Jill’s Journey


January 2027I was in the basement of our house looking through an old box I had stored years ago in a crawl space left over when we built the house. Due to the house’s design, this was just a small area of unusable extra space hidden behind a plywood wall. I had stashed a couple of boxes there for safe keeping. Until the letter arrived yesterday, I had almost totally forgotten them. The letter brought it all back.The first line of the return address said Rho Sigma Chi in big letters. I immediately thought I knew why I received it; the ten-year reunion was due. I ripped it open; I was right. They invited me to join the festivities slated to take place over a weekend this coming May at my old university.So many memories came flooding back. Ten years had passed. I had been married for the last eight of them, had two children and a responsible, well-paying job. The invite is what had me digging through the old box. It contained all my high school and university yearbooks. It also contained my diaries. I had kept a diary for every high school and university year. Eight diaries where I had told my deepest secrets. I wrote notes, thoughts, summaries about my hopes and dreams, my desires and disappointments, and my sexual experiences. Although I had some very good, close friends, I did not entrust them with my deepest, private thoughts. Some things just had to stay undisclosed, except to my diary. It was my secret friend that I could entrust with anything.I started with the last yearbook, my senior university year 2016-17. All my sorority Sisters and many other friends had signed it. Everyone had left a comment. They ran the gamut of “Let’s stay in touch,” to “Remember that night and our very unofficial motto.” I burst out laughing at that. I had forgotten that also. Certain frat boys called us the sorority that relished sucking cock, a play on the first letters of our name.They weren’t entirely wrong. I knew when I pledged Rho Sig that it had a party reputation; it lived up to its reputation. More memories were revived. Parties, dates, all manner of male-female, some female-female, experiences ran through my mind. It was all a bit mesmerizing as long put away memories came to the surface. Then the big one hit me, the person and memory I could never forget, but had managed to push to the dark confines of my mind. I needed to see my diary for my last year. Remembering it was the only red one I had – all the others were either black or blue – I found it at the bottom of the box.Having read the pages a number of times, I knew just where to turn. There it was, November 6, 2016. Leaning back against the wall, the careless scribbles of my handwriting almost leaped off the page.Sunday, November 6, ‘16Well Diary I think I am now officially a slut. We both know I have done some rather audacious things but I think this seals it. Sat afternoon Tim called to change our plans. It was going to be a DVD and maybe (said he) a bit of video games. Beginning to hate games, not so sure about him either… Said he and his friends had found a mostly black club in the city that was supposed to be really hot, he wanted to go, told me to dress sexy, show myself off a bit. Sounded intriguing so I agreed. I wore my shortest mini skirt, thong, a too big cami top that allowed a view from the right position, no bra.He picked me up at 9; we got there just before 10. The place was packed.  He was right, almost all black. Dance floor crowded, hip hop music playing loud. We got drinks and watched the action – it was flashy, some were being pretty provocative, twerking was common. I was ready to hit the floor when he saw two of his gamer buddies–losers. Why they were there was beyond me he wanted me to go with him to talk to them. No way was I doing that! Told him to go if he wanted, he did, jesus! Leaving me alone, I turned my back to the bar and just watched. Was getting horny just watching what seemed like mass foreplay.I got another drink and went back to watching, Tim still gone – Now I’m having why am I with him thoughts. I made eye contact with a black guy I had been watching, wanted to break it off but didn’t. He grabbed his package, smirked at me, motioned for me to come to him. His stare drew me in. What was I doing? He looked like a gangsta, pants hangin low, underwear showing, sloppy tank shirt swinging as he moved.I felt… spellbound, possessed-I began to walk his way… Now I saw what he was holding–that could not be all him. When I got close enough, he grabbed my arm, pulled me close, shoving another girl away, she yelled something he ignored. Let’s see your moves baby he shouted in my ear, then backed away. I fell right into it, moving, twisting, twirling. Twerk me baby he shouted, I did, I felt what he was holding, it was all him. He slapped my ass twice and pulled me up. I made a quick look for Tim – nowhere to be seen – as he shouted great bod baby what you doin here? You want some of dis? And pulled his package toward me.Oh Diary, this is where I started to go bad… I am blaming the alcohol… You just want some of this I shouted as I flashed my boobs for him. You right baby but you never had dis he yelled as he let his pants slide more and grabbed his cock through his boxers. Diary he was enormous!Some girls were now topless, getting felt as guys grinded into them. The room seemed to swirl in a raunchy sexual air that was palpable. He pulled me close, hands on Ataşehir Escort my boobs, tongue in my mouth. I looked again for Tim, I really did – no Tim. I admit it, my defenses were down, I was weak, god I reached down… My first thought was he is twice as big as Tim, then I thought of the possibilities… Diary I really tried not to, really I did…He had me by the hand and was pulling me through the crowd. I was bumping off people as he pulled me. We ended up in a very dim hallway, I saw the bathroom signs as we passed them. Then he backed me in a corner, he had my top up and groped me as our mouths again met. I admit I had given up.  I wanted him but here!? No way!Squat down and suck it! Thats what I heard, not me, not here! But he pushed and I slowly sank. It was already out, the biggest cock I had ever seen was prodding my face. I held it with both hands -they did not go around it – and took it in my mouth. Awe was about all I could think, awe and amazement. He held my head, moving it back and forth, I almost choked and you know I deepthroat Tim easily. I was SO horny, I touched myself, was stunned by my wetness and the quiver that ran through me. He pulled me up saying now your gonna take it, all my black jizz for this white girl. I swear I was in a daze but I did want him, I was SO friggin hot for him!He pulled me again. This time to the men’s bathroom. My mind was shouting, what? Here? No! But in we went. No one paid any attention as he pushed me into the first stall and locked the door behind him. Get that thong off and bend over he ordered. I complied handing him my thong. He felt and smelled it – Oh yeah you more than ready anit you? Git yer head on the tank. I was already almost there, arms crossed head laying on them. Then it started!There must have been a girl in the next stall doing the same. I heard her muffled shouts of ecstasy and flesh slapping flesh. Then he began to invade me! God Diary I was transfixed with the thrill! Never before had I felt anything close to him, my tunnel was stretched beyond belief, my normal feelings magnified enormously! I know I must have been screaming, he pumped and pumped me relentlessly. Then I felt his hot seed pulsing, pulsing, my legs gave out but he held me up until he was finished. Then he let me down sitting facing the wall backwards on the toilet my head still on my arms.As I began to raise up he told me – so white girl now you be hooked on my cock. That white boy left you alone, now you mine. Oh Diary I had never felt so many conflicting emotions in my life! God he fucked me like I never imagined – orgasms like I’ve never felt! He was right how could Tim compete? I would get over it I told myself, a one time mistake a big mistake. I put my number in your phone, call Shuan when you want more he said. Then he was gone, left me sitting backwards on a toilet in the mens room. I pulled myself together and stumbled out, his cum running down my leg.I went looking for Tim. Damn Diary, I was super conflicted. I knew I loved what had just happened, slutty as it was. I was mad at Tim for leaving me alone – I thought he might not be my BF much longer. I was going to try to clean up a bit but then figured fuck it, I’ll see what Tim figures out, if anything.Once back on the dance floor he found me he asked where I had been. I told him I was dancing, he must have missed seeing me. He said he was sorry. I told him I was horny and wanted to go home, this was going to be a test. For sex he would have to eat me first then I would see what happened. He did not resist my suggestion.So Diary we got to his place and into bed. He never noticed the dried spunk on my legs but he did comment on how I tasted different than he had ever known before. I almost burst out laughing, Tim eating Shuans drippings. I spent the night and he took me home in the morning which is where I write this now. Damn Diary what to do, what to do, if anything…I felt twenty-one again. I opened my jeans, pushing them and my panties down. My fingers slipped between my lips – I was soaked! A few minutes of caressing brought on the orgasm I did not realize was so close. Sitting there enjoying the fading tremors I had experienced, I wondered what had ever become of Shuan. Was he even still alive? I never knew for sure, but he seemed to live a risky life that I always thought was, at least in some part, outside the law.I thought back to that morning after finishing my Diary entry, I vowed it was over, never to happen again. It was an aberration that, while admittedly was fun, could not go on. I saw Tim Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, having sex every day. Shuan was being wiped from my memory. Each day I wrote a brief account of my day’s activity. It was nothing thrilling.Then Thursday afternoon I surrendered. Searching my phone’s contact list for “Shuan”, I hit dial when it appeared. Having just read my Diary, the conversation came back instantly. I probably did not remember it word for word, but it sure seemed like it.“Yeah?” “Hi Shuan, it’s Jill.”After a pause, “I don’t know no Jill, bye.”“Wait, wait!” I shouted. “From Saturday night at the club. We… ah… well we got together.”“Oh, yea. You the white chick I banged in the bathroom?”“Well… ah yes. I hoped you thought a bit more of me than that.”“Sorry baby, course I do. I never ‘spected you would really call me. Rich white girl, poor black ghetto Ataşehir Escort Bayan guy, one night stand, walk on the wild side for you. So waz up?”“I was thinking we might get together. That is if you want to.”I heard a bit of a chuckle and then, “So you want some more good black dick huh?”Thinking, Of course, that’s what I want! I replied, “Let’s just call it an experiment in social awareness.”“Whatever, be here at six tonight. Bring a six-pack and a pizza.”I recalled being surprised by his words. I was not sure I was ready for that night. My mind had sort of a nebulous future time in mind. Also, I’m bringing beer and pizza? And where is “here”? I quickly got it together and asked, “So where is ‘here’?”He gave me directions to his “crib” in Building D of an apartment complex. From the area he described, it was definitely in the ghetto. In as respectful a way as possible, I asked him if he was sure a white girl would be safe in that neighborhood.He laughed. “It’s the ‘hood but my boys be out front. Park under the street light. You’ll have no problem. I guarantee it.”“Okay, see you tonight,” I replied, excited and a bit dubious about what I was about to do.He laughed again. “Tonight be much better than Saturday. Shuan take good care of you. Dress hot!” Then the phone went dead.I giggled to myself as I recalled my thoughts and feelings. Concerned is putting it mildly when I thought of driving to the black part of the city; the other side of the tracks as some would say. The university black guys I had dated were not like Shuan in any way. I had been told there were parts of the city I should not go alone, Shuan’s area being one of them. Although Shuan was more than a little rough around the edges, compared to the guys I had known, I had an unexplainable confidence that he would watch out for me – call me crazy!I thought about writing all this in my Diary but decided to wait until the evening was over and everything would be happily rolling through my brain, hopefully…So I took my time preparing: bath, baby smooth shave, bright red nails and lipstick, tight denim shorts, a skintight tank top and no undergarments; I did not want to lose any more lingerie to him.  I took a deep breath, ordered the pizza and left to pick it and the beer up on my way to his “crib”.Friday, November 11, ‘16Oh Diary what have I done? The official slut has descended even further into the realm of slutdom or sluthood. I am too wired to sleep; I need to write to my secret friend.It was a full city block covered by asphalt parking and four story cement-block buildings, all painted white that now looked a dingy grey. Most were at least partially covered in colorful graffiti. If it had any meaning, it was beyond me. The big faded black “D” stood out on a building that fronted the street. At least I did not have to wander through the seeming maze of buildings to find his. I parked under the streetlight near the stairs to the second floor where he lived. There was a group of five or six guys at the foot of the stairs hangin around, I could already hear the whistles, catcalls, hooting. Somehow, I gathered the nerve to get out of the car, beer and pizza in hand.As I began to walk hesitatingly towards the stairs I heard a voice shout, Hey fools, she my woman, chill out! He was standing at the top of the stairs wearing only silk-like white boxers. Comon babes get up here. Suddenly quiet, the sea parted and I walked unhindered to and up the stairs. Hey babelet, hot look, comon.I walked into a dark apartment, lit only by the glow from a large tv on which an obviously amateur porn movie was running. I asked about light, he said he liked the dark and took the beer/pizza. We sat on a couch in front of the tv, he opened beers for us and got out slices. As we ate/drank he explained the movie was him and his friend James “doin” some married woman while her husband watched. I felt like I was in a twilight dimension. He got excited telling me the next part was him. He did drive her crazy – it was impressive. Why wasn’t it happening to me??He started playing with my tits, surprisingly tenderly and sensually – I could feel how soaked I was. Then off came my top and I straddled him as he played more. I began rubbing myself on his hard cock. Here I was, going crazy humping him in a room lit only by a glowing tv. He was seemingly calm and I was going mad wanting him. Finally I blurted out – are you going to fuck me or what??!! He laughed saying he wondered how long it would take me. I lightly slapped him as he told me to hold on and then stood up, carrying me to his bedroom. It had one small light on. He def had a thing for darkness.He pulled me away and tossed me on the bed like I was a bag of feathers. He dropped his boxers, erect cock standing ready. I jumped up and pulled off my gooey shorts. As I did I looked at the wall, it was covered with all kinds and colors of panties thumb-tacked to it. It looked like my thong in the middle. More twilight dimension. I think my jaw dropped. He said, my trophy wall, that be your thong in the middle. – You’ve had sex with that many women I asked. – Few more, could not get a trophy from all, he said. – Jesus Christ Shuan, I blurted out. Laughing he pushed me back, put my arms under his shoulders and started running his cock up and down my dripping swollen slit. We were kissing when he slid in me. God Diary! Escort Ataşehir It was even better than at the club. Damn he stretched me more than I thought possible – I loved it!! He had me screaming, shouting and quivering in no time.Eventually he flipped me over and grabbed my hair pulling me up as he began to spank my ass. These were not love slaps, they were whacks that shot charged, thrilling bolts through me. They stung but I wiggled my ass at him with each one, almost asking for more. At the same time he was rubbing and prodding my ass. – Do the white boy fuck your ass? It be mighty sweet. – I softly admitted that he did. – Good! Next time I be in there. – Dread and excitement both ran through my mind. Those thoughts were quickly wiped away as he completely plunged back in me. That huge black cock filled every bit of me that had remained unreached in the past. With an iron grip on my hips he pounded me relentlessly. I was gasping for breath in between cumming. I was begging for respite while wanting more. Finally he groaned powerfully, I felt his hot seed filling me, I came one last earth shaking time and collapsed.Before I realized he was gone, he was back with water and a damp towel. I shakily sat up, guzzled the water and wiped my sweat soaked body. – Damn Jill, you one hot woman! – This guy is an enigma I thought. The club was dirty, nasty, rough, quick – I loved it. This was part gentle part rough but always amazingly great – again I loved it! He even remembered my name.So you ready for more? – Good God Diary! How could he be ready? But he was. I flopped on my back and he proceeded to delicately go down on me, just licking, kissing, sucking enough to excite but not overdoing it. I shamelessly reveled in his treatment as my sensitive pussy recovered. I was the fish that swallowed the hook deep, probably not soon to be released.The second time was slower, more tender, even sort of caring. I did not feel like a piece of meat to be chewed and the grizzle spit out. I did not cum as often, but the ecstasy from his beast in me was huge. We finished on our sides. He stayed in me after his fierce discharge; we fell asleep.So now I am home, writing to you. I am exhausted but too tired to sleep. I missed several txts from Tim. I really felt nothing, what am I going to do about him???  I put the book down. Now there was a tiny rivulet carrying drops of my silky juice to a small puddle on the floor. Again I reached down… After the orgasm had passed I thought of the aftermath of that night. How I had gently pushed Tim away. How that trip to Shuan’s “crib” was just the first of many weeknights spent there. The weekends were for dates and parties with university friends and some lovers… Had to keep up appearances, I was a Rho Sig girl.I looked through more pages. Account after account of my time spent with him. It was more than sex; we got to know each other as symbiotic humans, each trying to make our way in this life, knowing that we would never have a life together.My diary entries were just a synopsis of my experiences, but certain words or phrases would trigger specific memories that would replay in my mind like a movie. One of those was my second visit to his “crib”. He made good on his promise to take me anally. Our sex started much as it had the week before, but he had not cum when he pulled out and said, “Get on your knees girl.” I swiftly complied, wanting him back in me and the ecstasy to continue.He was back quickly and one of his fingers soon followed into my ass. With the right partner, I had been enjoying anal sex for a couple years so his finger felt good.“Oh yea, lover,” I exclaimed, “explore my ass. I love it!”“I gonna ‘splore it all right babes,” he said as a second finger slid in. They went in easy. I realized that he must have some lube. His promise from the previous week flashed back to me. Now I was nervous even though his two fingers did feel good.“Shuan baby I’m not sure I’m ready for you in there.” This while I was insatiably exclaiming how much I loved his cock.“Oh, you ready baby. You ass be spreading just fine,” he said as I felt a third finger begin to probe me.I was in such a state of euphoria from the constant fervor and thrills running through me that most of my worry left; I wanted it.“When you do it, please, please go slow. Let me get used to it. I want this to be as perfect as it can be. God, Shuan I am kinda freaked.”“Don’t trip baby. Shuan take good care of you. I want you back for more and more.”With that, his fingers came out. I felt the cool lube as it covered and readied my partially open rose. Then his cock-head began to press. Trying to relax, Oh god, oh god, kept running through my mind. I had known the feeling many times before, but not to this extent. The stretching seemed to go on and on, but it was really only seconds before he popped in and paused.“See babes, you a pro, you take it easy.”“Fuck, Shuan you’re huge in there. I want it but slow baby, take me slow. Then give me your load. I want all that black seed flooding in me.”He did go slow. I could feel myself relaxing more and more, my opening beginning to easily accommodate him. Soon he was pumping me, and I was moaning and squealing in delight. Not too much later his groaning deepest penetration occurred as he released his surges of luscious cum.I collapsed on the bed with him on top, still in me, but holding his weight off me. He whispered in my ear, “You special Jill, you very special.” I’ve never forgotten those words.Up to that point in my life, this was probably the most wicked, nasty, depraved thing I had ever done. I had mentally written off the club as a semi-drunk, one-off thing. Then, I called him and came to his apartment for more sex.

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