Jen Meets My Big Little Brother


“We will have to introduce Paul to some of our friends,” said Jen, grabbing our empty cans and leaving Paul and me by the blazing campfire. As she stepped into the house, she added, “Gloria and Nick might like a go, too. He’s ex-military.”

Paul looked st me inquisitively, eyebrows raised, “Gloria AND Nick?”

Our conversation had turned to talk of women with big tits, and Paul mentioned that he’s a big fan. Jen, my 29-year-old girlfriend of just over a year, has an impressive 36G bust, and Gloria is very close to the same.

“Bring more beers when you come back!” I called to Jen, probably too late. I knew Paul was in for an interesting evening, so I got the ball rolling with, “Oh, they are a married couple we play with.”

“Holy fuck, bro! You two are in the lifestyle?” He took a big gulp of his tall boy.

My 21 year old brother may have had a lot of experience overseas during his tour, but there is no way he could have guessed that my sweet, friendly girlfriend, slash hotwife, has been fucked by so many men, right in front of me.

“Right from the start, Paul. I met her in that sex club on Imperial Street, just over a year ago. She was in a bed with a couple, and grabbed my hand as I was watching the three of them, and pulled me in.” The fire crackled in the silence of the late night air. I added, “Jen is what they call a unicorn. She’s almost insatiable, and likes guys and girls.”

“So, do you guys swap and stuff, or just go to the clubs?”

“We do that too, or have threesomes and foursomes. She will go out and fuck guys, or girls, or sometimes bring one or two home for some fun. Jen is a girl who can’t have too much sex.”

Paul leaned back in the Adirondack chair, shaking his head, trying to grasp it all. Then he asked, “So you do the cuckold thing and clean her up after, Jimmy?”

“Nope, not into that. But hey, there’s nothing wring with sloppy seconds, or thirds. Or just watching once I’ve blown my load. Jen ran a train of five guys one night. She is a wild child in bed, but you wouldnt guess that when she’s not in the bedroom.”

He shook his head in disbelief, “That’s crazy bro!” With that, the back door opened and Jen appeared, more cold beers in hand for us all.

I said, “Thanks, babe,” and took the can from her. “I was just telling Paul about Gloria’s big cans. He might want an intro.”

Paul smiled and nodded thanks, when she handed him his beer. Jen added, “They are a great couple, and Nick is glad to blow you, if you’re into that. He’s also cool if you’re not. He does like seeing Gloria get railed, though!”

Paul didn’t comment on his preference, so Jen mentioned a few other girls he might be interested in. Then she did a little fishing. “Or… I know a few guys who would fall for the tall, dark and athletic type like you.”

Paul replied, “Thanks, Jen. I do like girls, but two years in the military does broaden your horizons. Maybe Gloria and Nick would be fun. It’s been a while, but I’m barely unpacked.

Jen looked at me with a grin. I knew what was coming next. “Aww, babe. your little brother hasn’t had any in a while. I bet he would love a blowie…”

Paul’s jaw was agape. He looked at her, then me, then her. I jumped in with, “You’re right, Jen. You wouldn’t be much of a host, if you don’t look after our guest. Do you wanna blowie from Jen, Paul? It’s fine by me.” The poor guy didn’t know what to do.

Jen laughed out loud and then said, “Drink up boys. I’m about to find out which one of you is the bigger brother!”. She took a few gulps from her beer, and Paul and I followed suit.

Now, it has been a long time since I’ve seen my brother Girne Escort naked. Being eight years older meant I was out of the house by the time puberty hit him. But, I wasn’t worried, because I was gifted with a little more than six inches of dick, and a bit thicker than most guys. If Paul turned out to be bigger, I was fine with that.

A few more sips and Jen threw her empty can next to the fire, with some others. We all had a decent buzz on, but little brother didn’t look too comfortable. She took Paul’s hand, standing him up. “C’mon big boy. You, too, babe.”

We all headed into the house, Paul and Jen in the lead and me right behind, sipping the last of my tallboy. In the bedroom, Jen pulled off her hoodie and Paul’s eyes gazed at his prize – her light pink nipples and huge areolas were on display through the lacey material. She turned her back to Paul, and lifted up her blond pony tail. “You wanna do the honors?”

Paul wasted no time in unclasping Jen’s bra, and then she tossed it onto her dresser. Jen turned around, standing proud of her natural titties. I said, “Go ahead. They’re real!”

There was a noticeable tent in his pants as he moved toward Jen and held her heavy breasts in his hands, almost weighing them while his thumbs brushed across her nipples. He suckled on each for a few seconds, before Jen interrupted him.

“Okay boys. Let’s see what I have to work with here.” We both pulled down our jeans and then underwear, and when I glanced his way, I heard Jen gasp, and I saw it at the same time. That fucker was already hard, and if Paul’s dick wasn’t a full ten inches, goddamnit, it was nine an three quarters.

“Up on the bed boys!” Jen said, pointing. “You on that side, you on this.” We each tugged off our sweaters and tee shirts, and got onto the bed – Jen already kneeling in the middle.

“My fucking God, Paul. That is impressive!” Jen began jacking us off on each side of her. Paul had an impish smile, checking out our differences. Fortunately for all of the girls he fucks, his dick isn’t as fat as mine, because just the length is pretty formidable on its own. His dick tapers all the way up, to an almost small, pinkish knob. Mine is pretty thick from base to tip, but still pales in comparison due to his length.

Jen easily took his head and about six more inches into her mouth, then she had to maneuver her mouth slightly to get the rest in. When Paul’s pubic hair tickled her upper lip and nose, Paul groaned heavily, grapplng with her hanging boobies. Jen bobbled up and down the lower half of his cock, breathing as needed on the upstrokes. I habe no idea. how she functions with her mouth full of dick, but she makes it look easy.

All at once Jen raised her mouth from him. “Not so fast, little brother!” She pulled off his cock and moved to mine, his weapon sheathed in her saliva, while she went back to slowly stroking his cock. Jen took me into her mouth, and swallowed me easily in one go, making it obvious that she can handle girthy ones too, and that Paul made her work for his dick.

“What a mouth!” Paul said, taking in her oral skills. Jen began to slurp and suck, and would make that popping sound each time she released her lips from my dick.

When Jen went back to Paul’s dick, it wasn’t long before he stopped her. “Jen. I’m gonna cum quick if you don’t stop.”

She laid down on her back, and said, “Eat me, then. That will take your mind off cumming.” I nodded consent when Paul looked my way. I’m just as happy lying in my bed and watching. I KNOW she will get me off, no matter how much she has fucked or sucked. And to see my Kıbrıs Escort brother’s cock dangle between his legs and almost touch the bed, was an impressive sight.

Within three minutes, Paul’s expert tongue gave Jen her first orgasm of the night. After that, she grabbed his shoulders and rolled him onto his back and climbed onto a sixty-nine position.

His mouth laved up her meaty pussy flaps, while she fellated him. From beneath her, Paul called to me, “You wanna fuck her, Jimmy?” Now it was my turn for a bit of discomfort. Jen and I have shared a bed with a lot of guys, and couples, but I’ve never found myself in a position of fucking a girl over top of another guy, let alone that guy being family. I’ve seen it lots in porn, but real life was different.

I tried not to make eye contact, and focused on the slurping noises that Jen provided. I knelt behind Jen’s big ass and when I did look down, Paul was hungrily lapping her clit, his fingers pulling her succulent flaps wide for access. Only his eyes and forehead were visible, but his eyes were focused on Jen’s fat pussy.

Jen was dripping when I pushed inside her. “Oh, God! Fuck me, Jimmy!” My paced increased and I had a good rythym going, when I felt fingers cupping my nuts. I love when a girl cups them while she is blowing me, or when 69ing, so I just focused on fucking Jen. I’ve never been one to last long, especially with Jen, because her pussy just squeezes your cock like a vice. A masculine hand toying with my nut sack got me off even sooner.

Soon, I felt myself about ready to pop, when Paul’s tongue licked at the vein along the underside of my dick, while my balls slapped his forehead. The urge was strong and I felt myself let go deep inside my girlfriend. After the last rope filled Jen, I pulled out and saw Paul pulling Jen’s hips to him, licking up her sloppy hole with a vengence. I crawled up to her so she could lick my cum off my spent dick.

Jen rolled off of my brother and called out, “I need that big ol’ dick in me!” Paul gladly obliged, so I just lay heside her, cuddled in, while Paul lubed up his dick with the remnants of my orgasm. Knowing her history , Paul decided to take no prisoners. His first thrust struck the bulging process of her Jen’s cervix, causing her to gasp and wince at his early assault.

He did not hold back. His reddening cock head found the same, seldom reached, cervical flesh with his next ten stabs. Each time, Jen felt both pleasure and pain from this well endowed lover. Her feet hooked his ass cheeks, riding the tense glutes as they drove home another deep thrust.

Paul took hold of one of Jen’s thighs and flipped her over, onto her knees so he could get a good doggy fuck in. While the boy definitely doesn’t shy away from playing with another guy, he sure likes taking conmand of the female in bed.

“Is this what you wanted, Jen?! A real deep fucking?” The entire bed rocked each time he delivered another intense thrust, and Jen was starting to cream for him. I heard the familiar sounds she makes when her G spot is being stimulated, and this rough fucking was doing the trick.

I warned him, “You’re naking her squirt, Paulie!” And seconds later, Jen entered that nebulous place that causes her body to shudder and all of her limbs to shake. I announced, “Pull out now!”

Paul pulled away quickly and Paul flipped Jen onto her back, and forced two middle fingers into her pussy, and moved them violently up and down, just inside her entrance. Next came one if her most powerful eruptions. Jen cried out in agony and ecstacy, her head drawing back rigidly.

A fountain Kıbrıs Escort of clear fluid showered Paul’s hand, so he pulled it out, causing Jen’s pussy to spray a fountain of her juices all over Paul and her cunt, and most of the sheets between her legs.

It took a minute or so for Jen’s orgasm to play out. Paul remained between her legs, lapping up her nectar. Once her breath returned to normal, Jen asked me, “Babe, can he fuck my ass too?” How could I say no?

“You heard the lady, Paul. She wants that thing in her ass!”

As Jen raised her ass high, like a deer presenting herself for the buck, Paul looked like he couldn’t believe what he heard, and as he moved closer to mating Jen, his cock throbbed to the beat of his heart. This time, he would be more gentle.

He wiped the tip of his cock up and down Jen’s drooling cunt lips with his right hand, while his left thumb moved in circles along her puckered anus. I reached into the night table and offered Paul a tube of lube. He dropped a dollop of goo onto his thumb and then drizzled a stream along his tapered dick. He jacked the lube all around his slender log and placed his blood filled dick at her back passage.

I slid a hand beneath Jen and played with her boobs, pulling and twisting her nipples. She moaned as Paul gently parted the tight seal and fed her just his cock head. Jen wriggled and pushed her ass toward him, trying to persuade him to give her more. Paul took hold of both cheeks of Jen’s wide ass and leaned forward two more inches worth.

Jen’s moans became groans and she raised her face from the bed to kiss me. Our tongues danced and I swear I could feel the reverberations of my little brother pushing even more cock into Jen. Now more than half way into her rectum, Paul raised one knee up, and then the other, into a squatting position behind her.

Holding her firm, Paul delighted in withdrawing all but his cockhead from Jen. Jen’s muffled moan within my mouth made me hard once more. His hips pushed forward, teasingly slow, while Jen’s moans increased, until his bushy pubes pressed into her full butt cheeks. Jen’s ass wriggled once more, daring him to give her one more inch of cock.

“Oh, babe. He’s so deep,” she shuddered. Her face went back to the bed sheets, her head still facing me in total bliss. “Do you wanna fuck me too? I need filled up.” she asked, raising one leg onto and over my torso. Paul stayed buried in her colon and moved with Jen until she lowered myself onto my thick pole.

Gasps and groans filled the bedroom as the two of us pumped into Jen in a delicate rhythm. I could feel his movements along my frenulum, as he glided along the other side of that thin tissue separating the two canals. I knew I would not cum like this for a long time, and was surprised that I was able to be so hard, so soon after dumping my load in her.

Paul, on the other hand was eager to cum, and began to fully stroke his cock into her backside. “Ohhhh…” was the only indication Paul gave before he stopped mid-stroke in Jen’s ass while my arms hugged her torso to me. His cock tip was just across the membrane from mine when he released his seed into Jen. I felt every squirt, six or seven of them. Then the warm jizz flowed from her, squeezing all around his dick, and coated the base of my cock and balls with Paul’s heated goo.

We all lay motionless beside one another for a few seconds, before he withdrew his spent dong from Jen’s ass. Paul saw his splooge escaping Jen and replaced his dong with his tongue, Jen taking hold of the backs of her knees to open her crack wide enough. When Paul arose having completed his act of cleaning Jen’s ass, he was glazed from chin to nose.

“I need to pee,” he said, getting up and stepping into the bathroom. Jen pulled me to her, kissing me.

“Your brother does have a nice cock, Jimmy.”

“Yeah babe,” I replied. “I’m sure he’s glad he moved back into the neighborhood.”

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