pain. By day 5 however, I was again constantly thinking about Jaclyn. I very much looked forward to eating her out that night and I even cooked her dinner. Afterwards, before we fell asleep, she said that this was exactly what she was expecting and that I was an amazing husband. Though my dick strained against its cage, I fell asleep relatively happy. The same process repeated the next day, and on the seventh day she promised she’d let me out.After cooking her another dinner we quickly went to the bedroom where she unlocked me and eagerly pushed my cock into her. She moaned, crying that she missed a cock inside her and that it felt great. I was just happy to be out of the cage, let alone inside such an amazing pussy. Having not cum in a week, I wasn’t anticipating lasting very long. I came and then collapsed on top of her. She rubbed my back and told me she wanted to talk about the past week. I told her that I could feel myself being different the last few days, after I hadn’t cum for a while. She said that’s when she was the happiest and whether we could do it again this week. The sex was so good that it was hard to say no. We fucked one more time before she put the cage back on.Again, the first few days were slow, only she gave me a little more attitude about it this time. By day four I was again looking forward to the little things like cooking and cleaning, and the bigger things like eating her out. On days six and seven she kept complimenting me on how great I was and that I was the perfect husband. This only encouraged me to keep up what I was doing. On Sunday night, the seventh night, I was looking forward to getting my weekly dose of sex. I was naked and lying on the bed, waiting for her to unlock me. She undressed too and lay next to me.She ran a finger down my body and tapped the chastity device. “Are you sure you want to come out, baby?”I almost laughed. “Of course, why wouldn’t I? I’m so horny.”She kissed my chest. “But I like the way you are at the hiltonbet yeni giriş end of the week. I want more of that.”“But then we can’t have sex… don’t you want to fuck?” I asked her somewhat nervously.“Baby, you can just eat me out. You’re quite good at that. Probably as good at making me cum that way as you are fucking me,” she smiled sweetly.I chuckled hesitantly. “Well I understand. But I’d still rather come out.”She moved down to my dick and kissed the cage. “I don’t think I want to let you out yet. I like the way you are when you haven’t cum in a while. That’s the man I want to be married to.” Jaclyn had always worn the pants in our relationship. That much was obvious. We usually went out to dinner where she wanted to go, we saw movies she wanted to see, and our honeymoon in Italy was also her choice. But, this was unprecedented. Until now this chastity situation had been largely mutual.“You know I love you, baby,” she purred. “And I’ve figured out that I really like having you wait. Not only do you become the perfect husband, but it turns me on.”I stared at her. I didn’t know what to say. She had the key, so I needed her if I wanted to get out. At the same time, she seemed set on not letting me out, at least today.“Plus, this will make you appreciate me more, baby. Sometimes when you’re coming to often, I think you forget how hot your wife is,” she smiled and kissed me.“So, another week then?” I asked.“Hmm, I’m not sure. I guess whenever I’m in the mood,” she said. She was starting to have fun with this. I didn’t really have much of a choice at this point. “Now, since I wont be having sex tonight, I’d love if you at me out for a long time baby.” She opened her legs and motioned for me to stick me head between them. I ate her out for half an hour as she moaned and came. We fell asleep naked, her hand on my cock cage.A week later I asked her if I could be let out to fuck her. She said she’d rather I just ate her out, and that she was enjoying me bringing her lunch everyday during the week. I argued briefly but she told me that arguing with her wouldn’t get her any more in the mood for my dick.Six days later and it had almost been 3 weeks. Luckily for me, she had been telling me all day that she was missing a cock inside her. I had a good feeling that I would get out that night. When the time came she told me to get naked and wait for her in our room. She had started to realize that she could get away with giving all sorts of orders like that and they had become frequent. She walked in wearing nothing but a necklace with the chastity device key around neck. She climbed on top of me.“Now baby, I really want to have some sex tonight. I miss the feeling of a dick inside me. But, you can’t cum really quickly okay? I want this to last a while.”I nodded eagerly and she unlocked the cage. I instantly got hard. “That was quick,” she laughed. Knowing exactly what she wanted, she quickly lowered herself onto my shaft. She moved up and down faster and faster. I was pushing with my hips as well. This all reminded me of that first time I ever fucked her – still the best. I was trying to last a long time, but three weeks of blue balls were taking their toll and I could feel the cum rushing out of my balls and through my penis. I came after just a few minutes. Jaclyn looked disappointed. She certainly hadn’t cum, but she now had a pussy full of mine. She got off me quickly and went and washed up.Cumming was a relief but I also felt like I disappointed her. When she finally came back into the room I offered to eat her out, if she had thoroughly cleaned her pussy. She told me she just wanted to put the cock cage back on. I didn’t want to upset her anymore so I agreed. She turn the key and locked it and then rolled over facing away from me to sleep. I tried to spoon her but she just pushed me off.The next three days were very hard on me. Jaclyn was barely home, and when she was she mostly ignored me. By the fourth day I was begging her to tell me what was wrong. She said she’d been thinking about a lot and told me to sit down. “I have a problem, baby.”“What is it honey? Anything, I want to help.” I told her.“Well, I love you when you haven’t cum in a while. You’re the perfect husband and you eat me out like no other. But, I also love sex. And if you’re locked up you cant give that to me. And then even when I let you fuck me, you cum too quickly for it to be worth it for me.”“Well, we could have sex more often. I would be able to last longer.”“But then you wouldn’t be the man I want you to be. Plus, we both know our marriage is much better when you’re locked up,” she said sternly. She had begun to wear the key around her neck all the time.“Okay, so what then?”“Well, for now I went out and bought a dildo and some other interesting toys. At this point I just don’t see the need to have sex with you if it’s not going to please me.”I gulped. “Wh-what?”“Don’t worry, I’ll still let you cum, sometimes. And you can have sex with me occasionally. I’m not that mean.” She smiled sweetly.“Where is all this coming from?” I asked her.She said she’d been doing a lot of soul-searching and some research on the internet. She’d figured out that this is what she really wanted – that her whole life she’s been picky, never letting any of the hundreds of guys that tried, fuck her. She liked having the upper hand, and she’d finally discovered a way to do it so that it turned her on. She’d been so quiet the past few days because she was deciding whether to pursue these interests or ignore them and continue in normalcy. She said that she found tons of information and different “activities”, and that she wanted to introduce me to everything slowly, so I got used to it.“That’s it she said. I know what I want. I love you Nick, and I want you to do this with me, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine. Just know that if you choose that you don’t want any part of this, I’m not sure we can be together. I’m not looking for normal anymore.” She had given me an ultimatum. Before I could answer she continued to explain. While saving herself until marriage started as a religious thing, it had eventually become a power trip for her. She loved denying her beautiful body to all the men in her life. Now that she experienced sex – and a lot of it – she was yearning for that feeling of denial again. I happened to be the only one that could give it to her.“Jaclyn, I love you. You know I do. I always have.” My cock pressed against the cage as I said this. “I don’t want to lose you.”“Well, baby, you either lose me, or you lose your orgasms.” She said confidently. I asked her for some time to think. She gave me an hour. I paced around the apartment. I loved sex. I loved jerking off. But, I also loved Jaclyn. I would do anything for her. Since 6th grade when she towered over me, until now, when though we were the same height, her personality was dominant, and towered over mine. Part of me enjoyed being horny and thinking about her 24/7, but part of me was also scared, not knowing the extent of where she wanted to take this. Finally I went into our bedroom to tell her my answer.“I… I think I want to stay with you baby.” I told her.She smiled. “And you know the implications of the, correct?” I nodded. “You understand that if you want, I’ll unlock you right now and you can go on with your life. Or you can forever surrender control of your cock to me?”I stared back into her eyes. “I understand. I want you.”“Good,” she said. “Life really is easier for beautiful people,” she laughed. “We’re going to have a lot of fun Nicky… or at least I am.”The next two weeks progressed similarly to the ones past. I had become busier around the apartment, cleaning more and cooking more. I continued to bring Jaclyn lunch at work when I had time too. I was also giving her oral nearly every day, and usually multiple times a day.A week later I was approaching a full month since last cumming. I was really hoping I’d get to cum this week, though I was still unsure about Jaclyn’s full intentions. When I got home from work one day she sat me down to explain a few things.“First of all, baby, the last few weeks have been incredible. I’ve never been happier, and I want to think you.” She kissed me on the cheek. “We need to talk about some things. Or rather, you need to just listen,” she continued, “Do you know why you’ve been so good?” I shrugged. “It’s because we’ve taken your pleasure out of the equation. Men seem to be inherently selfish, and I don’t like that. With your cock locked up, unable to get any pleasure, you can be completely focused on mine, understand?” I nodded. “Now, I was thinking about letting you cum today, baby.” My eyes lit up. “But, I realized that if I do that, I’m giving you pure pleasure, and that’s no good. Any ideas how to fix that?” I shook my head. She smiled. “Well, I have one. And ultimately the choice is yours.” She reached down and grabbed my locked up cock and balls. “You can drain these sore balls today, but you’ll have to clean up your mess.” She grinned devilishly. “And I don’t mean with a towel. You have to eat it. I’ve decided that in order to balance out the pleasure of giving you release, you’ll do this to reinforce the fact that ultimately, this is about me. And you shouldn’t be enjoying that much.”“I have to eat my cum?” I asked, somewhat shocked.“Mmhmm. It would be so hot, baby. It’s just another symbol of your complete devotion to me.”“And if I don’t want to?” I asked.She blinked at me. “Then you don’t get to cum… and worse than that, I wont be very attentive to you if you don’t do as I ask.”“Okay,” I said reluctantly. It’d be so long since I cum that I figured anything was worth it. My balls ached so badly. Jaclyn told me to lie down on my back with all my clothes off. I did so. She said she didn’t want to have to tie me up, but that I would have to hold my hands behind my head, and that I couldn’t move. She slowly unlocked my cock cage and I got hard instantly.“Ooh looks like Nicky is horny,” she giggled. “Do you remember when I used to ride you like this? It was only a few months ago.” She kissed the tip of my penis. “But I’m not sure Nicky deserves to fuck such a perfect pussy.”At this point I begged her to let me fuck her but she just ignored me. She began stroking my penis. Within thirty seconds, precum was already oozing out.“My, my. Look at that. This won’t take long at all.” She kept stroking up and down. After another minute she could feel me getting tense. She knew I would cum soon. She faced my dick towards my stomach and kept stroking. Soon, I shot a huge load of cum all over my stomach and chest. She giggled as this happened. I had shook violently while cumming, almost losing consciousness for a second. I was tired after the ordeal, and laid my head back in ecstasy.“Remember what I said Nicky. You have to clean up.” At this point, I was less horny having just cum, and I told her I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to. This made her furious. She climbed on top of me and held my hands down. We had never mentioned it, but it was sort of an unspoken fact that she was quite strong, and especially in my tired state she could hold me down. She scooped some cum off my chest with her finger and moved it towards my mouth. “The chastity belt is going back on. Whether you want it to stay on for 1 month or 1 year is your call. But, let me just tell you: it would be in your best interest to eat your fucking cum, or you may never be cumming again.”I slowly opened my mouth as she pushed her cum covered finger in. I gagged a bit but she held my mouth closed, forcing me to swallow. “There’s a good boy,” she smiled. “Does that taste good?” I shook my head. “I’m sure you’ll come to enjoy it Nicky,” she said as she scooped more cum into my mouth.I’d never felt such a sense of shame and embarrassment. I’d never felt so pathetic. My wife was feeding me my own cum and I was hardly resisting. After eating all of it she put back on the chastity device. She caressed my face for a second before telling me that, unfortunately, there would be a small punishment for my initial resistance. “I don’t like when you don’t listen to me Nicky,” she told me. “I like being the boss.” As she said this she turned around and sat her big ass down on my now caged penis, leaning back against me. “When you saw me in that bar, did you ever think this is where you would end up?” she chuckled as she teased me. “I’ll admit, I never did. I knew I was a little controlling, but I never thought it could be this fun. I’ve never been happier.” She grinned wide. “Aren’t you glad I’m happy?” I nodded. “Would you do anything to make me happy?” I nodded again. “Good boy, now try to get some rest.”The day after I came was always the most contentious with Jaclyn and me. I wasn’t quite as attentive as usual and she could tell. That’s why she was increasing the time between each release for me. She wanted to limit the amount of time I wasn’t her perfect husband. She slowly pushed the envelope more and more with me. Two weeks after I had first eaten my cum, she surprised me by taking me out of chastity. I was ecstatic that I would get to cum so soon. She began softly stroking my dick. “I’ve been thinking Nicky, I like the direction our relationship has gone.” She kissed me. “I like keeping you denied all the time while you eat me out to orgasm everyday. Don’t you like that I’ve taken such a strong lead in this relationship baby?” I nodded, just hoping she’d continue stroking. “I want to more officially have control of you though. It would make me very happy if we transferred the apartment and your bank account into my name.” She kept stroking my dick slowly, I didn’t say anything. “I already had the papers drawn up because I knew you’d agree, and you can sign everything over. Your paychecks will get directly deposited in my account then. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a small allowance. I’m not that mean, I still love you.” She smiled sweetly. She brought over the papers and gave me a pen. I quickly signed everything. She gave me a long kiss and then stroked my dick one more time before taking the papers back into the kitchen.I hadn’t thought too much about what I’d just done. Instead I was focused on the possibility of cumming. She returned from the kitchen with some ice cubes, however, and put them on my dick until I became flaccid and she could put the chastity device back on. “Sorry baby, but you still deserve punishment from resisting my commands when you didn’t eat your cum. Also I have a busy week and I want you extra attentive. You can kiss my body up and down if you want, but do it quickly. I’ll be sleeping soon.”I eagerly did just that. Even though I had fucked her many times, it had now been a while and I was reinvigorated with how amazing her body was. I felt like ever since she discovered me masturbating to her photos so long ago, she knew I would worship her. At this point, I simply reveled in the chance to do so.The next few weeks continued in a similar manner. She had begun to ask me to greet her on my knees in the apartment. She said she liked the way it emphasized her superiority. She told me this was another thing she had always enjoyed, but only recently figured out why. Looking back, it made sense. We were about the same height, but she had always taken the chance to wear heels. I was usually proud to have her by my side, looking like a tall model, but recently when we went out she looked like a sexy towering woman with me getting dragged behind holding her bags.I had objected to the display of our new relationship in public at first. After about a month since cumming, however, I naturally warmed up to the idea. She said it would make her happy – that she enjoyed strutting around giving everyone an idea of what she was capable of. The first time she asked me to carry her bag I said no, I didn’t want to carry a purse around. She was wearing 4 inch heels that day. She pushed me over to the side of the store we were in and grabbed my balls through my pants. “Do I need to remind you, Nicky, that you haven’t cum in a month?”“No,” I replied and bowed my head. She gave me her purse and shopping bags as I followed her around the mall. Ever since we had moved all our assets into her name, she had been spending more money. She said that I worked so that she could support the lifestyle she wanted – and that included a lot of clothes. I couldn’t complain too much, because she had been looking sexier and sexier (I didn’t think that was even possible. She had told me I’d get an allowance, but so far I’d only been given a few dollars to run to the grocery store to buy her things. I suppose I’d come to not mind doing errands for her. She didn’t really let me out of the apartment besides for work, so it was nice to get out.One night I had come home from the grocery store and began to make our meal. She told me to only make enough for her. I didn’t bother asking why. I knew she had her reasons, and I doubted she would tell me anyways. I finished the meal and served her. She told me to sit down across from her.“I want you to lose some weight honey. Since we’re not fucking anymore, I don’t really need you to be so much of a…man.” She explained further: “I’ll be cutting down on the amount of meals you have per day. Don’t worry; it’ll only be temporary. I want to make sure you’re at the point where I’m definitely stronger than you, and I don’t want to go work out and ruin my perfect figure with some unseemly muscles.” I just nodded. I had given up so much in the past few months that this wasn’t worth even protesting. I had still yet to receive my punishment for complaining about eating my cum and for resisting carrying Jaclyn’s bag. Coincidentally, that would be addressed shortly. I asked her if I could eat a little something because my stomach was rumbling. She smiled devilishly and told me yes, but that she had a surprise as to what it was. My mind immediately thought cum, which was a bad thought, but at the same time at least it meant I’d be able to release.After dinner she had me clean up and told me to meet me in our room… or rather her room. I walked in to see her rummaging in a drawer. “Remember when you took my virginity baby?” she asked.“Yes, that was amazing. You have the best pussy.” I told her. She just chuckled.“Well tonight, I’m going to take yours.”My mind raced as to what that meant. I wasn’t a virgin. How did that make any sense? I kept silent.“Still haven’t figured it out baby?” she asked with a smile as she pulled a strap-on out of the drawer. “Your virgin ass of course.”“Baby…” I muttered.“Shh don’t complain. You know it doesn’t get you hiltonbet güvenilirmi anywhere.” I nodded. “Do you know why this is so convenient?” I shook my head. “Well, first of all, it reminds you who runs this relationship. That I’m the only one that does any fucking around here. Two, it’ll feel really good on my pussy. Three, it will massage your prostate until cum leaks out of your flaccid, locked up cock. And four, you can lap up that cum for your dinner!”My heart dropped. She was becoming more and more into this lifestyle, but this was definitely pushing the envelope. “I was originally going to do this as your punishment, but now I’m thinking that if I really like it I’ll make it a regular thing,” she giggled. She told me to quickly get naked and I did. I bent over on the floor for her. She put gobs of lube on the strap-on and positioned herself behind me. “Ooh before I forget, let me put this bowl on the floor under your cock. I want to make sure you have your meal all in one place.”She then put the bowl under me, told me to remain still, and slowly pushed the stap-on into my ass. It hurt a lot at first. I almost flinched in pain. I could feel it stretching my asshole. After about five minutes I had gotten used to it and I could feel my cock straining against its cage. She began to rub her tits, getting more into it. This kept up for about 10 more minutes. I was begging her to stop as the sensation on my prostate was too much. She simply moaned more and kept pushing. A minute later and I was spewing cum out of my flaccid locked up penis. It didn’t feel anything like ejaculating, but cum came out nonetheless. It flowed out for a whole 2 minutes until she finally decided to stop.She told me to get up on my knees, which I promptly did. “Now bend over again like a dog and lap up that cum, baby,” she ordered. I didn’t even try to resist this time; thinking if I behaved this would become a rarity. I bent over and licked up and ate all of my cum. This was to be my first milking session. Unfortunately, Jaclyn liked them a lot. She told me that it was a good way to get me to cum and keep me hygienic without losing my obedience for a few days like what happened when she unlocked me. It had been a month since I last was out of chastity and cummed for real when this first milking session happened, and it would be another 6 months like this before I got out again. She milked me every two weeks, making me eat the cum every time. The last few times she even made me beg her to fuck me in the ass, and then beg me to have the privilege of eating my own cum. I was an endless source of amusement for her.Anyways, around 7 months since I had last been out of my cage my birthday was approaching. Jaclyn told me she was in a good mood, and if I agreed to a few things, she would let me out of my cage and cum soon. She never said I’d get to fuck her, but I had hope.At around 7 PM she told me to get naked in her bedroom and lay down on the bed. She walked in wearing black lace lingerie and tall black stilettos that she had bought a few weeks ago. “This little outfit cost me $5000 dollars,” she giggled, “or rather, cost you.” She leaned down and kissed my inner thigh. “Aren’t you glad you earn enough money to keep me happy?”I nodded. “Yes Jaclyn baby, I am.”“Me too,” she said. “If you didn’t I’m not sure there’d be any reason to keep you around,” she smiled. “Though you do give me great oral. Too bad if I fucked you right now you’d probably cum in less than a minute.” She began unlocking the cage on my cock.“I don’t get to fuck you Jaclyn? Its my birthday.”She slapped me on the face. “I’m taking you out of your cage aren’t I?” she said sternly. “Don’t be so ungrateful. It doesn’t Nicker to me if you cum or not. You have to show me you’ve earned it.”“Yes Goddess,” I nodded.“Ooh Nicky, I like that. I am a Goddess aren’t I? Call me that from now on. I’ll still call you Nicky sometimes, but maybe slave would be better…” She finished taking off the cage and began playing with my already hard cock.“Wow, it’s been 7 months since you’ve been out of here. And 7 months since you’ve had a real orgasm too. How bad do you want it slave?” she said as she began stroking up and down.“Please Goddess, I’ve been so obedient. I’ve worshipped you for so long now. I swear I’ll eat all my cum afterwards for you.” I stammered.She snickered. “I love that you’re offering that sweety, but what about someone else’s cum?”I was a little shocked, though at this point nothing should have really shocked me.“You give great head Nicky, don’t get me wrong, but this past week I was really craving a dick. Its so sad yours is useless.” She continued stroking my dick slowly.Suddenly she stopped. “How many women did you fuck before meeting me?”“El-el-eleven,” I stammered.“Wow Nicky, I’m actually impressed. Don’t you think it’s a little unfair that I’ve only fucked one? And it was you?” she laughed as she continued stroking me. What else could I say but “yes.”“I suppose I just realized that a Goddess like me deserves to be having more sex… and with more people who can really satisfy me. Seeing as how you’ve become, or probably have always been, quite pathetic, there must be guys that can fuck better than you. I think I’ll just go out and find a guy to fuck me. Shouldn’t be that hard.” After saying this she lowered her mouth onto my cock. I was already close to cumming.“Now, baby, are you okay with me fucking other men?” she asked. I didn’t know what to say so I just remained silent.“Don’t you think a Goddess like me deserves to fuck other men? It’s not really fair that I haven’t had a dick in me in so long. In fact, tell me you want me to fuck other men.” I remained silent.“Listen, baby. It will make me very happy. When I’m happy, you should be happy. And maybe you’ll even get to cum!” she said as she continued stroking. “Now tell me you want me to fuck other men.”I was on the verge of cumming. It felt like ecstasy, and I would have done anything for orgasm. “I want you to fuck other men Goddess. I want you to be properly satisfied.”All of a sudden, she stopped stroking. She told me to sit still for a moment. She went into the kitchen and came back with some ice. She held it on my dick until it softened. She then began to put the chastity device back on despite my quiet protests.“While I’m out I want you to clean the apartment and stay awake until I get back. If you’re still awake, I promise you’ll get to worship my body. You might even be allowed to cum for real. Isn’t that lovely slave? She didn’t wait for an answer. “Hopefully the guy I find lasts longer than you. You really only made me cum from fucking a few times.”With that she pushed me aside and strutted out of the room. I was left naked with just my cock cage on. She looked beautiful, and while part of me was angry that she would cheat like this, part of me was also hoping this other guy would make her feel good. Her happiness had truly taken a priority in my life.I sat in the apartment for hours. I want to cum so bad. It had been 7 months. At this point there was no way I was going to be able to fall asleep without it. Not to mention my mind kept racing thinking about what my wife might be doing. She wouldn’t have any problems picking up a man. It was probably even easier now then it was before for her because she had become so confident in herself. I went on the computer for a while, but I just ended up finding pictures of Jaclyn. I remembered the days when I would masturbate to thoughts of her all the time. She was, and still is, so beautiful. It only seemed fitting that all the years I secretly liked her and even stalked her should lead to this – her enslavement of me. I wasn’t like any of the guys in high school who had tried to take her virginity. I could tell she had grown bored of me, and was now looking to find those kinds of guys she had teased throughout those younger years. And yet, even though I had fallen so far from when we were first married and fucking all the time, I was still happy to just be around her, no Nicker in what capacity.It wasn’t until 4 AM that she got home. I was doing my best to prevent myself from falling asleep. I’d already had three cups of coffee. She strutted in with confidence. I quickly got on my knees and crawled over to her feet. She laughed at me.“Looks like someone is a little desperate for their birthday present. Well, you’ll have to do some work for it first.” With that she reached into her purse and pulled out two used condoms. “Open up sweetie,” she said as she brought the condom closer to my mouth. I was hesitant, but I slowly opened. She began squeezing the cum out. “You should have seen the look on this man’s face when I asked him if I could take home the used condoms. I had to explain that I was married, and that I used to be naive and I didn’t know that I was marrying such a pathetic man. He’s actually curious to meet the kind of husband that would let his wife do this to him.” She laughed rather loudly. I could tell she was a little drunk. “Now, I’m going to go change. I want you to finish sucking the cum out of this other condom, and then bring it in to my room to show me that it’s clean. Okay baby?” I nodded as she dropped it onto the floor and walked off.I stared at her perfect ass as she moved away, feeling my dick strain against the cage. I wanted to just squeeze the cum out into the garbage can, but I was worried I would be caught, and I couldn’t even imagine the kind of punishment I’d receive for cheating on a task Jaclyn assigned. I thus slowly sucked all the cum out of the used condom, gagging a little bit. Once it was empty I went into Jaclyn’s room and presented it to her. She patted me on the head.“Good boy. That was quick, I guess you liked it.” She smiled. “I think it’s time for your present Nickie. Are you excited?”“Yes Goddess. More than anything.”“Well, I’m quite tired, so let’s try to make this quick,” she said as she yawned. She proceeded to use the key around her neck to unlock my cage. Of course, my dick immediately stood up. “Now, you’re first present is that you get to hear all about my wonderful night while you kiss me feet.” She sat on the bed and crossed her legs. They were so sexy. I wanted so badly to kiss them and so I quickly lowered my head and gently kissed her toes.“Good boy. So, anyways, I went to a bar with one of my friends. It only took a minute until a few guys came up to us – you saw what I was wearing. It was so cute to see them all offering to buy me drinks, but I decided to pick the biggest guy because I want a big dick.” She smiled and paused for a second, moaning slightly. “Sorry, I was thinking about it. Mmm Nicky you have no idea. Anyways, we danced for a bit, like when you and me first went out! Only he was actually taller than me, so it felt better and was so so fun. It didn’t take long for us to get back to his place where we immediately stripped. His dick was so big. I thought yours was big Nicky, and don’t worry, it’s not small, but it’s maybe a little above average. A Goddess like me should be fucking really big dicks, not average ones.” She chuckled. “So I started sucking his cock, I could barely fit it in my mouth. Pretty soon I was dying to fuck him so I straddled him and he penetrated me. It felt like I was losing my virginity again, but this time even better. He really hit the spot. I came in about fifteen minutes, but he was good enough go for much longer. I’m not sure if you and me ever fucked for more than that,” she kept laughing, “but I guess that’s why I don’t let you fuck me anymore. This guy and me fucked for two hours. It was incredible. I came four times. He was such a man. I definitely need to do this more often, so don’t expect to be eating as much of my pretty pussy, except when I let him not wear a condom. Then you can eat the creampie out and give me one last orgasm before I sleep.” The whole time I was trying not to show any emotion. I was trying to just keep kissing her feet, but inside I was being torn up. Out of everything that had happened, nothing had been this emasculating. She yawned again.“Now, I hope you liked hearing that. I enjoyed reliving it. Mmmm I can’t believe I’ve cum 5 times today, and you haven’t cummed properly in 7 months!” She laughed loudly as she began to take off her panties. I was incredibly excited. Did this mean I was going to get to finally fuck her again? I was too nervous to even ask.She lay down on the bed. “Now, climb on top of me honey.” I was ecstatic. Sex, finally. “I bet you’d like to fuck me now, wouldn’t you? You think that would make for a good birthday present?” I nodded. “I hate to ruin your hopes,” she laughed “but you won’t be fucking me tonight.” My face must have looked so destroyed. “You can cum though. I’ll give you ten thrusts to cum. You can rub your pathetic dick on my pussy, but not in it.”I lowered myself onto her and began pushing, rubbing my dick over her smooth pussy. One. Two. Three. Four. Quickly five. “Only five more sweety.” I pushed harder. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. I was close. I pushed down with weight as I tried to cum on the tenth thrust. I was right on the edge. Before I could do eleven she pushed me off of her. “Well, you should at least be happy your dick got to be that close to my pussy. That’s quite the privilege.” I just sat there, looking unbelievably depressed. She smiled.“Okay okay, it’s your birthday. I really should let you cum.” She stood up and put on heels. “Come kneel in front of me slave.” I did as told, dick still rock hard. “Remember when I caught you masturbating to my photos?” I nodded. “How long have you been doing that?”“Since 8th grade Goddess.”She started uncontrollably laughing. “That is really creepy. You’re so pathetic. Imagine if I had found that out in high school. I would have loved to have a slave starting so young.” She unhooked her bra, now completely naked besides her tall, sexy heels. “Well, lucky for you, today you don’t have to stalk me to find photos. I will let you kneel in front of me and jerk-off to my gorgeous body. Does that sound good to you slave?” I nodded quickly.“Yes, Goddess. Thank you so much.”She smiled. “Just remember, first you must ask for permission when you cum. Second, you must cum into your other hand and then, of course, eat it.” I was too horny to have any objections. “Okay, lets make this quick,” she said as she stood there waiting.I began stroking. My eyes start at her long, toned legs. I quickly jump to her perfect tits. She had actually gained some weight shortly after we got married, but began working out again after my enslavement began. Her boobs were bigger, but her body looked as toned as ever. I looked at her face, but she wasn’t even looking at me. She finally turned and gave me a disgusted look. I quickly diverted my eyes to her hips and pussy. This all happened within around 30 seconds. I was already on the verge of cumming.“C-c-can I cum Goddess?” I begged.She began laughing. “Wow that really was quick. Or maybe I’m just that hot. Probably both” she snickered. She looked down at my hard dick, then turned around to show me her ass. “Okay, slave. You may cum.” This instant she said this I shot my load into my hand. It had been 7 months. I had never had this much cum. It dripped onto the floor in front of me. Jaclyn turned around and covered her mouth, laughing a little bit. “I’ve seen you look pathetic before, but this might be the worst.” She kept laughing. “What are you waiting for, lick it up.”I did as ordered, first eating all the cum in my mouth and then bending over onto the floor to lick. I hadn’t notice, but Jaclyn had gotten a camera while I was eating my cum and took a picture. “It’s for a scrapbook,” she laughed, “your first birthday as my slave!” She giggled as she took some more pictures. “I want to start taking some more photos like these. It’s good to have some of this material around in case you start acting out. Also, I’ve been dying to show my friends. Anyways, let me put that cage back on you.” I didn’t resist as she refastened it back on. “I think that was enough of a birthday present. I was going to let you sleep in my bed, but I’m thinking maybe now you should go on the couch.”“Please Goddess, let me sleep with you.” I literally groveled at her feet, kissing them.”“You really would do anything just to near me,” she chuckled. “Fine, you can sleep at the foot of the bed, like a dog.” I appreciated even this generosity and I took my place there as I fell asleep, reminiscing about what would be the first of many eventful birthdays.Our lives continued like this for some time. Jaclyn was having sex around four times a week. She even started inviting them over. In the beginning I would have to stay in another room. Then she asked me if I wanted to see her fuck. I knew it was humiliating, but she also would look so hot, so I said yes. She then let me hide in the closet when she had lovers over. She had stopped making them wear condoms, and so I was almost always required to eat her out to orgasm afterwards, with her lover’s cum oozing out of her pussy.Eventually, she told some of her lovers that I would be present while they fucked. With her favorite, she made me cook them dinner. I was then an intimate part of their love making session. She made me lay down on the bed, and she’d lay on top of me as she got fucked. She was so sexy, I was just happy to be that close to her. She rarely let me sleep in her bed anymore.One part of our relationship that was slowly changing was our size. Jaclyn had finally gotten me to the point where she would be able to physically dominate me, not like she really needed to. She almost always wore tall heels now to emphasize her superiority. Meanwhile I was to kneel in her presence unless told otherwise. On days when she would have a lover, I would eat one less meal. She said she wanted me hungry for his cum. Because of this, I’d lost some weight. I was 5’9’’, 130 lbs. Jaclyn, with her strong legs and magnificent curves, must have been 145 lbs. She had begun to push me around more and said she enjoyed it, that it made me even more of her slave.I was still on regular milking sessions and had come to enjoy being fucked in the ass with her strap-on. Though it didn’t feel as good as cumming with my cage off, it was still relief.On our first anniversary I thought I might have a chance to fuck my wife. Instead, she brought a man over. She told me that she had been debating whether to ever let me fuck her again. She thought her pussy was too good for me, and she was probably right. At this point I didn’t have much of a choice. All my money and my apartment were now in her name, not to mention the numerous blackmail pictures. In any case, I loved to worship her, and I often debated whether I would even want to have it any different. I knew I could never get a woman as sexy as my Goddess, and so I thought all the suffering I went through was worth it.To be continued probably.

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