Jenny and Carrie Ch. 04


Thank you all for taking the time and reading this. Sorry as of yet there is no sex, but that’s because both girls are 12 and 13 at this time. But hang on it will be worth it. As I have said it is a novel, through the first four chapters is just where I introduce you all to the girls and some of the family, but try to give you all a feeling to know each. Thanks to all that have replied to the other three chapters, I know it’s long, and I have some replies that love it so far, and a few that didn’t that’s to be expected to let me know either way…. JenniElizabeth


“See the reason here is two-fold for us, one: To help the family keep remembering Jennifer and 2: to keep her memory alive and well.”

“That ladies is very admirable, we’ll do just that then. So, dears what are your full names?” Ann asked and got out her notebook to write them down.

“Jennifer Renee and Caroline Renee Hayward.” Both told her.

“Ok dears. Now ladies go on home and get some rest. Especially you Jen hun, you will need all you can get. With all you have been through today, the start of your first period is enough to wear you out. Sleep well ladies, I’ll see you both at 4:30 tomorrow.” Ann told Jenny and Carrie, then they hugged, and the ladies went to the locker room to get changed.

Jenny and Carrie walked out to the cars hand in hand, where Carrie rode with Leslie and Jenny with Katherine.

“You ladies looked very good out there today in both of your practices, Ms. Carrie.” Leslie commented as they were on the way home.

“Thanks Les, Diving tonight was great. For the first time during the whole practice I was completely sure of my dives. In golf, it felt really easy hitting the ball tonight. I still can’t believe I was actually hitting them that far, I guess having our golf room does help out greatly. But even though with all that I know I was really over worried all night for sis. I could tell in both practices, she was having a lot of trouble holding onto her concentration. But with me saying all that I can still say. In golf, she was still blasting that ball long and hard. Diving practice was the worst for her I could see, probably because Jen was already tired and basically worn out by that point. I could tell it was rough for her to hold onto her concentration and as well as getting mentally focused for her dives. Because I caught her clutching herself a few times during diving. Knowing that she was in pain, Jen did her best at not letting it affect her performance.” Carrie explained.

“I know honey; I saw it too during diving. But dear like we both told you ladies, it does take a little while to get used to it. And dear you will be going through it very soon.” Leslie said and patted Carrie’s leg.

In Katherine’s car:

“Honey I could tell that you were hurting out there today. I do know how rough it can be dear, like we told you; it just takes time to get used to it. Are you still in pain or hurting babe?”

“Yes mam. That plus Ann is right, I am totally worn out. She also told me until I do get used to it, that it along with both practices, and added to school. That I’d likely be just as wore out every night.” Jenny answered with a yawn. Soon she fell asleep on the way home.

At home, Katherine and Carrie woke Jenny back up, and Carrie helped her out and into the house. Then she led Jenny up to their room, with both Katherine and Leslie following.

Once in the room, Leslie went into the bathroom and ran a very warm bath for Jenny. When she came back in, both Katherine and Carrie had Jenny stripped and ready for her bath. Carrie was half carrying Jenny into the bathroom, where Katherine and Leslie helped get Jenny into the tub. When she was put in the water, Jenny half woke up. When those 3 finished with bathing her, they got Jenny to stand up, where Carrie dried her sister off, and the Katherine and Leslie lotion Jenny down. Then they helped Jenny into their room and Carrie helped her into her panties and gown. Then tucked Jenny into bed, while Carrie went and got her bath and into her gown, then she slid into bed and hugged Jenny, Katherine then gave her young lady her medicine, then the women watched both fall asleep in each other’s arms. Both Katherine and Leslie smiled at the ladies and slipped out headed for the den.

“Carrie was really very worried for Jen. She told me that she knew Jenny was hurting all night.”

“Yes I know sis. I guess that’s how tightly they have bonded together they are. Which appears now as virtually inseparable, they are just like a set of twins, now not only do they look identical since Jen had her hair died. But, both even act the same, and can pick up on each other’s feelings, moods, and it also appears that both can even read what the other is thinking, before a word is spoken. And also it does appear each can tell whether they are, happy, sad, or worried. To me it’s really unbelievable.” Katherine explained as she and Leslie headed for bed.

At beylikdüzü escort 6 Tuesday morning, Katherine went up to her ladies room to see if they were awake yet or not. As she entered, she saw that yes both were awake. They were deciding just what they wanted to wear that day. She looked over at Jenny, who was still sitting in bed and looking really awful. To her, it appeared that Jenny didn’t look as if she could stay awake, or even had the energy to get out of bed.

“Good morning ladies. How are you feeling Jen dear? You don’t look well at all, very rough hun.”

“Then for my story, they can judge me by the cover.” Jenny answered trying to make a joke out of just how bad she felt, and how bad her mother told her she looked as well. Katherine came over and sat on the bed beside her and hugged and kissed Jenny. “I’ll be fine mom, don’t worry. I guess the reason

I look this bad is the fact I really didn’t get much sleep last night. But, I am learning all be it very slowly, how to deal with this pain.” Jenny explained trying her best to at least sound better. But, she couldn’t fool Katherine or Carrie (who by this time had come back over and sat down on the bed and now was hugging Jenny), or herself.

“That part I feel the same way about sis. I can’t wait for mine to start, even if by chance if I’m going to have as much trouble as you are having babe.” Carrie told Jenny as she was still hugging her. Carrie was getting very worried for Jenny. Soon Katherine got up with Carrie and they laid Jenny back down and covered her back up. Katherine told Jen to go back to sleep, because there was no way she could let Jenny go to school today. Not in the shape she was in.

“Babe, you sleep until we have to leave for Linda’s for Les and my appointment. Then I’ll get her to work on you to help you feel better.” Katherine told Jenny, then she and Carrie kissed Jenny and left the room. On their way down to the den, Katherine told Carrie she could stay home also, so she could take care of Jenny.

Jenny only got to sleep for another 90 minutes, before they came back in and woke her up long enough to get her into her robe and into the car. Katherine had called Linda and told everything going on with Jenny. Who told Katherine, she wanted to check Jen over real good.

They made it and entered the office 10 minutes early. Carrie looked around and spotted a couch, and led Jenny over to it so Jenny could lie down. As Jenny did, Carrie sat down and put her sister’s head in her lap. At 8, Linda came out and greeted them, then seeing Jenny, she helped Carrie take her into Linda’s office and laid Jenny down on her couch the same way. Where Linda told Carrie that they would be back in an hour or so, and she gave Carrie the TV remote and left to attend to Katherine and Leslie.

Linda took her sisters to a screening room, where she gave each gowns, and left for a few minutes to allow them to get ready. Then she came back in and gave both very good checkups, and then after she was finished, she left again so Katherine and Leslie could get redressed. Then led both over to the main hospital, to the room where the Ultra Sound machine was. Where Linda got Katherine on the bed and spent 20 minutes studying Katherine’s baby.

“Well sis, can you tell what I’m having?” Katherine asked.

“Yes dear I can. And you also have a big surprise here too.”

“Really, what would that be?”

“Well Kathy dear, you are having a girl. And for the surprise hun, not only will it be a girl, you are going to have 2 of them, sister dear, you are carrying twin girls!”

“Great! Thanks Linda.” Katherine stated very happily as Linda helped Katherine and Leslie switch places. Then she started on Leslie, 20 minutes later Linda was in utter disbelief.

“I’ll be damned!” She exclaimed. “Well Les dear. You are also having a girl and the same exact surprise too. You are also having a set of twin girls. And from what I can tell here, it appears both of your sets will be identical. But, we will have to wait until we see them before we will know for sure on that part.’ Linda told her sisters. All 3 left walking back to Linda’s office, so she could tend to Jenny now. When they entered her private office, each saw that Carrie had also laid down and had snuggled up close and tight to Jenny, and was also cradling her sister as both were asleep. So, Linda went over and woke Jen up and helped get her to a screening room to check the girl over very well to figure out just what was wrong with her. Once in the room, Linda helped Jenny get out of her robe, gown and underclothes, and then proceeded to give Jenny one hell of a check up and also got some blood and urine too. This was done to pin point just what Jenny’s problem was. Jenny fell back asleep as Linda got the blood, when Linda came out; she told Carrie she could go in and watch Jen. Carrie went in the room as Linda went and got the samples to the lab. Which she handed them to her nurse, and told her to escort beylikdüzü stay there and wait for the results for her.

When she finally got the results, it was an hour later. So, after she read them, she entered her office to tell Katherine and Leslie the news both good and bad.

“Sis, Jenny will be fine hun. Most of her pain will be relieved by a simple surgery. So I’ll take her on over and get it done now, and she should be better soon.” So with this, Linda went into the screening room and woke Jenny up, then she and Carrie walked her over and into the ER. Where Linda repaired Jenny’s small problem, 35 minutes later, they were walking back to her office. Katherine, Leslie and Carrie could tell that Jenny must at least feel a little better, because she did look a lot better. Linda sat down and explained what she did for Jenny and that she should be better by morning. Then she gave Jenny a shot, and handed Katherine her prescription, they thanked Linda and left for home.

AS soon as they entered the house, the phone rang, as Leslie went to answer it, Katherine looked at her ladies.

“Carrie hun, go ahead and take Jen up and you both get some rest, Ok?” She told them as they hugged and kissed. Then she watched them head up, she went into the den where Leslie was. As she entered she heard Ross’ voice coming over the phone. Because Leslie had turned on the speaker, and was there talking to their husbands.

“Hi dear.” She said as she sat down with Leslie.

“Well hi there Katherine dear. How are you both doing?’

“Oh we’re doing very well. I assume you both made it with no problems.”

“Yes dear we did. We both have been at the site all day yesterday and today. This was the second time we’ve had to call you both.” Both men explained.

Then they told Katherine and Leslie about everything that was going on in Paris.

How Jacques was doing, since they had found one of the workers. The Ross asked where they were earlier, because they had called 2 hours ago. So, both women reminded their husbands that they had their appointments with Linda this morning.

“Well we both have 3 big surprises for you both.” Katherine told the men.

“Really what are they hun?” Ross asked. To which both told Ross and Claude that they had one each and Jenny had the other.

“Ok for our surprises for each of you. We both are carrying girls. But that isn’t the big surprises. Those are the fact that we both are carrying a set of twin girls each!” Katherine and Leslie cheered across the line to Ross and Claude.

“Holy shit No wonder you both have gotten so big. I do remember when my secretary got pregnant her 3 times, but she never got as big as either of you.” Claude told them.

“True. Now you both said there were 3 surprises, and the last had to do with Jenny, right?” Ross asked.

“Yes dear. She finally took her first step into womanhood yesterday. In other words she received her first period.”

“Now that’s wonderful hun. Tell her I’m very happy for her.” Ross told Katherine. She said she would, then she told the men of all the problems she was having and then what Linda did for her today.

“In any case, Linda said with a lot of rest today, Jen should be better by in the morning.” Katherine said with a yawn, which made Leslie follow suit. Both Ross and Claude heard this, so those four traded ‘I love yous’ and hung up, where both women got up and went for their naps. Both Katherine and Leslie beat Jenny and Carrie up from their naps, so both went into the den and got involved in a movie on cinemax. But as it does when you’re doing something or involved it one thing or another, the phone rang. Katherine being the closest to it answered it.


“Hi mom.” It was Jon and Todd. “We wanted to call you 4 and ask you all a question.”

“Hello guys. What’s up dears?”

“We both wanted to call and ask you if you all wanted to come and watch our football game tomorrow night.”

“Sure dears, we’ll come and watch it. What time? And where is it being held at? The field behind your school?”

“Yes mam, the field behind the school. It’s at 7:30. So I guess you and Leslie should get there early so neither of you will have to walk very far.” Todd told them.

“That will work dears. But, it may just be me and Les, I can’t promise for your sisters right now. Dears, Jenny is really sick right now, and that really depends on if she is well enough to tolerate it or not. I feel that if she can’t, then Carrie won’t come either, because she’ll want to stay here and care for Jenny.” Katherine explained to her sons. “Is your great grandmother Victoria around guys?”

“Yes, mam, she is. And we both totally understand about Jen. Tell her we both hope she gets well fast. Well here’s Great grandmother, we love you all.” The boys said and handed the phone to Victoria.

“Hi Katherine dear, how are you ladies?”

“Oh we both are doing very well. Thanks.” Leslie answered.

“We beylikduzu escort both have 3 big surprises for you and Tobias. Is he around?” She said yes, and called him and told him to get on the phone, because Katherine and Leslie had some surprises for them.

“Hi ladies, here I am. How are you both?” Katherine and Leslie told him great. Then the women shocked both of them with their twin news.

“Wow! That’s truly amazing. Congratulations ladies. Now you ladies will perform another first for the family. We have never had twins before.” Both told Katherine and Leslie. Then Katherine told them the last surprise about Jenny both good and bad news. To this Victoria told Katherine to tell Jenny she was happy for her and to please get well.

“You both know we will. We also had a question for you both too. Are you going to be free at around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon?”

“Sure dears, we have nothing planned. Why?”

“Well that’s when Jenny and Carrie’s competition is. They both wanted me to ask and see if you both would come and root them on.”

“Sure dears, we’ll be there for the ladies. It’s at Mill Valley Country Club isn’t it?’

“Yes. At 1:30 Saturday afternoon.” Katherine answered with a big yawn that was the same as Leslie’s. “We’re sorry, but it’s time for our naps. Tell Todd and Jon we’ll see them tomorrow night. We all love you.”

“That’s fine dears. We know you both need all the rest you can get. We’ll talk to you ladies later. We love you 4 too.” Victoria said as they hung up, then Katherine and Leslie went back to bed.

At a little after 5, Jenny and Carrie came in and woke Katherine up. She rolled over and looked up at her ladies, who were smiling down at her.

“What’s the matter ladies?”

“Nothing mom, we just wanted to tell you that we were headed for the club for our diving practice.” Jenny answered.

“What time is it?” Leslie asked sleepily. As she sat up, rubbing to sleep out of her eyes.

“5:13.” Carrie answered looking down at her watch. Katherine sat up and was looking at Jenny. Even though she could tell her girl did look a little better, she could also tell that Jenny was a long way from feeling normal. This revelation had Katherine very worried for her daughter. So, told Jenny that she didn’t look as though she could handle diving practice, that she knew Jenny did look better. But, she also could tell Jenny as still very much under the weather.

“Honey, you dear need to be in bed resting. I don’t want you to get any worse, please stay home tonight baby.” Katherine pleaded with Jenny.

“But mom, I do feel as though I can handle it. I’m not in any pain or anything right now. I do know I’m still very tired, But we have to practice. Sis and I have only 2 days left to get all our dives down and be ready for the competition.” Jenny explained, which hearing this had Katherine feeling worse than worried.

“Ok dears. Give us a few minutes to get ready, and we’ll take you ladies.” Leslie said thinking and feeling just was she knew Katherine was.

“That’s ok dears. We can take the bus there. We both know that each of you needs all the rest you both can get.”

“No dears. We will take you; simply because we love to watch you ladies dive.”

“Are you both sure? You both look very tired; we don’t mind riding the bus, but you could come and get us after.” Carrie asked looking at both Katherine and Leslie with worry.

“We’re fine ladies. Besides we both love to watch and it makes us happy to watch also.” Katherine said as she and Leslie finished dressing, then she got her purse and keys.

They arrived at the club at 6:15, and the ladies went into the locker room as Katherine and Leslie went out to their regular table, where they saw Ann was already there, as they sat down.

“Well hello there you 2, how are you tonight?” Ann asked getting up and hugging Katherine and Leslie. Both said they were fine, and then all 3 started talking about the ladies. After Ann explained just how Jenny and Carrie were coming along, Katherine then laid out about Jenny and her worries for her. To this Ann told both not to worry, that she would keep a strict eye on Jenny for them. She told them this just as both Jenny and Carrie came out and walked towards them. Instantly Ann could now see what Katherine was talking about. To her she could tell that poor Jenny didn’t look well at all.

“Hello ladies. How are we today?” To which both said they were fine, also that both were much psyched and ready for anything. And each was more than hungry for their first victory.

“Great! Let’s go for it then.” Ann said as she led them over to the boards. After the first hour, Ann told Jenny to keep practicing her special dive while she went and taught Carrie a hard one. So, Jenny walked to the end of the board and slowly did a handstand. She concentrated, then pushed off into a perfect 1 ½ in the tuck position. Which she straightened up and sliced into the water. This barely moved as she entered it. She re-surfaced next to where Katherine and Leslie were sitting, and all she could hear was all the applause for the people who decided to watch them practice. As she got out, heading back to the board, everyone could tell Jenny loved the attention.

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