JENNY’S SECRET – PART 3 – MINNIEJENNY’S SECRET – PART 3 – MinnieAfter her love session with Lihua, Jenny went home and was very happy her parents were away because she ranked of sex. She took a shower, had a bite to eat and tried to get some sleep. She tossed and turned, thinking about Nickie, Lihua and now Minnie. She replayed the whole scene with Lihua. She finally fell asleep but in her dream she could see Lihua and hear her say “I know a lot of lesbians” over and over again. Then she saw the Chinese lady at the rooming house, and Nickie and the two mature Chinese lesbians. She saw a flashbulb, pictures, people screaming at her. Then she woke up in a sweat. “Silly me”, she said to herself, “Jenny, you always imagine the worst. It’s normal that there are lesbians in a factory employing mostly women. You’re not the only lesbian in the state. Meet a few, stay discreet, and everything will be alright”. She thought about Minnie. This Japanese-American girl was very attractive, tall and slim like Lihua but prettier. She was probably around 30. She always wore brightly coloured heels which made her look taller and attracted comments from everyone. Minnie was very feminine, always wearing discreet perfume, beautiful skirts and light purple lipstick. She was what her former lover, who knew Minnie since she worked at the factory, called a “lipstick lez”. Jenny wasn’t one although she was quite feminine, but she also liked to dominate, at least she thought so since she had never actually been on top, like Nickie had been on top with her. Jenny noticed she got wet when she thought of Minnie. Lihua had been quite up front about it. Minnie liked girls and Jenny was willing to let her know she liked girls also. ———————————————————————————————————-The factory had four floors. The first two were occupied by the packaging and shipping people which included Jenny. The office area, where Minnie worked, occupied the top two floors of the building. The office floors were out of bounds for most of the workers except for a few designated girls who could carry messages, invoices, or other documents to the office. Because of her seniority, Jenny was one of those girls and that is how she knew Minnie, at least enough to exchange greetings.After her session with Nickie, then her love-in with Lihua, Jenny was getting bolder and…hornier. She always had a crush on Minnie, from a distance. Lihua’s revelation that Minnie was also a lesbian had excited Jenny to the point that she was losing sleep over it. She imagined Minnie naked, and dreamt of having torrid lesbian sex with her. She masturbated frequently, more frequently than usual. A few days after Lihua’s revelation, Jenny had to deliver a handwritten invoice which had to be typed and sent with a shipment. Her heart beating through her chest, Jenny walked up the stairs slowly to the second floor. When she saw Minnie, who was executive secretary to the shipping VP (a Chinese woman named Liu Min), she waved the document at her and walked to her desk which was overflowing with reports and memos. “You need this I believe”, said Jenny, already sweating, and her voice cracking.“Hi Jenny”, said Minnie smiling, “Forgetting the usual greeting ?”“Oh…I’m sorry…I know you’re busy…and I don’t want to take up your valuable time”, stuttered Jenny blushing.“Come on Jenny”, answered Minnie in a soft voice,” I always have time for you”. Jenny thought she was going to faint. The room was spinning as she saw Minnie get up, walk around her desk and stand next to her. “How about some coffee,” said the Japanese secretary, “unless you are expected downstairs”.“Oh…no…I mean, no I’m not expected…and yes…coffee would be nice…”, stammered Jenny, breathing deeply and trying to remain calm.“Liu is not here today so we can use the table in her office”, suggested Minnie“If you say so”, said Jenny sheepishly.The floor worker that she was would have never dreamt of having coffee in a VP office. “Sit down in the office and I’ll türbanlı zonguldak escort be right back”, said Minnie with assuranceJenny walked into the posh office, admiring the walls covered in teak and the thick Turkish antique carpet. She sat on one of the four chairs around an oval table in a corner. Minnie came in a few minutes later with a tray of coffee cups, milk and sugar. Both women sat in silence as they added cream and sugar in their coffee. Then both began to talk at the same time.“I’m sorry….you go first”, said Jenny quickly, coughing and taking a sip of coffee. “So I hear you like pussy”, blurted out MinnieJenny nearly spitted out her mouthful of coffee, but swallowed it just in time.“I…(cough)…I take it you spoke to Lihua”, managed to spurt out Jenny“Of course I did…how would I know otherwise…besides I haven’t seen Nickie in months”, added Minnie in a cheerful voice. “I don’t know what to say…I’m embarrassed…in a way…you’re so beautiful and young”, said Jenny with sincerity.“I always suspected you had the hots for me”, said Minnie putting her hand in front of her mouth as Asians often do to hide their laughter.Minnie took Jenny’s left hand and put it on her knee. Jenny felt the nylon stockings under her fingers. She tried to take a sip of her coffee but her other hand was shaking too much. Minnie was sitting on the edge of her chair before she got up and sat directly on Jenny’s lap, putting an arm around her neck to stabilize herself.“Oh my God Minnie…someone could walk in on us”, cried Jenny “Don’t worry my sweet …the door is locked and I have the keys”, purred MinnieJenny’s hand was still on the secretary’s knee but moving steadily up her thigh until it reached flesh. Minnie moved to get comfortable and Jenny could feel her small asscheks rubbing against her legs. Jenny was breathing heavily and sweating while Minnie was smiling and seemed totally relaxed. Jenny’s hand moved past the garter belt and reached the Japanese girl’s panties. Minnie rested her head on the mature woman’s shoulder and closed her eyes as Jenny’s fingers reached the moist area between the secretary’s legs. The Japanese woman kissed Jenny on the neck and trailed her mouth up until the two women kissed, rather awkwardly at first and then more passionately as Jenny turned on the chair to be more in line with her lover. Minnie was a good kisser and Jenny was learning as she copied the tongue movements that Minnie was making. It seemed like the two lesbians licked each other’s tonsils for minutes. Jenny’s fingers were rubbing Minnie’s labia through her satin panties. One could hear the scratching sound of wet satin rubbing against pubic hair. Both women were getting more and more agitated as Minnie began to unbutton Jenny’s blouse and kiss the top of her breasts. “Let’s fuck”, whispered Minnie inside the older woman’s ear.“Oh…my…” stammered Jenny blushing and spitting as she laughed.“Well ?….I don’t turn you on ?”, asked Minnie, pretending to look hurt “Oh yes…oh yes…you turn me on so so much”, cried JennyMinnie got off Jenny’s knees and began to undress quickly. First the blouse came off, then the skirt. In bra, panties and nylon stockings, Minnie waited for Jenny to remove her work frock, then her summer dress. The two women embraced before undressing further. The tongue-kissing continued for a few minutes as hands were busy feeling, pinching and probing each other’s breasts and ass through their underwear. Minnie broke the kiss and took off her bra, and soon imitated by the mature worker. As they resumed their kiss, their breasts mashed together, Jenny’s larger slightly sagging bags quite a contrast to Minnie’s small pear-shaped cups. “I want you to fuck me on the couch”, said Minnie with passion in her voice“You mean….like rubbing together ?”, asked Jenny, still learning the ways of lovemaking“Get on top and rub cunts with me”, nearly screamed Minnie“Oh yes…we’ll rub cunts…I love it when you talk like that”, answered an excited JennyBoth türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan women slipped off their panties.“Keep your stockings”, asked Jenny“Naughty girl”, answered MinnieBoth women took a minute to look at the other’s pubic patch: Jenny’s was curlier and partially trimmed while Minnie’s was shiny but that was probably from wetness. It reminded Jenny of Lihua’s patch and it made her think for a second of Lihua and Minnie fucking. Before Minnie had a chance to stretch out on the couch, Jenny put her arms around her chest and held her. “Let me feel you ass”, said Jenny. “I’ve been imagining it for so long”. “Every time I walked down the hallway I could feel you staring at my ass”, chuckled Minnie.“It made me crazy to see your asscheeks moving up and down and rubbing against each other as you walked”, added Jenny suddenly kneeling and licking her lover’s small round buttocks.“We’ll lick each other there next time…sweetie…I so much want you to fuck me”, pleaded MinnieJenny pushed Minnie on the leather couch and the two women stumbled together, kissing and moving until the optimal mating position was reached. Minnie was obviously very experienced as Nickie had been but Nickie had been on top and lead while this time Jenny was supposed to lead. There was no hesitation on Minnie’s part that she wanted Jenny to be the butch. The Japanese secretary made herself available by opening her legs as wide as she could and raising her mound so that Jenny could cover it with hers by lying flat on top of her. Minnie whispered instructions as the older woman moved her hips and labia against Minnie’s. There was some confusion and laughter as Jenny didn’t quite get the hang of it at first. Let’s face it, she wasn’t a natural although very passionate and loving. Actually it was probably her eagerness, paired with her inexperience, which made her sometime awkward and stiff.“Rub my cunt with yours”, encouraged Minnie“Oh God…I am soooo excited”, screamed Jenny“Stop being so excited and concentrate on your cunt and mine”, cried Minnie exasperated,“Oh Christ….Jenny…you just flattened my clit”. “Sorry….oh sorry…baby…”, whimpered Jenny nearly in tears.Minnie grabbed Jenny by the asscheeks and moved her against her cunt slowly.“Now ….see….lips against lips…oh fuck”, moaned Minnie“Oh yes…they’re opening up…oh fuck…so wet”, commented Jenny“Oh yes…there we go…lift yourself up a bit….yes…yes….your clit”, yelled Minnie“God yes….yesss…yessssssssssssss…..clit”, cried Jenny.Jenny tried to bend down to kiss Minnie but the secretary pushed her back up. “Concentrate on the fucking”, cried Minnie, “We’ll kiss later”. Jenny’s arms were on either side of Minnie and she was supporting herself as she moved against her lover. The two women had found a rhythm which seemed to work. They moved more and more quickly. “Oh Fuck …Yes…..yessssssssssssssss”, cried Jenny, sweat and saliva dribbling down her chin“Oh…FUCK…I’M CUMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG”, cried Minnie, clasping Jenny and crushing her with both arms against her naked sweaty body. The two exhausted lesbians remained in their fuck position until their breathing became more regular. They didn’t even kiss, they just lay there enjoying their post-orgasm quality time. It was as Jenny was preparing to get off her lover that she heard a noise. She didn’t pay attention to it until she heard the key in the door and a silhouette partially blocking the light from the office. Jenny let out a cry and Minnie began to laugh. Jenny got up and ran around the office looking for her clothes. The door closed behind Liu Min, the VP of shipping and Minnie’s boss. Liu didn’t turn on the lights. She was dressed in a blue woolen business suit and her hair was done in a bun. “Jenny, would you calm down and sit on the couch”, asked Liu“Oh my God…Oh my God….I am so sorry….the whole office will know”, sobbed Jenny.“Nobody will know, it’s between me and you”, whispered Liu, who was a few years older than Jenny.“It’s your fault”, screamed türbanlı escort zonguldak Jenny at Minnie as she tried to slap her. Minnie grabbed Jenny’s wrist and both women began to tussle.“Stop it”, yelled Liu, grabbing a still naked Jenny by the shoulders, “and listen to me”.“You are now part of the lesbian core of this factory”, began Liu, as Jenny opened her eyes wider.“Me, you, Minnie, Lihua, Nickie and many others you have not met yet. You will obey me and our owner. You will recruit girls we are interested in. You will participate in orgies. You will be at our disposal. From now on, you are not to work on the factory floor but you are working on special assignments which involve other lesbians”, continued Liu. Jenny listened to the speech in silence, completely stunned. What she had never imagined was actually happening. She had thought she was the only one, or one of a few but she was finding out all the key positions in the factory were held by lesbians. “Are you going to tell the world I’m a lesbian ?”, she asked“No we won’t unless you refuse to obey our rules and do as we say”, said Liu with authority.“Otherwise ?”, asked Jenny, stupidly feeling insolent“Otherwise…we will have no choice”, answered Liu as she took out a large envelope from her handbag. What Jenny had feared was staring her in the face: pictures of her with Nickie and with Lihua in very compromising positions. “I understand”, said Jenny close to tears“But most of it will be fun, you’ll see”, said Liu as she lifted her tight-fitting skirt with both hands and waved a nicely trimmed pubic triangle in front of the two girls. “Maybe you would like a taste”, suggested LiuMinnie put her hand behind Jenny’s head and pushed it towards a waiting Liu. Jenny could smell the jasmine perfume coming from Liu’s mature cunt. The older Chinese woman moved closer and Jenny had no choice but to kiss her pubic hair and start licking her hanging lips. “I like it a bit rougher”, stated Liu smiling as she put both her hands behind Jenny’s head and slammed it against her underbelly. Jenny’s nose and tongue were forced in the waiting canal. Liu was humping her hips against Jenny’s face. Once she was satisfied with Jenny’s work, Minnie crouched behind her boss and massaged her slightly drooping asscheeks. “I’ll need you for something else”, said Liu to her Japanese secretary as she turned her head and looked down on her.Anxious to receive her gratification, Liu managed to kneel on the couch, her skirt way up around her waist, putting a knee on either side of Jenny’s hips, and forcing her cunt against Jenny’s face, the mature woman’s head caught between the headrest of the couch and the Chinese woman’s pussy. It was a simple case of vertical face-sitting. Minnie soon gave up kissing Liu’s ass when she saw the Chinese executive humping faster and faster against Jenny’s face. Liu let out a sharp cry and closed her eyes for a minute, then she got off the couch, and took Minnie in her arms to kiss her. Jenny remained sitting on the couch, her face crimson red, and seemingly covered in Liu’s juices which had also dripped down her neck and breasts. “You both come with me”, ordered Liu who had pulled off her skirt and kicked her fancy shoes off. The two naked women followed Liu into the private office bathroom. Minnie knew what was up when Liu asked Jenny to stand by and watch. Liu sat on the toilet seat in the normal fashion and Minnie also sat down also but facing Liu and her thighs on Liu’s thighs. Minnie groped Liu’s breasts through her blouse while the VP started sucking her secretary’s small tits. “Are you ready ?”, asked Liu with a devilish smile.“Whenever you are”, answered Minnie planting a kiss on her boss’s mouth.A minute or so later, Jenny saw the two women kissing while both streams hit each other and splattered their bellies before it flowed into the toilet. When they had finished, Liu unbuttoned her blouse, snapped off her bra which she gave to Jenny, and led Minnie into the empty bath. Like two cats, Liu and Minnie began to lick each other clean. Jenny watched the continuation of the session with much curiosity and some excitement. She knew one thing. One day soon, she would be asked to do the same thing with another woman. Her life, from now on, would be completely devoted to lesbian sex. How could she keep all this from her co-workers, parents and friends ? She would soon find out.TO BE CONTINUED

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